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This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Mistletoe Madness
By Garden’s Gnome

Dark hands trailed down over pale skin, teasing hard nipples and stroking firm flesh. A small whimper sounded as a long finger dipped into a taut navel, swirling briefly before moving onwards. Crisp curls tickled the pads of those dark digits before they wrapped around hot velvet flesh. A thumb moved, spreading moisture over the length. Then the hand began to move, caressing the flesh, it’s throbbing veins and silken skin. Bodies started to move, touching, thrusting; dancing the dance of passion. Movements sped up and became more frantic as release approached. Hot breath and heated kisses passed between passion-swollen lips, cries of pleasure the only other sound. A final thrust, a tightening of muscles, loud passion filled cries as they fell.

“Kiros!” shouted the longhaired man, his aqua eyes squeezed tight as orgasm sent his senses into overdrive.

“Guna,” sighed the dark man, slowly collapsing on his companion and burying his face in the hair splayed across white linen.

Then there was only oblivion.

“Guna…” sighed a different voice. “Mmmm…huh…ah crap!”

Irvine awoke to find his sheets tangled about his legs and sticking to his abdomen. His body still hummed with the release his dream had given him. A dream that he had lived and would never forget.

Disentangling himself from the sheets, the Galbadian made his way to the tiny bathroom, turning the shower on full and quickly stepping under the warm water, washing away the evidence of how the dream had affected him. Irvine let his head fall against the cool tiles.

I’m too old to be having wet dreams, he thought as the suds slid down his body and into the drain. Feel like a green teenager looking at his first porn magazine.

Irvine thought back to the whole cause of him having dreams of Kiros and Laguna. It was one of the more pleasurable memories from the Sorceress War. Kiros had found Laguna in Winhill. One thing had lead to another and the two men had spent the night together in the tiniest single bed ever. Not that they needed much room, Irvine recalled. He didn’t understand what exactly was going on until much later when Squall had asked Sis to send him into Rinoa’s mind. It was then that the sniper understood what had happened that night.

He had been in Kiros’ mind while Squall had shared Laguna’s. Beyond that thought, Irvine’s mind warped into a jumble of what ifs and how might the commander feel about what they had shared with the other two men. Add to the mix that Laguna was Squall’s father and Irvine found his head beginning to hurt.

Soaping up his body once again, Irvine found himself hard just from thinking about the other three men, Squall in particular. Wrapping his hand around his erection, Irvine began to stroke himself, imagining it was he and Squall on that small bed writhing together in bliss. The tousled brown locks, smoky blue eyes filled with desire and the pouty lips begging for more. The headboard of the bed rhythmically banging against the wall as Irvine drove himself into the brunette’s body. Irvine came hard, his essence streaking the wall only to be washed away by the pounding water.

He could still hear the banging noise though.

Turning off the shower, the sniper cocked his head to the side and listened intently. By the sounds of the noise, someone was knocking on his door. Snagging the robe off the back of the bathroom door, Irvine slung a towel around his shoulders and made his way to the door. There was a lull in the knocking and he opened the door.

Only to have the towel used to pull him down for a kiss.

Irvine stood stunned for a moment as Selphie ducked under his arm and into his dorm.

“You’re a lazy bum, Irvine Kinneas. You promised to help me this morning,” the petite brunette said as she made herself at home by sitting on his desk. When the sniper failed to move from the doorway, she giggled. “You’re not even awake yet, are you?”

Irvine finally closed the door and started looking for his pants from the previous day. Finding them kicked under the bed, he pulled out the pack of cigarettes and lit one.

“Feeling more alive now?” Selphie asked after half was gone. Irvine waved a hand, indicating that he was a bit more lucid and then began to rummage through his wardrobe. Selphie smiled and began to swing her legs randomly.

“Everyone else is already up, you know. I had to get Seifer and Zell to help me seeing as you decided to sleep in.”

“I didn’t sleep very well,” Irvine told her as he found his regular clothes clean and not too creased from being shoved into the small closet.

