Jan '05'

Disclaimer: All the lovely blood sucking characters and their victims from Legacy of Kain belong to Edios Interactive and Crystal Dynamics…I’m just borrowing them for smut purposes ^_~ Written just for Kalli ^_^

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

By Garden’s Gnome

Kain walked through the Cabal sanctuary, something elusive teasing his enhanced senses. A familiar taste of something he enjoyed greatly.

Human fear.

Stopping in front of a closed door, Kain recognised it as the room that Vorador had given to Janos to rest in. The feelings that Kain felt grew stronger as he put a hand to the door, revelling in the fear and terror and puzzled by the underlying hints of despair, regret and horror. Slowly the silver haired vampire pushed out his senses, his mind entering the room and scouting about for what was going on. He staggered back as a stronger mind shoved his out of the room.

“Go away, Kain,” Vorador’s voice sounded in his head, accompanied with a telekinetic nudge back down the hallway.

“What has happened? Is Janos unwell?” he asked, pushing his mind against Vorador’s, managing to catch a glimpse of an image of a blood covered Janos while Vorador was distracted. “Blood?”

“Leave now!” Vorador commanded, his pushing of Kain growing more urgent until it was too late and the door opened and Kain was pulled into the room by a cloven hand about his throat.

As he was tossed onto the bed, Kain felt the fear in the room spike and caught a glimpse of Vorador to one side, the elder vampire’s robes covered in blood, lots of blood. It converged on his senses, pulling him towards his own bloodlust. Kain fought his vampiric urge to find something to feed from. He needed to know what was happening.

It wasn’t Vorador’s fear he had felt.

A deep voice growled at him from the closed door causing pale golden eyes to lock with bright red ones that shone out from blood covered blue skin.

“I warned you to stay away, Kain,” Vorador said as both he and Kain warily watched the winged vampire.

“What happened here?” Kain asked, noting the walls splashed with blood and the upturned chairs.

“I escorted Janos to this room and left to obtain some sustenance for him. When I returned it was like this. It is rare that Janos succumbs to bloodlust. I do not know what he did with the bodies. They are not here.”

Yes, Kain thought, there is too much blood for just one body in this room.

“Come to me,” Kain heard Janos say softly, and watched as the blue skinned vampire raised a bloodied hand towards a darkened corner.

Fear emanated from the area as something moved in the shadows. Panicked dark brown eyes looked around the room, seeking some escape. There would be no escape for the male teen as he followed the subtle mind control Janos used on him. Kain understood how he missed seeing the lad, covered in blood as he was. The youth was well built and looked like a dock worker.

Kain watched from the bed as the teen came within reach of Janos and the ancient vampire pulled the boy to him and stroked his cheek gently. The muscled body trembled as Janos moved from stroking the youth’s cheek to his neck, moving to his chest and down to the front of his pants. The teen gasped as the cloven hand tore aside the blood-drenched fabric and gently cradled the hardening cock. Kain saw the small jerks of pale hips and knew that Janos was stroking the boy’s flesh, could hear the panting breaths and knew that release was close at hand.

Janos’ bright red eyes locked with Vorador’s amber ones and Vorador followed the silent summons.

“Kain, whatever happens now…stay where you are!” Vorador commanded as he approached the youth.

Saying nothing, Kain watched as Janos turned the youth around in his arms, the teen’s rigid cock now visible to the other two vampires in the room. Kain’s mouth watered at the sight of the blood engorged flesh and he wanted nothing more than to sink his fangs into it and drink the come and blood down as screams of pleasure and pain filled his ears. He hadn’t realised he was moving off the bed until red eyes fixated on him with a clear warning that he would be hurt greatly if he moved again.

“Stay there, Kain, or Janos will think you are going to steal his food.”

Kain stopped moving and almost sighed as red eyes turned back to Vorador. Whatever Janos said to Vorador had been done telepathically as Vorador silently started to calmly remove his clothing until he stood naked before his sire and the teen. Lightly furred green skin glowed in the candlelight as Vorador tore the youth’s shirt, baring a strongly muscled chest.

Vorador took over the fondling of the teen’s hardened flesh, relishing in the feel of blood pumping through the veins under his hand. The young man was far gone in pleasure and mind control and just stood there in Janos’ arms, panting, his hips jerking every time Vorador stroked him. Vorador noted black claws and blue hands grasping the boy’s pale skin and then the youth screamed out in pain as he was entered, body completely unprepared for the invasion.

