FFVIII Life Series Drabble for Sukunami
By Garden's Gnome

Isan stopped the car and got out, quickly moving to bring the groceries into the house. It was too hot for the ice cream to safely stay out of a freezer for any longer.

“Severyn, I’m home!” he called as he came through the door.

“Daddy!” came a call followed by the sound of little feet thundering towards him.

Isan had enough time to brace himself and hold the groceries aloft before Kalen latched onto his leg.

“Hey there kiddo,” he greeted his son. Isan began to make his way towards the kitchen, the small boy still wrapped around his leg, giggling. “Where’s mommy?” Isan asked.

Kalen let go of his father’s leg and got up off the floor. “Mommy’s outside,” he said, grabbing the hem of Isan’s shirt and trying to pull him towards the door.

“Hang on, Kalen. Have to put away the ice-cream first,” the brunette said. Once the dessert was safely tucked away, Isan was dragged outside.

The day was clear and bright, making the white linen sheets almost painful to look at as Kalen’s mother hanged them up. Isan motioned the boy to be quiet and snuck up on his partner. At the last moment, Isan spun Severyn around and picked him up, spinning with the white-haired man in his arms

“Hello love,” Isan whispered as he greeted his husband with a kiss.

“Isan, put me down. I have laundry to hang out and a house to clean up,” Severyn protested even as he laughed and kissed the brunette back.

“Hasn’t been too much for you?” Isan asked, glancing at their son who was oblivious to their attention.

“It was going well until Kalen fed Carbuncle some of his candy. Poor little thing didn’t know if he was coming or going, he was that hyper. We must remember not to feed Carbuncle anything sweet and red.”

Isan nodded. “Where is he now?

“I think he fell asleep on the floor near the washing machine. Coolest place in the house at the moment,” Severyn said, wiping a hand across his brow and glancing towards the sun. “It’s almost lunch time. Let me finish hanging out this last load and then we can eat.”

Isan frowned briefly, looking back towards Kalen, and then looked at his husband.

“This is the last of the washing?” he asked.

“Yes, why?”

“The machine was going when I passed through the laundry…and I didn’t see Carbuncle anywhere.”

Severyn’s eyes widened as they fell on their son.

“Kalen, where’s Carbuncle?” he asked.

“Having a bath,” the child replied.

“Oh Hyne!”

Isan and Sev both raced into the house, quickly stopping the wash cycle before it hit spin. With a feeling of dread, Isan lifted the lid and breathed a sigh of relief as a very wet Carbuncle jumped into his arms.

"It's machine washable - that's a new feature,” he said quietly as he held the little guardian force close.

Kalen didn’t help with the laundry for a long time.