June ‘03’

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To the Winner 2.8
By Garden’s Gnome


The sun is high in the sky, occasionally obscured by the puffy clouds floating past on the light breeze. Also carried by the breeze are the smells of cooking foods and the sounds of many voices as I stand off to one side of a crowded walkway, bags of random items leaning against my legs. Feeling a small tug on the sleeve of my jacket, I look down at my six-year-old son.

“Mommy, is it lunch time yet?” Isan asks.

“Yes, dear,” I tell him as I look at my watch. It is definitely lunchtime. “Just as soon as your father and grandfather get off those shooting games and uncle Kiros comes back from the exotic jewellery stand, we’ll have some lunch.”

I smile at the brave face he puts on, knowing that it has been a long time since breakfast at the Garden and that cotton candy does little to fill an energetic boy’s tummy. Especially when roaming around the Deling City Autumn Festival for the better part of the morning, looking at stalls and various entertainments. Feeling another tug, I look down again to see Isan pointing at something.

“Look, there’s daddy now.”

I watch calmly as Seifer heads in our direction, a slightly disgruntled look on his face. Laguna struts from out of the doorway behind him, insanely happy smile in place, and punches the blond in the arm on his way past.

“I take it you won, dad?” I ask, noting the jovial mood my father is in.

“Sure did! Almost triple the score of what Seifer had. Beat him heaps,” he crows as Seifer glares at him.

“Yeah, enjoy it while it lasts, old man. I could take you any day in a match where the odds were fair. You had an advantage with the type of gun they were using. If it had been a gunblade, I would’ve wiped the floor with you.”

“Oh, c’mon Seifer,” my father says to the blond as he reaches down to pick up Isan. “It’s not like you to be a sore looser and in front of your son too. How’s my little man? Ready for lunch?”

“Yeah! But we’ve got to wait for uncle Kiros,” the green eyed boy tells his grandfather in a serious voice.

“Where is he?” Seifer asks, looking around in an attempt to spot the dark-skinned man.

“He’s been looking in the jewellery and beads stall since you pair went into the gun gallery,” I tell them, a slight look of disapproval at the amount of time they spent in there. Laguna actually looks sorry, kind of. Seifer doesn’t.

“Well, Isan and I will go and drag him away from there and take him with us to get some lunch. You and Seifer head over to the grassy picnic area and lay out some of those blankets we bought along and we’ll join you once we have the food. Any requests?”

“Just a burger and chips will be fine, dad.”

“And you’re paying too, Laguna. To the victor the spoils…that means you have to buy us lunch. I think.”

“Fine by me,” Laguna tells Seifer before turning his full attention to our son. “Let’s go Isan. Hopefully Kiros won’t have brought the whole stall by now.”

I watch for a few moments as they disappear into the crowd before turning to follow my green eyed lover to the picnic area.

“What’s up with you?” I ask him as we stroll along. “Was loosing to my father really that bad?”

“I wanted to win you and Isan some toys. They had a really cool motorised boat that Isan would’ve loved. I didn’t even see what Laguna got for a prize.”

We arrive at the quickly filling grass area allocated for people who wanted to have picnic type lunches. After helping Seifer lay down the blankets, I recline next to his lounging form and run a hand through his blond hair.

“You’ll have plenty of time after lunch to go off and win toys,” I tell him as I enjoy the look of contentment on his face as I gently massage his scalp with my fingertips.

“What do you think they’ll get to eat?” Seifer asks.

“Not sure. Oh, I forgot to tell dad to just get Isan some chips or a salad roll for lunch.”

“It’s a family outing, let the kid eat all the junk food he wants,” Seifer says, sitting up and waving a hand nonchalantly. “We both know that he eats a whole lot better than kids his age with me cooking each night.”

I give Seifer a small smile, knowing that the comment about his cooking skills is not just an ego trip. I’d like to think he got over those a while ago but then I’d be lying to myself.

“That’s true. You make sure we all eat well.”

We sit quietly for a few moments, enjoying the sunshine and just being together.

