Feb ‘04’

Disclaimer - Laguna and Squall belong to Square *pouts*. Incest warning. If you don’t like this forbidden pairing, then don’t read…you’ve been warned! Written in answer to Scribblemoose’s Flake fic challenge. Enjoy!

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

By Garden’s Gnome

Stepping out of the bathroom, Squall tightened the sash on his bathrobe as he made his way into the small kitchenette and surveyed his purchases.

A dozen roses sat on the table beside a small bag of chocolates.

Pulling out a small saucepan from a cupboard, the blue-eyed man smiled to himself.

Tonight would be perfect.

Half an hour later, Laguna walked into his rooms and dropped his jacket on the coffee table, not caring as it slipped onto the floor. It had been a bitch of a day.

First of all, Squall had left early, not awakening him with teasing kisses, as was their usual morning ritual when the younger brunette had a rare free day. Then after a meeting with Mayor Dobe of Fisherman’s Horizon to discuss upgrades to the trans-continental rail line, Kiros had reminded the president that he had a business lunch with Martine to talk about Galbadia Garden and restoring it to it’s former glory.

So there would be no lunch with his lover.

Finally, when Laguna had been about to leave for the evening, there had been a fire in the main kitchens for the palace. No one was hurt and the damage was minimal, but the extravagant dinner he had planned for a Valentines Day suprise was ruined.

He hoped that he could make it up to the brunette.

“Squall, I’m home,” he called as he slipped off his shoes and padded in just his socks across the carpeted floor. “Sorry I’m so late but…you…would not…believe…?” Laguna stood in the doorway to their bedroom, stunned.

Four tall candelabra stood at each corner of the bed, lit and bathing the room with their soft glow. The scent of melting wax, roses and chocolate filled the air.

Upon the bed lay his lover, spread lazily across white sheets and pillows scattered with the petals of red roses, wearing nothing but a welcoming smile. Laguna took a small step into the room, barely believing his eyes at the sight before him. He stopped when the brunette silently held up a hand.

Reaching towards the bedside table, Squall drew a small dipper out of the pot of melted chocolate, not seeing the dark drips on the sheet as he kept his blue eyes locked with lust darkening aqua. Hissing at the pleasant warmth on his skin as he drizzled the warm liquid across his torso and lower, Squall’s breath quickened as he watched the older man begin to undress.

Laguna watched the dark liquid follow the strong lines of his lover’s form as he pulled he clothes off, imagining what it would be like to follow those trails with his tongue, tasting the sweetness of both skin and chocolate. He barely held back a whimper as the dipper hovered over a rigid cock before tipping slightly to cover the length in sticky warmth as it twitched from the teasing pressure of the falling liquid.

Squall squirmed a little as the liquid slid off his cock and tickled it’s way through his hair, over and around his balls, finally trickling it’s way between his cheeks. He could feel them slide slickly against each other as he moved upon the sheets. He whimpered a little at the delicious feel of it all as he kept watching the heat in Laguna’s eyes. Reaching over, he dropped the empty dipper back into the small pot and reached into the bowl that sat on the bed next to him. Picking out some wrapped bars, he tossed one at the man at the end of the bed.

Laguna caught the item tossed at him and looked down at the bright wrapper. A Flake, he thought as he read the script on the wrapper. He opened his mouth to as a question but the words stuck in his throat as he looked at the bed.

Squall held a flake loosely in each hand above his body. Then he closed them into fists. Dark flecks rained over the chocolate covered skin, sticking to the still wet coating on the smooth flesh. When he was done, the brunette dropped his hands to his mouth and proceeded to suck on his fingers.

It was all the older man could stand. Dropping the still wrapped Flake on the bed at Squall’s feet, Laguna crawled on all fours over his lover’s body, licking the odd stray drizzle or piece of chocolate that he found on the brunette’s thighs. Coming level with a rigid cock, Laguna paused and looked up into Squall’s eyes.

Lust filled blue orbs watched him intently as long fingers were suckled on.

Leaning up, Laguna blew a thin stream of air over the chocolate covered length, grinning at it’s twitching and the quiet moan that came from further up the bed. Locking burning aqua with sultry blue, he licked Squall’s cock from base to tip and then took all of it into his mouth, burying his nose into sweet smelling and slightly damp curls.

Squall’s hips came off the bed.