The scream abruptly became a gurgle as Janos’ fangs ripped into the bared neck, shredded veins pumping blood out in great spurting gushes. Fear and lust and pain had made the heart pump it’s life giving blood around the youth’s body at a fast pace, hence causing it to shoot out from the teen’s ripped flesh.

Blood hit Vorador and covered his naked body in its crimson embrace. The scents of blood and come smashed into Kain’s senses and he growled deep in his throat, wanting nothing more than to be over there enjoying the feast. Red eyes watched him over Vorador’s shoulder as Janos and Vorador fed from the youth’s dying body. Kain watched a bloodied blue hand make its way along Vorador’s skin, stroking over firm flesh towards hidden tightness. He heard Vorador’s surprised gasp as a claw slowly entered him.

The used up body of the youth hit the floor, brown eyes dull and lifeless. Vorador was turned in his sire’s arms, taking the place of the young man as Janos entered him. Kain could see Vorador’s leg muscles trembling as he took Janos in with minimal preparation. The silver haired vampire felt a tinge of panic as a bloodied mouth opened and fangs sank into green skin but there was no tearing of vulnerable throat, only gentle sucking. Kain watched Janos’ cloven claws come down to stroke over Vorador’s hard cock and heard himself whimper at the sight of the slow thrusts Vorador made into his sire’s hands.

A hand moved to Vorador’s hip and pulled him back a little more forcefully. Vorador gasped in pleasure.

“Come to us,” Kain heard in his mind and he looked away from Vorador’s hard flesh and into blood red eyes.

Standing up from the bed, Kain slowly made his way to the older vampires, not sure he had heard the command correctly. He stopped before them and felt the invisible touch of telekinetic hands pushing him to his knees and level with the flesh he had just been watching. Kain reached up and carefully drew a claw across Vorador’s taunt stomach, gathering up blood and come from the dead teen that had hit Vorador’s body on the claw, sucking on it while his eyes once again fixated on Vorador’s cock. It glistened in the candlelight, blood and precome making Vorador’s cock shine.


Kain let the clawed hand guide the blood-swollen flesh to his lips and he opened his mouth, careful to keep his fangs out of the way as he took Vorador deep into his mouth. He suppressed a choking cough as the other vampire surged forward into the heat of his mouth, easily taking the hot flesh deep into his throat. He purred as the smells of blood and come became a mixed taste on his tongue, relishing the way Vorador gasped above him. So near the to the edge of release, Kain’s tongue teased over pumping veins and was rewarded as Vorador came in his mouth, hot fluids spurting down his throat as Kain sucked him dry. Kain heard an accompanying gasp and he knew that Janos too had found release.

He was almost crushed under the combined weight of the two older vampires as Janos slumped onto Vorador’s body, unconscious, his great wings drooping towards the floor.

“Help me get him to he bed, Kain,” Vorador said as he turned slowly and moved an arm around the sleeping vampire.

Between them they stripped Janos of his soiled clothing and washed the blood from his skin with sweet white wine. Kain stood back as Vorador finished tucking his sire under the covers and surveyed the room. Blood covered most of the surfaces, either just a few specks or a great drying puddle. They would have to move Janos so the room could be cleansed of the blood that was still pulling at Kain’s hunger.

Kain growled as he was pushed against the wall near the bed, Vorador growling at him in turn. Amber eyes widened in surprise as bloodied green skin was offered and Kain wasted no time in sinking his aching fangs into Vorador’s wrist. He did not fight the hand that made its way into his leather pants, stroking his blood-engorged flesh, giving him relief from the pain of intense arousal. A wet tongue licked his neck, his only warning before the sting of sharp fangs piercing his skin made him gasp and come hard on the claw stroking him.

Leaning against the wall, Kain watched Vorador lick the milky fluid from his hand, pink tongue flicking between the claws to get all the drops of come.

Silently the two vampires watched each other, both waiting for the other to speak when a whimper from the bed caused them to look over at Janos. The ancient vampire was curled into a ball, face streaked with bloody tears. Together they crawled into the bed, one on either side of Janos.

“Even the greatest of us cannot fight what we are,” Vorador whispered to Kain over Janos’ head as he pulled his sire into his arms. “Sleep Kain, you have much to do tomorrow.”

Kain nodded and moved closer to Janos’ back. Tomorrow would come soon enough and the mission to the wharves with Umah with it.