“A hotdog!” Seifer exclaims, dislodging my hand from his hair and gaining strange looks from the few groups eating around us.

“Huh?” I ask, blinking in confusion.

“I bet he’ll come back with a hotdog.”

I shake my head at this suggestion. Surely Seifer realises that dad would know better than to get Isan something like a hotdog for lunch. I hope he does.

“Dad won’t let him have one of those. I’ve seen Laguna sometimes look a little green in the face after Zell finishes off two plates of those things. He won’t buy one for Isan,” I say more forcefully as Seifer turns to me with a glint in his eye, one I have come to recognise as possible trouble.

“Willing to bet on that?” Why am I not surprised?

“Is there anything you won’t bet on?”

“Um…no,” the blond says after too little thought. I stare at him for a few seconds, unsure if I really want to pursue this further.

“What makes you think that I’ll bet on something as trivial as the purchasing of a hotdog?” I ask, feeling the need to make sure he is serious about this. Could he be doing this just so he wins some kind of contest today? I ask myself before mentally shaking my head. Nah, there’s too much of a chance he could lose. Even odds. Hmmm.

“You enjoy the bets as much as I do,” he tells me with a smirk. “Whether you win or lose, you do enjoy it.”

“True,” I agree, “but it’s over a hotdog. How silly is that?”

“We’re supposed to be a little silly today. You are not the headmaster and I’m not the commander today. We are just two guys out with family having a fun day with few responsibilities. Please.”

Seifer can be very charming when he begs, but we both know he’s not begging. More like cajoling me into this insane bet. Like most of our bets are. I should try harder to resist but I like a challenge as much as he does and winning can be so very sweet, losing even sweeter.

“Grrrr, fine. If it shuts you up,” I tell him with mock anger. “You win if he has a hotdog and I win if it’s anything else, and that includes nothing at all.” A nod of agreement. I narrow my eyes before asking the most important question.

“What’s the prize?”

“You and me, here today.”

You have got to be kidding!

“You’re kidding? This is a public place and we’re here with other people. Won’t it be a little strange if we disappeared for awhile….”

Seifer knows I’m looking for excuses and just waves them off. We both know that we’ve done interesting things in strange places.

“We’ll tell them we are going on some adult rides,” he says. Hmmm, definitely adult! “Laguna and Kiros can take Isan to the kiddies rides. No one will be the wiser.”

“But what could I possibly ask for if I win?” I ask aloud with a frown. It’s always a sexual reward of some sort. What could possibly be of even a small threat to the blond man if I were to win? I watch his confident smile; one that all but screams that he has me now. Really need to find a way to wipe that look off his face.

“Anything, love,” he promises.

Bingo! Oh, you are so in for it now, lover mine.

“Okay…you in those handcuffs that you always seem to want me wearing.” My turn to smirk now.

“But that’s my…” he begins to say but then shuts himself up. Smart man.

“You said anything, Seifer,” I tell him in a voice dripping with sweetness. I do so enjoy making him squirm a little.

“Alright,” he agrees as he throws his hands into the air in surrender. “I’ll agree to be at your mercy if you win.”

Satisfied that the bet has been settled, I look up at the sound of small running feet just before Isan throws himself into my arms.

“Mommy, look what grandad won for me!” he says in a slightly breathless voice from running. Wrapped around his neck are a set of metal, imitation Galbadian army dog tags, exactly like dad used to wear and inscribed with Isan’s name. “Aren’t they really cool?”

“Yes, they are cool,” I tell him as I seat him comfortably on the rug between Seifer and myself before turning to my father and Kiros who are just approaching the blankets.

“So dad, what did you get for lunch?” I ask the longhaired man as he puts bags of food and drink in the middle of the blanket.

“We go juice and water to drink,” he tells Seifer and I as he begins to hand out drinks and food. “Would’ve got slush puppies but they looked a little too slushy. There’s a burger and chips each for you and Seifer, some baked pasta dish thing for Kiros…”

“It’s Fastitocalon lasagne, Laguna. Not some thing. Quite nice actually, had some when we were here last year,” the slender man tells dad.

