Nov '04'

Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this fic belong to those talented people at Square. Lucky them. Yet another fic for Irvine’s birthday…*smirks* Smut! Smut! Smut! Definite NC-17. Enjoy!

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Real Dreams
By Garden’s Gnome

Irvine watched the light flash off other bodies as he danced with Squall. He didn’t even remember when they had started dancing. One moment they were standing talking and having a few drinks and the next Squall had his back facing the sniper, his leather clad ass grinding back against Irvine.

Hyne, but it felt so good. It had to be a dream cause it felt too good to be real.

The way that firm flesh was rubbing against him was delicious, Squall moving in slow circles as he grinded their bodies together, reaching back with a hand to pull the sniper closer. Irvine decided he wasn’t going to question what was going on. That might cause the dream to stop and go away and he really didn’t want that. So he reached out and settled one hand on Squall’s hip, fingers finding their way under the edge of Squall leather pants, just enough to tease. Irvine’s other hand reached out and snagged a shot glass off a tray as it passed. The glass never made it to his lips as Squall reached up and pulled the hand down and drank the shot.

“Hey, that was mine,” Irvine protested.

Squall looked up briefly and then shrugged and kept dancing, removing the empty glass from Irvine’s hand and discarding somewhere behind them before drawing liquor wet fingers into his mouth. Irvine groaned at the heat surrounding his fingers, his hips thrusting forward a little in time with Squall’s sucking. Irvine looked around the room over Squall’s shoulder. No one was paying attention to them, as they all seemed preoccupied with their own activities. He could just make out Seifer and Zell on one of the sofa’s, hands down each other’s pants as they teased each other in the near darkness. Selphie was mixing their drinks from behind the mini-bar, the light she was using the brightest in the room, Laguna towering over her and laughing with the petite brunette as she slapped his hands away from the hem of her short skirt. Kiros and Quistis were dancing not too far from Irvine and Squall, Rinoa and Zone just beyond them, both couples lost in their own little worlds. Irvine had hoped to grab another drink from the tray that Nida was carrying but then noticed that the pilot had been grabbed by Seifer and Zell, the two blondes stealing his tray and then some of his clothing as they drew him into their game. Irvine groaned as he saw Zell bite down on Nida’s chest and the dark-haired man arch up into the touch.

A bite in his finger reclaimed his attention and Irvine looked down to see smoky grey eyes watching him. Pouty lips were turned to him, wet and inviting. Irvine ignored them and leaned down to lick at Squall’s neck, the brunette’s head quickly tilted to the side with an invitation to continue.

And so they continued to dance, bodies rubbing together, becoming hotter and more sensitive with each passing moment. Squall wriggled his hips back against Irvine before turning around, arms reaching up to remove the cowboy’s vest, which ended up somewhere against a wall when Squall tossed it away from them. Squall briefly brushed his lips over Irvine’s as he grabbed the sniper’s hip with one hand and dipped a little before leaning in and rubbing their bodies together in one long slow hard motion. Irvine shuddered as their bodies touched from chest to knee, his breath coming from between his lips in short pants. Then Squall was half turning away from him to do something. Irvine almost reached out and grabbed Squall‘s shoulder, not wanting the lithe body that was doing all these wonderful things to him to go too far away. His mind half registered Laguna walking past with a tray of drinks, the man passing by before Irvine could reach out and grab one. Irvine sighed in minor frustration, a sigh that became a hiss as Squall poured a shot of alcohol over his bare chest.

Irvine watched as Squall lapped his way down his wet chest, drinking up what he could while occasionally biting the flesh beneath his lips. Irvine’s stomach muscles quivered in anticipation as Squall crouched down and peeled the damp band of Irvine’s pants back a little to lick at the skin there. Irvine watched as the brunette glanced up at him, a mischievous glint in those grey eyes as he undid the button and bit at the skin he had bared. The he was licking he way back up Irvine’s body, tongue dipping into an alcohol soaked navel, teeth scraping over wet nipples. Then he stopped and just stood there watching the cowboy with not so innocent eyes.

