Sept ‘03

Disclaimer: Ya know - I should have the wording of these down pat by now. *smiles* Okay…the usual - FF8 characters are Square’s and Isan, Tristan and Dirk are Sukunami’s. Well, the Kinneas kids kinda belong to both of us…so does Adam…just mentioned to give Squall someone to think of tearing apart for hurting the gang’s beloved Quisty.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but if you’ve read the rest of the series you are here for that reason. (nods vigorously)

To the winner #2.9 By Garden's Gnome


I sigh quietly and enjoy the strong hands rubbing the cool liquid into my back as my lover applies sunscreen to the places I cannot reach.

“We should do this more often,” I hear him say quietly into my ear, his lips brushing the lobe.

“Not here,” I tell him and suppress the shiver the small touch has awakened. “Control yourself, Seifer.”

I hear him laugh above me just before he moves away. Sitting up, I glance around to see that no one is really paying attention to us but are instead watching Irvine playing with the children in the water. If not for the air conditioning system breaking at the Garden, I’d still be there working instead of here, enjoying the facilities at the recently opened Estharian Aquatic Dome. Hearing the happy laughter nearby, I know it was a good idea to give into my father’s demand to give everyone the day off and call our friends for a visit.

The laughter came from Quistis, the blonde woman squirming away from Zell’s tickling fingers as he applied sunscreen to her pale back and sides around her bikini. I smile sadly and remember the pained voice and tear streaked face that had phoned that night almost exactly a year ago, Zell holding Quistis close as he informed the whole group of what had happened via a short conference call. We had left for Balamb Garden within the hour, stopping only to collect the Selphie and Irvine. Rinoa had teleported in using me as her guiding beacon. Quistis’ ex-husband Adam was a fool to let her go and if he knew what was good for him, he would not show his face again.

Feeling larger hands cover my closed fists, I look up into tender emerald orbs and force myself to calm down. Before Seifer has a chance to question my sudden anger, a surprised shriek sounds from nearby followed by much laughter and giggles. I look to the sound and soon join in, quietly snickering at the sight of a once dry and sun warmed Selphie in the arms of her very wet husband, their two sons and our own Isan. I watch as Selphie pushes Irvine off her and grabs Isan’s hand and holds it close to her very large stomach. Isan’s green eyes widen in wonder as the unborn third child of the Kinneas family makes his presence felt. Due in a little over a month, Selphie had been the first to jump at the idea of a day of swimming, or floating in her case, the relief evident on her face when she was in the water earlier. Carrying another life inside you can be very taxing on the body. It’s a pity Rinoa couldn’t join us, her duties at the orphanage taking precedence due to the attachments some of the children have formed with her. She didn’t want to leave them and said she would just go swim in the ocean if it got too hot. Rin has become more practical now that she’s helping Edea and Cid look after those kids.

I turn to Seifer, missing a question he had just asked. “Run that by me again?”

“Do you think they’re getting it on?” he asks, looking at me with a smirk as I look back in confusion.

“I’d say they were considering it’ll be their third child, Seifer.”

“Not them,” he says patiently before waving a hand towards Zell chasing Quistis into the water. “Them.”

I watch for a few moments as Quistis splashes armfuls of water at her tattooed pursuer in an attempt to stop Zell from catching her and tossing her into deeper water. I study their interaction for a few moments before answering my own blond lover. “I don’t know. If anything is happening, it’s between them and we should mind our own business.”

“You’re no fun,” Seifer says with a pout.

“I know that tone of voice. We are not betting on our friend’s sex lives. End of discussion,” I tell him and move to lay on the large blanket beside him. I can almost hear him smirking above me. “What?”

“Well, seeing as you won’t bet on them, how about our son and the rides he just dragged the old man towards.”

I sit up quickly and look around for Isan. Our eight-year-old son has a habit of encouraging the inner child that resides in my father. Looking in the direction of Seifer’s extended arm, I see the pair making their way to the waterslides. I move to stand but find myself restrained by a large hand on my chest that gently but firmly pushes me until I am once more lying down.

“And so…” Seifer smirks down at me, clearly implying that I won’t be going anywhere without drawing much unwanted attention to myself. I glare at him. He smiles.


Seifer flexes his fingers lightly on my chest and innocently brushes a thumb over one exposed nipple. “Okay, all the water based rides start from the same platform. Isan will talk the old man into going on the fastest.”

“Dad won’t listen to him…He’d never endanger his only grandson.”

