Aug '03"

Disclaimer: Not mine…but like everyone else - wishing they were. This is a sappy bit of smut for Squall’s birthday. Really short - just a ficlet that wanted to be written. Enjoy!

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Within Your Arms
By Garden’s Gnome

It’s raining. Water steadily patters against the large window, it’s curtains still open from the previous night. We had made love by the light of the moon, it’s pale glow illuminating your skin as you rode me to pleasurable heights.

Now I watch the rivers of water flow down the pane of glass with you still deep with in me. It had been a slow and impassioned coupling. The first time you’d taken me. I had asked before if you would but you always declined and I let you. Then this morning you had whispered words of want in my ears, filling my sleep bemused mind with images of us writhing on the bed together in ecstasy. But like the rain outside, it had been steady, the pleasure building within our bodies until it overflowed, yours into my body and mine over our entwined hands that had been wrapped around me.

Soft sucking noises fill my ears as you lick my essence off my fingers as I do the same to yours. I would love to taste myself on your lips but prefer to stay within your arms and keep you in me for as long as I can.

Finished with my fingers, you let my hand fall back to the bed and pull your own now clean hand from my mouth and hold me closer. You have yet to say the words but I know the truth. Your body tells me all I need to know as you press your face into the curve of my shoulder, lightly running your lips over the mark made but moments ago. Soft breath and whispering words reach my ears.

“I love you, Zell.” My breath catches at your words…how I have longed to hear them even though we both knew the depth of our feelings.

“I love you, Squall. Happy birthday,” I whisper back and can think of no other way I would rather spend this particular rainy morning then here in your bed.

Within this hold you have upon me, I am all yours. My mind follows you wherever you go, my body begs only for your touch and my soul has found peace.


Notes from Gnome: BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SQUALL!!! This came to me one raining morning about a week or so before Squall’s birthday - so this is my contribution to the b’day fics…hope you like it! ^_^ This particular pairing was also written for the ZxS/SxZ ml…come join us if you’re not already there.