July ‘04’

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Just Another Day
(Mistletoe Madness 2)
By Garden’s Gnome

Fireworks sparkled brightly in the night sky, reflecting off the snow-covered quad where all of Balamb Garden was gathered, enjoying the freedom from missions and study that would last about another week - until after the New Year.

High above them, blue eyes watched the happy scene below; detached from the joy everyone else was sharing.

Just another day, Squall thought to himself with a sigh as he took a sip from the glass in his hand and grimaced. Normally he would not drink the hard liquor he kept in his office but tonight he found he needed the empty comfort of spirits.

Squall couldn’t decide if he was hurt or relieved that no one had followed him back to his office after the events of the afternoon and early evening. The morning had been bad enough without adding to it.

His day had started as it always had. Coffee and a run through the training centre had woken him up before he’d headed for the cafeteria for more caffeine. There, on a whim, he’d joined Rinoa while the young sorceress had eaten her breakfast. It was when Squall had been leaving to head for his office that something went wrong.

Rinoa had kissed him.

Certainly, there was nothing wrong with his mistress giving him the occasional affectionate embrace, he thought of her as a sister and friend. It was what she pointed at afterwards that had him glaring at anyone who came near him.

Bloody mistletoe, he had thought at the time, silently cursing his decision to let Selphie hold a Christmas Festival.

Returning to his private rooms for another shower and change into his formal SeeD uniform, the brunette had not given the festive greenery another thought. He had some paperwork to look through before his father arrived for a two-week stay at the Garden. Laguna had decided to take a working holiday so he could spend more time away from the presidential palace. They would be discussing the plans for a Garden to be built in Esthar.

Squall had entered his office to find his father had already arrived. Kiros and Rinoa had also been in the room. Approaching the older man, Squall had accepted the outstretched hand, only to be dragged into a tight hug. As Squall had pulled away from the embrace, he’d felt a hand cup his cheek and warm, dry lips brush across his, moving in the gentlest of caresses. A few seconds later, he’d forced his way from the other man’s grasp and stared at his father in surprise and shock. Surprise at the kiss and shock at the urge to kiss him back.

Laguna was looking at him in mind surprise too…he had felt Squall’s lips twitch under his for the briefest of moments before the other brunette regained his senses. The he’d laughed and pointed out that if Squall didn’t want to be kissed, he shouldn’t walk around with mistletoe hovering above his head.

Squall had kicked the small group out of his office, telling his father that he had Garden business to attend to and they would discuss the new Garden after Christmas. He had hidden there for most of the day.

Taking another mouthful of his drink, Squall remembered that he hadn’t done any work. He’d sat at his desk for a few hours, staring blankly out the large windows, fingers on his lips.

Kissed by my own father. Squall sighed and drained the glass before moving to refill it again.

It wasn’t the only kiss that had bothered him during the day. What disturbed him more was watching the kiss Laguna and Irvine had shared, and the words spoken by the older man afterwards.

“Been waiting for that for 17 years.”

Squall knew exactly what his father referred to - his and Kiros’ one night of passion in Winhill. A night unavoidably shared by Squall and Irvine due to Ellone’s powers. What would have happened has they not been within the other men’s minds? Squall was afraid he might knew that answer already, his assumption decided by the fact that Laguna and Kiros were not together now and that his father had kissed him.

And Irvine.

Frustration and jealousy burned through the brunette’s chest as he remembered the heated embrace he’d seen. He had managed to lose possibly his only chance with Irvine. Somehow the other Galbadian had managed to get under his skin. For all his apparent womanising and bravado, Squall believed Irvine to be as lonely as he. Irvine himself had said that snipers were loners by necessity. If that wasn’t a cry for companionship, Squall didn’t know what was.

It was the reason he hadn’t fought harder against the events of that night in Winhill. He had been about to try and extract himself and Laguna from Kiros’ hold when he’d sensed Irvine’s guardian forces within the dark man. Submitting to them was no longer a choice. It was a need.

