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In Time…
A Payment Taken…

Kain opened eyes he did not remember closing, their amber gaze taking in the darkening skies of Nosgoth as the day gave way to night. In the distance, he could still see the Pillars all tumbled and broken. Great clouds of pungent smoke rose up around them as Kain’s younger self continued to celebrate his victory in the battle against Mortanius and subsequent toppling of the Pillars, caused by his refusal to do as Ariel bid and sacrifice himself.

Certainly a victory for the last surviving vampire, but the war was far from over.

Turning his eyes from the scene, Kain looked around the room in which he stood. Here too, a battle had been fought. The remains of the chairs that once seated the vampire guardians in ages past were shattered against one of the walls, some of the pieces piercing the glass windows from the telekinetic blast that had been used to clear the room. He could smell the lingering hints of vampire and wraith blood. Janos had brought Raziel here in order to give him the answers he sought. Kain caught the faint scent that was unmistakeably Hylden mixed in with the scents of Janos and Raziel. Somehow the Hylden had been able to possess the ancient vampire and thus battle with Raziel, the latter unable to defeat the possessed ancient and save Janos. Walking to the far side of the room where the blood scent was at its strongest, Kain knelt and touched the stone where his lieutenant had fallen for the final time.

You fought well, Raziel, Kain intoned silently, his free hand reaching back to touch the Soul Reaver. For a moment, the blade felt warm under his touch and he could swear he heard Raziel’s voice whisper through his head but dismissed it as the fanciful daydreaming of a tired mind. Weary from the recent battles, Kain decided he would spend the night within the citadel before continuing on with the dawn.

Moving to a place along the undamaged part of wall where he could see both the door and the crumbled section of wall that exposed the room to the elements, Kain sat down with his back resting against the hard surface, the Soul Reaver across his legs, and closed his eyes. He was determined to get what rest he could and not dwell on the other scent that remained with Raziel’s within the room. A scent he easily recognised, even tainted as it was, and on some deep level yearned for.

When Kain had awoken after the night of passion and feeding in Meridian, Janos had been with Vorador, the pair too caught up in making final arrangements to watch the two vampires depart. After that, events had moved too quickly to do anything but try to survive the battles: Umah’s betrayal and subsequent death at Kain’s hands, and Janos being thrown into the demon world by the Sarafan Lord when he had come to Kain’s aid. There had been nothing Kain could do for Janos as the Hylden Gate collapsed soon after the winged vampire had been tossed through the portal. The Sarafan Lord had then died by Kain’s hand as he had sworn would happen. But was the victory worth the price paid?

Kain pulled his mind away from the memories of events that he did and did not recall living through. These events were the ones that occurred behind his eyes when he had prevented Raziel’s entrapment within the Soul Reaver in the Sarafan stronghold, memories created as history rewrote itself in an effort to avoid a paradox. He knew that he had not lived those events himself, yet he found it hard to shake off the lingering feel of Janos above him, the older vampire’s weight, scent and taste haunting Kain as he never thought it would.

What disturbed him most was the missing sound of a heartbeat, one that had echoed its opposite as he and Janos had fed and pleasured each other.

Raising a hand to his chest, Kain rested cloven claws where what the Sarafan had dubbed ‘the heart of darkness’ had once rested within him, its throbbing beat keeping him alive all these eons. A beating muscle that Raziel had recently ripped from his body in order to restore life to another. The heart had been the only way to revive Janos Audron to the un-life he had been cursed with so that Raziel could find what he was seeking. Kain did not blame his fallen lieutenant for his actions. He had known that Raziel would find the heart somewhere and restore Janos’ life. He had never realised that it was within him until it was too late.

When Mortanius had offered a chance to avenge his own death, Kain had never stopped to ask how the necromancer had given him his un-life. Kain had simply gone out and slaughtered his killers, continuing on at Mortanius’ urging to purge the Pillars of their corrupted guardians. It never occurred to him that he had been given the original heart.

It meant that Janos Audron was Kain’s vampiric sire. Kain recalled the taste of Janos’ blood, how easily it had been drawn into his body, replenishing his drained energy, the older vampire insisting that Kain drink from him. Janos had known exactly what Kain had needed and why it could only come from him.

