Disclaimer: This story is from my own sick little imagination. Isan, Seveyn and the insane alter ego of Ashur belong to Sukunami. The fic kinda fits into the gap between the two visits mentioned in chapter 6 before Seveyn regains control and frees Isan (my version of what happened anyway) and will have no bearing whatsoever on the series itself. Really it’s just an excuse for a lemon that my mind forced me to write so I could go back to my other fics. I think of this as my AU fic for Sukunami’s AU world. I like visiting occasionally and assisting in filling in gaps - even if my solutions don’t really fit. In all honesty, it probably only took a few hours to do and practically wrote itself. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but if you’ve read the rest of the series you are here for that reason. (nods vigorously)

Memories In The Mirror
By Garden’s Gnome


I walk briskly through the corridors of my hideout, not bothering to acknowledge those around me. They are beneath my attention unlike the man I just left. Why does he resist? Why continue to defy my power when it only hurts him more? What is he fighting for, there is no saviour riding to rescue him!

Walking into the room reserved as my sleeping quarters, I move to stand in front of the mirror as I ponder what my knight seems to be waiting for. None of his family could possibly have a clue about where to look for us first. No one would have been expecting the sweet, shy and naïve Seveyn Zehrou to suddenly up and take the ultimate knight for his own. Myself, on the other hand…if they had truly known about me then they would have kept us apart. Or tried to.

Moving away from the mirror towards the rug in the middle of the room, I try to clear my mind of the frustrations I feel at Isan’s resistance to me. It is time to have a chat with his lover. Time to talk to Seveyn.


Sitting in front of a large framed mirror identical to the one that was in our room, I resist the urge to run my fingers across its surface, knowing that it would disturb the image of Isan. It is a heart-wrenching vision of the green eyed man pinned to the wall by electricity and a large shard of ice embedded in his shoulder. I know that he is in great pain but he barely makes a sound. Such strength and determination, even when drugged so as to not use his guardian forces, no wonder Ashur is angry.

Hearing footsteps approaching, I move to brush fingertips over Isan’s cheek when a hand grabs my wrist.

“Hello, Seveyn. Would you care to explain why it didn’t take me very long to reach your position, trapped here in this limbo?” asks a voice so like my own, yet not the same at all. I remain silent.

“Beautiful picture, isn’t it? You can see in his eyes that it’s painful for him and yet he barely makes a sound. It must be very frustrating for him. No GF’s to call on, no mommy and daddy to come heal his hurts and no lover to soothe away the pain…and still he… RESISTS… ME!”

My hand released, I run fingertips over Isan’s cheek and watch the mirror ripple to show a different image. I have found that when Ashur is near Isan it shows what is currently happening, but when he leaves my lover’s presence the images convert to my memories of the last few months. I have found it a comforting way to pass time between Ashur’s visits to Isan or myself.

I vaguely listen to the sorcerer rant behind me as the mirror clears again to show Isan crouching in a room full of mirrors, dagger in hand, as he carves our initials on the smooth surface. The day at the festival with his aunt, uncle and their children. I continue to watch and as Isan is about to stand up the surface blurs before clearing to show him on the floor of the bedroom, unconscious with arms wrapped protectively around Carbuncle.

“Why do you even bother watching this? They are just memories of something I never intend to let you have again. Why torture yourself?” Ashur asks, his palm flat against the smooth surface.

I will not answer him. I have no desire to grant the sorcerer a direction to his taunts. The more impassive I remain the sooner he will leave. Yet, pondering the question as I watch his hand on the mirror, I find an answer. One that I will share with him because he may not like it.

“When we are gone, dead and buried, the ones who love us will remember. It is through those memories that we will live on forever…or at least I will.” I look up into Ashur’s eyes and ask, “But who will remember you?”

He watches me, eyes wide with shock that I dare to ask him such a question. Then his lips curl into a sneer and he dismisses my query as not worthy of an answer.

“If you are so bored here with nothing to do I could always conjure up some beasts to entertain you” he says before his eyes widen into mock surprise. “Oh, that’s right. You have no powers because they are all mine. Just like your darling lover is MY knight.”

Deciding that I’ve had enough attention for the moment, Ashur leans down to where I sit on the ground.

“Enjoy your little picture show, Seveyn. It is all that you’ll find pleasure in for quite a long time.”

