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Disclaimer: All Final Fantasy characters no matter how sexy, cute or annoying they are, belong to Square. Isan is Sukunami’s and Adam is a random character that we’re all going to hate later for hurting Quisty. Written purely for entertainment. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but if you’ve read the rest of the series you are here for that reason. (nods vigorously)

To the winner 2.6
By Garden’s Gnome

Landing the Ragnarok safely at Balamb Garden, Seifer leaned over to nudge his sleeping lover. “We’re back,” he said softly.

“Nh,” came the drowsy reply as Squall rubbed the sleep from his eyes and moved to begin gathering up their shopping. “Hyne, I’m glad we didn’t have Isan on this trip with us. I’m worn out as it is.”

“That’s what you get for trying to do too much gift shopping at once. All that thinking of whether it was the best present or not has fried your brain,” came a teasing voice and a rustle of bags being picked up. “How much did we get done anyway?” Seifer asked as he followed the brunette out of the ship and into the Garden.

Squall frowned a little while indicating the present filled bags that they carried, counting each one off in turn with a nod of his head.

“Well, there is the Christmas presents, dad’s birthday, Ward and Isan’s birthdays, Rinoa and Zell’s birthday’s and Quistis’ as well. Plus we did get some new baby stuff for Dirk and some toys for Tristan. Shouldn’t need to do any shopping like that again until Easter, at least. Oh, except for Valentine’s Day, of course,” he flashed a cheeky smile at the blond beside him.

“Of course,” Seifer agreed with a smirk, then shook his head at his lover. “No wonder you slept the whole trip from Deling City to Trabia. Wouldn’t have been so far to travel if Quisty and Zell hadn’t decided to take the Garden to the snow for the holidays. But that’s like half of the yearly gift buying done in one day. Glad Zell agreed to watch Isan for the day so we could get all this done.”

Squall hit the elevator button with his elbow, unwilling to put down the bags until they reached the private guest rooms located near the commander’s office. “Do you think he went okay? Zell hasn’t watched Isan for a long time and our son is very energetic.”

Seifer laughed as they entered the lift.

“Remember love, this is Zell you’re talking about. Balamb’s own personal tornado. The same Zell who stuffs himself with as many hotdogs as he can find and then goes for a run through the training centre. I’m positive he can handle his oldest nephew just fine.”

“I don’t know…” said Squall as the elevator doors opened and they began to walk down the hallway.

“Okay, seeing as though we’re both so sure of ourselves, how about a little wager. I’d say the odds are fairly even.”

Squall’s head snapped around to look at the blond, eyes wide in slight shock and disbelief as he stopped in front of their door. “You want to bet on this?!”

“You know, I haven’t seen you in those handcuffs yet.” Seifer smiled at the image of Squall, naked and in handcuffs as he looked for the pass key for the room. “What do you say?”

“You want to bet that everything went okay and I have nothing to worry about?” Squall asked, still not certain he was hearing the blond correctly. He watched as Seifer shrugged his shoulders while his long fingers played with the key.

“Sure, why not? I have faith in Zell’s ability to outlast anyone, including our four-year-old son. Are you in?”

Squall frowned in thought. Seifer would really enjoy having me tied up and begging for his touch. Sadist. But what can I ask for if I win? We’re in Trabia, visiting Irvine and Selphie for Christmas. In Trabia…Selphie mentioned having some friends with interesting hobbies. Interesting, kinky hobbies. Perhaps…Yes.

“Okay. You win and you get me in handcuffs when we get home.”


Squall shook his head, silencing the blond. “It’ll be more private and I know you. We’ll need the privacy.”

“Fine. And if by some fluke you’re right?” Seifer asked, slightly worried at how easily the brunette agreed.

“You will wear clothing of my choosing to the Christmas party tomorrow night. For the duration of the party.”

“That’s all you want? Are you sure?” Seifer couldn’t believe that this was all his lover wanted. Something is going on behind those stormy blue-grey eyes, it can’t be that simple, Seifer thought to himself. He became more disturbed by the sexy smirk on Squall’s face that he saw out of the corner of his eye as he opened the door.

“Very,” Squall said almost to himself as he followed Seifer through the doorway.

“Hey, we’re home. Isan, Zell…” called the blond as he put down the bags just in time to see Isan come bouncing from the direction of the lounge room, holding his favourite stuffed chocobo toy.

“Mommy, Daddy look at Coko. He looks like unkle Zell now wit his own face marks.”

“Isan, uncle Zell’s tattoo is only on one side of his face,” Squall told his son as he lifted the little green-eyed boy into his arms for a hug. Because of this, the brunette failed to see Zell enter the room until the tattooed blond spoke.

“Not anymore.”

