FFVIII Drabble for Roku
By Garden's Gnome

Squall stood to one side watching the flurry of motion that was the women in his life.

You’d think they were the ones getting married, he thought as he watched Rinoa helping Selphie with her makeup while Quistis did her own hair. He sighed and wandered back into his bedroom to dress.

“You in there Squall?” came a voice on the other side of his door a few moments later.


Laguna opened the door and strolled into the room

“Dad, close the door!” Squall yelled, dressed only in a towel.

“Oh…sorry about that,” Laguna said, kicking the door closed.

Squall sighed. He should have known better than to expect that this day would be simple. All he wanted was the orphanage gang and a few others at his and Seifer’s wedding day - not the whole Garden and half of Esthar. But with Laguna paying for the ceremony, he’d had no choice.

“What did you bring?” he asked, noting the box that his father carried.

“Just a few things to add some fun to your wedding night,” the older man said with a wink. Ever since Squall had accepted Laguna and Kiros were lovers, Squall had been told all sorts of interesting things that he really didn’t want to know about their love life.

Approaching the white box like he would a bomb, the brunette carefully lifted the lid.

“You remembered,” he said, blushing brightly as he lifted the object from the box.

“Well, it’s a bit hard to ignore someone saying ‘But...but I LIKE the purple ones!’ in the middle of a sex shop.” Laguna picked up the large dildo. “You don’t think Seifer will be jealous?”

“Hyne no,” Squall said, grabbing the object and tossing it in his suitcase. “He’s been trying to get me to buy one for ages. Your suggestion of a ‘hen’s’ night in a sex shop was a great idea. I’ve never seen Quistis blush so hard when Selphie went through and described the use of each of those whips and paddles in the bdsm section.”

“Indeed,” Laguna agreed. “For a little person, she sure has a wild side.”

“Selphie’s always been wild. It’s why she and Irvine get along so well. So how do I look?”

Laguna looked at his son now dressed for the wedding. The younger man cut a dashing figure in his SeeD uniform.

“You’d make you mother proud. Have you got everything?” Laguna asked.

“Yes, dad,” Squall said, rolling his eyes.

“You think Seifer will be there in time?”

“He better be,” Squall growled softly. “I’d hate to have to kill the best man for deciding that tar and feathers were a good way to leave the groom as revenge for years of being called chicken-wuss. Zell will regret his fun if Seifer is late.”

Laguna swallowed nervously at the fire in Squall’s eyes, praying to Hyne that the green-eyed blonde would be in time for the ceremony.

“Ready to go?”

“Yes, dad. I’m ready.”