Special Nutrients
Daring Dauntless Series
Written by Garden's Gnome

A loud thud against wood followed by the rattle of a door handle preceded two bodies falling into darkness. The door slammed shut, reducing the sudden glare of brightness from outside the room to a tiny shaft of light which came in under the door. There was a grunt as one of the bodies hit the closed door, accompanied by the rustling of fabric. A moan sounded extra loud when there was a pause of movement, the chuckle that joined it deep before being smothered. Panting breaths and wet sucking noises that could only be kisses filtered across the dark room as something metal hit the floor, followed by a few random thumps and more rustles.

“Hurry, Sigurd,” Hervey whispered needily.

“I’m trying. It’s just hard to find anything in this darkness.”

“I didn’t mean to kick your pants away,” Hervey apologised as Sigurd searched the floor around them. “I need to start carrying some lube too.”

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea,” Sigurd agreed as he finally located his lost clothing. “Now…where were we?” he half asked as he slid a hand along Hervey’s bare leg.

“Oh, about there,” Hervey breathed shakily in pleasure as slick fingers slid their way between his muscled cheeks and teased him.

“Turn around,” Sigurd commanded.

“But I want to touch you,” Hervey moaned, pressing his face against the door as long calloused fingers entered him.

“Can’t last that long,” Sigurd whispered, licking along the quivering skin of his lover’s buttock as he roughly prepared the other man. “Neither can you,” he said as Hervey bit his own hand to muffle a shout, the darkness heightening their sense of touch.

“Sigurd…” Hervey pleaded as fingers left his body.

“I’m right here,” the taller pirate soothed, slickened erection pushing into Hervey’s body.

Hervey let out a shuddering sigh as he was filled and squeezed the fingers of the hand that was braced against the door, Sigurd’s fingers entwined with his. Sigurd’s free hand rested against a smooth hip, muscles moving under the sweat damp skin as Hervey pushed back against him, silently demanding that he move.

The gasp that came from Hervey was loud as Sigurd set a fast pace that left no doubt their romp would be over quickly. Hervey braced both arms on the door as Sigurd pounded into him, the taller pirate’s fingers biting into his skin. A hand dropped to his neglected cock that swayed with their movements and a moment later Hervey called out his lover’s name as his body emptied itself in long streaks of white all over the door, the warmth of Sigurd’s own release within him accompanied by a deep moan.

“I think I’m going to have bruises,” Hervey said as he panted against the dark wood, body tingling in the aftermath of his orgasm.

“We need a bath,” Sigurd said as he pulled away from his lover and sucked Hervey’s essences from his fingers.

“We should have had one after training,” Hervey stated as he felt around in the dark for his clothing and boots. “But no…you just had to jump me,” he added with an unseen smile.

“Not my fault you looking all flushed and bright eyed from a little fighting makes me think of other things, things I know you love doing so don’t complain. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if you planned this all along.”

“Not complaining and I certainly didn’t plan this. Where are we anyways?” Hervey asked as he found his clothing and stood to lean against the door while he dressed.

“In that room across from the training hall. Didn’t think Reinhold would appreciate us doing certain things in there,” Sigurd said as he grabbed his own clothing and began to dress.

“Perhaps next time we should find a room with a lamp or a window,” Hervey suggested as Sigurd pulled the dor open a little to let some light in so they could check their clothing was on right.

“That would be a good idea. Don’t understand why this room is so dark compared to the others,” Sigurd said, frowning a little in thought. “As far as I know it hasn’t been claimed yet.”

“Doesn’t matter…unless you want to claim a room just for us?”

“But what about your quest to play in every room aboard Dauntless?” Sigurd asked with a leering smile.

“We can still do that,” Hervey said, grinning back. “Let’s have a bath first and then go talk with Hiro. He’ll be able to tell us if the room has been taken yet or not,” Hervey said as he pushed Sigurd out of the room, the door closing behind them.

Light again turned into darkness as the two men left, their steps and voices fading as they went to the baths.

On the far side of the room there was movement and a dim light filled the room as a tiny lamp was uncovered. A short, balding figure in goggles and a lab coat shuffled across the room to the door where he stopped to scrape off the thick streams of white that clung to it with a small dirt covered spade.

“Hmmm,” Mao hummed as he wandered away from the now clean door and back to the lamp. “Fresh nutrients for my mushrooms,” he said happily as he set the spade on the table and recovered the lamp, once more plunging the cultivation room into darkness.