“Fine, lasagne then,” Laguna agrees with a shake of his head. “Too healthy for a day out for me to eat.”

“What about Isan and yourself, Laguna?” Seifer asks.

“We got the same, of course.”

“Hotdogs!” shouts a happy Isan.

Damn, I think as I look over my son’s head to my lover and his triumphant smirk. How did he know?

“What?” asks Laguna, seeing the looks passing between Seifer and myself.

“Why did you get hotdogs, dad?” I have to ask as I watch Isan happily devour the food in a style similar to Zell - inhaling.

“Because your son asked me to. After we found Kiros, Isan commented on having lunch with Seifer and Zell the other week and that he’d promised to try out the ones here at the fair and report back to Zell about whether they are better that the one’s at the Garden. Guess he’s treating it like a mission, or something.”

I turn my eyes again to Seifer who now looks slightly worried at the possibility of being labelled a cheater for having inside information. Let him sweat. As we sit and eat our food quietly, I can see Seifer’s mind ticking over - trying to find a safe way to talk about this.

“Well?” I ask, then sit back to watch the blond pick at his food like some chastised child.

“I thought you knew that Zell was visiting last week for that commander’s meeting. We finished early so I grabbed Isan from the babysitter and took them both to lunch.”


“It’s not technically cheating…c’mon, it’s based on the whim of a six year old. I didn’t expect him to remember that he told Zell that he would try the hotdogs. Honestly, who knows the mind of a child anyway? Certainly not me, except this one time, of course.”

“…” Damn him and that knowing smirk!

“Is something wrong Squall? Seifer?” asks Laguna in a slightly worried voice.

“No, there’s no problem,” I reassure him as I finish the last of my chips. “Do you mind taking Isan over to the kiddies rides after his lunch has settled a little?”

“That won’t be any trouble at all. Where are you going?” he asks.

“Seifer and I wanted to go on the more adult rides while most of the people are off having lunch. Shorter lines.”

“Sure, you two go have some fun. We’ll meet you back at the shooting gallery in about an hour?”

I nod and smile at the shooing gestures Laguna makes at Seifer and myself. Leaning down I give Isan a quick kiss on his forehead, the only space free of sauce.

“Be good for grandad and uncle Kiros. We’ll be back soon.”

“Yes mommy,” Isan promises through sauce-coated lips. I look over at Laguna while flicking my eyes at the green-eyed boy’s dirty face.

“He’ll be all clean when you get back. Go have some fun already!” Laguna orders as Seifer grabs my hand and drags me away from the picnic area.


We’ve been wandering around somewhat aimlessly for the past ten minutes, looking at the various rides and amusements made only for the big kids. I tried to pull Squall in the direction of the haunted house earlier but after an emphatic no and a tug along a connecting pathway; I decided to let the stormy eyed man find a suitable place.

“Why here today?” he asks suddenly. “The only suitable place will probably be the toilets or the big Ferris wheel…maybe not even that considering how crowded the place is becoming.”

I sigh in agreement. It does seem almost impossible to find a decent place for a mid-afternoon tryst. We start to stroll along the new path when my arm is almost wrenched from its socket as Squall pulls me towards an amusement set back from the crowded pathway. A large doorway lined with mirrored glass stands at the end of a short corridor of tents. A large man wearing long, flowing robes leans casually in the doorway but straightens up as he sees customers approaching.

“Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors, gentlemen. Care to go inside?” he asks.

“How long are we allowed inside for?” Squall asks, earning a suspicious look from the stall vendor.

“As long as you like. We only close it during cleaning time. Why do you ask?” he questions back.

“We wanted to hide for a short time. See, our ex-girlfriends spotted us a few moments ago and we really don’t need to see them.”

I almost splutter in surprise at the ease with which my lover lies to the large man. Told the brunette that he enjoys this as much as I do. Pity the vendor still looks a little worried, but he agrees easily enough once Squall pays him the entry fee and ushers us inside.

