Sept '04'

Disclaimer: All the lovely blood sucking characters and their victims from Legacy of Kain belong to Edios Interactive and Crystal DynamicsÖIím just borrowing them for smut purposes ^_~

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, gropingÖum, yeahÖbut thatís why youíre reading this, yes?

LoK Blood Shower Ficlet
By Gardenís Gnome

Kain stood in the middle of the marble dais, a smirk on his lips as he listened to the sounds of machinery coming to life. Soon he and his sons would bathe in the blood of their human enemies, drinking their fill of the liquid so easily taken from the crushed flesh and bones.

Looking down to one of the marble benches, Kain watched Melchiah sleep, his head resting on ZephonĎs lap. They had hunted together this night, he and his sons. His youngest lieutenant would soon undergo his next evolutionary phase, his calloused hands becoming the cloven claws that his brethren had. Kain had let the vampire drink of his sireís blood, knowing that he would need its strengthening powers to survive what would soon be upon him.

The door opened, admitting Rahab and Dumah, the two peeling clothing off as they hissed and nipped at the otherís skin. Kain watched the pair as they stripped off their blood soaked clothes. The hunt always brought forth more than bloodlust and Kain had encouraged his sons to sate their lusts on each other, for their enjoyment as well as his own. It amused him that Rahab and Dumah only sought each other unless he required their presence.

Some ties, no matter how old or how unknown, could not be altered.

Turel entered the room as the first drops of red liquid fell from the fine grating above the dais, shedding his garments while watching Zephon stroke Melchiahís skin, spreading those first few drops across the pale flesh.

Kain growled, capturing Turelís attention. Melchiah needed to rest and gather up his energies for his transformation. He was not supposed to participate in this nightís bath.

Turel stepped up to the platform as blood rained down in a fine mist, slowly wetting the skin of all those there. He stopped in front of his sire and dropped to his knees, claws making short work of the fastenings on Kainís clothing. Kain felt Rahab and Dumah approach him from behind, cloven hands lifting to remove his armour and toss it out of the way.

He couldnít tell whose tongue touched his skin first, the warm muscle trailing along his flesh to lap the blood falling on him, pushing he blood soaked silver hair aside for better access. By the feel of the claw gripping his side, Kain guessed Dumah was the most needy of the pair. Turning his head, Kain confirmed his suspicion. Dumah was lapping the blood from his sire while Rahab stroked the wet flesh of his sibling.

At Turelís urging, Kain lifted his feet, allowing his second son to finish the task of undressing him. A strong claw began to make its way up his wet leg, followed by Turelís tongue.

Kain could feel eyes watching them. He turned his gaze back from watching Rahab pleasure Dumah and saw that Raziel had entered the room unnoticed.

Kainís firstborn watched the scene in front of him. Zephon and Melchiah off to one side, both now sitting on the dais platform with Zephonís back to the bench as Melchiah curled up asleep in his arms. Turel was wrapped about Kainís legs, licking rivulets of blood as they trailed across their sireís skin. Dumah was now teasing Kainís neck with his fangs, hoping for permission for a taste, watching Raziel with hooded eyes.

Raziel strode to the dais, clothing left in a trail behind him. He stopped just beyond the falling liquid, watching his sire with eyes that went from amber to blood red.

With a possessive growl, Kainís arm shot out and pulled Raziel to him, both of them hissing as their bare flesh came into contact. Raziel slowly rubbed his body against his sireís as he moved to kneel on the floor with Turel, hot tongue running over KainĎs chest and stomach, bypassing his groin in teasing ignorance. Copying his brother, Raziel ran his tongue up Kainís leg, occasionally scraping the flesh with his fangs. Upwards he moved until he reached his goal.

Kainís cock stood out proudly from his body, covered in the blood that poured down from above. Raziel took the tip between his lips and slowly swallowed it to the root, fangs carefully scraping the sensitive flesh. He pulled back just as slowly, tongue teasing veins until the blood throbbed through them.

He stiffened momentarily as a blood soaked claw eased its way into his body, Turel preparing his elder sibling at the command of his master. Another set of hands touched Raziel and he slitted his eyes open to see Zephon had left Melchiah alone on the bench to join the fun. Zephonís hand curled around Razielís length, making the older jump a little and growl, mindful that heíd almost sunk a fang into his sire.

Kain had felt the harder press of fang and decided that heíd had enough. He reached down and pulled Raziel to his feet, the younger automatically lifting his blood covered legs to wrap around Kainís hips. Kain felt the guiding grip from Turel moving him into a position where he could take Raziel in one thrust.

And so he did.

A chorus of cries filled the room as Kain entered Raziel, Rahab and Dumah following almost immediately. Zephon knelt on the floor below his sire and sibling, tongue darting out to lick Kainís cock and balls as he took Raziel. The last cry had been from Turel as the vampire found his length wrapped in the sure grip of Zephon.

Melchiah awoke to shouts of pleasure and watched his family quietly. Turel and Zephon shared the floor with Rahab and Dumah, the four of them writhing on the blood coated surface as they let their lusts control them. Kain now sat on the bench near Melchiahís head, Raziel in his lap, the younger vampireís claws digging into any surface as he was taken.

Kain felt eyes watching him and looked down and Melchiah. Using his telekinetic abilities, Kain moved his youngest into a seated position, pulling the other vampire close with an arm about his waist as his cloven hand sought out neglected flesh. In the same move he exposed his neck, inviting Melchiah to drink.

Raziel opened his eyes to Kainís gasp and found he could not contain his pleasure. He thrust himself down upon his sire as he reached out and wrapped his hand with Kainís around Melchiah. The three of them came within seconds of each other, growling deep in their throats. Raziel rested his head on Kainís shoulder and leaned to lick Melchiahís blood covered lips as he rested on Kainís other shoulder.

More shouts drew their attention to the floor, the four blood covered bodies shuddering in release.

Moments later the blood mist stopped.

Kain watched his sons pick themselves up from the floor and leave the room, retiring for the day. Wrapping an arm about his eldest and youngest sons, Kain teleported them from the room, retiring with them to his own chambers.

The hunt had been very good.