“That’s true. willing to bet on that?”

Damn him and his smiling green eyes. I swear he gets off on making me squirm. Perhaps I can stall until Isan and my father return from the rides but at Seifer’s tongue flashing out to lick his lips I know that won’t work either. He’s such an exhibitionist at times. I relax totally under his touch and he smiles triumphantly.

“What’s for the winner?” I ask with a sigh.

“If I win…you and me, here today.” I shiver at the sense of familiarity of those words and growl at the grinning man above me.

“Why is it always a sex dare? Why not make me do some of your chores that you dislike doing?”

“Because I’ll have you any which way I can and then some. Besides, this makes it more interesting.”

“Are you saying that making love at home in our own bed is boring?” I ask frostily, clear warning in my tone.

“No, not at all love,” Seifer says, raising a hand in mock defence. “Just that variety is the spice of life.”

“So says he who has had sex in various locations of two Gardens, the Estharian Presidential Palace, the Ragnarok and the D-District prison. Oh, and don’t forget the very public Autumn Festival at Deling City a few years ago.” I look at him and frown as a thought comes to me. “What is it about you and sex in public places anyway? Is it a fetish?”

“Hell no! You just don’t see how desirable you are. If I had it my way, we’d be in the bed all day long. And you look especially delectable in those denim cut-offs,” he says as green eyes travel over the mentioned clothing. “Well, are you in?” he asks.

I roll away from him and get to my feet, watching as Seifer also rises. “What will you do for me if I win?” I ask him, at a loss as to what to ask for as my prize and knowing that discussing the outcome of the bet is as good as agreeing to it.

“You get to have me instead?” he half asks, knowing full well that I won’t agree to that. I roll my eyes at him and he shrugs. “Decide later if you want to. I’m not too worried.”

“And why would that be?” I ask him with a raised brow, and keep my facial expression the same as he grins at me.

“Simple reason really, I’m going to win this one.” With that said Seifer turns and begins to walk to the pools that end the rides. I follow, trying to think of what I could get the overly confident blond to do for me. Hearing a cheerful whoop and Isan’s name being called, I look up quickly, just in time to see my son’s brown hair being blown away from his eyes as he speeds down the steep slide…alone. Damn!

“Hehe, guess you just lost another bet Squally-boy,” Seifer chuckles quietly beside me before leaning closer to whisper in my ear. “I’ll let you know when I’m ready to collect.”

I watch my blond boyfriend walk over to collect our son, muttering words under my breath but still loud enough for him to hear, and send a glare towards the top of the slide where Laguna smiles sheepishly down at me. Now that I think about it, Isan has too much of both his father and grandfather in him. “He has too much of you in him,” I tell Seifer, knowing he can hear me even though his attention is on Isan. “No regard for the rules and regulations or his own safety.”

Seifer pulls Isan out of the water and they both turn to grin at me. Hyne save me from green-eyed Almasy’s.


Heading back towards the group after buying drinks and ice-cream with Isan and Tristan, I grin at the sight of Zell shaking out his wet hair all over Squall. I almost feel sorry for my lover; he has not had an easy time since I won our latest bet.

As we headed back to our towels after telling Isan to stay on the safer slides, Irvine and Zell had dashed over and, grabbing Squall’s shoulders and feet, had carried him into the water. He should’ve expected it when he was the only one not to have gotten wet. After a few water fights and some paddling around, Squall had returned to my side where I was chatting with Selphie. Quistis had gone with Dirk to the kiddie’s pool and Laguna and Isan were just returning from the slides. Squall sent me with Tristan and Isan to get refreshments.

I have no idea at the moment of how to get Squall into the showers without being obvious about it. When I made the bet I had already figured it would be the only place to seduce his passionate side out of him but getting him there was another challenge. I sigh and look down at the ice-cream that is slowly beginning to melt in the Estharian heat. Hmmm…


Looking over I spot Seifer and the boys returning from the canteen. It’s so hot out of the water and I am looking forward to the chocolate flavoured treat Seifer is carrying. I’m not sure what to think about my blond lover at the moment. He won the bet but hasn’t made any move to coerce me towards a suitably secluded spot for his tryst. It worries me slightly that he is yet to try anything. Guess I’ll find out when he’s ready. I give him a small smile as he leans down had me the ice-cream I asked for. My eyes widen in shock as something icy cold hits my shoulder and then slides down my back and my chest. Cold…so cold.

Looking down, I frown as the substance begins to soak into my shorts. Seifer’s vanilla and coffee ice-cream.


