FFVIII Drabble for SP
By Garden's Gnome

Irvine followed Squall through the Ragnarok towards the conference room, enjoying the view of the brunette’s leather clad ass swaying a little before him. What he would give to be buried within that tightness…

Squall strode quickly, knowing the sniper was following him, feeling those lavender eyes glued to his butt. He couldn’t believe he’d just been about to give in when the call for a meeting came through. What had gotten into him? He didn’t have time for a fling with anyone, let alone another male. He’d rebuffed Seifer’s advances for years, and Zell knew better than to approach his icy commander for more than friendship. Hell, even Quistis had the hots for him. Selphie seemed to be the only one not interested. But that was because she’d left her lover in Trabia to finish her studies.

The door swished open, admitting Squall into the conference room, right Irvine behind him. No one else was in the room.

“What the hell?” he asked.

There was a quiet click behind him.

“Unlock the door, Irvine,” Squall commanded.

“Sorry, can’t do that,” Irvine said quietly as he moved past Squall to look out at the darkening sky. “I didn’t lock the door.”

Squall glared up at the monitor for the room.

“No point doing that either, darlin’. Sefie’s got all the cameras turned off.”

“Selphie’s helping you?”

“Yeah,” Irvine said, smiling shyly as Squall joined him. “We made wishes and now we’re helping each other make them come true,” Irvine said, pointing at a shooting star.

“Whoever told you that wishes made on stars come true was lying,” Squall said, flopping into a chair.

"It's not lying, it…it comes true!"

Squall looked up at as Irvine stood over him. He looked so serious and Squall knew they wouldn’t be let out of the room until Irvine was happy. “What did you wish for?” he asked.

“A kiss…from you,” Irvine said, blushing. “Course, never expected it to happen after all these years.”

“When did you make this wish?” the brunette asked.

“Um…when I was five.”

“What? You actually remember stuff from back then?” Squall asked.

“Not everything, since I’ve been using the GF’s, but I remember more than you. I remember seeing Seifer give you a kiss once and wishing that was me.”

Squall thought hard about what Irvine was saying. He remembered little from the orphanage, and what he did recall was mostly about Sis.

“I don’t remember,” he admitted, opening his eyes to find Irvine kneeling before him.

“That’s alright,” the cowboy whispered as he removed his hat, leaning closer. “Let me help you make new memories.”

The first brush of lips against his was a gentle caress, almost as if Irvine couldn’t believe Squall would allow the kiss. As soon as that was determined, Irvine turned aggressive, pushing his tongue into Squall’s mouth, stealing the brunette’s breath away.

Eventually Selphie came to check on the two men, only to find them curled together, naked under Irvine’s duster, fast asleep.