Oct ‘03’

Disclaimer: All the characters in the fic are the property of Square. They are just dressing up for me and frolicking through my mind so I can write this. Purely for enjoyment and the thought of Squally-boy in a skirt. *grins*

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Tricks and Treats
By Garden’s Gnome

“And the reason we are doing this is?”

“Because the alternative is much less pleasant. I like my hearing the way it is and really don’t want Selphie to start singing again. Besides, you do look good in a skirt Squall.”

Squall sighed and looked down at his Halloween costume. A week earlier Selphie had threatened the group with lots of off key singing if they didn’t participate in her version of ‘trick or treat’…a treasure hunt around the Garden. Once everyone had agreed, the petite brunette had stolen Irvine’s hat and dumped lots of small pieces of paper in it, saying that everyone needed a costume and another would make it for them. Anonymously. Each had taken a piece and looked at the name written on it. Selphie supplied measurements and suggestions before leaving them alone with instructions to be ready just before curfew on Halloween.

Now it was the night in question and Squall found himself dressed as a buxom barmaid…without the large breasts and in a very short skirt. He sighed again. Least he wasn’t the only one in a skirt, although Irvine’s kilt couldn’t really be classified as one. Squall was rather proud of his choice for the cowboy, although Irvine did keep hat.

“Alright, show me the list of things we’re supposed to find,” he said as he turned to look at Zell.

Coming up behind the brunette, Zell wrapped an arm around his waist and held up an envelope in the other. He also wrapped the cape of his vampire outfit around them both. It was taking all his willpower not to jump his boyfriend in the middle of the hallway.

“Don’t worry so much about your outfit, Squall. Someone besides me obviously appreciates your legs. Remind me to thank the person later.”

“That’s if we ever find out who it was,” Squall said as he turned within Zell’s hold. “Let’s get this over with.”

Opening the envelope, Zell quickly perused the list, his eyes widening the further down the list he got. He snickered quietly as he handed it over to Squall. Smoky blue eyes quickly examined the list, also widening with each word.

Whipped cream, hand cream, handcuffs, a vibrator, condoms, a silk scarf…

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Nope, that’s the list. Selphie has such a perverted mind,” Zell said with a grin. “It makes me think of all the things we could do with such items.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yup,” agreed the blond, stepping forward to pin Squall against a wall. Taking the brunette’s wrists in his hands, Zell reached up and held them above the brunette’s head. “I’d handcuff your hands like this, but to the top of your bed,” he whispered against soft lips, his eyes never leaving the Squall‘s.

“Zell…” Squall tried to warn the blond but the name came out in a breathless sigh as Zell drew his fingertips down his arms. Zell continued what he was doing.

“Then I’d strip you very slowly, kissing each piece of you that I exposed.” Zell reached down and untucked the blouse out of the skirt, whispering his fingers over taunt skin. He felt the brunette squirm under his touch. “Once you were naked, your body would be covered in whipped cream and I would lick it off very, very slowly.”

Squall shivered, now uncaring that they were in the darkened hallway as Zell pushed up the blouse of his costume and took a nipple into his mouth. Once the blond had realised that dirty words turned on his lover, he used the information to his advantage. Many a time since then Squall had found himself sprawled across his desk or the couch in his office, as Zell made his head spin with pleasure. This was going to be one of those times.

“Zell, what if…mmmm,”

Zell smiled around the flesh in his mouth and bit down gently a second time, enjoying the sounds Squall made. It was now after curfew so all they had to worry about was one of their group finding them. They were pretty safe hiding behind the large fern as long as they kept quiet. The darkness should cover the rest. Zell drew his full attention back to Squall.

“After I had licked you clean of the cream, I would blindfold you. Then I would drizzle chocolate, from here to here,” the blond whispered, indicating the path of the imaginary liquid from the brunette’s nipples to his groin. Zell drew the short skirt up and placed his hand over Squall’s hard cock and felt the other press against him, seeking friction through flimsy cloth. He dropped to his knees and removed Squall’s underclothes. “Then I would lick and suck it off too.”

Squall felt the cool air on his erection just before the warmth of Zell’s mouth enveloped him. His last coherent thought was that he must keep quiet or they’d be caught. But this wasn’t all that he wanted. He wanted Zell to take him, right now, against the wall. He buried his fingers into spiky blond hair and pulled his lover to his feet and kissed him hard.

“Take me now!” he commanded. Zell reached into his pocket and quickly coated his fingers in the lube he had learnt to carry at all times. He stretched Squall as much as the impatient brunette would let him and then coated his own erection. Lifting Squall up against the wall, Zell felt the brunette’s legs wrap around and his cock brush against the puckered opening.

“You want this?” he asked with a smirk as Squall tried to get closer. The brunette let out a frustrated sound.


Zell entered him quickly and smoothly. They both gasped at the sensations that surged through them. Sealing his lips to Squall’s in a heated kiss, Zell thrust hard and deep into the heat surrounding him. He could feel the brunette trying his best to thrust back, each movement a bit harder than the last as they both sped towards orgasm. It didn’t take long for either of them to feel the electric coil of pleasure tighten its grip upon their bodies. Squall came first, coating the hand that Zell had at some point wrapped around his erection, the blond following immediately after as the brunette’s body tightened around him.

They stood quietly for a few moments as their minds and bodies came down from the pleasurable high they had just shared. As they came out from behind the fern, Nida rounded the corner with a small bag in his hand.

“Have either of you seen Selphie? I’ve got all the items on that list she gave us…what, why are you looking at me strangely?”

Both Zell and Squall approached the pilot slowly. Zell noticed that Nida was watching Squall’s legs and blushing a pretty shade of pink. He had found who he needed to thank for the skirt. “We want to play with the ’treats’ in that bag Nida. Care to join us?” Zell asked.

Nida looked between both men and his blush deepened as Squall gently took his hand and began to lead him down the hall. Zell took the other hand and followed quietly.


Notes from Gnome: Now, if I’d had more time of was a faster typist, as they threesome walked away, Selphie would pop around the corner with a video camera. *snickers* She has such a perverted mind (well my Sefie does) and why else would she give them a list that would make them think kinky thoughts if she didn’t have an ulterior motive. Hmmm, notice Nida is making his way into most of my fics now…I’m developing a thing for the unappreciated pilot. Going to make sure he gets some action real soon. ^_^ Hope you liked it.