July '03'

Disclaimer: Ah…the usual…all these beautiful characters from FF8 belong to Square and not me *sob*. And here it is - part three!!! Woohoo! The wedding! Yay! Guess I’m getting a bit too excited so just ignore me and go read the fic. Enjoy!

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

The Promise
By Garden’s Gnome

Standing near the broken pillar, Squall watched the flowers sway in the light breeze as puffy clouds floated by overhead. Turning to his companion, he raised a hand to trace the tattooed cheek. Zell smiled but said nothing.

I’ve done this before…but not with Zell. I must tell him, he must know! He reached down and held one of the blond’s hands in his.


“I'll be waiting for you.”

(C’mon, Squall)

Squall looked around to try and find the source of the voice. Not finding anyone else around, he turned his attention back to the still smiling Zell.

“If you come here, you'll find me.”

(Oh, for Hyne’s sake…Squall!)

(Here, let me try.)

“I promise.”

Zell said nothing as the brunette promised to wait for him. Suddenly, Squall could feel the ground shaking. Reaching out to grab the blond, Squall found only empty air where the martial artist had been standing moments ago.

(SQUALL…WAKE THE FUCK UP!) I know that voice!


Coming awake quickly, Squall lay with his eyes closed for a few moments, allowing his unusually slower body catch up with his mind. He could sense the presence of two people next to his bed, and neither of them were Zell. Feeling a hand begin to shake his shoulder, he blindly reached out at his assailant, fingers curling around a warm throat.

“Where’s Zell?” he asked, opening his eyes to see who he was choking. Not a good idea. Pain immediately laced thought his brain and he released his captive to hold his head as it began to throb. Hearing a gentle tsk, tsk, accompanied by laughter, Squall pried his eyes open enough to see what was going on.

Standing next to the bed with a glass of something disgusting looking and a glass of water, Irvine tsked the brunette while glaring at the blond beside him who was rubbing his throat and trying not to laugh at Squall’s misfortune of a severe hangover.

“About time you woke up Squally-boy. Wouldn’t want to be late for your special day.”

Squall opened his eyes further and was about to ask the grinning blond what he was doing in his room when the cowboy shoved the glass under his nose.

“Here, drink this,” he ordered.

“What is it?” Squall asked, warily eyeing the glass. It did not look very nice.

“Just a little something Doctor K whipped up after we woke up the whole Garden last night with our singing and laughter.”

“I do not sing…” Squall told Seifer, glaring at the cheerful blond.

“Yes, you do Squall. And quite well after copious amounts of alcohol has been poured into you…or maybe you just sounded good because we were drunk too,” said the blond man.

“And I‘m not drinking that,” he said to Irvine, pointing at the glass.

“Yes, you will Squall,” Irvine told him.

“Seifer…What are you doing in the Garden and in my room?” Squall asked the blond, ignoring Irvine completely.

“Oh, I’m hurt,” said the blond, green eyes twinkling as he held a hand to his chest in mock pain. “If you hadn’t drunk so much last night, you’d remember that I apologised for all the shit I did during the war, we talked, and you invited me to your wedding.”

“Hyne, the wedding!” Squall quickly jumping out of bad and accepting some painkillers from Irvine, plus the glass of water. Downing both, Squall pulled a face at the bad taste and looked at the sniper. “What time is it and what the hell was in that water?”

“That’s the stuff that Dr. K said to make you drink. The other one is Seifer’s vegetable juice. Tastes good but looks really gross…”

“Hey, it’s good for the body and mind, thank you.”

“And it’s two hours until the wedding,” Irvine told Squall while avoiding an empty glass.

“Only two hours!!! I’ve got to have a shower, make sure Laguna and the others arrived okay, get the rings…!”

“Relax, Squall,” Irvine said, putting his hands on the brunette’s shoulders and making the commander face him. “I’ve got the rings and the president and his entourage arrived about an hour ago. You just go have a shower and let us worry about the small details. That‘s why you made me best man, remember?”

“Fine, but one question. Where’s Zell?”