Following Squall through the hallways of image distorting mirrors, I occasionally take notice of the way they make his lithe form look. As I much prefer him just the way he is, I try to ignore the occasionally funny images when we enter a circular room full of normal mirrors. Perfect.

“Perfect,” the blue-grey eyed man says as he turns to face me with a brief smile before closing his eyes in concentration.

“Squall, what are you doing?” I ask him as he begins to mutter under his breath.

“Do you really want to be disturbed?” he asks me with one eye barely cracked open to look at me.

“Ah, no. Not really.”

“Then shut up and let me do this.”

O-kay. I listen to Squall’s voice, barely a whisper when the room begins to grow cold. The temperature drops suddenly and I feel a presence behind me. A rather unhappy one.

Turning around, I quickly take a few steps to put Squall between myself and the summoned Shiva.

“What the hell are you doing, Squall?” I ask him only to be ignored as he watches the icy Guardian Force.

“Do as I command, Shiva.”

I look into icy blue eyes as Shiva glares at me. I’m beginning to think that she’ll never get over the fact that Squall chose me over her. She purposefully forgets that I had Squall long before he took her into his mind and likes to believe that I stole him from her. Squall was always mine, just as I was always his.

“Shiva!” comes the brunette’s commanding voice.

The ice maiden glares at me once more before turning slightly to half face the opening to the room and raises a hand. When she finishes the task commanded of her, a wall of mirror like ice blocks the only way in or out. Unfortunately she has also misted over more than half the mirrors, ruining the effect of the room. Turning back to us, she bows her head to her master before smirking at me. Bitch, she knows what we have planned. I’ll wipe that look off her face.

“Squ-all,” I say, dragging his name out to two syllables as I place my lips near his ear. Shiva frowns slightly. “With all the mirrors frosted over, how will you be able to watch as I slowly fuck you, your legs wrapped around my waist, your fingers buried in my hair, my tongue lapping the marks I plan to put on your neck…?”

I smirk back at Shiva as I rub my growing erection against Squall’s arse and feel him shiver in anticipation in my arms, drawing in a few ragged breaths.

“Shiva, only…the…opening,” Squall commands between small gasps as I nibble on his ear.

The full force of her glare is returned to me as all the misted mirrors begin to defrost. I’m not scared of you! I think silently at her. She must’ve heard me as her eyes flash with true anger before she smiles sweetly and disappears.

Before I have a chance to question Squall as to why the cold one smiled, my back is doused in icy water. That BITCH!!!

“Ahhhh, FUCK! That’s really cold,” I yell as I hurry to divest myself of a cold, wet coat and shirt. I hold up the sodden clothing and pout at Squall. “Why can’t you control her? She’s your GF.”

“But she just helped me,” Squall says with a smile in his voice. I look up into eyes glinting with growing lust at the sight of my half naked body and watch as my lover approaches slowly, removing his jacket and shirt with each step.

“You’re right,” I agree. “Won’t take nearly as long to get undressed now.”

Squall drops his shirt and jacket to the floor before reaching for the belt on my pants, toeing off his shoes at the same time. “Turn around,” he commands.

I play along for the moment and turn so that my damp back is facing him, also removing my shoes. Cool breath ghosts over the wet skin and I shiver from the cold feeling. Hands reach around and begin to undo the belt and pants as a hot tongue starts to suck up the cold rivulets of water trailing down my back. I arch my back closer to the warmth behind me, tilting my pelvis upwards as I attempt to get closer to the brunette. Pants soon pool around my ankles and I groan as Squall runs the palm of his hand over my cock, still hidden by boxers.

Encouraged by my groan, slender fingers make their way under the fabric and start to stroke and lightly squeeze my erection. I feel the first moisture of pre-cum gathering on the tip and moan as a finger gathers it. A small whimper escapes my lips as the hand removes itself from the boxers. I turn my head to the side to watch Squall in the mirrors beside us. He looks up and holds eye contact as he places the glistening finger in his mouth and sucks hard. I groan again.