Which brought Kain’s weary mind to the other events that happened after he and Janos had returned to the Cabal sanctuary. Why had Janos given himself to the younger vampire? The sire submitting to his offspring was something rarely done and yet Janos had taken Kain into him without complaint, needing something personal from their interaction that night. And all he had given as reason for his actions was that Kain would understand in time.

Time was all Kain had now.

Tightening his hand around the hilt of the Soul Reaver, Kain breathed out slowly, body and mind relaxing as he willed himself into a the light slumber that would replenish his energies and ease his journey tomorrow. He would need to feed soon but resting first would sharpen his weary senses.

About to fall asleep, a quiet rumbling noise registered on his enhanced hearing, causing him to open his eyes the barest sliver to observe the room he rested in.

On the far side of the room, a creature unlike he had seen before was levering itself out of the floor, the surface around and below the body barely disturbed by its emergence. Kain kept his breathing regular and his body still, not wanting to alert the creature that it was being watched. Thin skeletal hands pushed the body out of the floor, dead grey flesh and rotting cloth left behind on the stones. Bared muscles and ligaments strained as the creature forced its way free. Kain noted how similar the being looked to the ones he had encountered in eons ago as a fledgling, the decaying bodies and skeletons that had attacked him leading to their own demise. The similarities ended when the creature turned, it’s glowing green eyes fixating on the vampire.

Kain rolled, coming to his feet with the Soul Reaver in his hand. The citadel was no longer a safe haven for him to recover. He would defeat the creature and find a more suitable resting place.

Taking a step forward to advance on his latest foe, Kain stopped as a gnarled hand curled around his ankle, a second copying the first, the bodies they belonged to hidden somewhere in the stone floor. Kain laughed. Did they really think that this restraint would hold him? Silly creatures. One who possessed dark gifts could not be entrapped so easily.

“So eager to die, Kain?” a deep gravely voice asked as the two exits to the circular room became blocked with a pulsing green barrier bearing designs unknown to the vampire. “I can still kill you in your mist form should I choose. Do not spoil our fun before it begins.”

“Are you so weak that you would send your servants to hold me?” Kain asked the empty air, striking the hands with a telekinetic blast and stepping free of their hold. “Show yourself,” Kain demanded as he tightened his grip on the Reaver.

“Your arrogance has not diminished, I see,” the voice said, coming from the doorway. “Some things never change.”

Kain turned to look at the door, taking a step back in surprise at the figure standing there. He knew the winged vampire dressed in flowing white robes. He remembered the feel of the blue skin, the softness of the dark hair, the unique taste of its blood.

He did not recall the glowing eyes, once a rich amber like his own, now phosphorescent green; nor the angry glowing lines that burned a path over blue flesh and black wings.

“So good to see you once again Kain. I must say the years have changed you. No longer the weak fledgling who just defeated Mortanius, but a force to be reckoned with.”

“You!” growled Kain, recognising the voice. “I will kill you!” he added, raising the Soul Reaver, ready for battle.

“Ah, the pawn remembers,” the creature said with a smile, making a sweeping motion with his hand, telekinetically ripping the Reaver from Kain’s grasp. “But no, you won’t be killing me.”

“I am no man’s pawn,” Kain hissed, baring his fangs hatefully as he watched the sword sail across the room to rest with a loud clang against the far wall.

“And I am much more than a man, Kain,” the creature said, another simple gesture with a clawed hand sending Kain back against the closest wall, pinning him against the time smoothed surface.

“Demon,” Kain spat.

“Oh yes, that I am,” the creature purred.

Kain struggled as the creature, so familiar and yet so different, glided across the room to where he was trapped. Telekinetic bands held his arms to the wall, his legs spread and held as well. Getting free would have been an easy task had he been at full strength, but the fight with the parasite underneath the citadel had weakened Kain more than he realised. Had he come so far only to be defeated now?

“Kill me and be done with it,” Kain hissed, glaring at his captor.

“No, Kain. As much as I would enjoy it, your death is not what I seek at this time. Perhaps later I shall fulfil your request. I desire something else from you,” the demon said, clawed hand reaching out to trace a path across Kain’s groin.

