Kain - BO2

Raziel - Before Fall

Raziel - After Fall



Janos - Possessed

Legacy of Kain

In Time...
Set after the events in LoK:Defiance, Kain ponders things of the past and present to help decide his future.
Covers events from all the games - will contain spoilers and various pairings.
Chapter One: A Gift Unasked Kain/Janos
Chapter Two: A Payment Taken

Pairing/s - Janos/Vorador/Kain
Setting - LoK BO2
Between Chapters 9 & 10
A night of blood and lust at the Cabal Sanctuary

Blood Showers
Pairing/s - Kain and his sons
A vampire style shower fic
Post hunting orgy.

Pairing - Kain and Raziel
Drabble Request for Miss Kalloway
Would it be improper to politely grovel for Raziel drabble-age?
Remembering the first raising.

Moonlight on Water
Pairing - Kain/Rahab; implied Kain/Raziel & Raziel/Rahab
Vampy smutfic for Miss Kalloway
G:You'll definitley want blood and Kain. What else?
K: Just for that I'm tempted to suggest Kain/Rahab, blood and come for that drabble.
Time waits for no vampire.



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