Down the hallway in his own room, Zell soaked in a bathtub full of bubbles. After spending half the night chatting with Quistis and Selphie so Irvine could take Squall out for his supposed ‘last night of freedom’, the blond had got quite the shock at seeing a tipsy Seifer supporting a drunk Irvine and a singing Squall wandering the Garden halls together. After making sure all three safely made it to the brunette’s rooms, finding out exactly why Seifer was with the two drunken men and putting Squall safely into his own bed, Quistis, Selphie and Zell had also retired for the night.

Everything was ready. Squall’s father and his friends had arrived not too long ago, and Ma had stuck her head in to let the blond know that she was there and that the cake had arrived as well. Her reaction to learning that Squall and Zell were getting married was to gather both boys in a great hug and then cry a little on Zell’s shoulder. Hearing a soft knock on the bathroom door, the blond quickly made sure there were enough bubbles to cover himself up with.

“Zell, it’s Quistis. Can I come in?” she asked.

“Sure, I’m decent,” he told her and smiled as Quistis’ blue eyes peeked around the door before opening it and dragging Selphie in with her.

“Can you please tell Selphie to stop worrying? She’s been running around fussing over things all morning,” Quistis told the blond as she pushed the petite brunette closer to the bath. Zell grinned at Selphie’s slightly guilty look.

“Selphie, you’ve got to stop and have some fun yourself. That’s why we hired a caterer. So you could enjoy yourself today as well,” he told her gently. Selphie nodded and Zell thought of something she could do. “Sel, go find Ma and make sure she’s okay. She popped in here earlier to say hi but I don’t know who is showing her around. Would you do that for me?”

“Yup, find your Ma. I’ll take her to the cafeteria for a drink.”

“Thanks Selphie. I’ll see you later,” Zell called out after the retreating girl, already bouncing off to find Ma. Quistis also turned to leave.

“Have you seen Squall yet?” he asked her.

“No, but I did see Irvine and Seifer head into his rooms with a couple of glasses of liquid that looked interesting. Don’t worry. I’m sure that by the time the ceremony starts he’ll be sober,” Quistis said, giggling at the memory of a very drunk commander.

“Seifer…I can’t believe he’s here. I’m glad he made it back okay,” Zell said. Quistis nodded her agreement and then turned again to leave.

“Your clothes are on the bed. I’ll be by to collect you later,” she said and then left Zell to his bath.


“They’re late…where are they? Hyne please let him turn up soon!”

“Squall, stop it!” Irvine whispered into the brunette’s ear. “They’re not even a minute late. Don’t you dare worry yourself sick over them being a few seconds late!”

Squall nodded and tried to calm himself by straightening the jacket of his black suit. Looking at the assembled group, he smiled at Ma who was dabbing her eyes with a tissue. Next to her, Laguna gave him an energetic thumbs up before turning to converse with Kiros and Ward. Other students and various people from Balamb sat behind them. Matron sat calmly with Seifer, who had managed to get a hold of Selphie’s camera as Cid had agreed to be the one to give Zell away. Everyone was here. But where was Zell?


“I’m sorry Miss, but the Garden is closed to all business and visitors today. Please come back tomorrow.”

“But you don’t understand. I live here. Just go get Squally-poo and he’ll tell you who I am.”

“I can’t do that Miss. Commander Leonhart is unavailable today and will be for the next two weeks.”

“Well, how about I got find him and then he can tell you that I’m allowed in.”

“Sorry, but only those on my list and members of SeeD are allowed on Garden premises today. No one else.”

“And what is so important about today for the whole Garden to close?”

“Why, it’s the Commander’s wedding day, Miss.”


“Miss…Miss? Are you okay, Miss? Oh, please wake up.”



I almost jump out of my skin as I hear the music start. I feel a steadying hand and turn to assure Irvine that I’m not about to pass out or anything. Looking towards the stairs that lead into the main hall from the Quad, I see Selphie skip towards us, littering the ground around her with wildflower petals. Wildflowers from the orphanage. I look at Matron and give her a quick smile of thanks.

Quistis follows at a slower pace, carrying her own small bouquet of wildflowers. Approaching me, both women kiss my cheeks and stand opposite where Irvine and I stand, awaiting my love. My Zell.

A happy sob from Ma alerts me to the arrival of my blond, and Hyne he is so beautiful. His suit is a similar cut to our cadet uniform while mine is like our SeeD graduate clothes. The suit is white with gold trim with a gold coloured undershirt. Zell carries a bouquet of wildflowers and a chain of flowers in his hair. He looks like and angel in human form.