Squall, like Irvine, craved companionship. He’d been lonely for longer than he could remember and if this one night was going to be his chance to feel, he was going to grasp it with both hands.

When Irvine had rescued them from the prison, Squall tried to talk to him alone but then Trabia got attacked and their SeeD duties too precedent over everything.

And now the cowboy was lost to him forever. He’d seen the want and need pass between the two men a moment before he left the corridor. There was no way he could compete with his own father for his friend’s attentions. Laguna could offer so much more.

Slim fingers tightened around the glass.

If only he could forget.

Looking out at the dark night sky, Squall smiled sadly at the falling snow.

Even the sky sheds icy tears for me.

Looking at the reflection of his office behind him in the window, Squall saw Shiva waiting. He’d commanded her to appear not long after returning to the room. He knew what he wanted and only she could make everything right again.

“Take them,” he said as he watched her. She looked into his reflected eyes for a few moments before dropping her gaze to the dark carpet beneath where she hovered a few inches off the floor.

“Do it!”

Shiva shook her head, the room growing colder as she fought the command.


Ice blue eyes snapped up and Shiva watched her master closely. Squall had pressed his head to the cool glass of the window, drink now dangling from between almost limp fingers. Her master asked very little of her and he never begged anyone. But to do this willingly was wrong and very dangerous.

“Do it or I’ll ask another!” Squall growled out from between clenched teeth as he looked at the quad below. He could see Irvine and Rinoa talking and from the feel of the sorceress’ power brushing over him, the brunette knew they were talking about him. He glared at the ice goddess. “I’ll junction another. They wouldn’t dare disobey me. They would take these memories from me and leave me in peace.”

Shiva shook her head, icy crystals appearing on her cheeks as the anger and misery from her master washed over her senses. She would cry for him but she would not give him free him from his pain.

“No,” she told him quietly, silently sobbing at the pain her denial caused her.

“Take them AWAY!” Squall shouted, turning violently as he drew back his arm and threw the still half full glass at her.

Shiva vanished and the glass shattered harmlessly against the wall near the office door.

Squall staggered a few steps and collapsed into his chair. He knew he couldn’t junction another. To do that would be a betrayal to how well Shiva served him. Damn her, he thought as he watched the small, automated cleaning robot roll out from it’s hidden closet to clean up the broken glass. He stood again and moved back to the window. Would he receive no relief from the emptiness he felt inside?

Squall didn’t turn around as he heard his office door hit the wall. He could see Laguna’s dishevelled form quite clearly in the large windows.

“Go away, dad,” Squall spat out.

Laguna almost left through the door he was closing behind him, his parental title filled with venom as it fell from the young man’s lips.

“No,” he said quietly as the door closed with a loud click. “I heard breaking glass. Are you okay? Why are you hiding up here? I thought all of us would be enjoying the festivities together.”

Squall said nothing as he continued to look out the window.

“I came to take you back down,” Laguna said.

“Why?” Squall asked as he turned around quickly. “Finished having fun with Irvine?”

Laguna’s eyes narrowed at the tone of Squall’s voice and by his words, the brunette admitting he had seen something earlier with his words.

“What happened between Irvine and I has nothing to do with you,” Laguna said in a hard voice but then thought about those words. He scratched his head and tried to grin. “Okay, it kinda has something to do with you,” he admitted.

“What? The fact that Irvine is the same age as me? He is old enough to be your son,” the brunette spat out, disgust evident in his voice.

“And you are my son but that doesn’t stop me from wanting you!”

Silence filled the room as Squall stood stunned by his father’s outburst.

No, you don’t want me. You have Irvine. Nobody will ever want me. Even Shiva won’t help me. Why should you be any different? Why should I believe you?

“Get out.”

“Squall wait…”

“I said OUT!” Squall shouted, moving towards the door.

“Do you think this is easy for me?” Laguna pleaded, running a hand through his hair, ignoring the cramp beginning in his leg. “I knew from the moment we met that you were Raine’s child. But that didn’t stop me from wanting to be closer to you than just a father. So what if we share the same blood, doesn’t change much to me.”