“Well, it’s not my fault you decide to stay up and drink with the two blondes half the night,” Selphie chided loudly as Irvine got changed in the bathroom.

“I didn’t stay very long after curfew. My mind was too active for good rest,” came the muffled reply through the closed door.

“Too active…” the green eyed girl mused as she looked at the rumpled bedding. “Did you have a dream or a nightmare or something?” she asked.

“Dream,” Irvine told her as he emerged from the bathroom, another smoke in hand. Quickly finishing it, Irvine grabbed his hat and popped a few mints into his mouth. “So why are you here if the other two helped you?”

Selphie bounced off the desk and headed for the door as Irvine shrugged into his duster. Just before he opened his door, Selphie pushed a few envelopes into his free hand. “I need you to deliver these to the others.”

“What’s in them?”

“Tickets for the rides tonight. I’d do it myself but I haven’t the time and there won’t be any left by the time the gang arrive, especially the workaholics Quistis and Squall. Seifer and Zell already have theirs.”

“No worries, I’ll do that for you, Sefie.”

Irvine opened the door and was about to let Selphie precede him when he was pulled down for another kiss.

“Tee-hee,” Selphie giggled at the once again shocked face of her friend. Then she pointed up at Irvine’s doorway.

Examining the small green and red bouquet, Irvine was reaching up to grab it when his hand was smacked. He frowned at Selphie.


“If you’d helped me this morning instead of sleeping, you would know. It’s mistletoe.”

“I know that,” Irvine told Selphie. “Why’d you stop me?”

“Cause it’s set to give a very small shock should anyone try to move it. Only I have the deactivator and yes, I have permission from Squall,” she quickly said as the sniper opened his mouth to ask that very question. “I have to go and make sure everything is running smoothly. If you can’t find Sir Laguna and the others, ask Squall. I know they were having breakfast together.”

“Laguna’s here already?” Irvine asked, surprised.

“Yeah, arrived late last night. I’ll catch you later.” With another quick peck on the lips and a giggle, Selphie was gone.

Irvine quickly moved out from his doorway to avoid any other kisses from people wandering past. It was going to be a long day.

Strolling away from the dorms, Irvine began to look through the envelopes in his hand. There were quite a few, eight to be exact. The missing ones were Selphie, Seifer and Zell because they would have theirs already. Pausing briefly over the envelope for Laguna, Irvine sighed and put them all in a pocket and kept walking. Only to be greeted by an unexpected sight as he entered the main hall.

Zell was standing next to one of the benches when Seifer approached him. Irvine was prepared to hear some teasing words from the taller blonde. He was not prepared for the sight of Seifer leaning down and kissing Zell, the smaller man willingly accepting the gesture. Irvine looked above them. Ah, he thought with a quirk of the lips. Mistletoe.

Then Seifer pulled away from Zell and walked towards the entry to the car parking area. He stood there playing with the railing and looking into the water. A few moments later, Zell walked over, stood up on his toes and pulled the ex-knight down for a kiss. Grinning brightly, Zell walked away.

This continued for a few minutes more as Irvine quietly followed the blonde pair around to the elevator. Each time one of the stopped; it was under one of the many sprigs of mistletoe that hovered from little anti-gravity balls occasionally used for training. Then the other would walk up and they would share a kiss. Something was obviously going on because when Irvine had left the pair the previous night, they hadn’t even hinted at an interest in each other.

They stopped on the stairs leading to the lift and kissed once more.

“Get a room,” Irvine said as he strolled past. Or tried to as he was quickly grabbed and pulled into a kiss.

A warm tongue briefly slid into his mouth and then pulled back as soft lips nibbled on his. Pulling back he was about to glare at Zell when he was grabbed by Seifer and given the same treatment with a bit more intensity. Both blondes grinned at the cowboy as he licked his trembling lips.

“Just a taste, Kinneas,” Seifer told the auburn haired man as he wrapped a possessive arm around the tattooed blonde. “That’s all you’re getting. From either of us.”

