LoK Drabble for Miss Kalloway
By Garden's Gnome

Kain lay back slowly, muscles screaming at the care he took to not to spill any of the warm liquid on the floor. It had been many years since his last bath, the preparations always seeming too tedious to do it more often.

Then of course there was always a problem of making sure one did not cull the human population too much just for a full tub to wash in.

A warm blood bath was much too precious to waste.

The vampire remembered the first bath such as this that occurred many years ago. He had raided the Sarafan tomb for the bodies of Raziel and his fanatical brethren to make them his loyal commanders.

Raziel, he had decided, would become his lover.

Kain remembered the group of frightened villagers he’d slaughtered, hanging their still hot bodies above the marble tub that held the Raziel’s body, dark red blood raining down on pallid flesh. When the tub was full, he’d tossed the corpses outside for the wolves and climbed in, beginning the long process of chants and glyph spells that would awaken the first of his children.

And what a revival it was.

It had depleted Kain’s magic reserves before he’d felt any kind of life in the body he held. One moment the flesh under his hand was still and then Raziel had moved, turning on his sire’s lap, looking at him with golden eyes full of blood lust. Kain had lifted a hand to stroke short, blood-covered black hair and the fledgling sunk his newly formed teeth into his wrist. Kain had hissed for a brief moment, baring his own teeth, before coaxing Raziel to his neck instead. The young vampire crawled up Kain’s body, his wet and naked skin eliciting moans as he moved closer and bit into the other’s neck. Lust ran through Kain’s veins and very quickly he’d found himself buried inside a clenching muscled channel as Raziel rocked, seeking to draw more blood from his sire’s body as their pleasure grew.

After Kain had emptied himself into the younger body and Raziel had gorged himself on the older vampire, they’d laid in the tub, Raziel trembling as his body adjusted. Kain gently poured handfuls of blood over the pale skin, occasionally letting the other suck his fingers. They had stayed like that until the blood cooled, retiring to Kain’s chamber so that he could regain his energies for the next raising.

Cloven hands moved slowly over his shoulders, stroking their way down his chest and into the warm blood. Sharp teeth nipped at his neck and he tilted his head to allow more access as a hand wrapped itself around his cock.

“Nice to know I’ve been on your mind,” Raziel whispered in Kain’s ear as the hand gave an experimental stroke.

“What makes you so sure I was thinking of you?”

“You always think of me in the bath,” Raziel said with a chuckle as he joined his sire in the tub.