Three sets of eyes, two green and one grey-blue turned to the lounge room doorway at the sound of Zell’s voice.

“Hyne Zell, what happened to you?” asked Seifer as he studied the blond commander’s face closely.

On one side was Zell’s tribal tattoo as dark as the day it was done. However, the usually clear cheek and temple on the others side of the blond's face now sported a slightly smudged imitation in still damp black ink. Zell glared at Seifer for the close examination.

“Two words: permanent marker. I think,” he answered the other blond's question while scratching the back of his neck.

Seifer’s green eyes widened in realisation of what this meant and quickly looked at his lovers’ face. Squall smiled sweetly. “Oh no.”

“One minute we are watching the cartoons and the next I hear the door open and Seifer’s voice. Saw this as I passed the mirror on the wall. Guess I fell asleep,” Zell told the two men as he headed for the bathroom.

“Did Isan have a nap?” Squall asked the blond.

“Yeah, right before lunch.”

“Oh, Zell.” Squall sighed and shook his head at the tattooed blond as he put Isan down. “He’s supposed to have lunch first then the nap. Otherwise he’s awake all afternoon and full of energy. A full tummy helps to put him to sleep.”

“Am I in twouble, mommy?” Isan asked, his little arms wrapped around his mommy’s legs. Squall looked down at his son gently and ran fingers through brown hair so like his own.

“Not really. Remember the chat we had about not drawing on things other than the colouring in books and your chalkboard?” the brunette smiled as Isan nodded. “This includes people too. Now how about you go help uncle Zell get his face clean, I have to see someone.”

Squall watched the little green eyed boy walk over to his uncle before turning to find Seifer right behind him.

“You knew!” Seifer accused the brunette in a whisper. Squall just smiled and led the way back to the front door.

“No, I didn’t. But the thought did cross my mind of what would happen if Isan went to sleep too early. I really didn’t expect Zell to fall asleep though. I’ll be back in around half an hour.”

“Who are you going to see?” Seifer asked as Squall gave him a quick kiss and opened the door.

“Oh, just one of Selphie’s friends.” Squall grinned in near perfect imitation of Seifer’s usual triumphant smirk as he looked the blond up and down. “I think she might have something you could wear tomorrow night. Back soon.”

The following evening, Seifer exited the bathroom in a cloud of steam to find Squall sitting on their bed, clothing neatly laid out beside him.

“This doesn’t look so bad. Although I think that the festive vest is a little overdone,” he said as he pointed at the red vest patterned with festively dressed chocobo’s, some even kissing while under mistletoe.

“Come here,” Squall commanded, crooking a beckoning finger at the freshly showered blond.

“Huh?” Seifer looked up to see the brunette smile while holding something small and red in his hand.

“That’s not the most important part of you outfit. This is.”

Seifer almost laughed as Squall held out the small red item for him to see. “A Santa g-string.”

“Yes,” answered the brunette to Seifer’s dawning horror that he was serious.

“No way. Absolutely not going to happen. You know I wear boxers or nothing under my pants.”

“Tough, you agreed. I promise it will only be for the party, and I’ll help you take it off afterwards.”

Seifer cursed inwardly at his misplaced faith in Zell, wondering briefly if he had time to take the smaller blond to the training centre for a lesson in staying alert around young children. Then he realised the offer his lover had just promised. He smiled and reached for the skimpy piece of clothing.

“Alright then.”

“I’ll also help you put it on.”

Seifer quirked a blond brow as Squall knelt on the floor at his feet, holding the g-string for him to step into. “You just want to get into my pants, don’t you?”

“You’re wearing a towel,” Squall pointed out while ignoring the lecherous smile the blond directed at him. Seifer sighed and placed a balancing hand on the brunette’s shoulder.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this.”

Seifer leaned against the wall, drink in hand and watched the gathering with a faint smile. Selphie made a good party hostess as she chatted with Matron and Ellone about some of the foods on the brightly decorated table. On the far side of the room Irvine held his youngest son, Dirk, while listening to Cid and Rinoa talk about some of the changes recently made to the orphanage. Ward was playing a game of peek-a-boo with Isan and Tristan, the two boys hiding under the food table as Kiros tried to drag Laguna away from Matron’s fruit mince pies. Zell, now minus the extra markings from Isan, was taste testing everything in sight. Quistis and her boyfriend, Adam something, were looking through the music collection. Personally Seifer didn’t like the guy but he obviously made Quistis happy so he chose not to interfere.

Snagging his free arm around Squall’s slim waist as he wandered within range, Seifer buried his face into tousled brown hair as he pulled his lover’s back against him.

“Do you have any idea how uncomfortable this thing is?” he whispered into Squall’s ear.

“Let me adjust it for you.”