“You kissed me this morning,” Squall said quietly, still facing the door.

“Well, you were standing under that mistletoe. Had to kiss you. As short as it was, I enjoyed it. Thinking of…where is your mistletoe?

“Gone,” the brunette said with a careless shrug.

“You destroyed it?” Laguna asked. “Selphie will not be pleased to hear that,” he added with a chuckle.

“Wasn’t me. Irvine did it.”

“Irvine…um, about that…”

“Yes?” Squall asked, turning.

“Come sit down,” Laguna said, moving towards the sofa with a slight limp.

“No, dad. Nothing you say will change the fact that I’m your son and Irvine wants you. Why else would he kiss you?”

“Now Squall…” the longhaired said cajolingly.

“Leave Laguna! Tomorrow we shall discuss the plans for the Estharian Garden and then you will go back there,” Squall said, placing his hand on the door to open it only to be stopped as the older man slammed his palm flat against it.

“Dammit Squall! Why won’t you listen to me?” Laguna asked, turning the youth around before trapping him against the door. “Why is it so hard for you to accept that I want you? I’ll not let you hide behind your commander badge and work yourself into an early grave.”

“It helps me to forget,” Squall said quietly, not meeting the others gaze.

“What?” Laguna asked, slightly confused.

“Working like I do helps me to forget that no one wants to be with me. I don’t have time to run and play when so many rely on me.”

“And who do you rely on Squall when everything becomes too much? Who is strong for you?” Laguna asked in a whisper.

“I need no one, Lagu…”

Squall’s words were lost as Laguna quickly leaned down and claimed the younger man’s lips. The kiss was not light or teasing. Laguna forced Squall’s mouth open and stole his breath away as he tried to show what he felt. Squall was too surprised to fight the lips over his own, to shake off the hand now burying itself into his hair and angling his head for better access. And as the shock of being kissed wore off, the younger brunette began to feel.

Laguna felt the change as Squall’s body lost its rigidity and relaxed against the door. Curbing his aggressiveness, Laguna swept his tongue teasingly through Squall’s mouth, tasting the alcohol that the brunette had consumed earlier. It made the older man’s lust filled mind pause and think. He broke the kiss and looked down at how red Squall’s lips now were and how unfocussed his eyes had become. Gently, Laguna took Squall’s hand and pulled him to the sofa, sitting at one end and encouraging the younger man to lay down on his back, head resting on the older man’s lap. Laguna ran his hand through the tousled brown hair, waiting for Squall to come back to his senses.

Squall lay there enjoying the soothing stroke of fingers in his hair. That kiss had been so different from what he’d felt when Kiros had kissed Laguna so many years ago. There was so much more passion. Squall knew he couldn’t deny feeling something for the man who was his father. He was almost afraid of where it might take them. He looked up into smiling aqua eyes.

“Hey there,” Laguna greeted Squall quietly.

“How did we get here?” Squall asked, moving to sit up but stopped by a hand on his chest.

“Good to know that my kisses are that distracting,” the older man said with a smile. “You were drinking before I came. That was the shattering glass I heard.”

Squall heard the question in the statement but didn’t really want to answer it.

“Why, Squall?”

“I saw you,” Squall whispered, “kissing Irvine in the hallway.”

“Irvine told me about that,” Laguna said, still running his fingers through Squall’s hair. “But why were you throwing a glass at the wall?”

“I threw it at Shiva.”

“You what?! Why?” Laguna asked, surprised that his son would treat his favourite guardian so.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Squall said, turning his face from searching eyes.

“But you need to,” Laguna argued, turning Squall’s face back to his.

“Fine,” Squall said, sitting up, blue eyes glinting with anger. “You want to know why I was angry at Shiva. She refused my command.”

“What did you want her to do?” Laguna asked, his knowledge of guardian forces and what they could do making him worried for his son’s safety.

Squall sighed. “Take away my memories.”

