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Updates: 12/02/05 Return to Main Just adding 10 more parts of the Book Of Love series (WIP...added parts 15 - 24) Hoping to get the series finished by Monday but really can't see that happening either *sighs* But I shall try. In the meantime...enjoy!

Updates: 26/01/05 Huge update. Mind you, this is only half of it...I'm still fixing up the drabbles and ficlets for uploading. In the meantime enjoy the latest additions: FF8 - Hitting Home, Poker, Punishment, Real Dreams, Yellowed Glass & the Book Of Love series (currently a WIP - parts 1-14 up); LoK - Bloodlust & Blood Showers. More when I get that far ^_~

Updates: 08/01/05 Wow. Long time and no update. Bad me. My apologies. Happy New Year all (though a bit late) and I obviously survived my first Y-con. Going again next this year! *grin* I am gearing up for a big update at the moment. Some new fics and a lot of ficlets that were previously kept only on my livejournal. Am actually rather behind in the writing scheme of things...hoping to be a bit caught up soon. Everyone take care!
Oh and two of my fics won awards from Scribblemoose's IxS fic comp *bounces* Yay! ^_____^

Updates: 03/10/04 New LoK chapter added. Writing at the moment is not happening much. The muses are here but the mood isn't. Plus it's 25 days till I fly out for Yaoicon *dances merrily* Won't be back till mid/late November and then I'll hopefully be typing up my nanowrimo fic that I plan to try and handwrite while on holiday (will be compyless *pouts and wails*) Maybe some more ficcage before I fly out. Meanwhile...enjoy some vampboi smut - In Time Ch2 - A Payment Taken.

Updates: 04/09/04 Oh update *ducks while objects are thrown* ^_~ This is my entry for this year's Yaoicon 'Fairy Tale contest' - Squall Leonhart and the Seven Shumi. I was awarded an 'honorable mention' for my FF8 version of Snow White, based on the Brothers Grimm story. I'm going to be tweaking some site things - html stuff and spelling. Hopefully new stuff soon.

Updates: 27/07/04 As promised, I have more ficcage! The next part of Mistletoe Madness is up for your reading pleasure. Thanks everyone for the recent emails, it's nice to hear from those who visit the site...encourages me to write more too ^_^ Not sure what I'll work on next, the muses will decide that one. More soonish or the meantime, enjoy Mistletoe Madness 2.

Updates: 19/07/04 Okay...update is done for now. I've changes the main page to reflect that I'm now writing for two fandoms *cheers self on* Both fandoms will have their own pages and I'll eventually add some LoK url's to the links page. There may still be some changes but I'm undecided at the moment. When I get around to original fics, that'll have it's own page too. ficcage is obviously Legacy of Kain stuff - In Time: Prologue and Chapter 1 are up on the LoK page. Enjoy the vampy smutty goodness!

Updates: 18/07/04 Oooh...long time, no update. Sorry! I'm going to give the site a minor overhaul - just changing pages and adding a new fandom. That's why there hasn't been updates of late - new fandom and writing original fiction for the Yaoicon anthology competition. New ficcage soon! FF & LoK

Updates: 24/05/04 Added For Keeps fic artwork. Pic by PL Nunn. Sorry for there not being much in the way of updates but the motivation to write is not so great at the moment and I'm working on original fiction for Yaoicon. Everything should be back to normal soon...hopefully ^_^

Updates: 28/04/04 Added Truffle fic artwork. Pic by Kiriko Moth. It's yummy!

Updates: 12/04/04 Very late adding this fic to the site. It was originally going to be a Christmas fic and still is. Supposed to be added for the festive season but I never got it finished until February...*sigh* and it's only now making here. This will be a multipart fic (heh, the ending is kinda already written). Sorry for the wait but I don't know when more wil be getting added - when Squall gets angsty enough I guess. Anyways, please enjoy Mistletoe Madness.

Updates: 27/03/04 I'm still alive!!! This has taken much longer than it was supposed to but 'In The Cards' is finished! *happy gnome dance* Chapter 10 is huge and the Epilogue just ties up a few things. I do have two other fics to post but they still need some tweaking. Mabye later or tomorrow they'll go up. adn I might be moving the site soon to my own's a 'thinking of' thing at the moment - let youall know when I decide what I'm doing. meanwhile, enjoy the ed of 'Cards'. ^_^

Updates: 14/02/04 OMG's an update. Sorry for taking a whole month but the muses are not playing nicely. I have been writing but nothing has been getting finished. Well, except for this Valentine's fic...Truffle (Laguna/Squall pairing - so incest warning!) So, Happy Valentine's Day! Hope this fulfilled you chocolate needs for the day *grins*

Updates: 11/01/04 Well, I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year. Just a quick fic update. Happy belated birthday to Guna *throws streamers and confetti* This was supposed to be finished on time but the bunny left mid-shag. Anyways...enjoy. Morning Romp (Laguna/Squall pairing - so incest warning!) Updates: 25/12/03 Merry Christmas to all! *hugs* So just one fic for today cause I'm still working on the FF8 festive fic. It's been hot and I've been very listless due to the heat. It's even been affecting me at work and that's in airconditioning. Anyways, here's some FF7 festive ficcage...general happiness and a pairing if you want it to be. Enjoy. ^_^ Christmas at Cosmo.