“I…I don’t…Dammit, what happened after I left last night?” Irvine asked when he was finally able to find some coherent words to say.

“Isn’t it obvious? We got together,” Zell told him patiently, leaning up to press a kiss to Seifer’s cheek.

“And now we’re testing out all Selphie’s mistletoe. Have to make sure each sees at least one kiss,” Seifer said. Then he frowned at the cowboy. “What are you doing?”

“Taking some tickets that Selphie gave me to everyone. I’ll leave you to your smooching and catch you later,” he said even as the two blondes locked lips again. Seifer waved him away dismissively.

Stepping into the elevator, Irvine frowned as one of the floating mistletoe seemed to follow him. Dismissing it as something to do with air currents, the cowboy exited on the second floor and strolled towards Quistis’ classroom. Even thought the elegant blonde woman was now the headmistress of Garden, she still felt more at home in a classroom and taught regularly. Irvine stuck his head in the door and smiled at the group of students before entering the room and approaching the desk.

“Hey, Quistis, Selphie sent me to give you these,” he told the seated woman as he handed over an envelope, leaning a hip against the desk.

Taking the envelope in one hand, Quistis sighed with a faint smile and reached up to grab the collar of Irvine’s duster.


Giggles from the students sounded in Irvine’s ears as Quistis planted a firm kiss on his mouth and then released him, turning back to her work.

“Um, Quisty?” Irvine asked somewhat hesitantly. She had just kissed him in front of her entire class.

Another sigh came from the blonde woman as she calmly pointed above her desk without looking up. Sure enough, mistletoe hovered innocently above their heads.

“You’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last, Kinneas. Now go, I still have a class to finish,” Quistis said, shooing the sniper away from her desk.

“Right. I’ll see you later, then,” Irvine called as he quickly walked through the door.

Wandering back towards the elevator, Irvine leafed through the envelopes and pulled Squall’s out. I wonder if I’ll get to kiss Squall…he mused silently as he waited for the lift to arrive. Kissing Squall was as pleasant a thought as kissing Laguna…not that he thought he‘d ever get that chance. Walking in, he frowned at the mistletoe still hovering above him. He dismissed it and hit the button for the third floor.

Approaching the commander’s office, Irvine slowed as the door opened and he watched Nida exit the room.

“Thanks for clearing it with the President, Squall. Really appreciate being allowed to take the Ragnarok for a drive. Oh, hey there Irvine,” the pilot said as the sniper reached the open door.

“Hey yourself, Nida. What’s this about a rid…mmmmph,” was all Irvine got out before having his lips claimed once again.

Pulling away, Nida kissed him lightly on both cheeks, smiled and walked towards the command deck.

“What was that about?” Irvine asked Squall as he entered the office and approached the desk.

“Don’t come any closer, Kinneas,” Squall said.


Squall pointed above the Galbadian’s head. Irvine frowned at the same floating mistletoe from the elevator.

“Bloody thing is following me. What do I do, Squall?”

“Why are you up here, Irvine?” Squall asked calmly now that the threat of having to be kissed was gone since Irvine stayed across the room.

“Selphie asked me to deliver some tickets for the festival later,” the sniper told his friend, holding out the envelope with Squall’s name on it.

“And there’s your answer to what is going on. Selphie tweaked some of the mistletoe to follow certain SeeD insignia frequencies. If you watch closely all the gang have one following them. This includes Laguna, Sis, Kiros and Ward too, although they‘ve probably found a way to get rid of theirs,” Squall told the sniper.

“Where’s yours?” Irvine had to ask, looking around for the missing hovering item.

“Outside and that’s probably why Nida kissed you more than once. Now if you have nothing further, I still have work to do.”

“Oh, okay,” Irvine, said, slightly unhappy at the dismissal. “Where’s President Laguna and the others?” he asked as he opened the door to leave.

“In the library,” the brunette told him as he quickly turned his chair around. “Go.”