Laguna sat there, not knowing what to say. Did Squall want to forget everything so badly? Did it really hurt him that much?


“No. Just don’t,” the brunette said, holding up a hand. “You asked, so I will tell you. I wanted her to take my memories of you and Irvine from today, along with what I remember of that night in Winhill.”

“And what of the mornings of me in the shower?” Laguna asked.

Squall looked over at his father, surprised. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

“I know of other times, besides what your friends remember, when you were in my mind. On more than one occasion I found myself freshly showered and standing in front of the bathroom mirror, an expression on my face that was not my own,” Laguna said, watching Squall blush as the younger brunette remembered seriously enjoying a few of those showers. “Yes, Squall. I remember you watching me,” Laguna said, caressing Squall’s cheek with the back of one hand. "I had dreams of you as well.”

“What? How?”

“I think it’s some kind of subconscious memory residue from the times you were in my mind. Not my explanation,” Laguna said with a smile at the brunette‘s confused look. “That’s how Odine described it to me. I had dreams of you doing everyday things. One time you were running on a beach from some giant spider like machine and…”

“That happened, dad,” Squall said. “That was our mission to Dollet.”

“Hyne,” Laguna said, wrapping an arm around Squall, holding him close. “I almost lost you without even meeting you.”

“What else did you dream about?” Squall asked, relaxing into the hug.

“Oh…um…there was one of you and Irvine in the showers. You were…ah…doing things.”

Squall looked up at the blush spreading across Laguna’s cheeks. “That one was only a dream.”

“There was many like that, you know. You really like him, don’t you?”

Squall shrugged and looked towards the window. It was still snowing outside. For a brief moment he wondered if everyone else was still below having fun.

“Gil for your thoughts?” Laguna asked.


“You look like you were thinking hard,” the older man said, smiling.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Squall said. “Just wondering if the party is still going on down in the Quad.”

“I’m sure it is. We could go join them if you want,” Laguna said softly, again brushing a hand over Squall’s cheek.

Squall shook his head. He wasn’t ready to see his friends. He turned to look into the dark aqua eyes that were watching him. Silence fell between the two men, Laguna still stroking the soft skin under his hand and Squall watching him.

“That was my first kiss,” Squall blurted suddenly.

The stroking stopped and Laguna sat back in surprise. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well…um…sure, I’ve been kissed before,” Squall began, looking down at his hands in his lap. “But that was my first real kiss.”

Laguna looked at the deep blush spreading across his son’s skin. That was Squall’s first kiss? But what about…

“What about Rinoa? Weren’t you two together?”

“Not really,” Squall said shaking his head. “She kissed me once the night of the ball after the sorceress was, then again this morning. Then you kissed me when I arrived in the office. But that doesn’t count compared to the last kiss.”

“You’re serious,” Laguna said, surprised and awed by the admission.

“What I felt that night in Winhill between you and Kiros was amazing, but it wasn’t me. It was what you were feeling,” the brunette said. “My senses were dulled from the distance.”

“That really was your first kiss?”

“Hyne,” Squall cursed softly rolling he eyes at the older man. “Yes, Laguna. That was my first kiss. Get over it already,” he added, blushing.

“It’s just…it means,” Laguna frowned. “Are you a virgin?”


Laguna laughed as Squall jumped off the sofa and started pacing back and forth, short quick steps and turns showing his agitation as he waved his arms around and talked to himself. The longhaired man thought it quite amusing to see the usually in control commander so…flustered.

Squall came to a sudden stop when Laguna appeared in his path; aqua eyes still laughing, leg cramp now gone due to the more relaxed atmosphere.

“It’s not funny,” Squall said, pouting.

Up till now, Laguna had been good in resisting the beauty of the younger man. But seeing that full bottom lip jutting out, begging to be sucked on, Laguna’s willpower crumbled.

“Laguna…” Squall began, warily watching the way aqua eyes darkened. “We still have to talk,” he added, taking a slow step backwards.

“Talk later,” Laguna growled out, pouncing.