Updates: 22/12/03 I have been a very busy Gnome. I have more fiction for the site and promises of more within the following week or two. It's what I get for wanting to write seasonal fiction within a RL timeline... kinda thing anyways. So...Happy birthday to the beloved knight, Seifer! New fiction is Cowboys and Cream, a Seifer b'day/car fic. Yus, that series now has three fics...will it ever stop? Enjoy! *wanders off to drag Irvy muse out of shower* That adopted bunny is GOOD!!!

Updates: 17/12/03 *punches air* Yusssssss! I've finally got 'In The Cards - Ch9' up. About bloody time! Sorry it's taken so long but I have been doing other stuff so I haven't had total writers block. Just this fic. I'm off housesitting again, so I plan to be busy working on my Christmas fic and Seifer's b'day fic. Hope you enjoy the latest installment of 'Cards'. Please feel free to leave a note in the guestbook...even if it's just to tell me to get my act together and make those muses work for me. Thinking of muses *bounces off with Exeter slung over shoulder* Oh Irviiiiine... *laughs*

Updates: 10/12/03 *Dances with glee* Irvy bunny!!!!! Isn't he adorable. Hopefully he will inspire me to write many more Irvy fictions *grins* The Zell bunny had to be removed from here to make room for Irvy but he's now at the Cavern Wall. Irvy is there too. (Both now only located at the Cavern Wall) Maybe they'll play together...they better! *laughs* Many huggles to Cat for Irvy. Now that I have both muses, I'll get that ZxI fic done for you. *big hug*

Updates: 7/12/03 I finally got around to putting up the Devil Banter on the guest fiction page. It's insane and wacky but that's what myself, Hecate and our muses are like. New link to Miss Kalloway's fictions added too. Going to be off house-sitting for the next few days...uninterrupted writing time! Yay! Let's just hope I can actually get something written while I'm away from my own compy.

Updates: 7/12/03 Well, I'm still going through and checking all my spelling, but I've kinda colour coded the fics according to main pairing. Was reminded the other day of a spur of the moment ficlet (around 400 words) I wrote a few months ago for a challenge of 'dirty Squall's white shirt'. He's my small contribution - A Dirty Shirt Moment. Plus I got to do some Rin bashing - was much happy about that ^_~

Updates: 1/12/03 Just a tiny update. Sequel to FF7 fic 'Seduce Me' is now done and in the fictions section. Embrace Me. Enjoy! .....Extra tiny update.....*squeals* Got a piccy pressie from Lipstickcat for Christmas. Sephiroth,Laguna and me...and mistletoe! *happy fangirl sigh* Pic is on the Cavern Wall...Go look *wanders to Cavern to drool*

Updates: 24/11/03 Sorry it has been so long between updates but the muses are being difficult. But I come baring fiction...Irvy birthday ficcage to be exact - For Keeps. Mmmm, Irvine and Squall in a club ... Yummo! Happy Birthday Irvine - hope all the bishies let you shag them silly! ^_~ Now all that is needed is for Cat to do the Irvy plotbunny muse and I'll be a happy Gnome. I'm also tweaking stories currently here - just fixing glaring errors and putting some colour into the pages - if any of the colours make you feel ill - please let me know... Just general maintainence while thinking of what to write next.

Updates: 31/10/03 Happy Halloween! No fic update as yet but look! *points at screen* I adopted a Zell Plotbunny! (now to be found on the Cavern Wall) The link to Cat's site is on the Links page so go and get yourself a bunny - she has Zell, Squall, Vincent and Sephiroth. More to be added soon. I've put in a request for a Irvy bunny - he's mine!!!

Updates: 20/10/03 A few things added this week. Links for Lipstickcat's Addictions web site and two of her three Yahoo! lists - Fist and Ice (Squall and Zell) and Silver Haired Bishies Yaoi (the title says it all ^_~) Fics added are Tricks and Treats and Night at the Drive-in. Both Halloween hour-fics for the Fist and Ice challenge with 'Drive-in' also being the sequel for 'Red is not Racy'. Enjoy!

Updates: 13/10/03 Ooooh, another update. And so soon too. Well, having been dragged into the FF7 fandom, it was brought to my attention that today is Vincent's birthday. So this update is the fic I wrote for this particular occasion - Untitled FF7 (Cloud/Vincent)*grins* Gah! I've been corrupted more by new muses popping up all over the Grotto. I can't resist them all!!! *snickers* Who in their right mind would want to? BTW - I am open to suggestions for a title to this fic. At this rate - I'll need a new page for FF7 fics *grins*

Updates: 9/10/03 Hehe...Been dragged into another fandom. Not that I really fought against it. New fic is a FF7 one that is actually for a SHBY challenge - Seduce Me. It's only citrus but I think it's not bad for a fic in an hour. I'm not the greatest typist and I think the one I'm planning to do for Zell and Squall will make it to lemon *leers* Um, yeah that's the next project. I've got so many I want to do and now I have a FF7 bunny or two begging for attention. Save me! *laughs*

Updates: 30/9/03 Well, um...added this page and one fic - Hail and Ride. Plan to make an effort to write more for 'In the Cards'. Hopefully will be able ot update every two weeks or so but be ready to forgive me when I miss some. *sheepish grin*

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