Irvine left the room and paused on the other side of the closed door. Guess I won’t be kissing the commander after all. But was that a blush I saw?

Standing there in front of the closed door, Irvine frowned up at the two pieces of mistletoe floating above his head and then at the envelope in his hand. Kneeling down, he slid the envelope under the door and walked a few steps towards the elevator. Turning, the cowboy calmly drew Exeter and put a bullet through the mistletoe still at the door. A second later, the same door was wrenched open and the Squall stood there, envelope in one hand, Lionheart in the other.

“Selphie’s going to kill you,” Squall told the sniper after spotting the destroyed anti-gravity ball.

“Perhaps,” Irvine answered with a carefree smile. “Catch you later, commander.”

Irvine could feel the brunette’s smoky gray eyes staring at his back as he walked to the elevator. Turning, he waited until his own bit of festive foliage made it into the lift before raising a hand in farewell. Squall seemed distracted as he nodded and retreated into his office.

Sighing, Irvine hit the button to return him to the ground floor. Looking up, he watched the floating mistletoe above him, wondering how long it would take for Selphie to find out what he’d done and berate him for ruining her fun. Least now Squall would get some peace. The dinging of the elevator brought the gunman out of his thoughts. Stepping onto the landing, he once again waited for his ‘companion’ to come out before looking around warily. He’d last seen Seifer and Zell on the stairs and wanted to avoid them if possible.

Going quickly down the stairs, Irvine made his way towards the entrance to the library. He smiled as he passed the turn off to the infirmary, spotting the two blonds kissing each of Dr Kadowaki’s cheeks, the older woman giggling happily. Irvine shook his head, grinned and kept going.

Walking into the library, Irvine briefly stopped at the desk and asked the librarian where Ellone was. After another quick kiss, she pointed towards the back corner.

Ellone looked up as the cowboy approached where she sat. Smiling, she stood and hugged Irvine, placing the lightest of kisses on his lips. The young woman was blushing when she resumed her seat.

“Where’s your mistletoe?” Irvine had to ask as he noted the empty air above where Sis sat.

“Um…Uncle Laguna shot it. He said that the young men around here needed no encouragement or they’d get themselves hurt,” Elle said with a small smile.

“Why, surely you’re not that dangerous that you’d hurt a boy for kissing you,” Irvine jested, reaching out to gently ruffle Ellone’s hair.

“It’s not me they’d need protecting from,” Elle told the sniper as she giggled and swatted his hand away.

“Who then?” Irvine had to ask.


“Kiros…But why…?” Irvine asked and then spotted something shining on the young woman’s hand.

“You and Kiros?” he asked, slightly stunned.

“Yes. Kiros proposed about a month ago. We were going to tell you all but thought the announcement could wait.”

“Wow. Congratulations,” Irvine said as he drew Ellone out of her seat and into a hug. “You’re all grown up now. I still remember when you would patch up all our cuts and scrapes from running around the orphanage.”

“Yes, all grown up now. All of us,” Ellone whispered as she hugged Irvine back. Then she giggled. “Did you happen to see Seifer and Zell on your way here?” she asked.

Irvine released her and rolled his eyes. “Did I ever. They grabbed me for a kiss too. I thought one blond was annoying to deal with during the war. But both Seifer and Zell together? It’s a disaster.”

“They’re happy, so leave them be,” Elle demanded, tapping a slim finger in Irvine’s nose.

“Alright, I’ll leave them alone. Just for you,” Irvine promised. “What about you? I thought…”

“You thought that Kiros was with Laguna?” Ellone asked quietly.


“All I’ll say is the Uncle Laguna gave Kiros and I his blessing and we are happy together. You’ll have to ask them what happened.” Ellone looked over Irvine’s shoulder and smiled before looking back up at the sniper. “You can ask Kiros, now that he’s here.”

Irvine turned as Ellone walked around him to her betrothed. He watched them smile only for each other and then grinned at the sound of Sis’ happy giggles as Kiros placed a kiss on her nose. Then she said something to him and the tall man nodded and looked over at Irvine.

