Mar '04'

Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this fic belong to those talented people at Square. Lucky them. Written for the Scarlet Seduction Irvine/Squall competition - 1000 word fic challenge.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

By Garden's Gnome

Irvine looked down at the cards on the table and took a long drink from his glass.

He’d lost.


“Care to remind me why I agreed to play poker with you boys?” he asked his companions around the small table.

“Cause you thought you’d win easily,” Seifer told the sniper as he ran a hand down Zell’s newly bared chest. Irvine smirked a little as the tattooed blond’s nipples hardened under the light touch.

“And I should be winning too,” Irvine said, pouting. “It’s not my fault you didn’t tell me Squall’s a card shark.”

“You’ve seen him play Triad, Irvine. Why would another card game be different?” Zell asked as he moved closer to the teasing fingers of his boyfriend.

“It just should be,” the Galbadian demanded as he looked up into shadowed blue eyes as his lover stood over him.

“So what’s it going to be, Irvine? The hat, chaps or pants?” the brunette asked.

Irvine took another swig of his drink and pondered his options. Zell was down to his shorts and whatever he kept under them, having lost his shoes, socks, vest and shirt in previous hands. The other blond was missing his coat and vest and by the way he and the martial artist were now running their hands over each other, it wouldn’t be long before the rest of their clothing hit the floor. Squall had lost three hands and was down to his black leather pants, black socks and his necklace. Irvine knew what he’d be taking off if he won the next hand.

The evening had started innocently enough - a night of cards while the girls were on a mission in Trabia. Squall provided the room, Seifer brought the alcohol and Zell and Irvine the food. The night had been going well until Seifer had run short on gil to bet with and suggested clothing. The others agreed and the table had been cleared of money and rules set. Same as regular poker except the winner of the hand gets to remove the item of clothing from the losers. They had all laughed as Seifer had knelt to remove Zell’s shoes and then his socks the first two rounds, comically pinching his nose to avoid unwanted smells.

And so it came to the current hand. Squall had won and Irvine was the last to loose a piece of clothing. The hat’s staying, Irvine thought to himself as he pondered the possibilities of the two pieces that covered his legs.

“The pants, Squall. I’ll keep everything else,” he said with a smirk as he stood, unzipping the inside legs of his chaps to allow Squall to remove his pants with ease.

Squall waited for Irvine to stand clear of the table before standing behind him. Reaching around the slim waist and narrow hips, he noticed that Seifer and Zell were now watching them, no longer intent on teasing each other.

Squall sighed and snapped open the top button.

Placing his lips against a spot between Irvine’s shoulders, Squall teased the bare skin with light puffs of air as he slipped his hand into the small opening. What he found there made him smile against his lover’s back. Using his other hand, slim fingers slowly drew the zipper down, opening the pants to the slightly cooler air. Squall removed his hand at Irvine’s slight impatient wiggle and reached under the chaps to grab the pants on both sides of his hips.

In one quick, flowing movement, Squall kneeled and peeled the pants from the Galbadian.

A pair of slightly shocked gasps came from the other side of the table. Squall grinned.

Holding the clothing still so Irvine could step out of it, Squall looked up and came face to face with his lover’s smooth bottom. Leaning forward, he opened his mouth and licked along the shadowed line between the pale cheeks.

Irvine jumped a little at the wet touch of Squall’s tongue. Across the table, both blonds were giving appreciate looks to the sniper’s bared body and his hard cock, now unhindered by any clothing. Stepping out of his pants he turned to face the brunette.

“Should’ve known you’d be going commando,” Squall said as he continued to kneel on the floor, lifting a hand to trace his fingers along the cowboy’s length.

Irvine whimpered at the touch, so light and teasing it was. “A little help here,” he asked as he moved towards the touch.

Squall smiled up at the Galbadian as he leaned closer, blowing warm air over the length before taking the head into his mouth. Irvine moaned and buried his fingers into tousled brown hair as his lover slowly swallowed him. Another moan behind him reminded the sniper that they weren’t alone in the commander’s rooms. Looking around, he spotted the two blonds reflected in the glass of the doors to the balcony. Both men could see exactly what Squall was doing to him and by the way they had their hands down the other’s pants, they were enjoying the show.

Squall watched the reflections of his friends in the glass as he sucked on his lover. Watching and being watched was making him hot and he longed to take off his own leather pants but the card game was yet to be finished. This was just intermission, that needed to be speeded up so they could finish the game.

Irvine felt Squall’s hands slide up his legs to knead exposed skin. Fingers slipped in to tease his pucker but went no further. Then a hand moved around his body to massage his heavy balls and he moaned loudly, thrusting into the wet heat of Squall’s mouth. Squall sucked him in, teasing with his tongue as he took Irvine in deeply and hummed.

Between one breath and the next, Irvine felt his body respond. Tensing, he released into Squall’s waiting mouth and then collapsed into his arms, mind pleasurably blank.

The next hand, Squall lost his leather pants.