Sept '04'

Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this fic belong to those talented people at Square. This is a little drabble type ficlet written to go with a gift (yes, it's the mirror) from Lipstickcat ^_^

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Yellowed Glass
By Garden's Gnome

He could see it in his minds eye; the bright yellow of feathers and the blue eye that watched the sky above as it sniffed the air for danger.

Memories of the first chocobo that Zell ever saw.

It was what dragged him from the warm bed and his lover, made him steal the sheet to wrap around his naked body. He could not fight the urge to capture the image on paper.

Yet he’d been unable to find any.

With a steady hand Zell applied the paint to the glass. He ignored his own reflection in favour of drawing the outline that he would soon fill with colour. Soft wood scratched carefully across the glass, neatening up stray lines, defining tufts of feather and strong legs and feet.

Reaching out, Zell snagged up a fine brush and a colour, squirting the liquid onto a small plate he’d found. The brush swirled easily, bristles drinking up the fluid. The brush whispered wetly across the glass, filling in legs and beak. A quiet splash and a tinkling sound filled the small room as the brush was cleaned in a glass from the small bathroom.

More colour was added to the plate, swirled around with a bigger brush, the first forgotten behind an ear. Yellow streaked across the glass, brightened by the early morning sun pouring through the window, making the colours dance across the blonde’s face. Zell could almost smell the waxy feathers that he’d been allowed to stroke, Matron holding him on her hip as they petted the bird together.

The larger brush replaced the smaller one behind Zell’s ear, a drip of colour on his shoulder going unnoticed as he added a dab of blue and prepared the dark grey for the claws.

A calloused hand slipped its way around his bare chest, fingers wandering to the edge of the sheet. Warm breath and a hot tongue whispered along his neck, travelling upwards as naked, sleep-warmed skin pressed against his back. Zell tilted his head, welcoming the touch even as his tongue peeked out between his lips, pursed in concentration.

“Come back to bed, Zell,” a voice whispered huskily into his hear, followed by the hot tongue. Fingers loosened the sheet, causing it to drape loosely around his hips.

Zell pulled the brush back from the glass as he shivered, not wanting to ruin his work. He tilted it towards the light from the window.

“Hey, that’s my mirror.”

Zell ignored the voice behind him, leaning forwards to blow air across the smooth surface, hoping to aid the paint in drying.

A quiet sigh sounded behind him, but before his companion could get up, Zell grabbed the hand at his hip and threaded their fingers together.

“Stay,” was all he said.

Irvine sighed even as he groaned at the hot kisses being pressed to his skin. He would have to find Zell other things to paint on, or one day he might wake up painted himself.

Not that it would be a bad thing. He would make Zell clean him in the shower.

Very, very slowly.