Patching Up A Pirate
Daring Dauntless Series
Written by Garden's Gnome

Sigurd almost smiled in anticipation as his fellow pirate darted forward, sword slashing at the angelic hairball that had been hiding in the chest they had found on Iluya Island. Each strike of the blade weakened the creature, bringing them closer to whatever was in the chest. Removing one of his Golden blades from his belt, Sigurd gripped it with his fingertips, timing his throw just as Hervey started to move to one side. As Hervey moved, the creature moved with him, placing the pirate’s unprotected back between itself and the oncoming danger.

“Hervey, look out!”

Watching in horror as the small blade bit deeply into his comrade’s upper thigh, Hiro nodded to Snowe. Both young men rushed forward, striking the angelic hairball in turn, Hervey lying near their feet clutching his leg. It was Sigurd who struck the killing blow, the carefully thrown blade whistling between Hiro and Snowe before lodging in one of the large golden eyes and throwing out bright sparks. The dead creature fell to the ground where it bounced away from the group a couple of times before dissolving into nothingness.


“Hervey, are you okay?” Sigurd asked as they rushed to his aid.

“No, I’m not okay. Do I look okay?” Hervey asked in an angry and pained voice. “I have a knife sticking out of my leg which is currently so numb it hurts! Help me up,” he demanded, raising an arm for Sigurd to take hold of.

“Snowe, go check the chest,” Hiro said as he and Sigurd grabbed Hervey’s arms and lifted him to his feet, supporting as much of his weight as they could. “Why is your leg numb?”

“That would be because blade boy here keeps getting lightning enhancements for his weapons. Bloody lucky the electric shock didn’t stop my heart or just totally fry me,” the pirate said as he tested his full weight on his good leg, pulling away from his leader’s concerned support to lean against Sigurd.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” the taller pirate asked as he wrapped an arm around the other’s chest.

“Yes,” Hervey ground out as he dropped one of his hands to the wound. “Here, have your blade back.”

“No, wait…don’t take it out,” Sigurd said, trying to reach around Hervey and prevent him from removing the blade without upsetting their precarious balance. The pained wince and the sound of the blade hitting the ground told Sigurd that he moved too slowly.

“Fool,” he whispered into Hervey’s ear as a bloodied hand grabbed at his arm, Hervey panting as he rode out the renewed pain.

“Hiro, look what I found in the chest,” Snowe called out as he walked back through the clinging mist towards the small group. “I think it’s… So much blood.”

Hiro stood from where he crouched to retrieve Sigurd’s blade, getting a good look at what Snowe had just seen. Hervey’s dark pants hid the colour well but knowing how badly the older man was injured, there was not mistaking the dark wetness for anything but blood.

“So…much…blood,” Snowe repeated, voice much fainter and less steady then before.

“Hiro! Grab Snowe!” Sigurd shouted as the blonde youth’s eyes rolled back and he started to fall.

“Snowe!” Hiro called out as he ran to his friend’s aid, just managing to catch Snowe before he fully hit the ground, damp dirt digging into Hiro’s bare knees as he sank down under the other’s weight.

“He doesn’t seem to be injured,” Hiro said to Sigurd and Hervey as he quickly checked Snowe for unseen wounds.

“Ha! I made the wanna-be pirate faint,” Hervey said with a chuckle.

“The blood…” Hiro said quietly as he brushed blonde hair from closed eyes. “We need to bind your wound and head back to the ship,” he added, briefly turning his attention from Snowe.

“I’ll be fine,” Hervey said confidently. “Just give me some medicine and I’ll be good to go.”

“You need stitches,” Sigurd pointed out as he urged Hervey to lean against a barrel for support. “And Snowe is now in no condition to fight. I’m not averse to having some rest. I agree with Hiro about going back.”

“Two against one is hardly fair,” Hervey complained loudly. “Hey, that’s my scarf!”

