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In Time…
A Gift Unasked…

‘Take help where it is offered, Kain.’ Who do they think I am? A mere fledgling who has not yet succeeded in catching his own meal? Kain thought angrily. No, I am Kain and I will take back what is mine. I will destroy the Sarafan Lord and I will reclaim the Reaver.

Kain stalked through the tunnels of the Cabal’s Sanctuary below Meridian towards the room set aside for his use…when he was there to use it. He snarled at any vampire foolish enough to get in his way. The most recent turn of events had left him agitated. He had successfully killed the Mass, thus destroying the Device and freeing Janos Audron of his imprisonment. Kain had also seen what the Hylden had done to his champion, Magnus, and given the vampire the release from his suffering that only death would bring. All this he had done alone, with minimal aid from the Cabal. Now they wanted to send Umah with him to the docks. Kain did not require a guard to watch his back.

In the time since he’d awoken from his regenerative slumber; Kain had done much to aid the Cabal towards reclaiming Meridian, and soon all of Nosgoth, from Sarafan rule. It mattered little to him that they were using his powers to further their own cause. He was using them too. All that interested Kain was regaining the Soul Reaver and killing the creature that had defeated him in battle.

The Sarafan Lord would die by his hand alone. Then he would rule Nosgoth.

Entering the room, Kain moved to stoke the fire against the damp, chill air that managed to get past the thick velvet drapes. He did not need the warmth of the flames, but it helped prevent the furniture in the room from growing mould and rotting.

Too wound up from the latest victories and yet knowing he should rest, the vampire moved to the bed and began to undress. Placing his clothing on a chair near the fireplace and his boots near the bed, Kain lifted the full-length black silk robe Vorador had provided and slipped it over his pale skin.

Moving back to the fire, he reached out and grabbed the warm decanter of dark red liquid from the mantelpiece as it appeared, no doubt teleported to him by Vorador. The decanter contained fresh blood, and while Kain preferred the pulsing heat of blood drained from a dying victim, the refreshment was nonetheless appreciated. Not bothering with a goblet, Kain drank straight from the carafe, fangs clinking against the expensive crystal, as he lounged in another chair.

Somewhere else, deep within the Cabal sanctuary, Kain knew Vorador and Janos would be talking about him and the coming mission. The two vampires could discuss it all they liked; it would change nothing. It bothered him that Umah would be shadowing his every step but he would abide with the wishes of her sire. Bearingfangs at Vorador in anger would not serve Kain's purposes, and thus the situation was an inconvenience to be tolerated. He would wait until the Reaver was once again in his hands, wet with the blood of the Hylden, and then he would see what the future would bring. Nosgoth belonged to the vampires and Kain would rule them all.

Perhaps Umah, with her connections, could rule at my side as my queen. Kain pondered this for a few moments as he watched the fire.

Taking another sip of the thick liquid, Kain’s thoughts turned to Janos Audron. It amazed him that the Ancient was still alive, after believing he was dead for so many centuries. Even Vorador had said that Janos was dead, and who would know more than one of the winged vampire’s own children. But Kain knew better, especially when he’d seen Vorador himself beheaded before his own eyes and the eyes of Moebius’ bloodthirsty crowd.

You soon learn to question everything you are told, the vampire thought to himself as he finished off the last of the blood. Kain dismissed the curious though of how Vorador came to still be alive. It was not his place to question the reasons and he couldn’t find the energy to really care as long as the older vampire didn’t make the mistake of crossing Kain.

Sinking a little deeper into the thick cushions of the chair, Kain let the now empty decanter slip from his fingers to the floor, cushioning its descent with a small burst of telekinetic power so that it would not shatter against the bare surface. He knew that he really should move to the bed and stretch out but his muscles were beginning to protest any unnecessary movement. The past few days of searching for clues and battling his own traitorous followers was finally catching up with him, along with his body’s need to adjust to the new powers coursing through it. While there were helpful to have, they took much energy to use, and he had been unable to find the time to seek proper rest before now.

About to slip into a light healing trance before retiring to the bed, Kain breathed in deeply as his enhanced senses caught a different scent in the air. It smelled like the incense that Vorador used in his rooms. Although Kain had not been to the older vampire’s room, the smoky scent always clung to the other vampire’s robes. Kain breathed in slowly again, tasting the air. He caught the scent of well-worn cloth, incense and fresh night air. The remnants of vampiric energy passed over his skin bringing another scent, one that he found unfamiliar.

“To what do I owe this honour, Janos? Come to make sure I have not taken off to the wharves on my own?” Kain asked, not moving to greet the other vampire.

Kain listened to Janos’ clawed feet dig into the wooden floor as he moved across the room. Each step was accompanied with a swish of fabric or the ruffling of feathers as Janos came closer.

