Peanut Butter
FFVIII ItC Drabble for Neko
By Garden's Gnome

Sizzling chicken was music to the ears of Seifer, Zell and Irvine as the three men watched Squall cook dinner. Sunday night was proceeding like normal except Selphie was on a date with Nida, Rinoa was visiting her father and Quistis had decided the men needed some time alone to…discuss…things. Or as Irvine and Zell put it - gossip.

Having returned late that afternoon from their three-month mission in Dollet cleaning up the Card Club’s operations, the two blondes would debrief in the morning. Now was for catching up with friends.

“Remind me to give those copies of the ‘Girl Next Door’ magazines to Rinoa for Zone when she gets back,” Zell was saying as they watched the brunette cooking the food on the other side of the counter.

Normally they wouldn’t be able to see but Irvine had suggested that they pull the small table up against the entertainment unit and stand on it. Squall had raised a brow but said nothing, knowing that it was better than in them small kitchenette with him. Pulling the peanut butter out of the cupboard, he added a generous dollop to what was becoming satay chicken.

“Smooth?” Irvine asked, picking up the jar and looking at it. “Crunchy is better than smooth any day of the week.”

“Not for everything,” Seifer said and smirked down at his blonde lover.

“It’s all I have in the pantry,” Squall said, grabbing it back. He turned his attention to the two blondes. “Do I want to know?”

“Um…” Zell said, blushing. “We went on a picnic…”

“In a nice secluded spot,” Seifer said.

“We started getting a little frisky…”

“And he forgot the lube,” the green eyed blonde added again.

Zell glared at his lover but said nothing, eyes turning to the open jar.

“What happened?” Irvine asked, all ears.

“He improvised,” Zell finished, quickly sitting down on the table and hiding his very red face.

“We were having peanut butter sandwiches. Fresh jar too, so there was lots of it,” Seifer said, dipping his finger into the jar and having a taste.

“You didn’t?” Squall asked.

“Yup,” the blonde nodded. “Dollet has a brand of very oily peanut butter. Thankfully we had grabbed the smooth instead of the crunchy that morning when packing the basket.”

Irvine and Seifer snickered together at the blonde’s good improvisation.

“Zell? You okay?” Squall asked, leaning over the counter to look down at the tattooed man.

Unfortunately this caused the jar of peanut butter to tilt over the edge.

“Hehe…” Irvine chuckled before he saw the jar. “Squall! No not the peanut butter!”

Zell looked up at the last moment and could only flinch as the jar hit his shoulder, the thick liquid spraying out to cover his cheek.


Seifer immediately sat and checked that his lover was okay. Then he smirked and leaned in and licked from Zell’s jaw to his hairline.

“Yuck!” Zell said even as the other blonde continued to lick him.

Squall watched them, and found a memory overlapping his vision. A memory of a younger Seifer licking peanut butter off of Zell when the small boy had pulled on the kitchen table cloth back at the orphanage when matron had been baking. Seifer had liked peanut butter after that.

Then Squall noticed that the two blondes didn’t seem to be stopping their playing. He was about to clear his throat when an arm wrapped around his waist and lifted him over his lover’s shoulder.

“Irvine, what about dinner?” the brunette asked as he was carried towards the bedroom like a sack of potatoes.

“It’ll keep,” Irvine said. “Oi, lube’s in the bathroom!” he called back to the two blondes as he carried his lover into their bedroom for ravishment.