Squall moved too slowly and suddenly found himself pinned against the wall next to the sofa, his bottom lip becoming the focal point of the older man’s attentions. Laguna licked and nibbled the plump piece of flesh, sucking it between his lips to force Squall to open his mouth wider. Then he moved his explorations, skimming his lips and tongue over the brunette’s cheek and down his neck. Laguna sucked on Squall’s pulse that beat wildly under the skin, listening to the youth pant for breath.

When Laguna had pressed him against the wall, Squall had grabbed at the older man’s shoulders for balance, fingers intent on pushing the other body away moving instead to pull it closer, hands moving lower or their own accord. Squall concentrated on where wet lips sucked and teased his skin, making the nerve endings tingle. He couldn’t help but groan out loud when Laguna finally released his abused neck, tenderly laving the darkened skin with his tongue as his hands wandered towards where Squall’s shirt was still tucked in. Fingers worked quickly at removing the fabric barrier that separated the older man from his goal.

“Laguna…wait,” Squall said, only to gasp as warm fingers slipped under his shirt and pressed against the bared skin of his lower back.

Smiling against Squall’s neck, Laguna slipped his hands lower, fingertips edging under the fabric of the brunette’s pants as he pulled him away from the wall and against his own body. He could feel the hardening length of Squall’s arousal that was trapped in leather, the youth’s body reacting to the stimuli provided. Growling as he flexed his hips, Laguna abandoned Squall’s neck to claim his lips, thrusting his tongue possessively into the waiting heat as he began to move them towards the sofa.

Squall’s legs hit the sofa, Laguna’s hold on him and his own fingers entangled in the older man’s belt loops being the only things that stopped him from falling. He hadn’t even known they were moving, so wrapped up in the feelings the aqua-eyed man provoked. Laguna’s aggressiveness was different from what had been experienced that night in Winhill and Squall was feeling a little overwhelmed.

Removing his hands from their exploration of Squall’s lower back, Laguna made quick work of the buttons on the brunette’s shirt, some of the threatening to pop off in his rush to remove the piece of clothing. He felt Squall’s own hands move from their place at his waist as the brunette slipped the shirt off, fabric fluttering to the floor. Not breaking their kiss, Laguna lowered Squall onto the sofa, moving to lie next to him. His hand immediately returned to the skin just under the brunette’s pants, this time in the front.

Squall squirmed a little as the fingers tickled his lower abdomen. He could feel both his and Laguna’s chests rising and falling quickly as they tried to draw air into their lungs and still kiss. Squall broke the kiss with a choking gasp as the longhaired man’s fingers wriggled that little bit further into his pants, tips brushing the head of his arousal.

Laguna looked down at Squall with lust-hazed eyes, giving the younger brunette a crooked grin before levering his body up and moving downwards. A wet tongue briefly teased hardened nubs before travelling further down to delve into Squall’s bellybutton, while fingers worked to undo the uniform pants the brunette wore. Pulling them open and down so they rested just below Squall’s bottom, Laguna leaned down, burying his face into the crisp dark curls that surrounded the brunette’s cock and breathed in deeply. He grinned a little as he realised that Squall wore nothing under his pants.

Squall lay very still as he listened to Laguna breathe in his scent. He could feel the warm air as the older man breathed out flow across his erection, arousing him more and making his cock twitch. Laguna’s nose bumped the heated flesh and Squall made a small grunting sound that caused the other to look up.

Hearing a noise above him, Laguna looked up to see Squall’s eyes scrunched closed, fists clenched tightly as he tried to keep his breathing even. Smiling evilly, Laguna gently breathed warm air directly onto Squall’s heated length and watched as the brunette’s breathing hitched before continuing a little faster than before. Wanting more of a reaction, Laguna leaned down a little further and kissed the velvety skin.

Digging his fingers into the sofa, Squall opened his eyes to look down as his body strained up towards the newest stimulation. Heated aqua met equally heated blue as Laguna smiled and slowly drew his tongue firmly across the brunette’s cock. Squall could only groan and watch his body buck upwards. Laguna placed his hands on the younger man’s hips, holding them to the soft cushions as he again drew his tongue over the heated flesh, this time drawing the tip into his mouth and slowly swallowing the full length of Squall’s erection.

