Jan ‘04’

Disclaimer - All characters in this story are from Final Fantasy 8 and belong to Square. This was written for fun reading and is not for making money. The main pairing is Laguna and Squall - this means incest. If you don’t like this forbidden pairing, then don’t read…you’ve been warned! Otherwise, enjoy!!! ^_^

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Morning Romp
By Garden’s Gnome

Squall awoke to the sound of his lover stumbling around their room, quiet curses and continuous muttering allowing the brunette to pinpoint the exact position of the man. Sighing quietly, he rolled onto his back and cracked an eyelid open.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a sleep roughened voice.

Across the room, Laguna jumped in surprise at hearing the question as he exited the en-suite, almost hitting his head against the doorway. He frowned at the younger man and moved across the room to sit on the end of the bed to put on his shoes.

“Getting ready for work. You didn’t set the alarm and I’m running late. I’m surprised Kiros or Ward haven’t come looking for me yet.”

Squall sighed again and rubbed a hand over his eyes. On days when he didn’t have to get up early, he made a mental note to sleep in and his body usually followed his commands. Blinking bleary eyes at the clock, he noted that it was only an hour after their usual leaving time. Laguna had obviously forgotten what today was. Tossing off the blankets, a very naked brunette crawled across the bed and leant on his lover’s back. Reaching around clothed shoulders, he began to unbutton the shirt Laguna had chosen to wear.

“What are you doing?” the longhaired man asked as he tried to slap Squall’s hands away.

“Undressing you,” Squall said softly as he nibbled on an ear.

“But I have to go,” Laguna said even as he shivered with pleasure.

“No…it’s your day off. At least until tonight anyways.”

“But it…it’s…” Laguna continued to protest, his resolve fading as the other brunette moved his attention to his neck.

Abruptly Squall moved away from his lover, the coolness where warmth had been making the older man shiver again. He turned to look at Squall, and almost choked on a gasp as he watched the brunette stroking himself as he reclined on their pillows.

“It’s your birthday, Laguna,” Squall said in a husky voice as his hand slid along his erection. “Your party isn’t until tonight and you’ve been banned from working today.”

Squall smiled as aqua eyes widened in happy surprise and shook his head. He couldn’t believe his father had forgotten his own birthday…again.

“Now come here and enjoy your first present for the day,” he commanded, smile turning into a grin as Laguna all but bounced across the bed to capture his lips.

Straddling Squall’s lap, Laguna let the younger man return to undressing him as they kissed, tongues tangling and sliding against each other passionately. The older man plunged his tongue possessively into the cavern of Squall’s mouth, his need for the other increasing with each touch of bare hands against his now exposed chest. After having watched Squall stroke his own length, Laguna wanted his lover wrapped around him, crying out his name as he brought him to release. That thought made the aqua-eyed man even harder in his restrictive clothes.

Squall smirked at the taut fabric stretched across his lover’s cock. Laguna’s subconscious knew he was supposed to dress nicely for today, even if he didn’t actually remember the reason himself. Taking pity on the man, the brunette quickly unfastened the belt and pants, freeing the trapped flesh.

Laguna sighed in relief as his pants were quickly removed, a task that would’ve taken longer had he managed to put his shoes on. Crawling further along the bed, Laguna grabbed Squall’s legs and pulled at them so that he was lying down properly. He loved the sight of the brunette naked and waiting for him.

“Want you.”

“Want you too, love,” Laguna told the man as he ran fingertips up and down a muscled leg. “Right now, in fact,” he told his lover as he crawled across him to reach for their bedside table.

Squall’s hands touched any and all available skin as his lover looked through the drawer. When the older man sat up a bit, a wet tongue darted out and swiped across the reddened tip of Laguna’s cock. The longhaired man groaned and his body jerked forward in response. Finding what he was looking for, he settled himself between Squall’s legs.

“After that I’m not going to be able to wait,” he said as he squeezed lube onto his fingers.

“Don’t want you to,” Squall answered as he hooked a leg around his lover to pull him closer.

Prepping his love quickly but thoroughly, Laguna drank in each whimper and moan Squall made. Not so long ago, this had been the only place he could get the younger brunette to open up. But after living together for several months, he found that their attitudes were rubbing off on each other. Squall was becoming more open and occasionally impulsive while Laguna was a bit more organized than he used to be.

Sensing that Squall was ready, and noting the needy glare he was getting for apparently taking too long, Laguna quickly coated his own erection as positioned himself above his lover. As always, sliding into his lover gave the older man a sense of coming home like nothing else and he paused to savour the feeling. He felt the heat around him tighten for a moment, Squall silently telling him to hurry.

Wrapping his legs around Laguna’s hips, Squall thrust up with each movement his lover made. Nothing felt as good as having the older man inside him, claiming him like no other ever had.

Laguna smiled down at his lover and changed his position slightly as he reached up to grab onto the wooden bed head.

“Love you,” he whispered against Squall’s lips as he leaned close to claim a kiss.

Squall arched under his lover and gasped into their kiss as the older man thrust deeply into him. One hand grasped a firm hip while the other stroked his own length. Squall could feel Laguna watching him and looked into deep aqua, only having a moment to mouth the words back to the man before clenching his eyes tight as orgasm crashed over him. He heard Laguna cry his name and tense, warmth flooding into him as the longhaired man went almost limp above him.

Carefully rolling over, Squall managed to keep his lover within him as he sat up. Now straddling Laguna‘s hips, the younger man ran fingers lightly down a flushed cheek, whispering a quiet ‘happy birthday’ for his lover‘s ears only. Laguna smiled and opened his eyes.

“So we don‘t have to get up until later?” he asked as he wiggled a bit deeper into the bed and placed his hands on Squall‘s muscled thighs.

“Much later, love.”


Notes from Gnome: I know I probably shouldn't have made Guna that forgetful, but with everything else he has to remember...Even my family forgets each other's birthday's at times. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Laguna *throws confetti*. Hmmm, this is only my second Guna/Squall fic and I do have other bunnies for this pairing. Must remember to better bribe the bunnies next time so fics get done when they're supposed to.