'Title Pending' - A must visit site. Sukunami is the one who convinced me to write my own fics. Has been a great inspiration - just look at the 'Life' series I've been writing sidefics for. The evil influence has been much appreciated. ^_^

The place to go for all your FF8 yaoi needs. Huge fan fiction archive...HUGE! Plus pics, information and other fandoms. Just head for the FF8 section, we're all there.


Scribblemoose's site is home for her FF8 fictions as well as WK and Saiyuki. *drools* She has also recently dived into the YnM fandom. *happy jig* More smut for all! Also has a great links page full of places to go look at!

Scarlet seduction

Scribb's and Gwen’s contest fic archive - go read previous contest entries and winners and vote for the new contest!

Miss Kalloway's KH ficcage! Plus FF7 & 8. It's Kalli's fault I'm planning some FF:AC and KH fics so go thank/blame her when other fics don't get done *grins* But do go visit and read everything she has!

Y’ville is fiction archive for shounen ai and yaoi stories. Archives include anime/manga, games and original based fiction.

Patterns of Blood - Mami and Amiko’s fic site. I go here to read the Weiss Kreuz fiction. Very damn good stuff!

Mim’s original fic site…plus fanfics. Lovely original ficcage to read here.

Multi-fandom contest and fiction archive. Lots to read!

The Fanfic Vault

Macx and Lara’s fiction site. DN.Angel, YnM and Good Omens fiction series…do read if you enjoy long, plot-filled fics.

Original ficcage written by Pix...whom I have been occasionally tracking for a couple of years via her FF8 fanfics. I'll freely admit I've only just started reading but what I've seen has caught my interest. Check it out for yourself.

Maxim's fanart for FF8 can be found here. Beautiful work. A must see!


PL Nunn’s art and fic site. OMG such yummy art.

Yearly convention in October for lovers of Yaoi held in San Francisco. This will be its 6th year.

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