“I need it for your wound,” Sigurd said as he pulled the red fabric carefully from Hervey’s neck. “Got anything to secure it with?” he asked, looking around the deserted military camp.

“Here,” Hiro called as he tossed something in their direction. “Use this.”

“But that’s Snowe’s. He won’t be happy at all,” Hervey said with a sure nod and a wince as Sigurd poked at his leg.

“I’ll get a new one made for him,” Hiro said, hand stroking over the now bare skin of Snowe’s neck in an unexpected show of possessiveness.

Sigurd wasted no time pondering what he’d just seen, instead concentrating on binding Hervey’s leg, the folded scarf covering the still lightly bleeding wound with Snowe’s leather collar holding it in place. Wrapping an arm back about the other’s waist, Sigurd helped Hervey walk the dozen or so steps to where Hiro waited with the unconscious blonde.

“What now?” Hervey asked. “Bit far to walk back to the ship in this state,” he said, waving an arm at himself and the fallen blonde.

“That’s why I have this,” Hiro said as he pulled a sparkling mirror from an inner vest pocket, the dimensional magic radiating from its reflective surface.

“Viki’s glowing hand mirror. Keep forgetting about this thing,” Hervey said as he reached out and placed his unbloodied fingertips on the smooth glass.

“Definitely better than walking,” Sigurd added as his fingers took their place nest to Hervey’s.

“I’ll get Viki to teleport you down to Yu as soon as we arrive,” Hiro said as he place Snowe’s hand on the mirror, his and the blonde’s fingers intertwined to ensure that they all teleported together.

“Dauntless,” Hiro commanded, his free hand tightening on the mirror’s handle as the teleportation magic embedded in it flared to life and pulsed around them brightly.

Grimacing as the world around them shifted, Sigurd tightened his hold on Hervey and fought the urge to throw up the contents of his stomach. As many times as they had employed Viki’s magic he felt that he would never get used to it. When he had asked Viki if she knew a way to deal with the sickness, the young woman had admitted that closing her eyes was how she dealt with the worst of it. Then in the next breath she said that closing her eyes usually ended with a teleportation to the wrong location. After that admission the pirate decided that he could live with feeling a little ill.

The dreary grey landscape of Iluya shifted and solidified into the warm sturdy brown of the second deck hallway of the Dauntless and the three conscious men sighed in relief at a successful teleport. Viki smiled too until she realised they were injured.

“Oh my…you’re hurt!” she cried, stepping forward to take a closer look at the unconscious Snowe. “Let me use my magic to send you to Doctor Yu,” she said as she stepped back to the large, magic imbued mirror near the stairs to the rear deck.

“He’s fine,” Hiro said quickly to the slightly distracted woman and to Desmond who had rushed over upon hearing Viki’s words. “However I’d appreciate it if you could send Sigurd and Hervey down to Yu. Hervey needs his attentions more.”

“Er, no thanks,” Sigurd said as he carefully forced Hervey towards the elevator. “We’ll ride down in this.”

“Are you sure?” Viki asked, looking hurt and concerned all at once.

“Yes, but thanks for the offer,” Hervey said with a slightly pained grin which he then turned on Manu who frowned at him.

“No bleeding all over things,” the inventor told them. “And no funny business either.”

“Hey, I’m injured here,” Sigurd heard Hervey protest as he watched Hiro carry Snowe towards the stairs.

“You two going to be okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, Snowe just needs some rest,” Hiro said as the elevator arrived.

Sigurd helped Hervey step into the elevator. As the doors closed he noted that Rakgi was no longer in the corridor outside.

“Hiro sent him to get Tal and Keneth,” Hervey said as he leaned heavily against Sigurd and watched the doors closed.

“You still think there’s something going on between all of them?”

“Yup. Ever since we’ve been on this ship, I’ve not seen Keneth sleep in the forward bunks…”

“Not that we sleep there either,” Sigurd pointed out as he watched the numbers flash as the elevator moved downwards.

