Oct '03'

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This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Night at the drive-in
(Halloween hour-fic and sequel to ‘Red is not Racy’)
By Garden’s Gnome

Quistis looked around the cafeteria as she entered. Spotting Nida and Selphie at their usual table, the blond woman headed towards them. “Where is everyone?” she asked.

Selphie smiled up at their headmistress and took another bite out of the ghost styled meringue that Nida was hand feeding her. “Well, Rinoa went to visit Zone and the boys have gone to that Halloween Horror Flick Fest they were rambling on about last week.”

Quistis frowned in thought. The Garden was currently in Esthar near Tears Point. There was no where anyone could hire a car. Which meant… Quickly she pulled out her phone and hit the auto-dial for Seifer’s number. She remembered the conversation she had had with the last person they had rented a car from.

“Greetings, you have reached the private line of Seifer Almasy. This is his personal secretary and very lovely better half, Irvine. Please state you name and state of undress…”

Quistis was sure she heard laughter and a slightly annoyed sigh in the background. “Mr Kinneas, I’d like to speak with Mr Almasy. Give him the phone please.”

“Oh, hey Quisty. What’s doing?” Irvine asked cheerily.

“Irvine, give the phone to Seifer.”

“Can’t, he’s driving.”

“Okay, I need to talk with Squall then.” Quistis listened as the phone was handed to Squall.

“Is there a problem Quistis?” Squall asked, his voice sounding distant as they experienced some interference with the call. “We are off duty.”

“I know Squall. It’s just that…” Quistis began and proceeded to quickly explain the call she had received from the car rental company they had used the last time they had gone out. She could hear the muffled sound of Zell’s voice saying that Squall was blushing as the tattooed blond asked what Quistis was saying to him. She put a hand to her face. She was blushing too.

“Don’t worry, Quistis. The car will be returned tomorrow in the condition we took it. I promise.”

There was a disconnection signal and then the phone went quiet in her ear. Quistis sighed and put the phone away. She hoped Squall would be able to keep his word. Smiling at the couple before her, she left them to their food and went in search of her own dinner.


“Hey Squall. What did Quistis want earlier?” Seifer asked from his place as Irvine’s leaning post.

It was halfway through the second movie. They had parked the Garden van with its back doors facing the large screen of the drive-in theatre. Zell was sprawled on the floor facing the screen, a cushion placed against his butt that Squall was using to rest his head on as he lay between the blond’s legs. Next to them, Seifer was lounging against the back of the seats, an arm wrapped around Irvine as the cowboy leaned back against him. Squall felt an empty lolly wrapper bounce off his head.

“Well?” Seifer asked again.

Squall blushed. “Well, somehow Quistis found out some details of our last outing…the one to the clubs at Deling City.”

“Oh, well we haven’t really kept it a secret that we’re couples now,” Irvine said, popping another lolly into his mouth.

“True, but some of the things she said,” Squall squirmed back a bit as Zell turned to look over his shoulder at him.

“What is it Squall?” the blond asked.

“Well, she said that she wanted the car to come back spotlessly clean.”

“Is that all?” Seifer asked. “Was she implying that we’d have a romp in one of the Garden vehicles?”

“It is one of the only places we haven’t had some fun yet, lover,” said Irvine as he turned to lean up and kiss Seifer’s cheek. Seifer looked down into lust-hazed eyes and smirked.

“Let it be said that I never turn down an opportunity like this.”

Squall and Zell watched for a few moments as their companions began to devour each other’s lips. Then Squall put his hand on Zell’s hip and rolled him onto his back. Zell reached for the cushion and tucked it under his head. Reaching up, Squall ran his hands over the firmly muscled chest encased in tight cotton. He quickly pushed the fabric up, wanting nothing more than to touch the warm flesh it covered. Above him, Zell hit a button on the wall of the van and the door closed, giving them the privacy they needed. Then he reached down and pulled Squall upwards, tilting his head up to nibble the brunette’s ear.

“I want you to take me,” Zell whispered, arching his hips to rub his growing erection against Squall’s body. Squall trembled with want.

Slowly moving his way back down his lover’s body, Squall looked over to see what progress Seifer and Irvine were making. Irvine had his face planted in the blond’s lap, teasing Seifer’s erection with his lips as Seifer’s fingers reached around to stretch his opening. They weren’t wasting any time at all. Squall turned back to his own task. Placing his lips to the sun-bronzed skin, he nibbled his way down Zell’s chest pausing only to tease small nubs into tingling pebbles as he worked on pulling down the blond’s shorts. He made a contented sound when he found Zell not wearing any under clothes under his shorts.

Seifer opened his eyes that he had closed at the small sound. His breath quickened as Squall took Zell’s thick cock into his mouth and began sucking. Reaching out around him, he found the tube he had recently used and tossed it at Squall. Smoky blue eyes focused on him for a moment before the brunette turned back to the task he had set for himself. Feeling that his own lover was now prepared, Seifer pulled Irvine up and turned him around so they could watch the other couple together. Pulling the auburn haired man back down onto his lap, he hissed out a breath as the sniper’s tight heat surrounded him. Then he held Irvine still while they watched Squall prepare Zell.

Zell thought he was going to die from the pleasure coursing through his body. Squall’s fingers were inside him, their sure touch seeking and finding his prostrate. His hips bucked, sending him further into his lover’s mouth and he whined quietly, begging for Squall to take him. Then the fingers and mouth were gone and he looked up into desire-heated eyes.

“Zell…” Squall breathed against the blond’s lips as he slowly entered the man under him. He pulled the blond’s muscled legs around him and thrust forward that last bit, seating himself in the tight sheath of Zell’s body.

Irvine squirmed slightly as he felt Seifer’s cock twitch within him at the sight of Squall taking Zell. Then he felt himself being lifted slightly and placed his hands on Seifer’s knees, giving him the balance he would need for when Seifer began to pound into him. Unable to look away from the pair next to them, Irvine gasped as a large hand wrapped around his erection even as the blond began to move inside of him.

Zell and Squall both looked over at the sound of Irvine’s gasp and grinned before turning their attention back to each other. Squall captured Zell’s lips, sliding his tongue in to taste and tangle with the blond’s own tongue.

Combined with the sounds coming from the men next to them and the scent of lust, all four men were highly sensitised to each small movement of their partner. So when Squall wrapped a hand around Zell’s cock, the tattooed blond was unprepared for the sudden onset of his orgasm. Feeling Zell tense around him, Squall gave himself over to the blinding pleasure with a few hard thrusts, emptying himself into his lover. Seifer sped up his stroking of his lover’s length as he felt the first ripples of his own release taking him, determined to drag Irvine over the edge with him. They came together, Irvine’s essences coating Seifer’s hand.

Bringing his hand up to lick it clean, Seifer’s eyes widened as Squall grabbed his wrist and cleaned it for him. The brunette smirked around the fingers in his mouth and only released the hand once it was clean.

“You owed me a taste,” was all he said before curling up next to Zell and pulling a light blanket over them.

Seifer smiled and released his hold on Irvine, the cowboy sliding limply to the mattress-covered floor. Seifer pulled his pants back up and covered his lover before opening the doors.

After all, they still had horror movies to watch. They would clean the van in the morning.


Notes from Gnome: Short, sweet and somewhat steamy! It turned out better than I thought it would and I may someday get the urge to expand it into a full fic with all the fumbling of clothing and such. I never intended ‘Racy’ to have a sequel but after thinking about cars/sex/and drive-in movies in the same sentence, I had to! Thanks Cat for making me keep the bunny instead of giving it to you. *laughs* Was fun to write. ^_~