Approaching on Cid’s arm, they stop briefly so Zell can give Ma a quick hug and kiss before continuing towards us. Placing Zell’s hand in mine, Cid gives us both a hug and takes his place beside Edea. Then the celebrant begins the ceremony.



With a quick grin at Quistis and Selphie in their gold dresses and Irvine in his suit, I turn to my soon to be husband. Kneeling on the ground next to Squall as the celebrant speaks of commitment and love everlasting, I only have eyes for my mate. He looks gorgeous in his black suit with silver trim. And now he’s going to belong to me. Only mine.

At the prompting of the man blessing our union, I watch Squall take his Griever ring from the velvet pillow and place it on my finger. I told him that I would wear no other ring except that one and had to remove it just before the ceremony started. I look deeply into Squall’s happiness filled blue eyes as he pledges himself to me.

Long I have known you and with each passing breath I take, my love for you grows stronger. I will love and cherish you for all our days and the ones beyond. Accept this ring and let me love you forever.

I want to hold him close as he slips the ring onto my finger but I have to give Squall my own ring first. Taking the silver band from the velvet cushion, I briefly admire the engraved design that was modelled after my tattoo and take his hand in mine.

I love you more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow. With each passing moment my love for you grows and I will love and cherish you for all our days and the ones beyond. Accept this ring and let me love you forever.

I smile as Squall traces the design and then reaches to place his hand over my tattooed cheek. Everyone around us is forgotten as he draws forward and at first brushes his lips gently across mine. Soon that is not enough and I grab the collar of his coat and pull him in, opening our mouths so I can suck his tongue into my mouth, enjoying his heat. Pulling away before we get too distracted, I let Squall pull me to my feet and we are engulfed by our friends in one big group hug.

Behind us I hear the celebrant announce to the large gathering - “May I present Mr. Squall and Zell Leonhart.”


Setting the Ragnarok down gently at the orphanage, Squall looked down at his dozing husband. It had been an exciting afternoon with much dancing and eating of the wedding cake that Ma had baked herself. Now they had two weeks off for their honeymoon. Cid and Edea had told them to spend the first night at the orphanage before heading off to the cottage that Laguna had rented in Winhill for them. Placing a soft kiss on Zell’s cheek, Squall left a note on the blond’s chest before leaving the airship to make preparations for their night together.

Awaking with a start, Zell looked around the cockpit and saw that he was alone. Where could his husband have gone off to? Stretching his arms, the blond heard a rustle and saw a folded piece of paper in his lap. Unfolding it and reading the words written in Squall’s handwriting, Zell quickly left his seat and exited the cockpit as well.

Walking past the main buildings of the orphanage, Zell soon spotted Squall standing out in the field of flowers, watching the beginning of the sunset. Walking up behind the brunette, Zell wrapped his arms around Squall’s waist and placed his cheek against his back.

“I always meant those words for you,” Squall told the blond in a soft voice, turning in the arms holding him to see his husband’s face. “And now that you’ve found me, I’m yours forever.”

“I love you Squall Leonhart,” Zell whispered against the brunette’s lips before pulling the other man closer for a proper kiss. As lips pressed against each other and tongues explored, the newly wed pair did not see the beautiful sunset around them. They only had eyes for one another. Breaking the kiss, Squall bent down and scooped his husband into his arms. Zell laughed with delight as they headed towards the main orphanage building. Gently levering the door to the bedroom area open with his foot, Squall set the blond down so he could look around the room.

Zell gasped quietly at the room into which he was placed. Every surface had a candle upon it, some two or three. Turning towards the bed, the blond saw blue silk robes and large fluffy towels laid out on white silk sheets. Beside the bed was a large, deep tub of hot, lightly scented water. Looking back at his husband, he graced the brunette with a shy but pleased smile.

“I thought you might like me to help you get clean,” Squall said as he moved to begin removing his husband’s clothing. Zell fidgeted nervously with one of the buttons on his suit.

“Um, Squall. Have you done this before?” he asked.

“No,” Squall said, removing the gold trimmed white jacket first, the golden shirt underneath quickly following. “But I was told all sorts of things by Irvine and Seifer last night. Plus I’ve done some…reading…this past week. Why?” Squall asked the blond, placing a hand under his chin and raising it to see into light blue eyes. “Have you?”