“And the only night I’ve not seen Tal or Keneth go into Hiro’s room and not come out was the first night Tal was on board,” Hervey said, also watching the numbers.

“Tal and Keneth’s relationship is no secret, Hervey. They are rarely seen apart. Where did they sleep that night anyways?” Sigurd asked. “You seem to be rather well informed for someone who spends most of their time in my company,” the taller man said with a warm smile.

“Let’s just say that Kobolds are curious creatures and certain ones got an eyeful of things best left unseen,” Hervey snickered.

“Not the empty storage room?”

“Nope, across the hall in the room Percola claimed for her ornaments. Apparently before she filled it with stuff it echoed quite a bit and it seems that Keneth isn’t all that quiet.”

“Like someone else I know.”

“Hey, I can too be quiet,” Hervey argued.

“Sometimes…” Sigurd agreed indulgently. “How did you find out about all this?”

“Travis overheard Nalkul and Champoo talking about it,” Hervey said with a shrug as the elevator pinged and the doors finally slid open.

“When were you talking to Travis?” Sigurd asked as he supported Hervey’s weight, helping the wounded man limp out into the fourth deck corridor.

“The other day while you were getting more lightning shards embedded in your blades,” Hervey said with a pained frown. “I thought I’d join him for a quick snack before Dario ate everything in sight.”

“Is your leg still numb?” Sigurd asked, recalling Hervey blaming his weapon enhancements for his increased pain.

“Nah, everything just hurts now.”


“Don’t say it,” Hervey growled, glaring up at Sigurd as they stood in the corridor while the elevator doors closed behind them “You know it is not your fault the little shit of a monster used me as a shield and your brain automatically corrected you aim is if I wasn’t in the way. I’m not the first to get hit by one of our own.”

“True. I still can’t believe Lady Flare shot her own father with an arrow.”

“I overheard her afterwards telling him not to try and hog all the fighting when they encounter irate monsters,” Hervey said with a smile that turned into a wicked grin. “He had replied that he was only trying to protect her. I remember that she was none too gentle in removing her arrow from his butt after that.”

“Unlike you who ripped the blade out yourself,” Sigurd said with a shake of his head. “Fool. Let’s go see Yu.”

Staggering together the small distance from the elevator to the doctor’s door, Sigurd and Hervey were surprised to find Carrie outside the door.

“I’m sorry but doctor Yu is busy with Mister Trishtan at the moment and has asked not to be disturbed. Would you like to wait for him in the ward?” the blonde woman asked politely.

“Can’t they wait till night time? I’m injured here,” Hervey complained loudly.

“Whatever do you mean?” Carrie asked. “Mister Trishtan is not well and needs Doctor Yu.”

“Don’t mind him, Miss Carrie,” Sigurd said, silencing Hervey with a meaningful look. “Hervey tends to get a little cranky when hurt. Perhaps I can see to his injuries myself with the supplies kept in the ward? Then you will be able to keep watch at the doctor’s door and prevent others from possibly disturbing him and his patient.”

“Are you sure that it will be okay?” Carrie asked as he opened the ward door wide, watching as Sigurd helped Hervey to one of the beds.

“Yes, we’ve patched each other up before. Hervey is used to my not so gentle care,” Sigurd said as he carefully helped Hervey sit down.

“Very well,” Carrie agreed. “Just let me get some things out so you don’t have to go looking for it. Miss Maxine, I’m sorry but you’ll have to leave the ward for a bit,” Carrie called out, her attention in the direction of the far bed curtain where a loud sigh was heard just before the wandering magic user appeared and headed for the door. “She doesn’t like crowds,” Carrie confided in a loud whisper as she placed some supplies on a bed and then followed the dark haired woman.

“You don’t mind not disturbing us?” Sigurd asked just as Carrie was closing the door. “I’m pretty sure this is going to need stitches,” he said as Hervey pulled his legs up onto the bed and laid down with a relieved sigh.

