Midflight Interlude
FF8 IxS fic for Scribblemoose
By Garden’s Gnome

All was quiet as a shadowy figure made its way along the aisle, adjusting blankets and removing empty food containers. It had been a long day for everyone.

Squall found it hard to stop and rest even though the voice in his mind told him they were all safe. But that one voice was drowned out by others that told him the plane was not the Ragnarok or Balamb Garden and he knew he wasn’t going to feel safe until they were back on the ground.

Pulling Laguna’s blanket back under the older man’s chin, Squall noted the dark shadows under his eyes and decided it would be good for his father to take a few days off. Perhaps he could see who else was free, grab the Rag and spend some time in Winhill. They could all do with a break from the hectic diplomatic aftermath of the defeat of Ultimecia. Between the cleanup from the Lunar Cry and trying to make sure General Caraway didn’t think Esthar was going to take over the world, it had been a couple of busy months.

The General was the reason they weren’t currently flying in the Ragnarok, the interim leader of Galbadia untrusting of the Estharian President’s motives and banning them from using the airship in the airspace above his country. But after a week of long meetings and occasionally heated arguments, everything seemed to be smoothing out.

Walking back up the aisle to begin the process of checking on everyone again, Squall let out a soft grunt as he was grabbed and pulled down onto his back across three seats. He struggled briefly before giving up as his captor had both height and position advantage.

“That’s right, darlin’. Just relax.”

“I’ll do that when we’re all back in Esthar and safe,” Squall growled quietly as calloused fingers stroked lightly over his cheek.

“Look Squall,” Irvine said with a sigh, “everyone but us is asleep. We still have another seven hours before we even hit Esthar airspace. You need to rest as well.”

“Fine,” the brunette said as he began to sit up. “I’ll go back to my seat and get some sleep.”

“Hey now, I went to quite some trouble to get these three seats and make sure now one was too close,” Irvine said, spreading his body over Squall’s, rubbing his denim clad arousal hard against black leather. “Zell looked rather clueless as Seifer dragged him off saying that I had the right idea. I had to bribe Selphie because she wanted to stay and watch and Quistis said she had planned to sit near Kiros and Laguna anyways to make sure they weren‘t disturbed should anyone recognise them. We have this little area all to ourselves.”

“Not here Irvine,” Squall whispered fiercely, pushing ineffectively at the cowboy’s shoulders as the other man leaned down and licked along his neck.

“And why not?” Irvine asked in a husky whisper as his mouth moved to the brunette’s ear and nibbled on the fleshy lobe, enjoying the shiver that raked through the smaller man. “I know you well enough to not even bother placing bets on if you’ll go to sleep. You will probably read some reports or something and then check on everyone again.”

Squall almost nodded in agreement as he thought about some of the things he could do back in his own seat. However, the young commander of Balamb doubted that Irvine would let him leave now that he had him cornered and responding to his touch, body moving to allow the sniper access without conscious thought.

“That’s it, Squall…relax and enjoy,” Irvine said softly as he felt the brunette’s muscles unwind the tiniest bit. “You are too tense and could get sick if you don’t chill out some more. Now sit up and take your jacket off.”

Squall hesitated for a moment as Irvine sat up before letting out a quiet sigh and relaxing a little further into the cushions under him. Grabbing the hand the cowboy offered, Squall let Irvine pull him up and helped the other man slip the jacket from his shoulders and off his arms.

“Turn around.”

Making sure the jacket didn’t end up crumpled on the floor, Squall draped it over one of the empty seats in front of him before turning around. Expecting to be pulled back against Irvine’s chest, Squall let out a small moan as long fingers began to massage his shoulders.

“Damn, no wonder you can’t relax,” Irvine said as he pressed his fingers into the knotted muscles. “Don’t worry, love. I’ll make you feel good.”

Squall felt Irvine’s voice flow over him, the honeyed tones slipping into his mind and soothing his tired thoughts. Tension from the previous week slowly drained out of him as the sniper massaged his neck and shoulders, the occasional brush of lips on his skin helping the brunette to relax even more. He knew where Irvine wanted this to go and decided that he wouldn’t put up a fight, the sniper always seeming to know what was the best for his often stressed lover.

“Whatever…do as you please,” Squall said quietly as he let his head drop back onto the cowboy’s shoulder.

Irvine’s hands paused in their movements at the brunette’s words, the sniper then holding his breath as he slowly slid a hand around Squall’s side, down over his lover’s chest and into his lap. When his commander didn’t protest the touch, Irvine drew the hand back upwards, taking the white shirt that Squall was wearing with it. Pushing Squall’s body forwards a little, Irvine pushed the shirt up and over his lover’s head, tossing it to the floor as he pulled the half naked body back against him. Irvine then buried his face into the curve of Squall’s neck, fine dark hair tickling his nose and he breathed in deeply.

Tilting his head to the side, Squall felt his breathing quicken a little as Irvine began to suck on his skin, teeth nipping occasionally and sending little jolts along the brunette’s nerves. Pulling at the cowboy’s legs, Squall arranged them so that one was stretched along the seats while the other rested over the edge and supported them. Placing his hands on Irvine’s thighs, Squall rhythmically squeezed then, his movements falling in time with his lover’s.