“You said something about fucking me against one of the mirrors,” Squall says as he walks to stand in front of me.

“Damn right I did.”

Leaning down slightly, I draw my stormy eyed lover into a soul-searing kiss, tongues tangling and breaths mingling. While our mouths try to devour each other with passion, I undo and remove Squall’s tight pants. No boxers, of course. Then I quickly strip out of mine as well before pressing Squall’s naked body against the nearest mirror and proceed to kiss him senseless.

Trailing damp lips down his throat, I begin to suck firmly on the spot where the neck and shoulder join. Squall tilts his head back against the glass behind him to allow me better access. With one final lick, I lean back slightly to appraise the mark I’ve left, while at the same time rubbing our erections together. Squall closes his eyes at the pleasurable sensations assaulting his body.

Mine,” I growl out in a low voice. Squall opens his eyes the barest slit, a torrent of need swirling in the blue-grey depths as he nods in agreement to my claim. “Keep your eyes open, love. I want you to watch everything.”

A quiet moan is my answer as Squall fights to open his eyes a little more to better see the reflection of us on the surrounding mirrors. Leaning back in, I lick over the mark once more before moving downwards to the brunette’s hardened nipples. Taking one in my mouth and tweaking the other with my fingers, I suck and nip the small nub, Squall writhing in pleasure before me.

“More,” comes the throaty command. He’s still able to form words, can’t have that.

Kneeling quickly on the floor, I tongue the slit on Squall penis and am rewarded with a slightly chocked gasp as the brunette tries to push himself closer to the heat of my mouth. Happy to oblige, I open my mouth and suck him in until my nose is buried in warm skin and tickling hair. Sucking, nibbling and swirling my tongue around his length, I massage his bottom with one hand while the other reaches for my coat and the tube of lube I’ve learnt to have on me at all times.

Finally finding the hem and dragging the coat towards me, Squall moans out what sounds like ‘yesssss’ when I flip the cap on the tube now in my hand. The brunette has been watching my every move in the mirrors around us and knows what is coming next as I coat my fingers with the clear gel.

Tossing the tube somewhere behind me, I continue to suck on the length in my mouth as I slide the first finger into Squall and quickly follow it with a second. His hips flex involuntarily as I brush his prostrate, my name now mixed in with the husky moans of need. Adding the third finger, I feel fingers firmly grip my hair as my head is tilted back and I look into passion-darkened eyes.

“Fuck…me…NOW!” Squall orders me, his words breathless as he tries to talk while I whisper my fingers over his prostrate.

Immediately I remove my fingers and smile at the whimper of protest at the loss. “Don’t worry, love. Something better is on the way,” I tell him as I enfold my hand around my throbbing erection and coat it with the lube left on my fingers.

Wrapping his arms around my neck, Squall pulls me in for a heated kiss. I reach around and grab his arse. Squall then uses the extra leverage to jump up and wrap his legs around my waist. I gasp into the kiss as the tip of my cock rubs against his entrance. Taking a step forward, I put the brunette’s back against the mirror behind us and ease myself into his tight heat. We both hiss and then groan as he wiggles a little to seat himself comfortably.

Fingers tangling into my hair let me know that he is ready as Squall leans more firmly on the surface behind him, using some of his weight as a counter balance when I begin to thrust slowly into him. Keeping true to my promise, I press my lips to another spot on his neck and begin to suck firmly.

Even distracted as I am buried within the tight heat of my lithe lover, I hear his breathy whisper as he begins to talk to me.

“I can see us…in the other mirrors. My hands…in your hair, your hips flexing…mmmm…as you…ahh…fuck…ME!”

I smile against his neck when the last word comes out as a hoarse shout as I nail his prostrate hard. His words were a bit too much of a turn on and I now find I need to pick up the pace or I’ll finish before he does. The mirrors directly around us begin to vibrate as I start to pound into the slick heat surrounding my cock. Squall moans louder with each stroke that reaches his prostrate, fingers gripping my hair more firmly. One hand leaves my hair and reaches down between our bodies and Squall starts to pump his own erection quickly. Watching the brunette’s hand on his own weeping length is almost too much for me when he begins to clench around my erection as he comes, my name on his lips. Pumping into the heat a few more times as my legs nearly buckle from the release, I quickly follow, also calling out his name.