“Okay, just let me know when you’re done so I can come and clean up.”

Locking the door after Carrie had left, Sigurd poured some fresh water into a basin and placed it next to the bed.

“Yu and Trishtan busy…I’m sure they are,” Hervey grumbled quietly as he and Sigurd worked to remove his blood soaked pants.

“Trishtan does cough a lot,” Sigurd said as he dropped the soiled cloth on the floor.

“He’s fine,” Hervey hissed as the cold wet cloth moved to clean his leg. “I’ve seen him fight and there’s nothing wrong with him. It’s all in his head.”

“So you think he keeps going to Yu as a patient to hide the fact that they’re together?” Sigurd asked as he rinsed the cloth.

“Yes and no…I’m not sure. But I’m almost willing to bet that Yu has convinced him sex therapy is a cure to his illness. Or maybe Yu is slipping an aphrodisiac into his medicine.”

Sigurd just shook his head, a small smile playing on his lips as he prepared a needle and thread. “You’re turning into quite the gossip,” he told the other man. “Ready for this?”

“I am not a gossip,” Hervey growled as he prepared for some extra pain.

“Concerned that others might be getting more than you?” Sigurd asked as he carefully pressed the needle through the wound and began to stitch it closed.

Hervey shook his head, unable to say anything as he grit his teeth against the sting of the needle. His knuckles turned white as he gripped the sheets, forcing his body to remain as still as possible to make Sigurd’s task easier.

“There, all done,” Sigurd said as he snipped the thread off near the knot he had made.

“Thanks,” Hervey breathed in relief as he sagged back against the pillow, forcing the pain from his mind as he watched Sigurd clean up.

“Want me to kiss it better before I go get you some clean clothes?” Sigurd asked as he returned to Hervey’s side.


“I asked if you wanted me to kiss it better,” Sigurd repeated as he stroked a hand over Hervey’s bare thigh to his hip.

“Sigurd…this may not be a good time,” Hervey said as he squirmed a little.

Sigurd chuckled as he leaned down to nibble on Hervey’s hip, fingers creeping up under the shirt he still wore. “Am I hearing right? My Hervey turning down a chance to have sex? You’re the one who said you’d like to do it in every room on the ship,” Sigurd mumbled against warm skin.

“I know,” Hervey agreed.

“And it’s not like an injury has stopped us before,” Sigurd said as he lifted his head to blow air across where his lips had just touched.

“What if someone comes?” Hervey asked as he lifted a hand to Sigurd’s short brown hair. “It’s the middle of the day.”

“No one is going to come,” Sigurd said. “Except for us,” he added with a wicked grin that only Hervey got to see.

Hervey’s head fell back, a low moan sounding in the room as Sigurd slowly blew air over his awakening cock, the pirate turned on by the determination of his lover. Usually it was him doing the convincing to get Sigurd to do something a bit daring but today the tables seemed to have been turned.

Sigurd continued to smile as he ran his tongue up the length of the other’s cock, the organ twitching at the touch. Pushing at Hervey’s hip, Sigurd helped his lover to roll onto his uninjured side, leg bent at the knee for balance as long fingers moved over the firm curve of Hervey’s buttock before sliding towards the semi exposed pucker that protected hidden heat. Fingers traced over it lightly before disappearing.

“Don’t stop,” Hervey said, moaning as the fingers returned, slick with get to press at the opening.

Lying on the bed next to his lover, Sigurd pressed their bodies together, his still fully clothed while Hervey was half naked.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Hervey grumbled, looking over his shoulder as he reached an arm behind him to pull Sigurd’s head close to his, face upturned for a kiss.

Moaning as Hervey’s tongue forces its way into his mouth, Sigurd pressed his fingers deep into the other pirate’s body, muscles clenching around the digits as he stroked soft inner walls. Hervey gasped against his mouth and bucked back against him as the fingers brushed over sensitive nerves.

