Oasis in the Desert
FF8 KxL fic for Ponderosa
By Garden’s Gnome

Long white robes swirled around Kiros’ legs as he strode through the presidential palace towards Laguna’s rooms. There was no point in heading for the office where the dark skinned man had hoped his friend and lover would be working after Ward had informed him that Laguna had not been in that room at all during the day. In fact, Ward had not seen Laguna all day. It was so like the whimsical aqua-eyed man to take a day off if Kiros was not there to make sure he did some kind of work. This was not the first time it had happened, nor would it be the last. But it was strange for Laguna to spend his whole day in his rooms.

Slowing as he approached the guarded doors to the presidential suite, Kiros flicked his fingers at the two sentries, indicating that they should leave. The men followed the silent command immediately, leaving the long corridor even before the large double doors had closed behind the president‘s most trusted companion. Removing his traditional Estharian head covering as the doors clicked shut behind him, Kiros sighed in relief as his long braids swang freed.

“Laguna, are you here?” Kiros called as he dropped the hat onto the small coffee table and made his way towards the bedroom. Surely Laguna was out of bed at this time of the evening.

Pausing in the doorway, Kiros found himself surprised when he was not grabbed and welcomed home by an ecstatic Laguna seeing as he had been away for a few weeks. Even stranger was the fact that the room seemed completely empty. The bed was turned down as always by the maid who cleaned daily with Laguna’s robe laid out on it ready for use, yet there was no sign of the long haired man. The overstuffed chair in the corner was empty as well, no book laying open on it and the coverings were all neat and unwrinkled. It looked like the room had been empty all day.

Where had the wayward president gone?

Searching about the room for some unnoticed clue of food or perhaps the unlikely sign of a struggle, dark eyes lit upon a shining metal ladder built into the wall beside the bedroom door that had not been there before Kiros had left on his diplomatic mission to Galbadia. Next to the shining metal a simple control panel blinked softly.

What had Laguna been up to while Kiros had been away?

Striding across the room with a small frown on his face, Kiros noted that the scanner was a simple palm reader and pressed his hand to the flat surface, unsure of what to expect. As the glow of the reader moved over his hand a soft, almost unnoticeable hissing noise sounded above his head as a ceiling panel sild back, revealing more of the shining ladder and a platform with stairs which seemed to lead no where.

Carefully climbing the ladder in his cumbersome robes, Kiros stepped onto the platform and waited to see what would happen next. The earlier hissing noise repeated itself as the ceiling panel slid shut, leaving him in total darkness. Taking a step backwards and away from the edge of the platform, Kiros noticed a soft glow coming from the direction of the stairs he’d seen. Approaching the first line of glowing lights, another hissing noise sounded as a larger paned opened above him. Kiros walked calmly up the stairs and into the warm glow of a desert sunset, his booted feet sinking into thick grass.

From the view and the fact that he’d just come from Laguna’s rooms, Kiros guessed that he was atop the presidential palace. But when and how did the grass get atop the palace? Looking down at the green carpet beneath his feet, Kiros experimentally flexed his toes within his boots, wondering if the grass was real or if he’d burnt his brain out during his time in Galbadia and was asleep somewhere dreaming of home.

“That works better if you take your boots off first, Kiros.”

Turning at the words and the chuckle that followed, Kiros smiled at this long-time friend. Even with his back turned, Laguna had known what Kiros’ reaction would be to the fresh grass growing in the middle of the desert, and on a building no less. Removing his boots and socks, Kiros grimaced a little as the blades of grass dug into the sensitive and ticklish soles of his feet.

“What’s all this, Laguna?” Kiros asked as he walked across the grass.

“I’m watching the sunset,” Laguna replied calmly, still not turning around.

Kiros stopped a few steps behind his friend, admiring the way the sunlight highlighted the streaks of silver in Laguna’s hair. All three of them had aged well, the only real signs of Laguna’s true age being his changing hair colour and the lines around his eyes and mouth from smiling so much. Laguna’s smile could brighten anyone’s day.

“You know that’s not what I asked.”

Kiros watched as Laguna’s shoulders lifted and fell as the other man sighed silently. The silence stretched out between them as the sun drew closer to the horizon in the distance.

“It’s from Winhill,” Laguna said quietly as he toed the grass with a bare foot.