Honestly…I didn’t do it on purpose. I was only going to let one or two drips of melting liquid onto his skin but Tristan bumped my arm as I gave Squall his treat and this caused the two flavoured scoops of ice-cream to fall off the cone and onto his body. I’ll have to go and get another now and Squall will have to go for a shower.

The showers!

I try to smile apologetically to my brown haired lover but know it’s closer to a smirk. He glares at me as he stands.

“I’m sorry, Squall. I didn’t mean to. Just go in the water and wash it off,” I suggest already knowing he won’t.

“And contaminate the water? No, I’ll go have a quick shower.” He picks up one of the spare towels. “I’ll be back soon,” he tells the group and begins to head for the shower block. This couldn’t have been better if I’d planned it.

“I’m going to get another ice-cream,” I quickly say before heading to the canteen again, only to change course for the showers the moment I’m out of sight. I arrive to find Squall, still covered in ice-cream, waiting for me. He looks sticky. Hell, he looks downright delicious.

“I swear I didn’t so it on purpose, love,” I tell him as I approach him carefully.

“But you couldn’t have planned it better?” he asks, unknowingly echoing my earlier thoughts. I nod. No point in denying that I’ll take advantage of this opportunity. “Well, c’mon,” he commands as he heads towards the shower stalls.

“The last one Squall,” I tell him as I head to the public shampoo and conditioner dispenser. A lubricant of some sort will be good. “And don’t get under the water yet. Just turn it on.” Gathering up the disposable packet of conditioner, I head towards the last stall.

High in the security tower that watched over the aquatic complex, a young man blinked at his monitor before rubbing his eyes and looking at the screen again. No, the infra-red cameras had not been playing up. Two men had entered the same stall.

“Ah, sir?” he called out to beckon his supervisor over to him.

“What is it?” the other man asked, his tone of voice bored. It was just another day of watching other people swim and have fun.

“Sir, I believe that two men just entered the same shower stall.”

“Really?” he asked, his tone still bored. “Maybe you’re seeing things. Perhaps he went into the stall next to him. You know that once the showers get turned on the cameras begin to play up a bit.”

“No, sir. None of the showers were running and both men went into the last stall. Just before the second one arrived, the water started. But I’m positive they both went into the same one,” the young man said. He played the recorded tape back and showed what he had seen. Sure enough, it appeared the men went into the same cubicle.

The supervisor thought hard for a few seconds before grabbing his hat and heading towards the door. No one was doing any funny business on his shift.


I step into the stall and latch the door behind me, dropping the packet onto the nearby seat as I pull Squall closer to me. But instead of heading for his lips for a kiss, I lean down slightly and lick from his nipple up to his shoulder, following the trail left by my ice-cream. Enjoying the coffee flavour on my tongue, I cup Squall’s face in my hands and draw his lips to mine. He tastes like the double fudge chocolate ice-cream he had managed to get a few bites of before heading for the shower. I sweep my tongue into his mouth that opens eagerly under mine and revel in the flavour. Coffee and chocolate and Squall, what a heady combination. Reaching down with one hand, I slip my fingers into his denim cut-offs and stroke the top of the cleft between his cheeks as I start to walk him backwards to the steamy water.

“You’re not wasting any time, are you?” he asks with a smirk so like my own as the water beats down upon his back and head, his tousled brown locks quickly plastering themselves to his face.

“Can’t,” I reply as I begin to undo his shorts. “Getting ice-cream doesn’t take long.”

“Tell them you had to wait. It was a looo…ooong line,” he says, words hitching and drawn out as I wrap my hand around his arousal. He quickly returns the favour and both our shorts find their wet way to the floor. Kneeling down, I pick them up and toss them onto the seat and grab the conditioner. Turning back I watch as Squall tilts his head back underneath the water, his hips and cock thrusting towards me in unconscious invitation. One I cannot refuse.

Quickly ripping open the packet with my teeth, I gently grasp my lover’s erection in my hand and hold it still as I lick the slit, pre-come and a bit of water flowing over my tongue. I feel Squall jerk at the touch and I know he is now watching me take him into my mouth. Sucking him deep, I bury my nose into his skin, unable to breathe in the scent of his arousal for fear of getting water up my nose. Oh well, there will be other days to enjoy that smell that is my lover’s body awakened and passionate.