Before Seifer had a chance to react, Squall leaned a little heavier against the blond and almost imperceptibly wiggled his jean-clad bottom.

“You keep that up and I’ll drag you into the bathroom, party or not,” Seifer said through gritted teeth.

“Somehow I don’t think so,” said the brunette in a smug and knowing voice.

“Oh and why would that be?” Seifer asked, sure that Squall tone of voice was imagined.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

“What the fuck was that noise?” asked the startled blond.

“That would be you,” Squall told Seifer, fighting laughter.

“You’re kidding?!” hissed Seifer as the brunette wiggled again.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


“And you can’t take it off until later and only with my help. Enjoy the party, Seifer.”

Seifer watched helplessly as Squall sauntered away, hips swaying.


I spent the next few hours envisioning the payback I would inflict on my lover’s body for this somewhat embarrassing and extremely challenging situation. Unluckily for me, many of the thoughts involved Squally-boy in handcuffs and this only made more noise. To help cover the festive chanting coming from my pants, I stayed near the music system in hope of drowning out the tinny sound of Ho! Ho! Ho!

Unfortunately, during a lull in the Christmas carols that were playing, Squall stood across the room in full view while eating a slice of Matron’s cake. A cake topped with cherries and whipped cream.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

“Did you hear something?” asked Selphie as she changed the CD’s. Ah, crap!


“I’m sure I heard Santa’s Ho! Ho!” Selphie said as the music came back on.

“Probably just an echo from the music,” I told her, gesturing to the stereo hopefully. Unfortunately I then looked at Squall who was licking cream off his fingers while watching me.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

“Maybe…there it is again. I’m going to ask the others if they heard it too. You haven’t moved away from the music for a while. Have you had any cake yet? It’s really nice.”

I briefly watch the bubbly brunette walk away before approaching my own brown haired lover...who looks like he’s trying not to smile.

“That was cruel,” I tell him. “Do you realise that Selphie is now going to ask everyone if they heard any Santa ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ while the music was being changed.”

“I think it might be worse than that.” I turned to follow Squall’s gaze to where Selphie was talking to Isan and Tristan near the table. “She’s just enlisted the boy’s help to find the noise. Guess you had better keep your thoughts clean until we leave or be ready to give a really interesting explanation to the sounds coming from your clothing.”

I glare at Squall’s sexy grin before grabbing his arm and dragging him over to the stereo.

“I’m going to make sure that the music does not stop again. You will help.”

As I pulled Squall along behind me, my thoughts returned to the pleasurable torture I would inflict on his pale body at a later date.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

“That was too close. Thank Hyne Selphie’s babysitter arrived to collect the children. Isan’s hearing is almost too good. Can I take it off now?”

“Not without my help, remember. Come stand over here.”

Seifer watched as Squall sat down on a chair and removed his shoes before kneeling on the floor. When he didn’t hear any approaching footsteps, the brunette looked questioningly at his lover.

“Don’t you want help removing your clothes? Or would you prefer in the bathroom? That is what you tried to threaten me with earlier,” he said, smiling at the noises once again emitted from the blond's pants.

“Oh, no. I definitely want some help but wouldn’t the bedroom be better?” Seifer asked as he came to stand in front of Squall.

At the nod of agreement from the kneeling man, Seifer scooped Squall up into his arms and proceeded towards the bedroom.

“Where?” he asked.

“On the floor near the bed,” said Squall, giving the blond a kiss on the cheek as he was released.

Seifer sat on the bed and removed his own shoes before he let Squall tug him back into a standing position. Releasing the buttons and zipper, pants and socks soon pooled on the floor near the shoes. Leaning back to rest on his heels, blue-grey eyes turned an appraising look to the blond's shirt and vest.

“Lose the shirt and keep the vest. But turn it inside out,” Squall commanded.

Divesting himself of the long-sleeved shirt quickly, Seifer paused to examine the vest more closely before smiling wickedly. While one side of the garment showed cute images of chocobo’s eating cake, singing carols and kissing under mistletoe, the reverse side showed the same yellow birds in more risqué positions.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

“Thought you might enjoy those pictures better but there were children present,” Squall told the blond as Seifer put the vest back on. Once again the brunette moved forward and reached towards the red g-string.

“You’re right, I like it. I want to get a matching one for you…Hyne, Squall. Don’t tease!”

Squall’s fingers stilled from their place within the red fabric as he looked up at Seifer’s frustrated face. Deftly moving fingers once more, he pulled out a small metal object from the cloth. “Just removing the battery. If I wanted to tease, I would’ve done this.”