“Do not touch me,” Kain growled threateningly, hips attempting to jerk away from the unwanted contact.

“You are hardly in the position to make demands. Unless they are demands for more,” his tormentor purred, the groping hand now kneading the front of Kain’s pants. When his body did not respond, the hand withdrew. “You were so much more responsive as a fledgling, Kain.”

“What do you mean? I was not a fledgling when Janos and I last met.” A young vampire, yes, Kain thought to himself as he glared at the demon, but not that young.

“I am not talking of you and Janos, Kain; although I would be interested to hear of this meeting, something he does not remember. I am speaking of you and me.”

“I would never lay with you!” Kain spat out, eyes thinning to slits in a glare that would have cowed any creature but the one before him.

“Ah, but you did lay with Mortanius when he was possessed by me,” the creature said with an arrogant quirk to his black lips.

Kain stared at the glowing eyes, unable to keep the shock from his face as he searched what memories he had of his rebirth. A frown formed when he found nothing that could support the demon’s claim.

The demon laughed at the dawning horror showing on his captive’s face, and raised his hand to stroke a claw along Kain‘s jaw. “Don’t remember, Kain. Let me enlighten you…”

Kain watched, unable to do anything but listen as the possessed vampire stepped back and began to strip in front of him.

“How could you forget your death and rebirth as a vampire, the uncontrollable bloodlust, the slaughter of your family and finally awakening in your tomb? Did you not recognise the scents of more than blood that clung to your body?” the demon asked.

“What did you say about my family?” Kain growled, eyes not leaving the blue face even as the white outer robe hit the floor.

“A newborn fledgling requires much blood,” the demon smugly. “Who better than your own family to supply your first meal?”

“No,” Kain whispered in disbelief, faint images of what he remembered of his human family flitting before his eyes.

“Did you not wonder why they weren’t with the many dead from the plague at Coorhagen or at King Ottmar’s court in Willendorf? They were already dead by your own hand.”

The vest joined the robe on the stones. Kain watched the demon stretch wings that did not truly belong to it, the smell of the black feathers stirring his memories of the night in Meridian.

“Combined with the bloodlust was a physical lust for anything within reach. Your betrothed made a suitable bed partner for us both until you drained her. I was there the final time you lay with her bite-ridden body, deep within you as your lusts were slaked between us. After that you were ready to return to the world of mortals. I was unsure of what you remembered of your time in the other realm. I had Mortanius feed the used corpses to Hash’ak’gik, and continued on with the plan.”

“You…” Kain hissed as he lastly recalled the laughing smile of his betrothed. No one deserved the death she must have endured.

“Not I, Kain,” the demon said with a shake of his head before pointing a claw at the other’s chest. “You did it all yourself. I merely provided the cattle on which you sated your hunger and disposed of the leftovers when you were done.”

Kain frowned, recognising the name from a text he had once found deep in Avernus Cathedral. Perhaps he could distract his captor.

“Tell me of this ‘Hash’ak’gik’, I do not recognise the name.”

Glowing eyes crinkled a little as the demon smiled evilly. “You once called him Turel. Moebius‘ time streaming device is a useful little toy.”

Kain ignored the gloating demon, thinking instead of his second ‘son’ and how he had disappeared not long before Raziel’s arrival from the underworld. If Turel was in this time, perhaps…

“Do not think it, Kain,” the demon hissed, bringing his face close and watching the vampire through slitted eyes. “Even if he was alive, I doubt Turel would be able to help you.”

“He is dead?” Kain asked, surprise in his voice.

“Yes, by the hand of your precious Raziel,” the demon said, making a small gesture towards the fallen sword.

Ah, that would explain Raziel’s enhanced telekinetic powers in the Cathedral, Kain mused silently.

Raziel had managed to kill them all. Kain looked over at the Soul Reaver where it lay on the other side of the room. His sons had played their part, ensuring that Raziel would fulfil his destiny.