Crossing the last few steps, Kiros lifted a hand and buried his fingers in the long sun-kissed strands, using his grip on them to tilt Laguna’s head to the side so he could bury his face into the warm skin of Laguna‘s neck. He’d missed his lover very much during his time away and by the shiver that travelled the other man’s body Kiros knew that Laguna had missed him too. He doubted that his companion was still watching the sunset as he whispered his lips over the soft flesh of Laguna’s ear.

“How was Galbadia?” Laguna asked in a shaky voice.

“Same as always,” Kiros replied, his words slightly muffled as he opened his mouth to run his tongue over the supple flesh.

“And General Caraway? How is he doing now that he is in charge of the country?” Laguna asked as he attempted to keep his thoughts coherent for a little longer.

Kiros bit down on the flesh beneath his lips, pulling back on the hair in his hand, his only other contact with Laguna’s body. He did not want questions. He wanted his lover spread out beneath him, telling him that he was missed. He wanted breathy words begging for more, cries and pleas for a release that only he could give. He wanted to be the only thing in Laguna’s mind as they fell asleep in one another’s arms. Not thoughts of politics or thoughts of loved ones lost would be allowed this night.

“I thought we agreed not to discuss business when alone in your rooms?” Kiros growled out as he nibbled on Laguna’s ear again, sucking the lobe into his mouth. His answer was a moan followed by Laguna going almost limp in his arms, one of the long haired man’s arms reaching out behind them both to pull their bodies together.

Not caring about his robes, Kiros slowly knelt on the grass, drawing Laguna down with him. Draping the long brown hair over his shoulder, Kiros continued tasting Laguna’s skin as both his arms wrapped around the other man to unbutton the pale shirt he wore. As each button slid free, Kiros’ lips would move a little closer to the collar of the shirt. It was a slow seduction, Laguna’s scent in every breath he took as he teasingly stroked any flesh bared as he took his time removing that first piece of clothing. Kiros was beginning to wonder if Laguna would react to his languid pace, considering that they usually didn’t make it five minutes before being all over each other if they had been apart for any length of time over a couple of days, when he found his body shoved away and pushed down into the soft grass.

Reacting as he would to any kind of attack, Kiros rolled them over, trying to gain the advantage. Laguna rolled with him, increasing their momentum. Kiros saw the wild grin of triumph on Laguna’s face, aqua eyes laughing down at him from the tangle of brown and silver into which blades of grass had attached themselves, Laguna’s grin becoming wider as he realised that Kiros’ heavy robes were not made for rolling. When they finally stopped, Laguna leaned down with a smile that only Kiros ever got to see and pressed their panting mouths together. Their breaths mingled for the barest moment, Kiros glad that his annoyingly heavy robes had provided his lover some entertainment as he prepared to ravish Laguna’s mouth, when Laguna pulled back with a yelp.

“Cold,” Kiros heard Laguna say as the other man leapt off him and headed towards the hidden stairs.

It was then that Kiros felt the light spray of cold water against his face, hands and feet. Looking up he realised that a glass dome had enclosed the top of the palace while he and Laguna had been distracted. The dome was designed to prevent the precious water from escaping or being evaporated and was also tinted to keep the worst of the sun’s rays at bay during the hot days. Kiros was impressed with Laguna’s private little getaway.

Beginning to feel the cold water seep through his robes, Kiros looked over to where the stairs were to find Laguna watching him with heated eyes, Kiros’ discarded boots dangling from his fingers. Laguna’s light clothing was soaked through, his open shirt hanging wetly off his shoulders as water ran through his long hair and across his bare chest, tan pants sticking to his legs and out lining aroused flesh.

“I’m going to take a shower, Kiros,” Laguna said, the invitation clear in his eyes as he turned and went below.

Standing slowly and not caring about his stained robes, Kiros looked around at the wet grass and the water falling on it, remembering Laguna’s happiness at rolling around on it. Perhaps Laguna had done this for them, a place of their own to enjoy amidst the busy life they now lead. Kiros decided he would ask Laguna about it later as he walked towards the stairs, removing his water heavy robes and dropping it to the platform beside his boots, which Laguna had left there along with his own soaked clothing.

Kiros smiled at the clothing and decided he would retrieve it all later, perhaps even tomorrow if Laguna let him out of the bed in the morning.

Hearing the running water of the shower through the open door, Kiros quickly descended the ladder and walked to the bathroom as the ceiling panel slid closed. For now, he had a wet lover to join.