Noting the change in position that left his lover at his mercy should the brunette leave his hands where the were, Irvine slipped his arms under Squall’s and stroked them over the lean chest, enjoying the way the muscles there quivered to the lightest touch. He tickled the brunette’s belly, tweaked his nipples and lightly ran his fingertips in the trail of crisp dark hairs that disappeared into Squall’s pants.

“These are in the way, love,” Irvine breathed into Squall’s ear, tongue diving in to the fleshy shell as his hands quietly fiddled with multiple belts and slowly opened the tight leather, moaning appreciatively as the scent of the other man’s arousal reached him.

The same scent also reached Squall and the brunette cursed quietly as Irvine’s fingers curled around his length and squeezed it gently. “Irvine…the smell…” he protested, head leaning away from the sniper’s lips.

“Hmmm?” Irvine asked distractedly as he tried to follow Squall and watch his hand at the same time.

“Stop, Irvine,” Squall commanded with a gasp as the sniper’s thumb passed over the sensitive head of his cock. “Everyone will know what we’re doing when they smell it,” he whispered harshly as he grabbed the cowboy’s hand and removed it from his pants.

“What do you suggest then?” Irvine asked. “We are going to finish what we started,” he said as he licked along Squall’s neck, hips shifting to press his own hardened cock against Squall‘s body.

Shivering a little at the wetness of his lover’s tongue, Squall racked his slightly muddled mind for a place they could go. The only suitable place on the plane was the bathroom. He’d been in their earlier and knew there wouldn’t be much room for them to move.

“Come on,” Irvine said, getting up from the seat carefully and adjusting the obvious bulge in his jeans and reaching out a hand to the brunette. “There’s only one place we can go.”

“Wait,” Squall said, trying to grab his shirt and do his leather pants up again. “I need to dress,” he hissed as the other man.

Looking as his lover fiddle with his clothing, Irvine winced at the thought of Squall trying to get his cock back into his tight pants. Quickly grabbing his duster from the seat where Squall had placed his jacket, Irvine draped it over the brunette’s naked shoulders.

“Use this,” he said, buttoning it up.

Squall didn’t argue with his lover, instead biting his lip to keep from making a noise as the fabric brushed over the exposed head of his cock. “Hurry,” he whispered.

Irvine peered at the brunette’s flushed face and deemed him covered up enough to make the trip to the bathroom. Thankfully it was nearby and they would only be passing by Laguna and Kiros on their way there. Irvine was not game to even look to see if the two men were really asleep.

Squeezing into the tiny cubicle and closing the door, Irvine looked at his lover and smiled widely. “How do you want to do this?” he asked as he unbuttoned the duster.

“Doesn’t matter,” Squall said as the clothing fell open and he sighed in relief. “Just do it.”

“Don’t you mean do you?”

Squall frowned down at the sniper. “Do it…do me…whatever.”

“Say it again, love,” Irvine said as he knelt on one knee and sucked two of his own fingers into his mouth and then teased the saliva slicked tips over the dark head of Squall’s cock.

“Fuck, Irvine,” Squall gritted out. “Do me.”

“As you command, sir,” Irvine said with a wicked smirk, leaning forward and sliding his lips slowly over Squall’s length.

Hands balled into fists against the wall that Squall leaned against, head falling back with a soft thump as he fought the low growl that wanted to erupt from his throat. His hips jerked forward of their own violation as Irvine’s hands dragged his leather pants down his legs, fingertips teasing any skin they touched as the item of clothing was totally removed.

“You didn’t listen to the stewardess, Squall,” Irvine said after letting the brunette’s cock fall from his mouth. “We were supposed to leave our shoes on,” the sniper added, licking along a pale thigh as he draped the leg over his shoulder.

“Made things easier for you, didn’t it?” Squall argued, fingers reaching out and sliding into long waves of auburn hair.

“I’m not complaining,” Irvine whispered, warm breath ghosting over his lover’s damp cock, lavender eyes looking up the length of the brunette’s almost naked body. “You look good in just that,” he said with a smile as the palm of his hand slid along the underside of Squall’s thigh and along the hard curve of the other man’s bottom.

“Lube?” Squall asked, breath hitching as he watched the sniper’s pink tongue dart out and flick along the head of his length.

“Left pocket,” Irvine said as he placed open mouthed kisses along the flesh before him, fingers lightly teasing over Squall’s entrance.

Squall almost dropped the tube as he handed it to his lover when a knock came at the door.

“Are you alright in there sir? Can I be of assistance?” the stewardess asked.

“No,” Squall said with a cough to cover his lover’s snicker. “I’ll be alright, am just feeling a little light-headed due to the altitude. I’ll be out when I feel a bit better.”

“Very well, sir. Don’t hesitate to call me though,” the voice on the other side of the door said.

Squall glared at his grinning lover as quiet footsteps signalled the departure of the stewardess.

“Hurry it up, Kinneas, or I’ll be heading back to my seat,” Squall growled.

“You’re going to walk out of here like that?” Irvine asked, leering as his lover’s naked form that was only clothed in his duster.

