In The Good Doctor’s Lab
FF8 IxS fic for Kenderlyn
By Garden’s Gnome

“No, Irvine. Not here,” Squall argued as his back came into contact with a sturdy bookshelf, biting back a groan as teeth nipped at his earlobe.

“And why not?” the sniper asked, breath warm against Squall’s neck as he moved his attentions slowly downward. “Haven’t seen you for two weeks, let alone manage more than five minutes of privacy in the past month, and you want me to stop?” Irvine bit down a little on the flesh under his lips. “I think not.”

“Irvine…” Squall growled and then whimpered as the cowboy sucked hard enough to leave a mark.

“Give me one good reason, Squall,” Irvine said, looking down into smoky blue eyes as he slipped the fur-trimmed jacket from Squall’s shoulders, grinding their hips together at the same time. “Convince me this is a bad idea and you want to stop and it will.”

“There could all sorts of video and audio devices in this room,” Squall pointed out as he tried to keep his jacket on as he looked about the room. “Odine is a paranoid man.”

Irvine looked around briefly as he won the battle for the first piece of clothing, tossing the jacket behind them.

“The crackpot is in for a good show then,” the cowboy said with a smile as his hand came to rest on the bulge in Squall’s leather pants. “Not good enough, love,” his whispered against Squall’s open mouth as the brunette gasped when Irvine palmed his hardening cock through tight leather pants. “Try again.”

Any words Squall would have said were lost as Irvine’s wet tongue snaked into his mouth, possessively seeking any surface, teasing the brunette’s tongue into desire’s dance. He couldn’t find any reason to continue to fight the pleasurable onslaught and gave himself up to the hands that roamed over his body, his own moving to do the same to his lover. Squall’s shirt was pushed up so that Irvine could access his chest, sucking and biting at the hardened nipples as Squall’s hands knocked off the ever-present hat to tangle in auburn hair.

Irvine felt the fingers sliding through his hair, silently urging him to do more. Smiling against Squall’s chest, he began to work on the belts that were a barrier between him and what he wanted. The three belts hit the floor faster than the last time he’d removed them causing Irvine to grunt happily as his fingers slipped the button free. Biting the smooth skin of Squall’s navel that was under his lips, the cowboy soothed the reddened flesh as Squall sucked in his stomach before again relaxing at the pleasurable touch. Irvine moved to settle fully on the floor, praying his feet wouldn’t fall asleep as he looked up into lust hazed eyes and pulled Squall’s zip down with his teeth. The sniper purred in the back of his throat when Squall’s eyes flared with desire as he watched what Irvine was doing. Gun calloused hands ran their way up leather clad legs, fingers hooking in between skin and fabric to remove the garment from Squall’s body. A gasp above him made Irvine smile as he ran his nose up the length of Squall’s erection, breathing in the scent of leather and arousal as he gently blew warm air over his lover’s cock.

Tightening the grip of one hand in Irvine’s hair and ensuring the sniper wouldn’t be getting away any time soon, Squall reached out and held onto the bookshelf behind him, knowing that he would need its support to keep him standing. His hips surged forward as moist heat surrounded him, Irvine immediately drawing his length all the way into his hot mouth. Squall moaned his appreciation of the attention, stroking Irvine’s hollowed cheeks as the sniped teased him with tongue and lips and teeth. Long-fingered hands moved to grip Squall’s tightly muscled butt, pulling his hips away from the bookshelf as Irvine deep-throated his cock, burying his nose in dark, sweat dampened curls.

“Oh god,” Squall gasped out as Irvine held his hips steady. “Tell me you have lube.”

Slowly drawing back from Squall’s body, Irvine kissed the darkened tip of Squall’s erection as it fell free of his lips, which he licked before smiling up at the panting brunette.

“You know I never go anywhere without it,” he said as he stood and drew a well-used tube from a pocket in his duster.

Squall reached out and pulled Irvine’s face close. “Then what are you waiting for?” he asked, licking Irvine’s lips and tasting himself there.

Irvine listened to Squall moan against his lips as they kissed lightly, tongues flicking teasingly against each other. Taking an abrupt step forward, Irvine trapped Squall against the shelves behind him, popping the tube open as he turned the kiss forceful and plundered Squall’s mouth possessively.