Then with a sneering smile, he simply vanishes.

I turn my eyes to the unconscious Isan and Carbuncle on the mirror. We were so unprepared for this. If anything, we expected an attack from an outsider, someone from my past. I guess in reality that’s what happened; only the past was within me. Be strong for both of us Isan.

Drawing fingertips softly over the image, I whisper a heartfelt ‘sorry’ as I wait for a new memory to appear.

As the picture clears, I am pleased to see a much happier image to chase away the negative feelings left from Ashur’s presence. It occurred a week or so after Isan had taken my virginity and made me his.

Curling up at the foot of the bed, I angle the book taken from Cid’s library to catch the light better. Freshly showered and dressed for bed, Isan flops down beside me, his head at the right end of the bed for sleep and begins to massage my feet.

“Do you intend to read all night or are you coming to join me in the bed?” he asks.

I answer with a noncommittal grunt that turns into a very quiet moan as his thumbs rub over tight foot muscles. I peer over the top of the book into smiling green eyes. “Just helping you to relax” the brunette says, continuing to rub the sore spots.

Sliding down a little further to give Isan better access to the tired muscles, I go back to reading. Another minute or so passes when I feel the long fingers begin to move up my leg, rubbing in circular motions. Lowering the book again, I look into seemingly innocent eyes. Isan gives me another smile.

“No point in stopping when your legs need help relaxing too.”

I snort at his outwardly innocent intentions. I have a good idea where this could end up heading and wonder how long I can ignore him for. Lifting the pages to the light again, the massage continues upward. All too soon I hear a deep chuckle.

“Looks like I have to massage here as well” comes Isan’s voice from beyond the book.

I flinch slightly as he lightly rakes blunted fingernails over my cotton boxer covered erection. Even though I can no longer see the words to read them I keep the book in place, wondering what he will do. The bed moves as Isan shifts lower, lying beside me on his stomach with his knees now near my head. I almost drop the book when I feel heated air breathed over the bulge straining against the boxers. Soon warm air is followed by butterfly kisses along the entire length. I find it increasingly harder to keep my breaths even. A hand reaches up and pulls the book down. Slightly serious, passion heated green eyes watch me closely.

“Are you sure that the book is more interesting than helping your body to relax?” Isan asks.

I shake my head and release my hold on the book. Isan sits up to place the book on the floor then pulls me into an impassioned kiss. Tongues swirling against each other, I barely get a decent taste of him before I am freed to fall back to my original position.

A few tugs find my boxers following the book to the floor as Isan stretches on his side and breathes gently on my naked erection. The teasing is maddening and as I turn to hide my face in Isan’s legs, I find myself face to face with his own cloth-covered erection. I quickly realise that when the brunette had stretched out for better access to his current position, he had also brought himself within my reach. My most immediate thought - I have not yet tasted him.

I moan as Isan brings dampened fingers to run over my length and reach up to copy his move. The brunette’s whole body stills as his erection throbs under my touch. Feeling Isan move, I look up to see him watching, wondering what I’ll do, how far I am willing to go. I place my whole hand over him and Isan groans while trying not to rock his body for more friction. Wanting to see my lover naked, my fingers find their way to the waistband of the boxers and begin to pull them downwards. Isan lifts his hips to help with the removal of the clothing and soon I am faced with his bared manhood. I watch as it twitches ever so slightly and when I blow warm air across it, the twitches become small jerks of need as Isan groans.

As I’m about to touch his erection again, Isan grabs my hips and rolls. Re-focusing my eyes, I find that I am now crouching over my lover, his length still within easy reach. A loud groan escapes my lips as Isan’s hot tongue swipes over the tip of my own erection. Then he stops and I drop my head to look at him upside down. He watches impassively for a heartbeat before he smirks and stretches his tongue out to lick me while I look on. The display is so arousing I almost come by that sight alone.

Drawing my eyes away before I find release too soon, I see Isan’s own member begging for attention. The reddened tip is leaking a few clear drops of fluid. Before I think, my fingers have gathered up the few drops and deposited them into my mouth. Beneath me Isan’s gasp at the fleeting touch transforms to a moan when he sees the fingertips disappear between my lips. Deciding that I don’t mind the slightly salty taste, I lean down to run my tongue over the tip. Isan’s body trembles beneath me as he watches me taste him properly, a deep rumbling groan passing through his body before he resumes his attention to my own erection.