Quickly using his arms to pin the younger man to the bed, the president of Esthar then went to work on his treat. Having both his addictions in the bed together was driving Laguna mad with want. Head bobbing rhythmically as his tongue lashed the hot length in an effort to get the entire sweet treat; the longhaired man drove the youth under him wild. Slightly sticky hands buried themselves into his hair as he abandoned the now clean, but still hard, length and moved lower. Squall made a keening sound as one that the other of his balls were sucked into moist warmth and meticulously cleaned of all chocolate. Then Laguna followed the trail lower, lightly teasing the tight pucker as he cleaned it.

It was all Squall could do not to scream.

Finally, Laguna deemed the brunette’s lower body chocolate free and dropped muscled legs from his shoulders and released his grip on Squall’s hips. They bounced a little as they hit the mattress, Squall’s still hard length bouncing along with his body. Ignoring the needy erection, Laguna arched up a little further and dipped his tongue into the chocolate filled navel before dragging his tongue up the length of the brunette’s chest. As he went, flecks of chocolate gathered on his chin. Reaching his lover’s face, Laguna smiled as hands came up and grabbed him, pulling him down so Squall could suck the sweet stickiness from his face.

“So,” Laguna began as he lazily trailed a finger across Squall’s still covered chest before putting the coated finger into his mouth. “What’s this all about?” he asked after sucking the digit clean.

Squall watched the lips around the finger intently. “Just…something,” he whispered.

"Something you wanted to do for me?" Laguna prompted his suddenly shy lover. Sometimes Squall did a thing like this on impulse and after some of the initial heat had burned off, he became the shy teen he was. Laguna found it endearing.

“You made yourself into a truffle, just for me?” he asked with a smile. Squall nodded, a blush covering his cheeks.

“Guess I better eat you all up then,” the older man murmured against lips that parted under his as he leaned that little bit further and claimed what was freely given.

Squall let his mouth be plundered by his lover, enjoying the heady tastes of chocolate and himself in the older man’s mouth. So caught up in the kisses that he had been waiting all day for, he didn’t know Laguna had grabbed the jar of lube until slick fingers began to explore. He only flinched a tiny bit in surprise before opening his legs more to allow better access to what they both desired.

Laguna was licking Squall's chest with three fingers sliding into the brunette’s body when he spotted the pot of chocolate. It was still in liquid form. Knowing that his lover was ready for him and he was only delaying their combined pleasure by teasing him, Laguna positioned himself between Squall’s legs and began to slowly sink into the tight heat.

Squall flexed his legs around his lover as Laguna slid into him, wanting the older man to move faster, craving more of what was offered. Then he felt the patter of liquid on his body and looked down to see that Laguna had grabbed the dipper without him noticing. Chocolate fell onto his heated length before the dipper was tossed aside onto the sheets and a finger slid across the tip. The finger was followed by Laguna’s whole hand, and Squall thrust up into the grip surrounding his cock.

The movement of the man under him sent Laguna over the edge. He’d been holding off as he savoured the chocolate and the taste of his lover. But buried in him as he was when Squall moved like that was more that he could handle. The tightness, the heat, and the scents around him made him want it all.

Lifting Squall onto his lap, Laguna gave him the barest moment to adjust to the new position before he started to move. Using both hands on the younger mans hips, Laguna pounded into the willing flesh surrounding him. Squall gave himself over to the pace, tightening his muscles as to draw Laguna as deeply into his body as possible. With each movement he was feeling flashes of pure pleasure run though his body and the sound of both his and the older man’s panting let him know that they were both close. Loosening an arm from around Laguna’s shoulders, Squall reached down and wrapped his own hand around his length.

Laguna felt Squall move and knew what he was doing. Burying his face into the crook of Squall’s neck, Laguna pulled in and out of his lover as fast as their bodies would allow, feeling the brush of knuckles from the brunette’s hand against his skin as the tightness around him increased. He registered the sound of his name shouted as his lover came, his own hoarse groan muffled only a little by Squall’s skin as they collapsed onto the bed.

As the tingles and spasms lessened, Laguna propped himself up and looked down at his lover, relaxed and sated. Noting that both their chests were covered in drying chocolate, he sighed quietly and rolled off the younger brunette. Squall just lay there, eyes barely open as he watched the other man try and run a hand through his hair.

“You need a full body wash,” he told Laguna as the older man pulled him to his feet and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“So do you love,” Laguna replied with a grin, pointedly eyeing the chocolaty handprint streaking possessively across one pale hip as he dragged the younger man to the shower.


Notes from Gnome: Well, if you don’t have chocolate cravings by now, you must be immune. I had cravings so bad I went and brought a new block of chocolate. It didn’t last long. And that’s the Valentine’s fic done. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ^_^