Irvine swallowed nervously as Sis waved to him and then left the library, leaving him alone with Kiros. He hadn’t quite expected this. He was hoping Sis would stay and then he could…

“Damn,” he cursed quietly as he pulled the envelopes from his pocket.

“What is it Irvine?” Kiros asked as he come closer to the cowboy.

“I was supposed to give Elle this,” Irvine said as he held up two envelopes with Kiros and Ellone‘s names on them. “It’s from Sefie. Tickets for the rides tonight.”

“Ah,” was all the dark skinned man said as he stepped closer and reached for the items in Irvine’s hand.

Irvine tipped his head back slightly as the taller man moved into his very personal space, eyes locked onto the cowboy’s as Kiros took the envelopes from mostly limp fingers and placed his other hand on a shoulder. Irvine knew he was staring into the older man’s almost black eyes but couldn’t tear his gaze away. He suddenly found himself wondering what Kiros tasted like and licked his lips and then realised the other man was leaning closer.

“Um, Kiros…You’re engaged to Sis,” Irvine whispered as Kiros angled his head slightly and his warm breath teased Irvine’s senses.

“And you’re standing under mistletoe. Elle will understand,” Kiros told him as he closed the tiny gap between them and kissed the sniper.

Irvine had been kissed by many of his friends during the day and, as brief as each had been, all of them had been different in some manner.

Selphie’s had been light and playful, Zell’s curious, Seifer’s challenging and Quistis’ quick and guarded. Nida had kissed him as a friend and fellow SeeD, much the same as the librarian. Ellone’s had been light and innocent like a butterfly.

Kiros’ kiss was as brief as the others but it left Irvine’s mind slightly numb. Seeing as he knew this time that he was going to be kissed, the sniper hadn’t been surprised at the feel of warm lips against his like the other times and had immediately opened his mouth. It was the touch of Kiros’ tongue against his, fleeting but assured, that had stunned his mind. His senses had never been dominated so easily before.

Stepping back, Kiros took the envelopes and moved to one of the chairs, motioning for Irvine to join him. He smiled as the cowboy took a seat opposite his and licked his lips.

“What was it you wanted to ask?” the dark skinned man asked.

“Um, it’s about Laguna,” Irvine said quietly as he gathered his thoughts.

“Why aren’t you with him?” he blurted. Oh, so very cool Irvine, he berated himself mentally.

Kiros leaned back in his seat. He’d known that there was a chance he’s be asked this question by either the sniper or the commander after Ellone had explained what Laguna had called ‘faeries’. He also knew what Irvine was referring to. After all, according to his fiancée, the sniper had been there when it happened.

“I’d never had a sexual interest in Laguna until that night,” Kiros began quietly so they wouldn’t be overheard. “We’d been fighting monsters and were tired and stank of horribly. I took the first shower while Laguna made the beds. Then he went for his shower while I made hot chocolate.” Kiros smiled. “Even back then he had cravings for something sweet before sleeping.”

Irvine nodded, remembering the tiny kitchen where Kiros had made the dark, sweet drink before quietly walking back up the stairs to the small bedroom.

“I’d just set the drinks down when Laguna emerged from the shower,” the dark man continued. “He was dressed in nothing but a towel, hair wet and training water down his chest. At the time, I didn’t know what came over me. I was not interested in men and had seen my comrade in less than a towel before. But it had never affected me like it did then.”

Kiros closed his eyes and sighed, remembering how Laguna had looked up and smiled. Then a wave of lust had hit him and he didn’t coherently remember anything until he’d awoken an hour or so later, naked and wrapped around his best friend. Even now he only remembered flashes of their one time together - long hair across white sheets, the tightness around him, Laguna calling his name as they found release together.

