FFVIII Drabble for Skribe
By Garden's Gnome

“Your boat’s going down, you threw away the life jackets and you’ve sailed into foreign waters without a flare. What do you do?”

Rinoa looked at Squall in surprise. Surely he was kidding? No one was that stupid.

“Hey guys, watcha doing?” Selphie asked, bouncing into the commander’s office.

“Battle survival tactics.”

“What for?” Selphie asked Zell as Squall pointed out things on a map to Rinoa. “All of us already know what to do.”

“Not Rinoa.”

“Oh, okay,” Selphie said before wandering over to join Irvine and Seifer on the sofa.

“This is silly,” Rinoa said. “Why would I toss out the life jackets?”

Squall sighed. “Assume they weren’t on board. Rinoa, you’re the one who wanted to learn everything like we did.”

“But who would do this kind of thing?”

Zell snickered quietly. “Irvine would.”

“What did you say?” Rinoa asked.

“I said that Irvine would…or rather he has been in a sinking boat without life jacket or flare and in enemy waters.”

“What? When? How did he survive?”

“It was a stroke of brilliance!” Irvine said as he came to the table. “There I was, stuck in the middle of the ocean. I’d tried to use the jackets as a signal cloth but the wind blew them away and the flares I had got wet.”

“And he was in enemy territory,” Seifer added ominously.

“How did you survive?” Rinoa asked.

Irvine, Zell and Seifer all snickered and gathered around Rinoa.

“He made a pact with Leviathan to sacrifice a virgin’s blood every full moon,” Seifer said.

“He was captured by the enemy and became a spy,” Zell whispered.

A sigh sounded in the background. “He was called in for his bath.”

All eyes in the room turned towards where Quistis stood.


“All of you should be ashamed,” Quistis berated the group as she came up to the table. The blonde woman stopped next to Squall and glared at him. “Tell her the truth.”

“It’s a scenario from a game we played as kids. Irvine was called in by Matron for his bath and so he survived drowning in waters owned by Seifer’s marauders.”

“You…it’s…you TRICKED ME!”

“The look on your face,” laughed Zell, jumping away from the furious sorceress.

“Calm down Rinoa. It was just a little fun,” Seifer said as he was pulled to safety by Irvine.

“Fun? FUN!? I’ll show you fun!”

Power drew around the young sorceress and all the gang but Quistis flinched as the power washed over them. Then they disappeared.

“Rinoa! Where are they?!” Quistis asked.

“Look out the window, Quistis.”

Quistis looked out over the ocean surrounding the Garden. Below she could see a tiny boat sinking into the sea, all five on it frantically searching for a life jacket or bucket.

“Think I’ll bring them back in once they’re wet.”

The blonde woman shook her head and smiled. Served them right.

“Could I interest you in a coffee to go with our entertainment?”

“Sure, Quisty. I’d love one.”