“Do you think he is happy now that his soul is trapped in that sword?” the possessed vampire asked, noting where Kain’s gaze lay, unknowingly glowing with pride for his lieutenant‘s conquests. “When Janos offered the Reaver to him years ago in the aerie, Raziel feared it. So distraught he was over how the blade‘s presence made him feel, he let Janos comfort him the only way the ancient knew would work.” Kain’s eyes flew back to glowing green as the demon smiled and stepped back, claws moving to the golden belt of Janos‘ clothing. “Oh yes, Kain, you were not the only one to take Raziel. How does it feel to know that Janos buried himself deep within the wraith’s muscled body, sharing everything he felt through a telepathic link that was created as Raziel drank in some of Janos’ spirit? It was an experience that meant a lot to the both of them, especially Raziel, as Janos was the first to touch his deformed body with something other than fear and revulsion.”

Kain watched as the golden belt fell to the stones and a single claw ripped lacings on black pants. The pants loosened easily, allowing rigid blue flesh to jut out from the opening. His eyes could not avoid being drawn to it. His claws twitched involuntarily.

“I remember how it felt. Janos’ memory of that one night is very strong. How does it make you feel, Kain? Thinking of all that blue skin and muscle, the ancient and the lieutenant, writhing together in a moment of stolen ecstasy. It reminds me of your fledgling days, pale and needy for blood and more. Yes, Kain,” the demon purred as one of his own cloven hands wrapped around the heated flesh and stroked it slowly, watching Kain‘s eyes, “look at how much this body wants you. I’ve barely touched you and already I am hot and heavy with need of your flesh.”

Kain struggled against the telekinetic bonds as the partially clothed demon stepped close and rubbed their bodies together. He shuddered in disgust and surged forward, fangs snapping at air as the other pulled out of reach just in time.

“That was not very kind of you, Kain. Here I am trying to bring you pleasure and you attempt to bite me.” The demon stepped away and surveyed the room before turning back to his captive with a smile. “Perhaps a more suitable surface will help your mood.”

Kain watched with apprehension as the floor buckled and rose up in a rectangular shape, as long as he was tall and wide enough to lay him on. Another gesture from the demon, and Kain found himself floating towards the table. He was unceremoniously dumped on its hard surface and once again secured with telekinetic bands.

“You are wearing too many clothes, Kain. Allow me…”

The white haired vampire tried to struggle against his limbs being manipulated as the demon pleased, trying anything to prevent the removal of his clothing. His garments fell to the floor with a soft thud.

“You unwillingness is entertaining, Kain, but it is also unwanted,” the demon told him as he was once again secured to the hard surface.

Kain looked down at his naked body and closed his eyes. He would fight until there was nothing left in him.

“Your body has hardened since I last saw it,” the demon said as he slowly ran a claw tip from Kain’s ankle to his hip. Kain could feel his flesh crawling.

“Don’t,” he growled, glaring up at the demon.

“You are unable to stop me, Kain, so why not just enjoy what I’m offering you? A little pleasure before you die.”

Turning his face away from his captor, Kain closed his eyes. He would not participate in this. The demon could have his body and it’s reactions, but Kain vowed not to enjoy it.

“Something is missing…” the demon whispered thoughtfully.

Kain’s eyes flew open at the metallic scent of blood that filled the air as the hot liquid splattered across his chest and groin. He could feel his body scream out for sustenance and began to once again fight against that which held him.

“Oh, did you want some of this?” the demon asked with a teasing smile, moving his wounded arm to hover over Kain’s face.

Dark lips opened and greedily drank down the drops that fell into Kain’s mouth. He growled when the arm healed too soon for him to get more than few drops of blood. It was enough to perk up his senses, but not enough to restore any of his strength or powers.

“You almost look as I remember you that night when you killed your betrothed,” the demon said, smoothing the cooling crimson liquid over Kain’s skin. “There was blood all over you,” he added between licks of the vampire’s stomach. “In your beautiful white hair…dribbling down your chin…splattered across your chest and arms…even down here, Kain,” the demon whispered as he licked Kain’s awakening flesh.

Cloven hands tightened into fists as Kain fought the sensations inflicted on his body. Each lick of the demon’s hot tongue coupled with the heady scent of vampire blood, even tainted by demon, was arousing.

“Yes, Kain. Feel what I am doing to you.”