“The bed would be more suitable to resting, child,” came the older vampire’s voice from close behind him.

“I advise against standing behind me Janos. One cannot be too careful in these times.”

Kain felt air rush past his arm as Janos moved to stand before him.

“I am not your enemy, Kain. You will not be harmed by my hand.”

Kain opened his eyes to watch the older vampire. He’d heard stories in his youth about the vampire who terrorized the peasants of Uschtenheim. This noble creature before him did not seem the type to murder and wreak havoc at on whim.

“Why are you here?” Kain asked bluntly.

“Must there be a reason for everything? Can I not merely seek the pleasure of your company?” Janos asked as he lifted the decanter off the floor. “I see that you have fed.”

“If you can call it that,” Kain said.

Kain pondered Janos’ words as the vampire placed the empty decanter back on the mantelpiece. Reaching out to do so caused dark wings to move and Kain could see the outline of the Ancient’s body through his robes as Janos stood in front of the fire.

Kain’s sudden laughter caused Janos to turn his head and look down at him. “What amuses you so?”

“Perhaps you should seek Vorador for companionship tonight,” Kain said as he eyed Janos’ body. “I am not the one for what you may be wanting.”

“It has been long since I last sought the comfort of Vorador’s body and I shall not do so again. Our time has passed,” Janos said, moving from the fire to stand closer to Kain’s chair. “Although I will admit it has been long since I last touched another,” he admitted quietly, eyes shimmering with an odd hunger. “How long has it been for you, Kain?”

“I care not to remember,” Kain said, dismissing the question. “Besides, who here could withstand my strength? I would kill a weak bedmate.”

Janos smiled, baring white fangs as he chuckled quietly at the obvious answer to Kain’s question.

Kain sat unmoving. He would not allow Janos to see he had been caught off guard, although his next words would give him away.

“Say what you would have me hear or leave, Janos,” Kain growled out, baring his fangs.

“Be at ease, Kain. I am here because I knew the simple feeding Vorador provided would not sustain your body for the powers it now carries. You require more than human blood to recover to a level sufficient for taking on the Hylden,” the Ancient intoned seriously.

“And you, the great Janos Audron, are offering your blood to me?” Kain asked, his disbelieving tone underlined with the vampire’s usual sarcasm.

“Yes.” Janos said, holding out a hand towards Kain.

Kain felt his mouth water at the sight of the wrist that Janos offered. Under the blue skin, the vampire’s pulse beat strongly. It called out to Kain, a siren‘s song of hot, sweet, thick liquid. He could feel his fangs lengthen and he licked his lips.

“Tell me, Kain,” Janos said, watching the younger vampire’s eyes as they gazed at his wrist, “do you remember encountering Blood Fountains in you travels across Nosgoth to rid the Pillars of the corrupt Circle of Nine?”

Kain nodded, eyes still watching the way Janos’ hand moved as he talked, the cloven claws twitching a little.

“The blood you were drinking was my own.”

Yellow eyes glanced up, surprised. “What do you mean?”

“The fountains flow with the ‘Blood of Ages’. My blood,” Janos explained patiently. “I created them all, infusing each with a spell that would duplicate my own blood, allowing them to flow eternally and strengthen any of my children who needed their aid.”

“But after I drank from them, the blood became bitter and poisonous. How do you explain that?” Kain asked, frowning when he remembered the fountains going from a beautiful red to a horrid black.

“I do not know,” Janos said, stroking his cheek as he frowned in thought. “Perhaps with my ‘death’, the enchantments sustaining the fountains became unstable. The spells might have been viable for one last feeding before turning bitter like you said. However,” Janos said, turning his attention back to the seated vampire, “you still need to drink.”

Janos held out his arm again.

Kain regarded the limb warily. It wasn’t everyday that one had the eldest of vampires offer his blood for nourishment.

“What do you want from me?” he asked.

“You need my blood, Kain, it will enhance your new powers,“ Janos told him. “This is something I need to give it to you.”

“Why?” Kain asked as he watched the Ancient’s eyes grow distant as if Janos was remembering something.

Janos sighed quietly and looked back down. “In time, Kain, you will understand,” he said softly. “Drink.”

Knowing a command when he heard one, Kain reached out with a pale hand, fingers ghosting over the back of Janos’ right hand to curl around his wrist and tug him closer. The elder vampire moved the half step forward that would put him in easier reach, eyes locked with Kain‘s as he allowed himself to be moved. The elder’s robes brushed across Kain ankles as Janos came to stand between his knees. A second pale hand traced over the firm blue flesh, fingertips feeling the beating pulse just under the skin. There was no resistance as Kain brought it to his lips and sank his teeth into the warm flesh.

Hot, sweet blood flowed over his tongue as Kain suckled, sinking his teeth a little deeper. Above him, Janos let out a pleased noise and reached out to stroke his clawed hand through silver-white hair.