Carefully breathing as I suck on Squall’s length, I now have both hands free to prepare him. Squeezing the slippery liquid out of the wrapper, I feel Squall thread his fingers into my hair as I coat my fingers. Looking up I use my eyes to get the brunette out from under the direct flow of water. It wouldn’t do to have the makeshift lubricant wash off my hands.

Squall leans back against the steam dampened wall, legs slightly parted as I slide a finger into him. A few quick strokes and I add the second, slicking his opening as quickly and efficiently as I can while still sucking on him. Fingers tighten in my hair as I probe his prostrate, a small groan escaping the lips he clamped shut in an effort to keep any noise he makes to a minimum. I suck on just the tip of his erection and draw it slowly back into my mouth as I insert a third finger. Finding his prostrate again, Squall’s body jerks as little electric tremor course through him at each touch of my fingers. Hands close around my neck and Squall pulls me upwards, his heated gaze telling me of his readiness. Slicking the remainder of the conditioner over my own aching length, Squall slides his arms around my neck as I lift him off the floor, legs wrapping around my hips as I penetrate and sink deep within his body in one movement. We make the barest noise; the quiet moans tangling together as our lips find each other for a heated kiss.

There is a knock of the cubicle door.

“Excuse me, sir. Is everything alright in there?” I hear a voice ask.


I look at Squall as his eyes round slightly at the…interruption. He looks like a teenager caught doing naughty things. Well, I guess we are.

“No, I’m fine,” I answer, smirking at my lover as I wrap my hand around his cock and slowly stroke it. He frowns and looks like he’s about to panic or something. Then he smirks right back and sinks he teeth into my shoulder. I can’t help but gasp.

“Are you sure? Someone said they heard a groan from your cubicle,” the voice on the other side of the door says and I hear a shuffle of noise. Damn bastard! Go away already!

“Umm, yeah,” I tell him, hissing as Squall wiggles himself tightly around me. “I ah…pulled a muscle and decided to…have a shower to help work out the stiffness.” I quickly pull Squall in for a kiss as he looks about to laugh at the wording of my reply. I wish this guy would piss off. I hear more shuffling. He better not be looking under the door!

“Okay, sir. As long as you’re sure,” he says and his footsteps begin to head away from the door. “Be sure to stop at the nurses station if you’re still feeling sore. They might be able to help you.”

I grunted out what sounded like an affirmative answer and then he was gone. Releasing Squall’s lips I look into overly bright eyes.

“Need help with your ‘muscle’?” he asks with a smile, wriggling a bit as I pull out of him.

“You’ll do just fine,” I tell him as I lean him back against the wall and thrust back into him hard. I love the breathless gasps he makes when I bring him pleasure. He tightens his arms and legs around me, his body language begging for hard and fast. I won’t disappoint him.

Latching onto a spot just behind his ear so I can mark his pale skin, I begin a series of slow, hard strokes, each a bit faster than the last. Trusting him to keep hold of me, I wrap one hand around his leaking erection, pumping it in time with my thrusts. Water slickened skin moving against more of the same at the pace I’ve set proves to be too much and neither of us last long. Squall reaches orgasm first, biting down on my already abused shoulder to muffle his impassioned cries. This shock of pain and him clenching tightly around my cock pulls me over the edge with him. I pump frantically into him, emptying all I have into his accepting body even as it milks me for more.

I hold him close as we come out of our blissful trance, the water washing away the evidence of our tryst. Staying under the water long enough to steady Squall’s slightly weakened legs and my own passion sated body, I kiss my love slowly and lingeringly, expressing what we feel through our bodies when words just don‘t do it justice. We quickly dry off and after making sure there is no evidence of what went on I follow Squall out of the shower block.

“So, Squall…do you want another ice-cream?”

I laugh as a very wet towel sails my direction.

Back up in the security tower, the supervisor stared at the screen and shook his head. But there was only one set of feet when I looked under the door…Where could’ve…the other…


Quickly turning away from the monitor, he pulled his cap firmly over his head and went to make sure this…episode…was properly deleted off the tapes.


Notes from Gnome: I guess that can be labelled a quickie. *grins* Ah, another to cross off the list and this one has been a long while coming. Just needed the right moment to do it and with my other bunnies currently not playing nice plus I’ve been wanting to get this pair all wet. *leers* Hopefully another Isan and Seveyn one next…Then *smirk* I’m playing with Mason Kinneas! *happy dance* Wonder if I could get a adoption pic of him too…*wanders off to find a mirror to practise begging chibi eyes* Thanks for reading! Bye. ^_^