“Mine,” he growled out as he slipped gel-slicked fingers between the crease of Squall’s buttocks, seeking the tight pucker that was waiting for him.

Moving slightly to one side, Irvine forced a leg between Squall’s, making him open his trembling thighs to give the sniper access to what he wanted. Irvine’s right hand slid slowly along smooth pale flesh, touching ever so lightly over the small ring of tight muscle that waited for him. He listened to Squall whimper impatiently, the brunette rocking back against his fingers. Begging for more.

Squall was so sensitive he almost lost himself when a wet finger thrust deeply into his body, Irvine biting down on his neck and encircling his cock in a lube slick hand at the same time. He trembled as he leaned against the bookshelf and his lover, feeling his own body tightening around the intruding digit.

“Fuck, Irvine,” he said in a choked whisper, resting his head against the sniper’s.

“Shortly love,” Irvine replied as he slowly began to move the finger he’d buried in Squall, soon adding a second and then a third as the brunette began to thrust back against the probing digits, the sniper carefully avoiding the tiny bundle of nerves he knew would end their fun too quickly.

“Irvine,” Squall growled out in warning, knowing what the cowboy was doing and not liking it. He was hard and ready and wanted to come now, their location and the possibility of being watched the last thing on his mind.

“Whatever you say, babe.”

Squall felt empty as Irvine’s fingers left him and gripped his hips, turning him around carefully so he wouldn’t trip in his pants that were pooled about his ankles so that he was standing with his legs spread and holding on the to shelves for support. Behind him he heard a zipper and the rustling of fabric followed but the wet noise of Irvine’s hand on his own erection. Squall felt his cock twitch at the thought of those fingers stroking hot hard flesh. Then Irvine was touching him, gently parting flesh to reveal the fluttering pucker begging to be filled. Squall whimpered as the blunt tip of Irvine ‘s cock was placed against the waiting flesh, just sitting there as Irvine gripped his hips. There was no warning as Irvine thrust forward, seating himself to the hilt in one thrust.

It was all Squall could do to grit his teeth against the shout of pleasure and fight his body’s urge to come as both he and Irvine drew in deeps gulps of air.

Irvine waited a few moments, letting Squall calm down a bit before he began to slowly thrust into the welcoming warmth. He’d missed this; Squall’s heat wrapping around him possessively, the scent of the man and the noises he made whenever they were joined like this. It made the wait and frustrations of the previous weeks worth their trouble. He wished he could take the time to fuck his brunette lover slowly but already they were pushing their luck with getting caught in this very compromising position.

The thought of getting caught made Irvine pick up the pace. There was no way he would let anyone else see Squall like this, wanton and demanding his touch.

Squall held onto the shelves as best he could as Irvine began to thrust harder and deeper but his hands were beginning to sweat and he was losing his grip. He could feel the sense of urgency in every thrust and movement of his lover behind him. Squall stopped holding onto the shelves, instead using them to push back against Irvine. The cowboy changed his angle that little bit and wrapped a warm hand around the brunette’s cock, both of them panting loudly and moaning as the shelf banged against the wall from the force of their actions, books and object rattling ominously. Squall could feel his body tightening towards orgasm and let one hand drop from the shelves to wrap around the hand that stroked him, hoping to stem the flow of semen that he knew would pour from his body. Irvine’s own hand tightened at the touch and Squall fell over the edge, hot liquid coating their hands even as the sniper spurted deep within his body.

Squall lost his grip on the shelves as Irvine slumped onto him and the both slipped to the floor, Squall seated on Irvine‘s lap, his softening cock still deep inside.

“Ow…fuck, that hurt,” Irvine grumbled behind him as something fell from the shelves to hit the sniper’s head and Squall’s shoulder before landing on the floor next to them.

Squall reached out slowly, not wanting to lose too much contact with his lover, and picked up the heavy book, looking at the page that it had fallen open to. He looked at the image and then read aloud the caption underneath it.

“Holiest Hyne in a stainless steel corset,” he read out for Irvine to hear.

Behind Squall, Irvine grunted as he looked at the picture on the page. It was a depiction of Hyne lying back on a divan style sofa in nothing but a steel corset.

Yep, Irvine thought to himself as he took the book from his lover and set about getting them off the floor to clean up, if the old crackpot has cameras in this room, he sure is going to enjoy the show.