“I don’t regret what passed between Laguna and I that night, but we both agreed that it was a one time thing. I know that at the time Laguna would have said yes to a longer relationship, as the morning after he admitted to being attracted to me, but he respected my wishes and we’ve remained friends all these years. At the time we thought maybe some of the toxins given off by the monsters we had been fighting had affected us but, after talking with Ellone during the sorceress war before she left for the Lunar Base, we know what really caused it.”

Irvine shifted in his chair as dark eyes fixed him with a steady stare. He had a sinking feeling that he knew the answer to his next question already but still had to ask.

“What did Elle have to say?”

“Laguna’s ‘faeries’ seemed to have affected more than just our fighting abilities.”

Irvine sighed, his question answered.

Kiros stood and held out his hand to the younger man. The sniper took it and let himself be pulled to his feet.

“Last I saw of Laguna, he said he was heading for the cafeteria. You should talk to him,” Kiros said in his quietly commanding voice.

Irvine nodded. Politely tipping his hat, he left Kiros in the library.

As he walked, Irvine thought about what Kiros had said. If what he implied was true, then the events of that night were influenced by Irvine’s presence in the older man’s mind. He remembered thinking that Laguna was pretty hot and not too bad with his gun. He admired the man’s skill as he tagged along, within Kiros’ mind, on their monster slaying trek. He also enjoyed the view of Laguna’s rear as he jogged along in front of his friend. Then when Laguna had exited the shower in just a towel, Irvine found himself liking what he saw. And when Kiros had apparently thought the same and made a move, the cowboy had decided to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Irvine couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment he had left Kiros’ mind but did remember the other man laying there holding the dozing Laguna in his arms. He had felt the conflicting emotions and had thought that if he had a chance to meet the other Galbadian, he wouldn’t be passing up the chance for a possible relationship. And now that Laguna was apparently available, Irvine had a problem.

He wanted Squall and he wanted Laguna. Choosing would be hard.

Walking into the hallway that lead to the cafeteria, Irvine didn’t see Ward until it was almost too late. Sensing something in front of him, the sniper had looked up and smiled when he saw Laguna’s other life-long friend.

“Hey, Ward,” Irvine greeted the older man. “Oh, these are for you.” Irvine pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it over.

Ward held it up, a questioning look on his face.

“Tickets for the rides courtesy of Selphie. She wanted to make sure none of the gang missed out on the fun tonight.”

Ward smiled and put the tickets in a pocket. The he lifted his hands and made a few brief gestures.

“Yeah, Sefie managed to get me to do some leg work for her,” Irvine said with a small laugh. “It’s just so hard to say no to her.”

Ward laughed silently.

“You wouldn’t happen to know who is in the cafeteria at the moment?” Irvine asked.

A quick gesture had Irvine frowning and slowly moving away.

“Ah, I really don’t want Selphie to see me at the moment.”

The large man’s hands moved again.

“I bet she’s looking for me.”

Ward raised a brow, it’s meaning obvious.

“Well, you know what Laguna did to Sis’ mistletoe? I kinda did that to Squall’s,” the sniper admitted in a hushed whisper.

Ward’s shoulder shook with laughter and Irvine knew that if the older man could talk, he’d have Selphie running out to see who was laughing so loud. Irvine watched as Ward wiped a few tears from his eyes.

“It isn’t that funny, ya know,” Irvine said grumpily and got a small smile as an apology. “It’s alright, Ward. You should’ve seen how fast Squall pulled his office door open, Lionheart in hand,” Irvine said, chuckling. “Anyways, you wouldn’t happen to know where Laguna is? And please don’t say the cafeteria.”

Lifting his arm, Ward pointed towards the quad.

“Thanks, buddy,” Irvine said and turned to leave.

An arm reached out and grabbed him.

“Hey, wha?”

Warm lips brushed his cheek and he was released again. Ward grinned and pointed above Irvine at the mistletoe before moving past, silently whistling as he headed towards the library. Irvine just shook his head and headed for the quad.

Strolling down the stairs and out into the late morning sunshine, Irvine breathed in the crisp, cool air and pulled the remaining envelopes out of his coat pocket. Just Laguna and Rinoa to go and then he would head for an early lunch seeing as all this running around for Selphie had caused him to miss breakfast.

