Old updates here.

5/5/06: And finally after almost 2 years - Mistletoe Madness 3! *hides as food is thrown at slack writer* I didn't realise I'd taken this long. Am very sorry. Will be one more part and then an epilogue of sorts. Will try to get that worked on soon. Have also been working on fixing links that are down or just not working as they should.

24/4/06: Still have to update the images page...I'm getting there slowly. Meanwhile I've added BoL 35 and fixed the link to the Epilogue of 'In The Cards'. Thanks to lntora for pointing out the broken link.

30/3/06: New site is almost up and runningÖcanít believe itís been over a year since I last updated the old site. Pile of new stories added including more BoL, plus a new fandom - Genso Suikoden. Working on getting back into writing so I can finish the pile of WiPs I have. Still to update - Images page.

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