July '04'

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In Time…

Now, at last, the masks had fallen away. The strings of the puppets had become visible, and the hands of the prime mover had become exposed.

Most ironic of all, was the last gift that Raziel had given me. More powerful than the sword that now held his soul, more acute even than the vision that his sacrifice had accorded me. The first, bitter taste of that terrible illusion.


Kain leaned against the crumbling wall, gazing out at the world he once knew. Nosgoth was alive and much more purer at this time than the wasteland it would become with his rule. He knew exactly what his vampire self of this era would be doing. Having just destroyed the Pillars and made his throne upon their crumbling remains, the younger Kain would be celebrating, gorging himself with blood and raising a toast to Vorador, thinning the herd in honour of his fallen comrade.

“What now, Raziel?” Kain asked the sword in his hand as he sat to decide his next move. For a moment he looked at the blade, pondering the sharp edges that reminded of Raziel’s sharp tongue and mind. Then he sheathed it, a familiar and welcome weight across his back.

“I almost pity the poor wretch,” he spoke to the air, gesturing to the Pillars in the distance. “I know now that I made the right choice by not sacrificing myself to the Pillar of Balance, but I subjected the land to destruction through my rule. But at least it was alive and not in the hands of the Hylden. Ah, Raziel…in sacrificing yourself to purify the Reaver and my sight, you neglected to enlighten me as to what direction I should take. Not that I should need directing, but I find myself without a target to pursue. Only the fates know where the Hylden have taken Janos, and you are gone.“

“Long have I pursued your destiny and the prophecies. I did not take into consideration what it would do to me when they came to fruition. Now that the coin has truly landed on its edge, I find I am unhappy with the outcome. It was unexpected. I did not want to bind you to the Reaver. You knew that and so sought to take the choice from my hands because in the end it had to be.” The vampire shook his head sadly. “I guess in the end, you really did show your free will.”

Kain closed his eyes for a moment, his mind filled with the last sight of his first lieutenant. Trying to prevent Raziel from entering the blade had only postponed his inevitable sacrifice and made events turn to favour the enemy. Kain glared at the world outside as he thought of the ‘God’ that hid in the depths below the Vampire Citadel.

“That parasite will need to be dealt with and although I am now equipped with the means to do so, even I cannot go to wherever it is now. And so the wheel will turn. In time…”

In time…Those two words had haunted Kain for many, many years. After the manipulations of Moebius and the ghostly words of Ariel, the vampire had learnt to be wary of anyone using those words for it meant all was not as it seemed.

Janos had once spoken those words to Kain.

Although Kain had denied ever meeting the Ancient, seeing as Janos had been supposedly dead when Kain was given the dark gift by Mortanius, they had met after Kain‘s decision had toppled the Pillars. Many years later in a Nosgoth Kain did not recognise, the lands he had damned under the rule of another.

In time you will understand…

Janos’ words at the time reminded Kain that his younger self so happily feasting at the Pillars was in for a rough ride to rule Nosgoth. Nothing was secured without a price.

Kain also understood that no gift came without it’s own cost, whether it be a simple thank you or a pound of bloodied flesh. It was just a matter of time until payment was due.

Janos’ gift had yet to be paid for.


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