About to move away from the stairs, a call drew his attention.

“Hey, Irvine. Over here,” called out Rinoa as Angelo bounded towards him. Reaching out, the cowboy briefly pet the dog before moving to join its mistress on the sunlit bench.

“Mornin’ Rin. How’s it going?” Irvine asked the young sorceress.

“Great,” she said, clapping her hands to summon Angelo to her side. “We’ve been out here most the morning watching the preparations. What have you been up to? I saw Selphie bossing Seifer and Zell around early this morning and saying something about lazy cowboys.”

“Ah, well, she ended up getting me to do stuff for her too,” Irvine said as eh scratched his head. He held out one of the envelopes. “This is for you.”

“What is it?” Rinoa asked as she took the packet.

“Selphie grabbed tickets for the rides tonight. This is your share.”

“Thank you, Irvine. From what I’ve seen today, it’s going to be a great Christmas festival. Angelo, get down right now.”

Irvine looked around in time to get his nose licked by wet, excited dogs tongue.

“Not you too, Angelo?” Irvine mock whined at the dog, ruffling it’s thick fur coat. “I’ve managed to have almost everyone kiss me now.”

“Ahem?” came a noise from behind him.

“Oh, um…hey Rin,” Irvine said as he wiped his face on his sleeve.

“Oh, come here,” Rinoa commanded and proceeded to wipe the snipers face clean with some tissues. “There, much better.”

Irvine felt a brief jolt of magical energy as the sorceress brushed her lips lightly over his. Then she lifted his hat and placed a firmer kiss on his brow.

“All better now?” she asked innocently, dark eyes twinkling with laughter.

“I guess,” Irvine said, trying to cover a small pout. But Rinoa still saw it.

“What’s wrong, Irvine?”

The cowboy sighed and removed his hat to run a hand through his auburn hair. “Well, it feels like I’ve been going in circles all morning and every time I turn around, someone kisses me.”

“You’re the one with that hovering over you constantly,” Rinoa pointed out as she gestured towards the object floating above his head.

“Yeah, and if I do something about it, I’ll make Sefie sad.” Irvine sighed. “Should’ve done what Squall did and locked myself in a room and avoided all this.”

“Ah, but he didn’t totally avoid it all,” Rinoa said with a knowing smile.

“What? Who?”

“I kissed him this morning in the cafeteria when we had breakfast. Well, I was having some and he stopped in for coffee and joined me” Rinoa said with a small shrug. “Then when President Loire’s group arrived, Squall got his only other kiss for the day.”

“Really?” Irvine asked with interest. “From who?”


“No way,” was all Irvine could think to say.

“Yes, and that’s why Squall’s mistletoe is outside his door and Laguna hasn’t been near him since,” the dark-haired woman said.

“Was,” Irvine corrected distractedly.

“Was what?”

“Squall’s mistletoe was outside his door. I shot it so he could leave his office when he wanted to without getting into trouble from Selphie destroying it himself.”

“And let me guess. You’re now hiding from Selphie? How gallant of you,” Rinoa said as she gave the cowboy a considering look.

“Well, I was hoping for a kiss myself but he wouldn’t let me near him.”

“Irvine Kinneas! You just admitted to wanting my knight,” Rinoa said, slightly shocked.

“I know. You make it hard not to tell you everything,” Irvine admitted as he looked into dark eyes. “And it gets better.”


“I’ve been dreaming about Laguna and I think I want him too. Actually, after talking to Kiros, I know I want Laguna too.”

“Oh dear,” Rinoa said shaking her head at the apparent mess Irvine was getting himself into.

“Yeah,” Irvine agreed.

“Well, my suggestion is to go talk to Laguna. He headed for his rooms not long ago to find some warmer clothes for when Shiva is summoned later to make the quad into a snow filled wonderland. He should still be there.”

