The Blacksmith’s Barrel
FF8 AU WxI fic for Lipstickcat
By Garden’s Gnome

Irvine walked slowly around the barn, heading towards the far end of the ranch. Already he could smell the scent of hot iron and smoke over that of his own sweat. He loved this time of day, when the sun was meandering towards the horizon a little faster, the calls of the chocobos ringing out in the air. Especially when he had nothing left to do but go see Ward. Smiling, the cowboy walked a little faster, two bottles of ice-cold beer chinking in his hand.

Rounding the open doors, Irvine crept into the blacksmith’s hut. He could just make out the large shadowy outline of Ward as his eyes adjusted to the fire lit interior, the taller man bent over his work. The rhythmic ringing of the big hammer that Ward wielded drowned the sound of the bottle being placed on the bench. Irvine would’ve liked to run the cold glass over Ward’s back but knew better than to disturb the other man while he worked. Retreating back out of the furnace like conditions, Irvine opened his bottle and took a long swig before setting it down beside the large drum of clean water.

Behind Irvine the sound of the hammer slowed, coming to a stop.

Knowing that he was now being watched, Irvine slowly removed his vest, letting the fabric dangle at his wrists for a moment before flinging it in the direction of the closest post, where the faded purple fabric landed easily. His hat followed a moment later, also landing on the post. Placing long fingered hands on either side of the barrel, Irvine plunged himself into the cool water.

As he came back up, Irvine flicked his long water soaked ponytail over his shoulder and took a step backwards. He almost jumped when his bare back came into contact with an unyielding wall of hot sweaty chest.

“Hey Ward,” Irvine said with a grin at he looked up at the other man. His smile faltered as Ward just stared down at him.

“Ah…guess I’m in your way,” Irvine said, becoming a little nervous as the older man made no move to communicate with him.

Irvine began to move out from between Ward and the barrel of cool water when thickly muscled arms came up on either side of him. The hands then moved to his wrists, taking them both and pulling them behind his back.

“It’s still daylight, you know,” Irvine said as he licked his lips. He could feel Ward shrug behind him.

With one hand holding his arms behind him, Irvine wondered what Ward was going to do now that he had the cowboy at his mercy. A large hand came up to his cheek, calloused fingers trailing down the wet flesh to his neck. Down the fingers went, over his chest and a hardening nipple, over his taunt belly, down to the buckle of his pants. Irvine squirmed a little as Ward deftly undid the buckle and slowly slid it out of the belt loops. Then the fingers moved on to the clasp and zip of his pants.

“Ward…” Irvine said a little uncomfortably, fearing that the owner of the ranch would come along at any moment.

Ward released Irvine’s hands and made a few gestures. “You started this,” he indicated.

“Really? I started this how?” Irvine asked.

Ward licked a bare wet shoulder.

“Oh yeah,” Irvine agreed. “If we get caught,” Irvine half threatened before a sharp whack to his still clothed backside shut him up.

Irvine got the message and fell silent, listening to the sound of his zipper being lowered and the rustle of fabric as his clothes pooled around his ankles. Ward bent down and retrieved something while Irvine waited.

“Now what?” he asked before letting out a strangled yelp as cold alcohol was poured down his spine, back arching at the unexpected action.

Irvine could feel the smile on Ward’s lips as the older man licked the liquid from his back, stubble tickling and scratching at the same time. Ward pushed on Irvine’s shoulders, forcing him to bend over and brace his arms against the barrel, legs spread. A blue bandana was dunked into the water before Irvine’s eyes and tied between his lips. About to protest the treatment with a garbled litany of swear words, Irvine gasped as more liquid was poured over his bottom and exposed opening, followed by a hot tongue.

Bucking at the stimulation, Irvine was thankful for Ward’s gagging. At some point Irvine’s mind had decided that seeing as Ward couldn’t talk, the cowboy had to be as vocal as possible. No matter how hard Irvine tried, he just couldn’t seem to keep quiet without assistance.

Fingers clenched at the edge of the barrel as Ward licked all the alcohol from his body. Thrusting his body back against the touches, Irvine knew he would have burns from Ward’s stubble but couldn’t bring himself to care. All that mattered was the heat and satisfaction that the other could give.

Irvine let out a growl as Ward moved away from where Irvine wanted him to be causing the other man to bite the smooth flesh he’s been licking. The cowboy found himself short of breath and seeing start moment later as Ward’s hot tongue plunged into him, the large calloused hand coming around to stroke his already dripping cock. Irvine didn’t last much longer, Ward’s hand enclosing his erection in a firm tunnel as he stroked him to completion. Irvine groaned loudly against the gag as he came, Ward’s hand the only thing preventing his from emptying himself all over the barrel.

Gag removed and body rinsed clean by his large lover, Irvine pulled up his pants and glared at his companion, more than a little annoyed that Ward had stopped when Irvine was used to more. His body wanted more, it always did.

“What about you?” he asked, waving a hand at Ward’s obvious erection.

Dinner bell,” Ward signed as he grabbed up the heavy apron he had discarded earlier and hung it on a hook.

“That’s never stopped us before,” Irvine said as he picked up Ward’s neglected beer and opened it, stepping forward to run a hand over the cloth-covered hardness.

Ward grinned silently at the horny cowboy as he grabbed his beer and drank it down in one go.

I’ll have you for dessert,” Ward signed before leading the way to the mess hall.