“Tease,” Irvine growled as he forcefully pulled the brunette to him and plundered his mouth.

Squall went almost limp in his arms as their tongues tangled together before coming alive again and rubbing their bodies together, the force of the action causing Irvine to start walking backwards. Irvine knew that Squall was now leading him somewhere, maybe to a nearby wall or sofa seeing as it was getting harder to stand. The brunette tasted of sweet hot liquor and Irvine wanted to drink it from Squall as Squall had from him. Hands reached up and dislodged his hat as fingers threaded their way into his auburn hair. He would have protested if he had the air to speak but it didn’t matter as long as the brunette didn’t stop touching him and kissing him. Irvine buried one of his own hands into Squall’s hair, the other cupping his butt, wanting to lift him up and carry him away.

Irvine stumbled as the back of his legs hit a solid object, his hands letting go of Squall as he fell backwards, trying to stop his fall. He bounced twice before sitting up and looking towards the door that he didn’t notice coming through. He caught a glimpse of Seifer sucking on Nida’s cock while the pilot kissed Zell like it would be his last thing he ever did. Then the door closed, the lock clicking into place, and he was alone with Squall.

The brunette toed off his boots and walked slowly towards the bed, hips swaying in time with the bass beat that could be heard through the walls. As he walked towards the bed he peeled his shirt off over his head and tossed it off to one side. Heavy belts followed, thudding on the floor in his wake. The moment he was in range, Irvine reached out and pulled him close, fingers immediately going to work on the clasp and zipper that kept him away from what he wanted most. Squall’s fingers buried themselves in his hair and pulled his head back, lips coming down to cover Irvine’s as Squall shimmied out of the leather pants with Irvine’s help. Irvine smiled into the kiss as he felt hot naked skin under his hands. Leaning back he tried to pull Squall onto the bed with him but the brunette resisted, somehow managing to step out of his reach at the same time. Irvine looked up into hard eyes and would have been worried if it wasn’t for the quirk to Squall’s swollen lips. Irvine did nothing as Squall knelt and removed his boots, tossing them over by the door. Then Squall moved onto the fastenings of the sniper’s clothing, the heel of his hand rubbing at the hardness contained within. Irvine caught the hand and Squall glared up at him.

“No, sweetheart. Much more of that and there won’t be anything for you to enjoy,” Irvine said as he kissed the fingers and released Squall’s hand so that the brunette could remove his pants.

Once Irvine’s pants were no more than a pile of clothing at the bottom of the bed, Squall crawled onto Irvine’s lap and began rocking their hips together. Both men hissed as their bare flesh came into contact, a hiss cut off when their mouths met forcefully, each attempting to devour the other just to be closer. Reaching behind him, Irvine grabbed up the cold tube he had landed on when he’d fallen onto the bed and squeezed a generous dollop onto his fingers. Squall hissed a little at the coldness of the lube as Irvine pushed a finger into him. Squall grunted and leaned back onto the digit, taking it as far as he could into his body. Irvine added the second, moving them slowly and smiling as Squall tired to speed up the pace by pushing back onto the fingers quicker than Irvine was thrusting them into him. Squall whined and buried his face in the sniper‘s neck, licking the skin with his hot tongue.

“Easy babe. We’re not leaving the room until you scream my name.”

Squall looked up at Irvine’s words and grinned before returning to the warm skin of Irvine’s neck, teeth biting down firmly as his hand encircled Irvine’s throbbing cock.

“Fuck, Squall,” Irvine hissed, hips thrusting up into the tight grip. “Fuck…”

Squall’s grin returned as he was tossed down onto the bed and Irvine settled between his legs, hooking his arms under the brunette’s knees and pulling them wide.

“You asked for this,” Irvine growled out as he draped a leg over his shoulder and grasped his cock, slicking it with lube and placing it at Squall’s pucker. “Gonna make you scream!”

