Aug '04'

Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this fic belong to those talented people at Square. Lucky them. Irvine/Squall/Selphie gift ficlet for Scribbles cause every girl deserves some smut for being a good friend *huggles Scribbs*

By Garden’s Gnome

“Untie me.”


“But I said I was sorry.”

“Not good enough. And pouting won’t work either so don’t bother.”

“I don’t deserve to be tied up.”

Irvine secured the last knot and walked around the chair, looking down at its occupant. Selphie looked up at him with her liquid green eyes, trying her best to look small and lovable.

“Yes you do,” the cowboy said, removing his vest and draping it on the desk. “I had a nice romantic night all planned out for last night and what do you do when you arrive?” he asked. “Fall asleep,” he said, tapping a finger on her pert nose and then sitting on the bed before her, dressed only in a pair of jeans. “You know how busy we are and how rare it is for all of us to have time like this together.”

“But this is torture!” Selphie whined loudly, trying in vain to remove the ropes. She was too busy struggling to notice the person moving up behind her until they touched her.

“And you love it,” Squall whispered in her ear, gently taking the lobe in his teeth and giving it a tug, teasing the skin with his tongue.

“What took you so long?” Irvine asked, gaining the brunette’s attention, indicating that he should come sit on the bed too.

“Just freshening up a little. I have been in my office all day,” Squall said, taking a seat on the cowboy’s lap instead of the bed next to him, licking his lips as he looked at the unhappy girl.

“This is so not fair,” Selphie said with a pout, watching as Irvine rubbed his hands over Squall’s clothed legs. “Honestly, I didn’t mean to fall asleep during Squall’s massage but it felt so good and I just couldn’t stay awake.

Irvine ignored her and turned his attention to the warm body leaning back against him. Squall was still dressed in his uniform, only the cuffs on his white shirt undone and the sleeves rolled up, jacket hanging on the back of the bedroom door. Moving his hands upwards, Irvine began to slowly undo the buttons, lavender eyes watching their audience of one while he lightly nibbled at the brunette’s neck.

Selphie was squirming in her seat, already feeling turned on by the picture the two men presented. Squall had left for a training run early that morning, leaving her and Irvine to romp in the bed at their leisure. She’d been looking forward to jumping the brunette all day; however, he and Irvine had other ideas and so she ended up tied to a chair in only her panties and bra. Punishment, they had said, for not romping with them the previous night. All she wanted to do was reach out and touch them, run her hands through their hair, over their firm skin.

To her, this was torture.

Finished with the buttons, Irvine slowly drew Squall’s shirt open, dragging his fingers across the commander’s chest, brushing his thumbs over Squall’s nipples and gaining a gasp of want from the brunette. Squall arched closer to the touch as he ground his butt into the sniper’s lap, causing Irvine to groan and bite at the skin under his lips, eyes slipping closed as pleasure washed over him.

“More,” urged Squall.

Selphie whimpered at the need in that one word. “Irvine…” she called in a small voice, somewhere between begging and just saying the name of one of her lovers.

Irvine looked at the petite woman sitting across from them, noting the flush of colour on her skin and the way her nipples strained against the restraining fabric of her bra. Leaning up a little, he put his lips to Squall’s ear.

“Squall, Sefie needs a hand,” he said softly, tracing his tongue over warm flesh, smiling as Squall shivered in his arms.

Squall leaned forward, leaving his shirt in Irvine’s hands as he reached out to pull the chair a little closer.

“What do you want?” he asked Selphie, brushing a thumb over her lips.

“Untie me,” she said, tongue darting out to touch the teasing digit.

“Sorry,” Squall said, leaning back into Irvine’s embrace. “Can’t do that,” he added, watching the small woman frown.

“Soon, Sefie. Promise,” Irvine said, breath whispering over Squall‘s ear as he spoke.

With Squall back in his arms, Irvine turned his attention to the tight pants his lover wore. Squall had already removed the belt; it was being used to secure Selphie’s legs to the chair, keeping them spread open. Irvine looked down and smiled at the darkening fabric.

“Enjoying the show?” he asked as he popped the button on Squall’s pants and slowly pulled down the zipper.

Selphie just nodded, eyes fastened on Irvine’s hand. Irvine chuckled quietly and patted Squall’s bottom.

“Up,” he commanded.