Squall’s mind filled with incoherent thoughts, all of them centred on the liquid heat surrounding his length. One or two thoughts paid attention to the hand that massaged his skin, holding him down as he unconsciously flexed his hips in an effort to get closer to the heat.

Laguna sucked rhythmically, pausing occasionally to tease the velvety head that was leaking its salty essences. One of his hands held Squall down while the other unsuccessfully tried to undo his tight pants. With a frustrated grunt, he let Squall’s length fall from his mouth and leaned back, both hands quickly giving relief to his trapped flesh as the pants came undone. Hearing an appreciative murmur, he looked up to see lustful blue eyes watching him. Quickly Laguna pulled his pants down to his knees and crawled back up Squall’s body.

Seeing that Laguna was moving upwards, Squall quickly reached out and grabbed the front of his father’s shirt, ripping it open, buttons popping off in different directions as he used the semi-ruined fabric to pull the other man closer, naked skin meeting between them. What would’ve been a kiss turned into a dual gasp as their erections rubbed against each other.

Lips brushing together as they panted, Laguna looked into his son’s eyes as he reached down and enclosed their rigid lengths with his hand. Blue orbs widened a little as the brunette thrust up at the sensation, causing their cocks to rub against each other.

“Keep that up and I won’t last for long,” Laguna groaned out at Squall’s continued thrusts.

“Can’t help it…feels so good…” the younger brunette panted, moaning as Laguna’s fingers tightened a little.

Feeling the flesh in his hand begin to grow slick and wet, Laguna slowly stroked along the hot skin, gathering more of their essences and spreading it around. As his hand began to slide easier, Laguna picked up the pace of his strokes, thrusting into his own hand and against Squall’s length.

Squall felt like his body was on fire. His skin tingled all the way to his toes as he tried to match Laguna’s rhythm, most of the sensation centred on where the older man stroked their cocks together. Flexing one of his hands, Squall noted the extra flare of passion in his father’s eyes as he grasped the firm flesh of his bottom, pulling them closer together. Squall could not remember grabbing the older man there but wasn’t about to let go. Staring up into aqua eyes as they thrust against each other, Squall noted the flushed skin of Laguna’s cheeks and the small gasps that sounded like his name said over and over. He could feel the stroking get faster and could not resist the pull towards completion, his body moving of it’s own will against his father’s, all the tingling racing along his nerves to one point, the place where they touched each other so intimately.

With a soft keening sound that was Laguna’s name, Squall’s body reached the peak of pleasure first, hot milky fluids spraying from his cock to mix with those released by the trembling man above him; Laguna’s shout muffled when the he had buried his face into Squall’s neck. Squall winced slightly, knowing there would be teeth marks on his skin to go with the other marks from earlier.

Still panting for breath, Laguna removed his hand from their softening lengths, flexing his slightly cramped fingers before drawing them into his mouth to lick clean. Noting the darkening of Squall’s eyes, he offered the brunette a taste, watching as fingers disappeared between kiss-swollen lips to be briefly nibbled at and sucked on before being released. It was an arousing sight that Laguna would’ve liked to pursue had he not see the way the younger man’s eyes began to droop closed.

“Tired?” he asked as he moved to stand beside the sofa.

“A little,” Squall replied in a thick voice, already on the verge of falling asleep.

Laguna moved to the desk and returned with tissues to clean them both up. Once done, he tucked Squall back into his pants before doing the same and moving back onto the sofa, pulling the younger man on top of him. He smiled as Squall immediately placed his head under his chin and sighed.

“What?” Laguna asked softly.

“We didn’t talk about Irvine,” Squall said.

“There will be plenty of time for that tomorrow. You need to sleep now,” Laguna said.