“There, child. That was not so difficult,” Janos said quietly as Kain drank from him.

The hand stroking Kain’s hair moved to his cheek and then his neck. Kain looked up, golden eyes showing hints of red as he continued to drink. Through the growing haze of bloodlust, the younger vampire noted how Janos was watching his pale neck, eyes beginning to fill with a desire of their own. Janos’ eyes locked with Kain’s as he moved his hand to slide under an arm, slowly lifting Kain from the seat.

Kain’s upper lip twitched as he gave a small snarl at the disturbance.

“You’ll need to rest after feeding, Kain. I am merely moving you while you can still walk,” Janos said as he positioned Kain in front of him, both vampires now facing the bed, Janos’ right arm still in the other’s grasp as the feeding continued.

Expecting to be walked to the bed right away, Kain allowed his body to be moved by Janos. The blood he was drinking was like a drug, making him a little light-headed as it restored his waning energies. Janos had been right. Kain had needed the blood badly. He allowed himself to sink further into the red haze, ignoring the hand now stroking his silk-clad shoulder. The black fabric warmed under the touch, so much so that Kain failed to notice when warm skin stroked his shoulder as Janos bared his pale flesh.

He did, however, take note of the hand when it dropped to untie the silken sash of his robe and slip under the fabric to gently clasp around him.

“Janos…” he said warningly as he pulled his mouth from the bloody wrist.

“Do not fight this Kain,” Janos breathed against his ear, tongue darting out to taste the flesh as he stroked the younger vampire’s arousal.

“You sought to manipulate me into a position suitable for your needs?” Kain asked, gasping, as he was touched. He could feel Janos’ own arousal against his lower back. Kain growled and shook off the hold, taking a few steps from the older vampire.

“Not my needs, child,” Janos said, eyes bright with lust and need. “Yours.”

Kain backed away as Janos stepped towards him, the bloodlust he’d been feeling draining away.

“I offer myself to you. Take me, Kain,” Janos whispered against bloodied lips as he trapped Kain against one of the bedposts, dark-feathered limbs blocking any escape.

“No,” Kain said, trying to look away from Janos’ eyes. “I told you I am not the one to seek for such.”

“And yet you are the only one who can do this,” Janos countered as he began to shed his clothing.

Kain watched as blue flesh was revealed to him. With broad shoulders and a firmly muscled chest, Janos did not look like one who had been used to sustain another creature’s life force. With the outer robe and vest gone, Kain saw how slim the other’s hips were. Then he was shown the skin as Janos stripped of his pants. Kain’s eyes fixed on the ancient’s arousal.

“Why?” he asked, noting the shiny wet tip that jutted towards him.

Janos sighed and lifted a claw to his neck. He could not tell Kain why it had to be him without the possibility of confusing the younger vampire. Or making him feel guilt and anger over something that would happen in the future. Dragging a claw across his skin, he cut deeply into the flesh and watched the way Kain’s eyes fastened onto the blood as it began to flow.

The scent of blood filled Kain’s mind when Janos cut into his own skin, inviting him to drink. With a loud snarl, Kain wrapped an arm around Janos and sank his fangs deeply into the bleeding flesh.

Janos gasped in pain as he felt Kain bite down hard. This is what he wanted, the pain. Perhaps he could now atone. Reaching between them, Janos bared Kain’s muscled stomach and pale skin to the firelight as he slipped the robe from the other vampire‘s body. Stepping forward, he brought their hardened shafts together, smiling as he felt Kain’s body jerk a little at the unexpected stimulation. Wrapping a taloned hand about them both, Janos began to stroke, knowing that this would be the only lubrication to ease the coming coupling.

Kain’s hips jerked as Janos stroked them. Combined with the bloodlust, Kain’s physical lust was burning through him, desperately seeking release. Somewhere in his mind, he prayed that the firm caress would not stop. That same part of his mind also prayed for more than just the simple caresses.

Pulling his fangs out of Janos’ flesh, Kain licked the wet skin, breathing the scent of blood and lust that emanated from them both. Getting a tight hold on the Ancient’s waist, Kain turned and bodily threw him onto the bed, swiftly following. He needed to be in the elder’s body now.

Janos was surprised when Kain tossed him onto the bed. Digging the dampened hand that had been fondling them into the mattress, he used it as leverage to roll them both when Kain landed on top of him. Lying on ones wings was not comfortable at any time. The younger vampire snarled at the loss of control, baring bloodied fangs as he fought to roll them again. But Janos’ wings gave him a weight advantage and he remained on top, managing to still Kain’s thrashing long enough to grasp his length in a blue hand. Kain stilled, yellow eyes watching in awe as Janos impaled himself onto it.