Amber eyes watched the blue face with its fiery lines as the demon-possessed vampire appeared to enjoy having control over Kain’s body. Kain could feel his blood pumping faster as his body became aroused from the other’s touches and licks. He couldn’t fight the small jerks his hips made as the demon took his hardening length into its mouth and sucked, teasing the flared head with tongue and the light grazing of a fang. Rock crumbled under his claws as he grasped at the edge of the platform upon which he lay, loathing his weakness and yet beginning to crave more.

Kain felt the black lips surrounding his flesh tighten as the demon smiled, soon rewarding the surrendering body with more sucking. His cock throbbed as all of his blood pumped through the prominent veins under the sensitive skin. A wet tongue teased its way across the swollen flesh, followed by the pressure of fangs. Kain knew that it would only take a little more pressure to pierce the flesh with those sharp fangs and then the demon could drink down the sweet liquid that resided within. Kain waited for the painful jab that he was sure to come, and then let out a slow, calming breath as the demon pulled back and let the rigid organ fall from his lips.

The silver haired vampire had not so much as whimpered from the pleasure or its loss.

“Does it disgust you Kain, feeling your body react to my touches?” the demon asked as amber eyes glared at him with hate. “You may not want this but your body does and I am not going to deny it,” the demon added as he stepped back from the makeshift rock table, claws trailing over muscled legs before a single claw was pointed towards the entrapped vampire. “However, this is not the position I want you in.”

Kain felt air under his back as he was lifted from the table and flipped, his body draped over the side of it. The jagged rock surface dug into his blood and saliva covered arousal and Kain gritted his fangs together as the friction hurt his sensitive flesh. That was until a warm cloven fingers slipped between him and the rock, curling around his hard flesh and stroking it slowly. His body automatically thrust into the grip surrounding him as warm naked skin pressed along his legs and backside.

“Your body remembers this,” the demon purred into Kain’s ear, hot breath ghosting over the aged flesh. “Pity there is no one to join us…I guess this will have to do,” he said as he stroked a little harder and faster.

With his hands secured against the stone under them, Kain could only grip and claw at the hard surface as his enemy prepared his body for what was to shortly follow. A single claw made it’s way into the shadowed areas between his legs, seeking and finding what it sought. Kain grunted quietly as the claw swiftly penetrated his body, tearing the softer flesh of his entrance. He would have moved away from the intrusion had he not been entrapped so. He could hear the heavier breathing of his enemy as the lone claw moved easier within him, the blood from his torn skin aiding its passage even as the scent rose up around them both. Kain could also feel the erect flesh of the other’s cock pressing into his leg, leaving behind tiny wet trails of precome each time it moved across his skin.

All too soon the claw was removed and something much larger pressed against the bloody flesh of Kain’s entrance. No warning was given as his cheek was pressed against the hard, cold surface; his body invaded by pain as the demon’s hips snapped forward, impaling Kain upon rigid blue flesh. Kain could not hold back the gasp that passed his lips and then dug his fangs into his lower lip to avoid another outburst of that sort.

Above Kain, the demon panted, momentarily overwhelmed by the tightness surrounding him. This body he possessed was physically superior to Mortanius’, Janos much better endowed than the human necromancer.

Kain’s tightness was delicious.

Legs kicked a little further apart, all Kain could do was hold on as his enemy began to move within him. Each thrust and withdrawal of the demon’s cock stroked his sensitive insides and would have caused him to moan and cry out had he not forced all his concentration on keeping silent. He would not allow his enemy the pleasure of knowing how much he was being affected. But the proof was there; rubbing painfully against stone, small cuts creating a painful counterpoint to the growing pleasure.

A tug on Kain’s shoulder brought him upright, a blue arm sliding under his arm to hold him against a solid chest. The thrusting momentarily slowed and Kain clenched his eyes tightly shut as his hair was brushed away from the left side of his neck. The same hand then travelled down his ribs and over his hip, curling around his cock, cuts stinging at the touch.

“I have always wondered…what you tasted like…” the demon said between leisurely thrusts. “Now I will know.”

Kain tensed, he knew what was coming.