“Thanks Rin, you’re a great help,” Irvine thanked the sorceress, kissing her lightly on the cheek. He stood and petted Angelo again. About to leave, the sniper noticed something that he didn’t see earlier. “Where’s your mistletoe, Rinoa?” he asked.

Rinoa tossed her head and laughed. “Really Irvine, what man wouldn’t want to kiss me?” she asked with a cheeky smile to rival Selphie’s own. “To tell the truth, I didn’t get one because I only have a Garden identifier and not a SeeD code insignia,” she said, pointing to the little badge on her collar.

“You lucky thing. I’ll see you later at the festival,” Irvine said as he petted Angelo again.

With a brief wave to Rinoa, the cowboy left the quad to search for Laguna.

Narrowly missing getting grabbed by the two blonds again, Irvine headed into the guest quarters of the dorms.

Walking down the private hallway that lead to the rooms used by the president of Esthar and his companions, Irvine tried to ignore the nervous tension beginning to twist in his gut. He hadn’t yet figured out what he was going to say to Laguna and as a man who had a comment for everything, this worried the sniper. Perhaps he could just give him the tickets and never mention his conversation with Kiros and that way not have to choose between Squall and his father.

Reaching the door to Laguna’s private room, Irvine knocked on the door.

And waited. He knocked again.

After a few more moments of waiting, Irvine pressed his ear to the door. No noises came from inside the room. Maybe Laguna hadn’t come back to his room and was somewhere else within the Garden. Irvine took the envelope from his pocket with the intention of slipping it under the door when it opened.

Laguna Loire stood in the doorway…

In nothing but wet hair and a robe.

The soft thump of the envelope hitting the floor and an equally soft gasp were the only sounds in the hallway as Irvine unthinkingly reached out and pulled Laguna to him, tilting his head down to capture shower damp lips. Laguna’s free arm immediately came up and curled around the sniper’s neck, pulling them closer together as he opened his lips to let Irvine plunder his mouth.

The man tasted better than he remembered!

Irvine swept his tongue through the welcoming heat of Laguna’s mouth, teasing the older man’s tongue into a passionate duel. He couldn’t remember the last time a kiss felt this good and moaned quietly with pleasure. When he’d been in Kiros’ mind, his senses had been dulled and more like echoes of what Kiros was feeling. Now it was his lips on Laguna’s, the other man’s arm around his neck about to reach up and dislodge his hat, and his hand fighting to loosen the sash that held the robe closed.

At the last realisation, Irvine released Laguna and took a step back. Both men were panting and aqua eyes were shining brightly with desire for the cowboy. They stood watching each other for a few moments more. Laguna recovered the will to speak first.

“Been waiting for that for 17 years.”

Irvine’s eyes widened in surprise. That would mean that the older man wanted him too. But how had he known it was Irvine who had been in Kiros’ body, influencing the dark man’s actions?

“You knew I was coming to see you?” Irvine asked instead.

“Yes. Kiros called and told me to expect company. He told me of your talk about the events caused by Elle’s power.”

“We need to talk,” the cowboy said, moving to lean against the wall opposite the door.

“Won’t you come in?” Laguna asked, holding the door wide.

Irvine shook his head. “I come into that room with you dressed like that and we’ll end up doing things that we’re probably not ready for yet. I’ll wait here.”

“Alright,” Laguna agreed as he stepped forward and brushed his still swollen lips over the cowboy’s equally puffy lips. “Be right back.”

Irvine breathed deeply as the door closed behind the aqua-eyed man. The knowledge that Laguna wanted him too made the younger Galbadian feel light-headed. He grinned to himself. Reaching down to retrieve the envelope from the floor, Irvine caught a glimpse of movement out the corner of his eye. Turning his head, his heart plummeted as he recognised the retreating form.

Squall had seen everything.

To Be Continued…

Mistletoe Madness 2

Notes from Gnome: this was actually meant for be out for Christmas *sighs* Just can’t seem to get stuff done on time at the moment. *shrugs* Not to worry…more coming soonish ^_~