The both hissed; Janos in pain at penetration without proper preparation and Kain at the tight heat of the elder’s body. They stilled for a few moments as Janos adjusted to the thick length inside him, stretching him in ways he’d only imagined.

Kain’s eyes widened as he felt a trickle of liquid move across his skin.


“I’ll be fine, Kain,” Janos said, panting slightly before his smiled. “It’s only a few more drops of blood.”

Kain grunted as the other vampire lifted up a little and then settled more firmly onto his lap.

“Stop teasing,” he gritted out, refusing to pound into Janos’ willing flesh for physical relief before the other was ready.

In answer, Janos smiled and began to move slowly.

Kain moaned at measured movements, feeling each muscle as it tightened around him, stroking along his heated flesh even as his erection caressed Janos’ hidden places. Such a torturous pace was sure to drive them both mad.

Whatever Janos is seeking, this must be part of it, the silver-haired vampire thought. Kain could tell by how tight Janos was that he’d not been taken by another before. It was a gift he did not deserve to have, no matter with the other believed. He watched Janos’ face, noting the lines of strain as the elder fought to keep it slow. But in this situation, slow would mean more pain.

Kain was not about to allow that.

Janos’ eyes shot open at the scent of blood not quite his own. Looking down he saw that Kain had dragged clawed fingers across his chest, blood welling on the cuts he’s made.

“Drink,” Kain commanded, baring his throat and bloodied flesh in submission.

Janos’ pace sped up a bit as he watched the deep red blood slide over pale skin. He couldn’t let any of it escape. Kain let out a small grunt as a strong blue arm slid underneath his back and lifted him off the mattress. He could feel the rasping of a warm tongue across his chest before he hissed at the fangs digging into his own flesh. He could feel the blood being drawn out of his body; feel his strength leaving again even as the Ancient writhed on his lap. Clawed fingers reached out and grasped blue hips tightly, scoring the flesh enough to tear the skin as Kain thrust upwards hard.

Janos gasped loudly, head thrown back, mouth open and fangs dripping blood as Kain thrust deeply into him. He could feel the fingers biting into his skin and welcomed the pain. Kain’s soft lips became a pleasurable counterpoint to the sting as the younger vampire sucked his blood from Janos’ lips. Janos tilted his head, again offering his throat for feeding.

Kain did not hesitate, sinking his fangs into life-giving heat. He sucked a little harder as he felt Janos’ fangs pierce his own skin.

Upon the bed they writhed, Janos sitting on Kain’s lap, riding the hardened shaft within him as they drank from each other. Hearts pumped synchronously, forcing acquired blood through one body only to be drawn back from whence it originated. The air flowed around them with pulsing energies, caressing them as it pushed towards one outcome.

It was Janos who realised what the energies signified, slitting his eyes open to watch the power within the room.

It was a temporal distortion.

Sucking in one last mouthful of sweet liquid, Janos slowly withdrew his fangs from Kain’s neck, not wanting to tempt fate into trying to kill either of them, and sat a little straighter on pale legs. The energies began to fade. Janos’ movement caused Kain to thrust up a little harder as inner muscles tightened around him. Janos swallowed the blood and gasped out in pleasure, tightening the muscles more as Kain thrust harder, bringing them both closer to release.

Kain continued to drink, life and energy and pleasure flowing through him. He felt Janos shift again, pulling him deeper into his body, wrapping muscled arms and wings around him and holding on as Kain pounded into him. Between their tightly wrapped bodies, Janos’ arousal throbbed as it rubbed over Kain’s hard body, leaving slick trails of glistening fluids, indicating Janos’ nearness to release.

Bloodied lips let out a loud growl as Kain’s need reached it’s peak, emptying himself deeply into the Ancient’s body, vision darkening as release was found. Janos sprayed his own fluids between them, inner muscles shivering and pulsing around Kain’s length, dark wings fluttering around them both.

When the tingles of pleasure stopped and his breathing evened out, Janos found himself lying on Kain’s broad chest. From the level breathing of the younger vampire, Janos could tell that Kain was deeply asleep. Slowly sitting up so as not to wake him, Janos smiled at the contented smirk that graced the still bloodied lips. Leaning down, he allowed himself one swipe of his tongue, tasting both lips and blood in a single pass before gently levering himself off the sleeping vampire. The elder vampire winced at the pain his stretched muscled used to protest their use and frowned at the dried blood he left behind on Kain’s lower body. Janos cleansed them both as best he could before using his telekinesis to move Kain under the covers. That task done, the blue skinned vampire dressed quietly.

Once clothed, Janos regarded the sleeping vampire with a wistful smile. He knew his actions were not enough to atone for the future, but hoped that when the time came, Kain would understand and accept the gift freely given.

Vampiric energies wrapped around Kain in a ghostly caress, one heart calling out to the other, as Janos teleported from the room.

Chapter One

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