Seifer gritted his teeth as he felt blunted nails run the length of his cloth-clad erection. Opening his nearly closed eyes, he looked down to get a better look at the novelty underwear. Instead of the usual pouch style, the blond was surprised and turned on by the sight of his hard length enclosed in stretchy red fabric. A tiny Santa styled face with beard and tiny hands made the basic part of the skimpy clothing while a piece of silken cord tied up the opening near the tip of Seifer’s erection, appearing to look like a sack of gifts.

“Cute, real cute,” he said looking into Squall’s eyes. “Tell me, do you like what Santa has brought you for your present?”

“Oh, yes,” the brunette whispered, brushing fingers over the tip as he released the small tie keeping the cloth closed. “I like it very much.”

Squall leaned closer to Seifer’s body and took only the exposed tip into his mouth as he gently pushed the fabric further up the heated length. Strong fingers wove their way into brown locks, massaging his scalp gently accompanied with soft groans from the blond above him. With the silken cord again secured but at the base of his lover’s erection, Squall proceeded to take more of it into his mouth.

Moist heat and the welcome friction of his lovers’ tongue, this was all Seifer’s world consisted of. The attention Squall was laving on his straining erection was a great relief to the blond after the temptations he had endured throughout the party. Although Seifer wanted to toss the lithe brunette onto the bed and make him writhe with pleasure, this was Squall’s night and so he was setting the pace. Which, according to the blond's thoughts, was progressing along nicely as a hot tongue traced the veins along his rigid length.

When the quality of Squall’s quiet moans changed and the wet suction of his mouth increased, Seifer opened eyes that he did not remember closing to an erotic sight. Squall, his own eyes heavily lidded with pleasure, deeply sucking on Seifer’s erection with his nose buried in blond curls, while three lubed fingers slid leisurely in and out of his puckered opening. Seifer breathed in sharply and would’ve come immediately if it wasn’t for the cord of the g-string preventing his release.

“Nnnh…Squ…all…fuck…” Seifer rasped out between heavy breaths, body tense and wanting.

Hearing his name, the brunette opened his eyes, more blue than grey and full of heat. Removing slick fingers from within himself, Squall reached up with both hands to release the gently secured cord and remove the small piece of clothing from his lover. Then gingerly standing on tingly feet, Squall brushed his lips over Seifer’s.

“Take me,” he whispered, slipping the vest from broad shoulders.

Seifer groaned and stepped forward to lean the brunette backwards onto the bed. About to search for the lube, he gasped as slick fingers enclosed his heated flesh and pumped twice - hard. Letting himself be guided forward, Seifer’s erection slid slowly into the welcoming heat of Squall’s body. Soft panting breaths and groans filled the room.

Wrapping legs around his lover’s waist, Squall ran his hands across the blond's chest and gazed into passion filled green eyes. Eyes he loved.

“Take me, Seifer,” he commanded wantonly, linking his ankles together and drawing the blond deeper into his body.

Unable to deny his stormy eyed lover, Seifer pulled out slowly, relishing in the whimper of need drawn from the pale form under him. Locking green eyes with blue, the blond then proceeded to ravish the sensuous form beneath him with his own, pumping into the willing body and it’s slick heat. Writhing on the bed together, bodies attuned to each other with only the knowledge of long-time loving can bring; they sped towards fulfilment. Lips and tongues entwined, Seifer stroking Squall’s arousal and pumping into the heat surrounding him, both tensed in orgasm. Sharp cries of release lost within the others mouth, both men shuddered together as their bodies spasmed against each other in ecstasy.

Seifer moved first, retrieving warm cloths to clean himself and Squall. Throwing soiled fabric in the direction of the bathroom, the blond crawled under the covers and pulled the brunette against his body, gently nibbling at pale skin. “That was amazing, love. But what’s with the festive clothing thing?”

“Hmm?” queried Squall, his tone sleepy and satisfied. “No reason, just the place and the timing.”

“You mean that if we were elsewhere, then it would have been a different prize?”

“Mmm, prob’ly,” came a very drowsy reply. “Sleep now, ’nite.”

“Goodnight, love.”

Seifer watched the man in his arms slip into deep sleep before settling in for the night as well. As the blond drifted off to dream, his last coherent thoughts were to torture the chickenwuss and pay Selphie’s friend a visit in the morning.


Notes from the Gnome: I couldn’t help myself and Sukunami’s sexy AU boys are so much fun The first thought in my head after reading about Squall in a corset was of Seifer in a noise-making novelty g-string. I made up the design myself to fit what I wanted the boys to do but I‘ll share the story behind the design inspiration. And yes, I’ll freely admit to a depraved mind…we gave my brother’s best friend a clown type one for his 18th birthday some years ago. Had the insane laugh and everything. Another friend got an elephant one which he then filled the pink trunk with socks and put it on over his clothes for the rest of his 21st, complete with trumpeting noises. Well, that’s another fic to cross of the list. Hope you liked it! ^_^