“You don’t fuck me now, I’ll come without you,” Hervey said against damp lips, gasping again as fingers moved within him.

Quickly undoing his pants, Sigurd pushed them down far enough to free his hard cock, the blood engorged organ glistening with precome as it rested against Hervey’s pale flesh. Covering his cock with gel, Sigurd pushed into Hervey, biting down on a shirt covered shoulder to muffle his groan as he was surrounded by tight heat, Hervey’s answering moan quietened by the pillow under his head.

“Move, damn you,” Hervey demanded, pain forgotten as he was filled and stretched.

Carefully grasping a hip, Sigurd drew Hervey snug back against him, both men moaning quietly as flesh slid against flesh. Reaching out he grabbed Hervey’s hand and directed it lower.

“Touch yourself,” he whispered into Hervey’s ear, tonguing the soft flesh as he began to move.

“Oh god,” Hervey breathed as Sigurd fucked him with slow, deep strokes, his own hand moving over his length.

Together they moved upon the tiny bed in the ward, Sigurd’s ragged breathing ghosting over Hervey’s ear telling him that they were both close. Removing his hand from his cock, the sword-wielding pirate grabbed the hand on his hip and placed it on his length, moaning when Sigurd began to stroke him hard.

“Make me come,” he whispered over his shoulder to Sigurd, lips seeking the other’s as he felt his body tightening towards orgasm.

Sigurd fastened their lips together, tongue possessively thrusting into the warm cavern, mimicking his other movements. He could feel Hervey’s body approaching release and pressed a little deeper and harder into his body, smiling as he wrung a surprised cry form his lover as they came almost together, Hervey’s cock spurting white milky fluid over Sigurd’s fingers and the bed a few seconds before he flooded the man with his own hot release.

“You okay?” Sigurd asked when he had his breath back, leaning up to check the stitches as his softening cock slipped from Hervey’s heat.

“I’m fine,” Hervey purred as he stretched, flinching as the damage to his leg made itself known again. “Don’t think I can walk though after that. Suppose Carrie will mind if we stay here a bit longer?” Hervey asked sleepily as Sigurd left the bed to grab a fresh damp cloth.

“Probably not,” Sigurd said as he cleaned his body first before turning his attention to Hervey’s. “We really shouldn’t stay any longer though.”

“I’ll need fresh pants before I get out of here,” Hervey pointed out as he pulled a blanket over him and curled up.

“I’ll go get some,” Sigurd said as he pulled the curtain across and unlocked the door. Stepping out he almost ran in to Tal.

“Hey Sigurd,” Tal said.

“Hello. Where’s Miss Carrie?” Sigurd asked, noticing the nurse wasn’t watching Yu’s door anymore.

“Ah…we sent her to get some soup for Trishtan,” Tal said, scratching the back of his head as he blushed a little.

“We?” Sigurd asked.

“Yes,” came Yu’s voice from beside him, making the pirate jump. “I though it would be best if Miss Carrie was not exposed to certain noises,” the older man said evenly as he gazed at the pirate.

“Shit,” Sigurd cursed, now realising how loud they had been.

“Indeed,” Yu said as he walked across the corridor. “And this will be the only time the ward is used for these kinds of activities. Am I clear?”

“Yes, Doctor Yu,” Sigurd mumbled feeling like a chastised schoolboy.

“Good. Now if you’ll excuse me, Trishtan still needs my attention. Glad to…er…hear that Hervey is alright.”

“I suggest you and Hervey leave before Carrie comes back,” Tal said, handing over a bundle of clothing. “Hiro said you’d be needing these.”

“Right…thanks,” Sigurd said before frowning. “How do you manage to keep quiet?” he asked before he could stop himself.

Tal looked at him blankly for a moment before laughing. “Easy - we soundproofed Hiro’s room. Laters,” Tal said as he turned and headed for the elevator.

Filing away that interesting piece of information, Sigurd watched him go before re-entering the ward and returning to his waiting lover.