FFVIII Drabble for Cydling
By Garden's Gnome

Quistis stood on the balcony overlooking the Quad, watching as the workers below repaired the damage caused when Galbadia Garden had rammed them. The section had remained a dangerous area throughout the war, but that had now been over for a few months.

The blonde woman watched as Seifer leaned out over the side of the Garden, Raijin and Zell checking the ropes that were keeping the man from falling. Seifer and his companions had returned to the Garden about a month after the war ended. All three were on good behaviour warnings for another month, and then they would be allowed to participate in the SeeD program again.

Turning her eyes to one of the workbenches nearby, Quistis watched Irvine and Squall look over the repair plans. They stood a little too close for just friends and occasionally Squall would smile shyly up at the cowboy.

Quistis sighed.

“It bothers you, doesn’t it?” Rinoa asked as she joined Quistis watching the scene below.

“Yes and no. I’ve never really been serious about pursuing either man.”

“Either of them?” Rinoa asked, as Seifer came back up from doing something on the side of the Garden.

“I had a thing for Seifer too,” Quistis said blushing.

“Ah,” the sorceress said before giggling.


“You never knew that Seifer was pining for Zell?”

“You’re kidding!” gasped out Quistis. “That would explain his continuos teasing.”

Rinoa nodded. “Thing is, I’m sure Zell feels the same but I can’t prove it.”

“No way. What about you and Seifer? Didn’t you go out together?”

“No, just friends. I wanted Squall but that just wasn’t meant to be.”

“Do you ever get tempted to…you know?” Quistis asked, wriggling her fingers.

“Yes,” Rinoa said, giggling at the blonde woman. “But Squall would feel it the moment I tried something.”

“What about them?” Quistis suggested, pointing to where Zell was handing Seifer a bottle of cold water.

“Hmmm, I might be persuaded to do a little something to help them out,” the dark-haired woman agreed with a wicked grin. “They look like little dolls all the way down there. I always did like to make my dolls into happy couples.”

Quistis turned to watch the men below, feeling the near invisible wings form beside her as Rinoa tapped into her sorceress powers. At first she watched Squall to see if he sensed anything. Then she saw Irvine nudge the brunette, both men looking to where Seifer and Zell stood.

The shorter blonde had taken the water bottle and poured the cool liquid over Seifer’s head. Seifer looked like he was going to explode with anger until Zell stepped closer and began to lick the rivulets of water from his bare chest. The taller blonde stood frozen, hands clenching and relaxing at his sides until he reached up and moved to hold Zell at arms length.

Quistis could see Zell’s eyes were clouded as Rinoa controlled him. Then they cleared and the tattooed man shifted, ready to defend himself against the strike he was expecting.

But Seifer didn’t strike him. He lifted a hand and stroked his cheek instead.

Then he went back to repairing the Garden, his green eyes straying to the other blonde every few seconds.