The loud gasp filled the room, Kain unable to keep quiet as long fangs penetrated his skin and sank in deep. He could feel the blood draining through the wound, the muffled breathing of his enemy as the other drank from him, the creatures’ arousal increasing as it became intoxicated by the blood. Kain was panting now, claws leaving deep gouges in the rock table as he was stroked and filled and fed from. He could feel his senses weakening as his blood was drained, the lack heightening his sensitivity in other places. His body would not hold out much longer under the pleasurable onslaught, the deep thrusts touching nerves within him, those nerves sending near blinding shocks of pleasure through him.

It was over in a flurry of quick strokes and desperate short thrusts. Fangs ripped free of his throat as the demon shouted in triumph, Kain’s own blood dripping onto his shoulder as he too shuddered in the throes of release. Fangs sunk into his tongue as he fought against making a sound.

They both collapsed forward onto the table, the demon and its black wings heavy against Kain’s back.

Kain felt like he’d laid there forever, the seconds passing slowly as he tried to regain his senses, when he heard it; the barest whisper of his name against his ear.


He knew that voice.


“Yes, child,” the voice whispered, lips curving into a weak smile against his ear. “I am sorry…”

And suddenly Kain knew why that night in Meridian had happened.

“No, Janos,” Kain said tiredly, trying to turn his face to see the other. “No,” he repeated, “this is not your doing. You have nothing…”

“Hush child and listen to me,” Janos commanded, digging his claws into the stone beside Kain’s to prevent them both from slipping to the floor. “My time is short.”


“Thank you, Kain,” the other vampire said quietly, hearing the respect from the younger in his voice. “Now listen. You must leave,” Janos urged. “The demon no longer intends your death, but to keep you as a plaything. For himself and his denizens.”

Kain shuddered at the thought of those decaying creatures touching him. “How is it you are here?” he asked, knowing that the demon had imprisoned Janos deep within his own mind.

“He was overwhelmed. A vampires body is much more sensitive than a humans. Drinking blood was something he was not prepared for and it intoxicated him too much. Plus, my mind is much stronger than his previous host. He needs to be vigilant to keep me confined.”

“Then why can’t you do something?” Kain asked, finally turning enough to look into Janos’ amber eyes.

“I tried. Raziel tried. He could not bring himself to destroy me and so was defeated. And at the moment it takes all my energy to speak to you. Where is Raziel now?” the blue vampire asked.

Kain said nothing, the silence lasting several seconds.

“Kain?” Janos pressed.

“The Reaver,” Kain whispered, closing his eyes against the knowing pain he saw reflected in the other‘s eyes.

“No. I did not…want…” the ancient whispered, saddened by the outcome that they had all tried to avoid. “He made the decision on his own?”

Kain nodded slowly. “Janos…you and Raziel?” he asked, needing to know if the demon‘s claims were true.

“Yes, Kain. And I do not regret it,” the vampire whispered, before shuddering against Kain’s back as if he was fighting off something, eyes tightly closed. “You have tarried too long, Kain. You must leave!” Janos demanded, his breathing becoming harsher as he fought for control of his mind and body.

Kain smiled gently at his sire, an expression more suited to the other, and let his mind go. He welcomed the mental push from Janos towards his bat form, letting it fill his mind with the command to escape. He could feel his body dissolve into the tiny bats that would swarm across the land, feeding off whatever they found, thus restoring his strength for when he returned to his vampiric form.

Sweeping around the room once, the bats noted the winged form fighting to get up from the stone table upon which it rested, glowing green eyes tracking their flight. Passing where the Soul Reaver rested, collective relief was felt as the blade dissolved into it’s shadowy wraith form and floated up to join them.

“Kain!” the demon bellowed, glowing energies gathering in one of his hands.

Quicker than the demon could anticipate, the bats sped towards one of the windows, many of its glass panes missing from the earlier telekinetic blast. The window had not been blocked by the spell used to secure the room. As one they dove, the energy of the Soul Reaver breaking the remaining glass, giving Kain’s alternate form its escape.

Drained of energy and blood, the bats flew through the night sky, towards the Termagent forest and the green glow of the Ignis Fatuus, towards the only safety Kain knew of in this time.

Vorador’s mansion.

Chapter two

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