Blue eyes glared down at the Galbadian as Irvine flicked the tube in his hand open and generously slicked his fingers in the clear gel.

“Don’t look at me like that, love,” Irvine said as he traced the damp fingers over the tight pucker, teasing it and slipping a single finger in a little bit. “And forgive me for making this fast.”

Squall almost bit through his bottom lip as two fingers we quickly pushed into him, Irvine’s mouth again finding his cock and sucking it deep into the moist heat. Slowly the brunette eased back down off his toes and relaxed around the fingers moving gently within him. Looking down he found the sniper watching him carefully as a third finger began to make its presence known. Squall nodded his acceptance and the finger joined the others, moving and teasing and stretching him. He gasped quietly as they brushed over his prostate, the gasp turning into a moan as they returned and stayed there. Calloused fingers began to pull at Irvine’s hair and the cowboy complied with the silent order, fingers disappearing and leaving Squall empty. Irvine’s zipper sounded loud compared to Squall’s quiet panting, the brunette leaning against the wall and watching as his lover slicked his own cock.

Standing slowly, Irvine urged Squall’s leg to fall from his shoulder to his hip as his hands curved around pale skin, fingers digging into the firm flesh of Squall’s buttocks as Irvine lifted his feet off the floor. Squall curled his legs around his lover, body shaking a little in anticipation as the throbbing head of the sniper’s cock rested against him. Irvine trapped the brunette between his body and the wall, Squall fingers tightening in his hair as he pressed against the tiny muscles and slid into tight heat.

Whimpering quietly as he was filled by his lover, Squall listened to Irvine’s harsh breathing as the sniper fought his own need to vocalise his appreciation of where he now found himself. Burying his face into his lover’s neck, Squall held on tightly as they began to move. Movements slow at first to ensure he hadn’t hurt his lover with their lack of preparation, Irvine shifted his weight until he felt the flesh around his tighten suddenly, Squall’s arms and legs holding him closer as he struck the nerves deep within the brunette’s body as an involuntary gasp was muffled against his neck. Keeping that same angle, Irvine continued to move, thrusting a little harder and faster each time, Squall’s gasps becoming quiet moans that grew louder as they continued. Removing his hands from his lover’s hips, long fingers of one hand buried themselves into tousled brown hair as the other wormed its way between their bodies to grasp a needy length. Irvine groaned as teeth sank into his neck, the sudden pain making his body jerk forward as all but slam Squall’s into the wall. The brunette went rigid in his arms and then was pulsing around Irvine’s length and in his hand, Squall’s hot essences coating the fingers stroking him as well as both their stomachs. Irvine moved within the fluttering muscles, his own release pulled from him by his lover’s body as he breathed heavily over Squall’s cheek and ear, holding the other man to him as they both shuddered through their orgasms.

Squall sighed as Irvine’s spent length slipped from his body, grimacing as he unwrapped his cramping legs from the sniper’s hips and stood shakily against the wall. He smiled a little as his lover all but fell back onto the closed toilet, long legs sprawled out in front of him.

“You look relaxed,” Squall said softly as he wet a towel to clean up with.

“Mmmm,” Irvine moaned quietly, a content smile gracing his lips.

“We have to clean up,” Squall said, dropping another wet cloth over his lover’s abdomen as he pulled his leather pants on and picked up the crumpled tube off the floor, slipping it back into a pocket in Irvine’s duster.

“All right,” Irvine said, finally making a move to clean up.

Squall quickly slipped from the cubicle while Irvine was distracted, running into a solid chest as he turned to go back to his seat.

“Dad!” the brunette said, hands moving to hold Irvine’s duster closed.

Laguna looked down at his son with knowing eyes. “The stewardess said you weren’t feeling good so I came to check up on you,” the long-haired man said quietly as he ushered Squall back to his seat.

“Laguna, I’m sitting over there,” Squall said, pointing to where he’d left his jacket next to Irvine’s hat.

Moving towards the seats, Laguna watched the way his son walked, the younger man’s gait much more relaxed than it was earlier when he‘d seen Squall checking up on everyone. He shooed away the stewardess and made sure his son was comfortable.

“He’s very good for you,” Laguna said as he pulled a blanket over Squall’s body. “Don’t let him get away.”

“Don’t worry, sir. He’s not going to get a chance to get rid of me.”

Laguna almost jumped out of his skin at Irvine’s words, moving aside so the sniper could join his son, smiling down at the pair as Irvine pulled the sleepy commander against him and arranged their bodies for sleep.

“Well…um…good night,” Laguna said quietly, receiving a nod from Irvine and a sleepy murmur from Squall as he made his way back to his own chair.

“Well?” Kiros asked as Laguna sat down and got comfortable again. “Is Squall alright?”

“He’s just fine. Irvine will take good care of him,” Laguna said as he snuggled under his blanket, smiling as Kiros grunted quietly and pulled him across their seats to lie against him, knowing that his lover would now sleep seeing as his son was in good hands.

Yes, Laguna thought as he listened to Kiros’ heartbeat under his ear, his position much the same as he’d seen Irvine arrange Squall into as they prepared to sleep, everything would be fine.