What follows is a pleasurable game of copycat. Isan would either suck, nibble or lap at a spot on my erection a few times until I copied the movement with much enthusiasm. Soon we have each other’s erections hard and throbbing for release. I know that Isan is going easy on my body, letting the moment last as long as possible. I am enjoying hearing my name mixed within the gasps, moans and occasional whimpers I wring from him, some more urgent than others.

As the sound of my name from Isan’s lips becomes more urgent, I feel his hips tremble and flex slightly. Realising that he is close to release, I apply more pressure with my tongue to the length within my mouth and feel fingers dig into my hips harder than before. Isan’s own hips jerk involuntary, my name gasped with disjointed breath as hot liquid begins to fill my mouth. Automatically I swallow a few times before pulling back to let the remainder of my lover’s release fall onto his abdomen.

As I move to listen to Isan’s heavy breaths I am again rolled. Now resting on my back, Isan crawls around to kiss me hard, his tongue stealing into my mouth for a brief taste. Releasing my lips, the brunette then quickly shifts lower to take my neglected erection within his mouth. The heat and suction are almost unbearable. When I feel a semen slickened finger circle my anus, the pleasure coil inside me tightens and them my body spasms with release as I shout Isan’s name.

I smile gently, watching the mirror image of myself and Isan snuggle under the bed covers in post orgasmic bliss. I do not know how much time has passed since Ashur left when suddenly the surface of the mirror ripples and then clears to the vision of Isan against the wall again bound by electric chains. It upsets me to see the blood trickle down his face from a cut very recently inflicted.

I sit watching, wishing I could help in some way when the air around me warms with the scent of my lover. I listen to the sorcerer question Isan.

“Why do you fight me?”

I watch Isan’s eyes close and feel the air grow even warmer. It is not uncomfortable but I am wary as I would not put it past the ranting sorcerer to hurt me if he knows that Isan can sense it…sense me. Isan! He’s looking for ME!

I wrap a hand around the frame of the mirror in front of me and concentrate on the feel of the swirling air about me. It’s gentle and comforting, like my lover, so I reach for it. Unsure of how to channel the power, I close my eyes and simply think of how I feel for Isan and what he means to me. The air brushes against my skin gently, like before, when suddenly in grows chill and stinging.


I open my eyes and gaze at the image of Isan. Ashur has cut him across the cheek, marring the beautiful skin. The sorcerer has hurt MY Isan. Momentary anger blanks my mind and I miss the taunt directed at the brunette but I do hear his answer.

“He’s stronger than you,” says Isan in a hoarse voice.

I gasp as I feel the air turn freezing cold. Ashur is shocked.

“He’s stronger than you, and you. know. it.”

I watch, dazed, as Ashur strikes Isan with the knife handle. Isan said I’m stronger. If that is true the strength comes from his faith in me. Suddenly the need to be with my lover, to protect and help him, overwhelms me. Cold air flows quickly around me, turning warm and then hot as I let go of the pent up power from within me. Such heat after the cold I felt causes a sense of vertigo and when my vision clears I find myself standing in the room with Isan. What just happened?

I hear an irate voice deep in my mind.

“Why you and not ME? We have the same power. What’s so special about the bond you share that makes you stronger? He’s MY knight. His power belongs to ME! WHY?!!!” Ashur rages.

Felling tears running down my face as I quietly approach the slumped form of my lover, I reply to the sorcerer’s question, letting the thought echo within my mind.

“Because he gives himself freely to me. Something you may never understand.”

Then ignoring the continued ranting, I move to tend to my lover. My Isan.


Notes from the Gnome: Another ‘Life’ sidefic for everyone’s reading pleasure. This fiction was not on the list mentioned last time and came to mind almost immediately after I finished reading the chapter. In truth, I’m supposed to be writing another ‘all go out for a day of fun’ type story but as you can tell I got really distracted. I remember in my mind that I was going to ask if I could write a fiction based loosely around repayment by Seveyn to Isan for his gift of pleasure on their night together in chapter 4. I did it anyway and this is what my mind spat out. Huggles to Sukunami for letting me play again. Your boys are such fun to be with.