“Not really,” Zell told him. “I had a boyfriend last year in Balamb. We just messed around some, never went all the way. He moved to Deling City.” A curious light entered his eyes. “Irvine and Seifer gave you some pointers?”

“Um, yeah. They’re both bi. Although I think Irvine’s days are numbered if the look Selphie gave him when she caught the bouquet was any indication. Plus he did get the garter,” the brunette said with a smirk.

“I have another,” Zell whispered, blushing slightly.

“Another garter?”

“Yeah, Selphie’s idea really,” Zell said, his blush deepening before he smiled shyly. “I thought you’d get a kick out of it too.”

“Where is it?” Squall asked, kneeling down to remove Zell’s shoes.

“Undress me and you’ll find out,” came the order with a seductive grin. “Then we can share the bath.”

From his position on the floor, Squall reached up and ran his palms over Zell’s muscled chest. His body was his weapon for fighting and the years of training had strengthened his compact form. Reaching the button and zipper, Squall breathed gently into the light trail of golden hairs that ran from the blond’s navel and disappeared into the white pants as he opened them. Pulling them and the white boxers underneath down to pool at Zell’s feet, Squall caught a flash of golden fabric and found what he was looking for. Made from gold satin ribbon, the garter nestled at the base of Zell’s half-erect cock, surrounded by the blond’s own golden coloured hair. Squall looked up and let a small smirk form on his lips.

“You realise that I’ll have to use my teeth to remove this, don’t you?”

Zell’s cock twitched slightly in response as the blond whimpered quietly at Squall’s announcement. “Whatever you think is best, love,” he said.

“I do think it’s best,” Squall whispered, his breath ghosting along Zell’s length as he took some of the garter in his teeth. With a series of small and gentle tugs, the brunette carefully removed the scrap of fabric from his husband’s member, making sure his breath warmed the velvety skin beneath his lips. By the time he had the garter off, Zell’s hands were on his shoulders for support and the blond’s breath was a bit ragged. Standing quickly, he gathered the other man in his arms and deposited him into the tub.

“What about you?” Zell asked as Squall quickly shed his own clothing.

“I don’t think I could survive if you were to undress me,” Squall said as he finished stripping and joined the blond in the tub. Zell caught sight of Squall’s needy erection and knew exactly what his lover to be meant.

Together in the tub, the two men washed each other slowly, learning the other’s body, what made them moan and what made them squirm with need. Sitting on Squall’s lap after a deep breath-stealing kiss, Zell rocked his hips and smiled against the brunette’s lips as they groaned together from the delightful friction.

“Want you now,” Zell said, his voice heavy with desire.

“Mmmm, think we could make it to the bed?” Squall asked, watching the blond rock on his lap through heavy lidded eyes, his hands moving to tweak the blond‘s nipples.

“Not sure. Take me here,” the blond begged, small bits of heat rushing through his body as Squall rubbed the small nubs.

“Another time,” Squall promised as he helped the blond to stand and poured a bucket of warm rinsing water over them. “Much prefer the bed for our first time.”

Foregoing the towels to dry them, Zell pushed Squall onto the bed and straddled his hips, rubbing their bodies together as he lapped the moisture from the brunette’s skin. Beneath him Squall squirmed and moaned as their erections ground against one another. Grabbing the blond’s waist, the brunette flipped them over and buried his face in Zell’s neck, sucking on the golden skin. As Zell writhed and panted, Squall reached over and grabbed the tube Seifer had brought for them as a wedding gift. Considering the size if the tube, it wasn’t about to run out soon.

Zell felt Squall slide down his body and opened his eyes to watch the brunette’s every move. Settling a leg over the brunette’s shoulder to allow better access, the blond tried to relax as he felt the first lube slickened finger encircle his entrance gently. Warm air tickled his erection as Squall moved to take the tip in his mouth. Liquid warmth registered on Zell’s mind as the finger carefully slipped into his receptive body. He tensed slightly at the foreign feel of Squall’s finger but it was soon forgotten when the brunette took more of his length into his mouth.