Leaning my head against the cool glass as I ease out of Squall and lower him onto shaky legs, I smile contentedly when he wraps one arm around me and offers his semen drenched hand for cleaning. Sucking happily on his fingers, I kneel to lick clean his stomach and give him a chaste kiss before moving away to retrieve napkins leftover from lunch to finish the clean up with.


Leaning against the mirror for support, I watch Seifer use some napkins to wipe streaks of my semen off of his abdomen. If I were sure my legs would support me properly, I’d walk over and lick it off him. Sensing me watching him, Seifer looks up and gives me a sated smile as he gathers up our clothes so we can dress.

“Mmmm, intense.”

“Yes,” I agree as I dress slowly.

“Damn it! Forgot that Shiva drenched my clothes.”

I smirk at the memory of Seifer madly throwing off wet clothes not so very long ago. As convenient it was then, his clothing still being damp is not.

“What will you do?” I ask while pulling on my shoes.

Seifer frowns in deep thought for a moment before giving me a cheeky grin. Mumbling quietly to himself, I watch as any errant water and ice turns to steam as he summons Ifrit.

“Make sure he doesn’t burn your clothes,” I caution the blond. Both Seifer and Ifrit give me identical looks that say ‘we know what we’re doing’ before turning their attention back to the damp clothing.

I finish dressing and look to see that Seifer is now also dressed and commanding the fire Guardian Force to melt Shiva’s ice mirror, which he does with glee before vanishing.

“He looked happy,” I comment to the blond.

“Ifrit’s always happy when I upset Shiva. Guess it makes his day. Almost ready to go, just have to do something.”

I watch with wary curiosity as the blond pulls a pocket-knife out of his jacket and moves towards our mirror. “Where did you get that and what are you doing?” I ask.

“The vendor at the shooting game gave it to me for trying so hard in the face of the overwhelming greatness that is your father with a machine gun in hand. What I’m doing, you’ll have to wait and see.”

I frown as Seifer kneels down in front of the mirror that actually has a few sweaty smudges on its surface from my shoulders and proceeds to engrave something there. Waiting patiently for the blond to have his fun, I watch the last wisps of evaporating water disappear.

“Well, what do you think?” Seifer asks finally, green eyes glinting with mischief.

Moving over to the reflective surface, I kneel down to see what he has written. I sigh at the three small letters and turn to my lover.

“You like to put your mark on everything, don’t you. Like it’s your private property or something.”

“Well I did mark you,” he says softly, moving close and tracing the scar between my eyes with a gentle touch, “and you marked me right back. We belong only to each other.”

I have no answer to the truth of his words. Looking deeply into his eyes, I see the love that I feel for him reflected within the green depths. I reach up and pull his head down so that I can brush my lips over his scar.

“Only each other,” I whisper, and then pull back with a small smile as I look at the letters again.

“But who is first?” I ask.

“Me, of course,” Seifer says while looking slightly horrified that I would suggest otherwise. Hyne, what an ego.

“Do you think anyone will ever know?” I can’t help but ask as I grab his hand to lead the way out of the circular room.

“Who knows?” he answers as he takes one last look at the engraving on the mirror.


Seifer and Squall. Together forever.


Notes from the Gnome: And there you have it. Seifer doing Squall in the mirrored room at the fair. Hyne, almost sounds like a spiel from Cluedo, or Clue (Miss Scarlet, with the rope, in the library). Oh, game idea - Yaoi version set in the Garden - sexy boys screwing other sexy boys with kinky toys in certain places! I’ve heard that somewhere before. Anyway, thank you for reading, thank you to the requester of this particular fic for helping me to find some motivation again and BIG thanks to Sukunami for letting me write another sidefic. Bye!