Daring Dauntless Series
Written by Garden's Gnome

Standing silently on the deck of the large Obel ship, Sigurd watched as Pirate’s Nest vanished over the horizon. The blade thrower smiled as he looked at Lady Kika’s ship following them, its flag snapping in the ocean breeze.

“You done yet?” Hervey grumbled beside him, back to the rail, legs spread for easy balance as the same breeze that filled the sails above played with his already messy brown hair.

The taller man turned from the sea, smirking at the other pirate as he strolled past.

“Hey!” Hervey called, walking quickly to catch up.

“You’re the one who wanted to go so quickly,” Sigurd said, walking up the stairs to the bridge. Hervey followed, bouncing up the stairs two at a time, hands on the rails as he hummed a jaunty tune.

“So where did you want to start?” Sigurd asked as they entered.

“Was hoping to start our tour in the kitchen,” the shorter man half growled, hand rubbing over his stomach. “But seeing as we’re now here…”

“Very well…”

Having been busy supervising the re-supply of both King Lino’s and Lady Kika’s ships for the voyage ahead, neither Sigurd nor Hervey had been able to fully look over the grand ship from Obel as it anchored at the pirate hideaway. Once underway, Sigurd had refused to come inside with Hervey until they couldn’t see their home anymore. The other pirate, not wanting to explore alone, waited impatiently, even his threats of spanking his companion with his sword unable to get the blade thrower to move.

Going from deck to deck, Hervey smiled politely at everyone they stopped to talk to, silently urging Sigurd to hurry, teeth grit in a hopefully pleasant look whenever Sigurd knocked on doors he passed to greet the occupants inside. By the time they reached the third deck and the shops there, the swordfighter was ready to grab his companion by the collar of his tunic and drag him off for food.

Passing quickly by the first empty booth, Hervey was suddenly overcome by a hunger of a different kind. He grinned ferally at the surprised Sigurd as he dragged him past some closed purple curtains made of velvet and into the second booth, words that the other pirate might have spoken swallowed by his hungry lips. Hervey pressed Sigurd to a wall with his whole body, the curtains still swaying a little as his arms reached up, fingers threading through short dark hair.

Sigurd was more than a little breathless when he finally managed to break the kiss, the aggressive feel of Hervey’s tongue lingering still.

“Thought you were hungry?” he queried, breath catching a little as Hervey nibbled at his neck, nimble fingers working quickly to open his tunic.

“I am hungry…just for something other than food at the moment,” Hervey said against the skin he was still nibbling at. “Want you right now.”

“There are still people out there,” Sigurd hissed, not arguing with his lover but protesting the fingers trailing up his ticklish sides, Hervey’s hands now past the shirt worn under his tunic.


“You mean to tell me that you’d want to do this anytime, anywhere…regardless of who was around?” Sigurd asked, grabbing Hervey by the shoulders and putting an arm’s length of distance between them, the heated look to Hervey’s eyes making him want to pull the other man close once again.

“Well…not in full view,” Hervey said with a shrug. “Why?” he countered. “You like the idea?” he asked with a knowing smirk.

Sigurd almost said no upon seeing the lustful gleam in Hervey’s eye but had decided long ago when joining Lady Kika’s pirates that he would not lie to Hervey.

“Perhaps,” he conceded. “I do know we both like a challenge,” he said, giving Hervey a heated look of his own.

Starting to pull the other pirate back to him so they could continue, Sigurd cursed as Nico’s voice called out from the ship’s lookout, other voices relaying the call of a monster attack.

“Duty calls,” Sigurd said as he buttoned up his tunic and pulled Hervey to him for a quick kiss, silencing the other’s protesting groan.

“We shall certainly continue this later,” he promised as they both hurried from Jeane’s Rune booth to help in the battle above, Hervey only a half step behind and muttering something about getting some food as well.