Reaching out, Laguna snagged Squall’s shirt off the floor and drew it over the brunette’s naked back. By the time he was done, Squall’s breathing had evened out and the commander of Balamb Garden was fast asleep. Laguna used the voice-command to turn the lights down low and smiled softly down at his son’s head, placing a kiss on the dark hair.

“I only want for you to be happy,” he whispered, tightening his arms around Squall’s waist before falling into a light doze himself.

Half an hour later, the lock on the door snicked open, waking Laguna. Lying still, he watched the darkened silhouette of the Garden’s sniper make it’s way into the room and towards the sofa. For a few moments Irvine just stood there, watching the two men.

“Hey,” he said quietly to Laguna when he noted the older man watching him in the near darkness.

“Hi,” Laguna said just as quietly.

“How’s he doing?” Irvine asked, crouching down to better talk to the older man. Carefully he reached out and brushed the hair from Squall’s face.

“Better. Where have you been?”

“With Rinoa. She was very worried about her knight earlier,” he said, fingers whispering across Squall’s soft skin. “But then something changed and she told me to give you about half an hour before coming up.”

Laguna could hear the question in Irvine’s voice. The cowboy wanted to know exactly what had happened in his commander’s office while the rest of the Garden had been partying the night away.

“It’s not for me to say, you’ll have to ask Squall,” he said, holding the brunette a little closer, not really ready to give up what he’d just found.

“It’ll have to wait then,” Irvine said with a sigh. “I head to Galbadia first thing to see Martine for some of my stuff I left behind and to see a few old friends.”

“Does Squall know?”

“Yeah, he knows. I’ll be back in a day or two. We can talk then.”

Laguna watched the cowboy stand, staring at them briefly before turning as if to leave.

“Um…hey, Irvine?” he called quietly.

“Yeah?” the sniper asked, turning back to the pair on the sofa.

“A little help?” Laguna asked, indicating the sleeping brunette.

Irvine laughed softly and moved back to the sofa, leaning down and carefully gathering up the sleeping youth. He held his breath as Squall immediately turned towards the new source of heat, a whisper of his name falling from the brunette’s lips as he snuggled closer to the warm chest, recognising the cowboy‘s scent. Irvine looked up at Laguna, catching a glimpse of pain in the older man’s eyes before it disappeared as if it was never there. Laguna lead the way into the adjoining commander’s quarters, turning down the blankets so Irvine could place the sleeping Squall on the sheets. Seeing the frown on Squall’s peaceful face, Laguna removed his shirt and placed it over the pillow next to the brunette, smiling when Squall buried his face into it with a contented sigh.

“Merry Christmas, Squall,” Irvine whispered as he brushed his lips over the brunette’s brow, pulling the covers over Squall‘s half clothed body.

“That was yesterday, Irvine,” Laguna whispered as he grabbed one of Squall‘s shirts out of his closet. “It’s after midnight.”

“So?” he said with a smile. Laguna just shook his head.

Leaving the rooms, Irvine watched as Laguna quickly straightened Squall’s office before moving towards the door.

“You want me to escort you back to your room, Laguna?” he asked.

Laguna paused near the door and shook his head. “No thank you, Irvine. You have to get to bed yourself, you have a long trip to get to Galbadia Garden.”

Irvine nodded, moving to stand at the closed door opposite Laguna. Holding aqua eyes with his own, Irvine removed his hat and leaned towards the older man.

“Goodnight, Laguna,” he whispered against Laguna’s sensitive lips. Irvine briefly kissed the slightly swollen flesh before opening the door and disappearing out into the corridor.

Taking one last look at the room, Laguna turned off the lights and followed Irvine into the darkened Garden.

Inside the commander’s rooms, Squall cuddled the shirt-covered pillow in his sleep, a quiet whisper of breath escaping his lips as he smiled.


To be continued...

Mistletoe Madness 2

Notes from Gnome: Goodness, it did take me a while to get this part written. Sorry for the wait. More soonish…not sure when, but you’ve all come to expect that *grin* The title thing is just a thought, might change it, still undecided.