Squall stood up in the space between Irvine and Selphie. Selphie licked her lips, watching as Irvine quickly rolled back onto the bed and shed his pants before reaching out and tugging Squall’s pants over his slim hips. Neither man wore clothing under their pants, much to Selphie’s delight. As Irvine pulled Squall’s pants down, the brunette’s cock sprang free, fully erect and rigid. Straining forward against her bonds, Selphie’s tongue darted out and tasted the wet tip.

Squall groaned, hips jerking forwards a little at the touch, only to be grabbed and dragged back out of reach as Irvine pulled him back onto his lap.

“Hey, none of that now,” he admonished, giving Selphie a teasing glare as he reached for the lube under the pillow.

“Don’t worry about it,” Squall said, squirming on Irvine’s lap, enjoying the feel of the sniper’s flesh rubbing against him.

“But you need…”

“Already done that,” he said, grabbing the cowboy’s hand and drawing Irvine’s fingers between his cheeks to the slickness there.

“That’s what took so long in the bathroom,” Irvine said, his cock getting even harder at the image his mind made of Squall leaning against the counter, long fingers twisting and stroking, preparing his body for what was to come. Irvine slipped two fingers into the welcoming heat.

Squall nodded. “Want you right now,” he said, thrusting his hips downwards on the digits, wanting something much larger filling him.

Irvine urged Squall to lift up a little, quickly grabbing the lube from under the pillow to coat his own length before pulling the brunette back down onto his engorged flesh. Both men groaned at the sensation of filling and being filled. A moan across form them reminded the men they were not alone.

Reaching out, Squall pulled the chair as close as their legs over the edge of the bed allowed. Irvine grunted as the movement caused muscles to tighten around him. Squall’s fingers found the front clasp for Selphie’s bra, unsnapping it and pushing the fabric out of the way. Pert breasts with tight, upturned nipples greeted his eyes and soon his lips as he leaned forward to suckle on them.

Irvine took this as his cue to move. One arm on Squall’s hip and the other helping to support the brunette as he leaned towards Selphie, Irvine rocked into the tight heat. He watched Selphie’s deep green eyes, half closed as Squall teased her breasts. He could hear the wet rasping of the brunette’s tongue over soft skin mixed in with Squall’s breathing as he panted from his own pleasure. Squall shifted his position a little, doing something Irvine couldn’t see. Selphie let out a needy gasp.

“Deeper,” she begged, biting her lower lip between white teeth. She gasped again, moaning as Squall gave her what she was asking for.

Irvine decided to obey the command as well, thrusting a little deeper into the heat surrounding him. His actions were rewarded when Squall gasped and thrust back harder, body demanding more of the pleasure Irvine had given when he’s struck the brunette’s prostrate.

Gasps, moans and whimpers filled the room, accompanied with the sounds of flesh hitting flesh and the more liquid sound of Squall and Selphie. Irvine had a good idea of what was happening out of his view and it made him harder thinking of Squall’s fingers deep within Selphie’s body, her white panties wet with her own juices even though they were pushed aside to make room for the brunette’s hand. The thought of that liquid heat surrounding Squall’s fingers combined with the tightness around him pushed his already heated body towards the edge. Thrusting deep and hard into the brunette’s body, Irvine dropped his hand to stroke Squall’s cock, the velvety flesh slick with his essences.

Squall let out a strangled groan as Irvine pumped into his body, causing his to lean harder against Selphie. He lay his head on her shoulder, tongue lapping at her neck as he thrust his fingers into her, thumb teasing the hard nub that would bring her over with them. He could feel deep within his body the coiling of nerves, all tingling towards release. He tried to hold it off but Irvine was already there, hot liquid spurting deep within Squall’s body, sending him over the edge, his own release ending up on Irvine’s hand and Selphie’s legs. Through his shuddering breaths, he hears Selphie’s whimper as her own release was reached, muscles clenching around his fingers as he slumped against her, spent.

Pulling Squall upright, Irvine reached for the brunette’s hand and sucked the fingers clean, watching Selphie’s eyes the entire time. Helping the brunette stand, Irvine watched him head for the bathroom before turning his attention to their captive. Untying the belt and ropes, he lifted the relaxed form from the chair and laid her out on the bed. Squall returned with damp cloths and warm towels and together they undressed the petite brunette woman and settled her into bed, joining her when they too were clean.

“Next time, Irvine gets tied up,” came Selphie’s sleepy voice as she curled around Squall, Irvine pressed to her back.

“We’ll see, Sefie,” Irvine said to the sleeping woman as he met Squall’s eyes over her head.

“We’ll see.”