And then he was leaning forward and sliding into welcoming heat, Squall’s eyes falling shut, breath hissing from his mouth and his body arching as he was stretched and possessed by the man above him. Irvine didn’t stop until he was fully seated within that tight heat, his balls resting against Squall’s butt. He waited for Squall to adjust, knowing that the brunette hadn’t given him time to fully prepare him for their joining. Irvine was about to ask if Squall was all right when muscles tightened around him, causing him to hiss as well. He tried to fight the urge to draw out and pound Squall into the mattress but lost the fight when grey eyes opened, nearly black with lust and Squall uttered his first words since they had started dancing.

“Fuck me, Irvine.”

Irvine’s mind blanked for one second and then he was pulling out and thrusting back into the slick heat, Squall moving upwards underneath him, the bed squeaking as they set their rhythm. Irvine moved with steady strokes as Squall squirmed under him, body asking for more with every movement it made. Irvine watched Squall’s hands gripping at the sheets, looking for something to hold onto as Irvine fucked him.

“Stroke yourself,” Irvine commanded, as he draped both Squall’s legs over his shoulder and lifted the brunette’s hips further off the bed before thrusting back in.

Irvine listened as Squall yelled out and gripped the coverings harder as the new angle allowed him to thrust deeper into the body beneath him, touching all the right places. Remembering the command, one of the brunette’s hands released the blanket under him and wrapped around his own cock, the hard organ slick with his essences. It didn’t take much to spread then around, easing the passage of his hand over the velvety flesh. Irvine watched the brunette stroke his cock, a thumb teasing over the reddened top, fluids leaking with every stroke. He pulled out and thrust back in hard.

“Hyne!” Squall called out, overwhelmed by the sensations running through his body.

“Say it,” Irvine said as he thrust back in again, harder and faster as he picked up his own pace, causing Squall to writhe and moan under him as he still stroked himself.

“Say it!” Irvine demanded, his own hand coming down to cover Squall’s as he felt both their bodies tightening towards release. He would hear…

“IRVINE!” Squall shouted, body shuddering around the sniper’s cock as thick white fluid streamed from his cock to coat his chest as he felt hot liquid flow into him.

Irvine gave himself up to the pleasure, thrusting into Squall’s body at a bruising pace as he rode out their orgasms. When he had poured all he could into the brunette, he slid to the side, ending up lying on his back next to Squall. As he tried to regain his breath and slow his pounding heart, damp fingers found their way between his lips and Irvine suckled on them.

“You taste good,” he told Squall as his eyes drooped closed. “Taste real good.”

Distantly he heard Squall mumble something about staying awake and cleaning up but Irvine’s body had other ideas and he couldn’t find the energy to argue. He vaguely felt a warm cloth move over his chest and down to his sensitive but satisfied cock. Irvine fell asleep to the light touch, wishing that the dream would never end.

Irvine awoke all at once and would have sat up if it hadn’t been for the warm weight draped across his body. Looking down in the predawn light, Irvine noted the tousled brown hair littered with bits of cake icing and confetti.

Irvine laid very still and took stock of exactly where he was. Squall’s gunblade case rested against a nearby wall telling him without a doubt that he was in the commander’s bed and not his own room. Clothing, both his and Squall’s littered the room from the door to the bed. Squall was just as naked as he was under the blankets, the brunette’s leg across Irvine’s hip, an arm across his chest and his face buried into the cowboy’s neck.

Was what happened in his dream real?

“Move and I will kill you,” came a muffled voice from next to his neck.

Irvine looked down at Squall and noted how peaceful his commander looked.

“Sure, I’ll stay put. But…how did I end up here?”

Squall didn’t move and this left Irvine wondering if the brunette had heard him. Then Squall sighed and sat up a little.

“Do you remember the surprise party?” he asked.

Irvine remembered Squall’s office done up with lights and streamers and balloons and his surprise at seeing it when he‘d come up to report back from a mission late the previous night. He remembered Selphie mixing drinks with Laguna’s slightly distracting help. He remembered seeing the two blondes drag Nida into their pleasurable game. He remembered dancing with Squall.

He remembered fucking Squall.

“You mean that wasn’t a dream?”

“No,” Squall said quietly. Then he smiled and leaned in for a light kiss. “Happy birthday, Irvine.”