Gently sliding a finger into his lover’s body, Squall watched for signs of discomfort. He’d felt Zell’s body tense a bit and took more of the velvet length into his mouth. He could smell the scent of the blond’s arousal over the scents of the oils he’d added to their bath water and it was intoxicating. Feeling Zell relax somewhat, Squall carefully added a second finger, thrusting them together in a slow rhythm.

At the addition of another finger, Zell tried not to tense up. Concentrating on the heat surrounding his erection helped the blond loose any feelings of discomfort. So lost in the heat and suction of his lover’s mouth as Squall traced veins with his tongue, the blond did not realise that he was lightly thrusting into the warmth until Squall’s hand moved to hold his hip in place. Zell smiled guiltily.

“Sorry, feels so good,” he said and gasped as Squall let his erection slip from his mouth to smile gently at the blond.

“Don’t want you finishing without me,” he told Zell before taking the length back into his mouth and adding another finger, continuing to stretch the blond. Sucking harder and thrusting his fingers at an angle like his two drinking partners had told him the previous night, Squall knew that he’d hit the right spot when Zell’s hips flexed involuntarily and the blond let out a very breathless moan.

“More…” came the order from the blond.

Mercilessly teasing the sensitive spot, Squall knew that Zell was ready when the blond started to thrust back against his fingers, seeking more contact. Giving the blond’s cock one last suck, Squall let it slip from his mouth and removed his fingers. Smirking at the whimper of loss from the man beneath him, Squall quickly added lube to his own erection and rubbed against the blond’s entrance. Feeling eyes on him, deep blue locked with light blue as he slowly began to enter his lover’s body.

Zell could feel Squall’s length slipping into his body, stretching him as the brunette pressed forward. Deciding that his lover was moving too slow, strong legs wrapped around a slim waist and flexed, pulling the brunette deeply into his body. Both men gasped and held still, Squall at the feeling of slick tightness and Zell at the feeling of fullness and possession.

“Mine,” Zell gasped out, smiling as Squall nodded and began to rock his hips.

“Mmmm, forever,” agreed Squall, leaning down to capture Zell’s lips in a searing kiss. Tongues thrusting and tangling against each other as the brunette slid in and out of the blond’s body, Squall and Zell began to ride the waves of pleasure. Each movement caused friction, which in turn sent jolts of electric desire throughout each body. Squall reached between their bodies and slid his hand over Zell’s erection and moaned loudly as the added sensation caused the blond to thrust harder against him. Feelings of hot pleasure began to coil deep within him, each thrust adding to the tension that was seeking release. Suddenly Zell thrust hard against him and he could feel the blond’s body spasm around him even as the milky release coated his hand and his name was gasped out in a breathy whisper. Two hard thrusts later, Squall joined him, the blond‘s name uttered in absolute ecstasy.

Coming down from the haze of blinding white pleasure, Zell relished the feeling of his husband’s weight on him and in him. Not wanting Squall to move just yet, Zell wrapped his arms around his lover and traced random words of endearment over the brunette’s back.

“I love you Zell Leonhart,” Squall whispered, echoing the letters written before moving, frowning at the loss of warmth as he slipped from his lover’s body. Leaving the bed to extinguish candles and get damp cloths, Squall quickly wiped his and Zell’s bodies clean. Gathering the blond closely for a gentle kiss, Squall traced the tattoo on his face and gazed into pleasure sated blue eyes before settling down for a much needed rest.

Curling against the brunette’s lithe form, Zell wrapped Squall’s arm around him and intertwined their left hands so that their rings sat against each other. Rings that were a symbol of their bond to each other.

“Love you too Squall, forever,” he whispered as he drifted into a peaceful sleep, finally safe in the arms of his love.


Notes from Gnome: Did everyone like the bit that was obviously about Rinoa trying to get into the Garden *snicker* really couldn’t help myself and I left out any actions so you could imagine her chucking a tantrum and fainting in your minds. Plus it’s kinda a set-up for the next part…if and when I get around to writing it. Don’t expect anymore from this pair soon. Sorry…but I’ve got to work on ‘Cards’ while I can seeing as though my Zell muse is happy now that he got Squall before Irvine. *sighs* They’re a vain lot so these guys are. Anyways, hope it wasn’t too sappy and that you enjoyed it. Laters! ^_^ Oh, yeah…(hehehe) May your plot bunnies breed and become rabid!