Moonlight on Water
LoK Kain/Rahab for Miss Kalloway
By Garden’s Gnome

Destiny is unrelenting in its quest for fulfilment. The years mean little as they pass, the days even less. Truly, can it really be called day when there is no sunlight? I remember the sun, the way it warmed my face when I was still human and how it drained my energy as a fledgling. One of my first acts after defeating the demon that had controlled Mortanius at the Pillars was to fill the sky with darkness. For some of my children it is enough to keep the harmful rays at bay. But for Rahab, it will never be enough.

Of all my sons, he is the one most affected by the vampiric weakness to sunlight. Yet he, like the others, is changing to overcome this deficiency and will in turn strengthen my outcast son.

A night such as this one is a rare occurrence. Moonlight shines down upon the land, the smog filled sky briefly cleared by ferocious storms that have lasted the better part of the past few weeks.

Due to the storms I had to postpone my meeting with Rahab. I have already spoken to Turel and Dumah about what the future holds. Of course, I did not tell them much as in their arrogance they only listen to me with half an ear and deserve the fate that will befall them. Zephon came to me more quickly than his brothers when summoned, crawling over the wall of my throne room as we spoke. I then sent him to inform Melchiah of certain events in the not too distant future. I rarely see the weakest of my brood these days, his evolution the slowest of my children. Watching him assimilate the skin of his own fledgling vampires turns even my strong stomach. However, in time his abilities, along with those of the others, will serve their purpose.

A splash tells me that Rahab has finally decided to join me. I felt his silvery blue gaze earlier, observing me silently from the far side of the lake as I waited for him. I watch calmly as his sleek form cuts through the water, more graceful than any fish and feel my body tighten in anticipation of what will happen this night.

After Raziel was cast into the Lake of the Dead, I had not thought to choose another of his brethren to fill his place in my bed until Rahab had come to me. On that night as I drank his blood, I saw that he had gone to Raziel in the same manner. Raziel, my right hand, who would bow to no one but me had taken his brother as I had taken him. Had I known of their interludes before Raziel’s death, I would have joined them.

Reaching this side of the lake, Rahab stands slowly and awaits my command, looking around for any sign of danger even though my mere presence will scare off any creature but the most foolhardy. Moonlight catches the water pouring off his body, making his skin become silvery against the darkness of the water. I raise a hand and beckon him to my side. Water drips from his slicked back hair as he steps free of the lake, running down his neck and over the openings there which flutter at he cool touch of the night air. The gills explain how Rahab was able to remain under the water for so long as he made his way to this side of the lake.

As Rahab’s body clears the water I am distracted from my contemplation of this new addition to his neck. Rahab is naked. My body reacts instantly as I gaze upon him and I have to remind myself that while a little water will not harm me, stepping into the lake will. And so I watch the water running over slim hips and strongly muscled thighs, droplets glinting at me from within dark wet hair that surrounds Rahab’s erect cock as it becomes wet with more than just water. He knows what is going to happen this night as well, his body already begging for my attention. Bare feet step onto night damp grass and I wait for Rahab to come to me. As he goes to kneel before me I throw the heavy cloak I brought with me around his wet shoulders and lift him up, turning and slamming him against the large tree behind us, pressing our bodies together so he will feel how ready I am for him. A small sound of protest escapes his black lips but it is immediately silenced as my mouth moves over his neck. Carefully I slip my fangs between the folds of skin, opening the closed gills so that I might feel their texture with my tongue.

Rahab does not move. He knows that I could easily tear through the soft, vulnerable flesh and cause him great pain. He and his brothers have always belonged to me, their lives forfeit should I see fit. However, it is not I who will claim their unlives for my own.

“Time is short,” I whisper against his throat after removing my fangs from Rahab’s gills.

“Sire?” he questions quietly.

“The years flow and soon he will return,” I say as I run my tongue along his throat and nibble at his collarbone.


“Yes,” I whisper, moving to brush our lips together. “He will come and take your lives, your very souls as easily as we take blood from that which we once were.”

“I will not surrender as easily as the humans do,” Rahab growls for both his words and in frustration at my light touches. Rahab does not like to be teased.

I rise to my full height and tower over him as he leans against the tree, glaring up at me.

“No, you won’t surrender without a fight.”

Those are the only words of warning I give my son before I swoop back in and claim his lips in a bruising kiss of fangs and tongue. We cut each other’s mouths as we kiss, the injury unavoidable with our razor sharp fangs but not unwelcome as the scent and taste of blood inflames our senses. I can’t help but rip at the lacings of my pants, Rahab doing the same with much enthusiasm. We barley have them shoved down far enough when he uses the tree behind him for support as he wraps his legs about my waist, opening all his secret places to me. I feel his breath close to my neck, followed by the sting of fangs as I penetrate his unprepared body, his scream of pain drowned out by my blood flowing into his mouth. Rahab sucks greedily as he is trapped between my body and the tree, his legs tightening to pull me closer as I begin to rock within him. His claws bite into my shoulders but do not break the skin as I thrust into him, his own cock trapped between our bodies and the delicious friction we are creating. Neither of us will last long this night if the noises Rahab is making is any indication. It has been too long since we last were together and this may well be our last time.

Time waits for no one.

The scent of more blood fills my senses as Rahab slits his wrist and brings it to my mouth, my fangs sinking into the wet flesh. He tightens around my cock as I bite deep, drinking as much as I can from him, revelling in the whimpers that he makes. Rahab leans back against the tree more and pushes me away a little with his legs around my waist. I keep a hold on his hand at my mouth, the other moving to grasp under his leg. A cloven hand trails down his body, thick claws enclosing wet velvety flesh in a near painful grip. Rahab groans loudly in pleasure. I can’t help but let go of the bloody wrist and grip his other hip and begin to thrust into his more forcefully as he strokes his own organ, his bloody wrist now making its way to his mouth for him to suck. I lean forwards at the sight of blood coated lips and cover them with mine, burying myself deep in his body with each thrust. A few moments later I feel Rahab clenching around me and thrust harder, the scent of his salty essences mixed in with a little blood that he shed with his own claws. The scents drive me over the edge and I pulse deep inside him, marking him as I did Raziel so many times in the past.

Coming down from the blood haze that surrounded us both, Rahab unwinds his body from mine and stands before me licking the milky white substance from his claws.

“Hunt now, Sire?” he asks, licking his lips as he drapes the cloak over a low tree limb.

“Yes,” I agree and watch his naked form disappear into the surrounding forest with one last show of fangs, both of us knowing that we will hunt more than just the human cattle this night.