April ‘03’

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A DAY AT THE FAIR A ‘Life Series’ side-fic by Garden’s Gnome

“Okay everyone, we‘re here. Where to first?” Irvine asked as he watched the group in front of him.

“Shooting Gallery,” calls Tristan, the eldest son, currently giving a piggyback ride to Casey, the youngest.

“The Triad Tent,” said Dirk, who was checking the many pockets of his shorts for his deck of cards.

“Chocobo Rides,” called Mason, as he whipped his head around to watch said chocobo’s on the other side of the fence.

“Show Bags,” piped up Casey from over Tristan’s shoulder.

“Hotdogs!” came a shout from behind him.

Glancing at all his children as they made their preferences known, Irvine turned at last to his ‘nephew’ and the boy’s companion, frowning. “That spiky headed blond has corrupted you, hasn’t he?” he asked the youth next to his wife.

“Someone has to make up for the lack of uncle Zell’s presence. I’m right, aren’t I aunt Selphie,” Isan said, smiling as he wrapped an arm around his smaller aunt, who nodded absently. He released her as she began to dig into her bag.

“We need tickets before anything else gets planned, Irvy” she said, handing her husband some gil.

“I’m right on it hun, you all wait right here, this won’t take long.” And with a tip of his hat Irvine sauntered off towards the ticket booth.

Isan turned to the young man standing to his right, a gentle smile gracing his lips as he looked into reddish-purple eyes. “I’ll go get our tickets, be right back,” he told Seveyn in a soft tone. The white haired boy nodded and watched his companion stroll away, the dark green coat swaying against his long legs.

As they walked back to the others, Isan turned to Irvine with a slightly puzzled look on his face.

“What’s up kiddo?” his uncle asked.

“Nothing really. I was just trying to figure out how aunt Selphie managed to get the Ragnarok from Granddad.”

“That was the easy part of this outing. All she did was mention that us and the kids were going to the Deling Autumn Festival and asked if he wanted to come along. We were going to get him to pick us up then go to the orphanage for you and Seveyn. But Laguna had a meeting or something that he couldn’t put off so Kiros suggested a pilot bring the Rag to us. Selphie jumped at the chance to fly it again.”

“I guess that’s why the pilot opted to get dropped back at Esthar” Isan said, laughing.

“Yeah, Sel only knows two speeds when flying - stop and go faster. Pity the others were too busy to make it, Quistis with too much work to do, Zell on a class field trip and your father with his hands full of a very pregnant Squall.” Irvine sighed then grinned at the brunette. “Anyway let’s get this show on the road. I’ve gotta prove that I am still the biggest kid in my family.”


I watch Isan and his uncle; admiring the brunette’s long legs as they wander off to get tickets, then turn to look beyond the gates we would soon gain entry to. Not having the chance to attend an event like this in the past, I am both excited and apprehensive at the same time. While I do look forward to a day of fun, the size of the crowds have me a little worried.

After a very…um…breath-taking (and sometimes near hair-raising) flight from the orphanage to Deling City, Isan’s aunt Selphie had promptly informed everyone that any weapons were to be kept onboard the Ragnarok. There were a few moans and groans from Irvine and their two eldest sons, Tristan and Dirk, but all visible weaponry was left behind. I know Isan has a pair of rather nasty looking daggers on him, one in each boot. I had watched him slide them in place when we dressed this morning. Isan had simply shrugged and grinned before grabbing his coat and leading the way to breakfast. He doesn’t really need them though, considering when we first met he ran off some bullies with just his bare hands and a few choice words.

I’ve only known him for a short period of time and he is simply amazing. I find it hard to imagine what I’d do without him near, and am extremely glad that his parents made me his first SeeD mission. But I shouldn’t think about that today. I doubt Isan would appreciate my frowning all day.

I look up at the light touch on my shoulder to find that Isan and Irvine have returned. The brunette smiles down at me and I feel his fingers in mine. Such warmth radiates from him with this simple touch and I long to lose myself within his soft green eyes. Then with a quick squeeze his hand is gone and I hold my entry ticket.

“C’mon slowpokes, the entertainment is inside the gate,” calls Isan’s uncle with a knowing laugh as he leads his grinning wife away from us, the four boys already passing through the gates. Then hearing a quite chuckle I am pushed ahead of Isan towards the rest of the group.


Looking around as soon as we all pass through the gates, I am pleased to see that little has changed over the years since I last came to the festival. In fact, I believe that it’s doubled in size. The smells of hot toffee, fresh popcorn and, of course, hotdogs assault Seveyn and I from all sides on the cool breeze. Vaguely remembering some of the rides that I will definitely be big enough for, I look down at Seveyn and take in the sight of his wide reddish-purple eyes and lightly flushed face as he tries to see everything at once.

“Relax,” I tell him as he flinches slightly to my guiding touch at his elbow. Directing Seveyn away from the entrance and to the large map of the festival grounds, I notice aunt Selphie giving last minute instructions to her horde of boys (uncle Irvine included) before turning them loose. With a jaunty little wave, Seveyn and I watch as Casey latches onto his mother, dragging her off in the general direction of the show bag stands. Belatedly remembering to turn on the family communicator I was given earlier on the Rag, we manage to catch the dinner arrangements, a reminder to check in once an hour and a stern warning to keep the device on the same channel as the whole group at all times. After replying an affirmative to aunt ‘central control’ Selphie, I turn my full attention to my companion who has been studying the map intently.

“Where to first?” I ask, gently nudging the white haired man away from the map and down one of the many paths away from the gates.

“I really not sure, it’s so big.” Seveyn answers, eyes wide as he looks around us trying to assimilate every sight, sound and smell at once. I can’t help but chuckle at the look of wide-eyed innocence and awe.

“What?” comes a more baffled than irritated question.

“Sorry, but that look you just had reminds me of the first I came to the festival,” I tell him. I laugh at the memory.

“Will you tell me as we walk?”

“Sure, but if you see anything that you want to look closer at we’ll stop, okay?”

“Deal” Seveyn agrees and then promptly points to a snow cone stand. Soon we are strolling along the somewhat crowded path, Seveyn with his raspberry flavoured cone and me with a lime one.

“The first time we came was sometime after my fifth birthday. Mom and dad were busy so granddad and uncle Kiros agreed to take me. That look you had was almost exactly like granddad’s. Poor Kiros, he ended with not one but two children to supervise. I vaguely remember that granddad managed to go on any and every ride that I chose - he even sat with his knees around his ears to fit into a tiny boat and putt around a wading pool with me. We kept coming to the festival each year until I enrolled at the Garden. Even managed to drag mom and dad away from their work to join us a couple of times. Uncle Kiros and Granddad still had to watch me when my parents decided they wanted to go off and have some time to themselves. We all had such fun back then.”

I smile down at the man at my side and feel my pulse quicken slightly when he looks at me. There is a small happy quirk at the corners of his lips; lips now stained red and looking infinitely kissable. Searching around us for a much-needed distraction before my thoughts grow little ideas, I find that we have arrived in the section put aside for the big rides and general amusements. Squeals from the rollercoaster in the distance, screams and laughter from the haunted house and the faint ‘ding’ of a bell being rung assault our ears, along with the usual calls of vendors trying to attract the crowd. Deciding that going on the more wild rides now rather than later would be a good idea, I drag Seveyn in the direction of the rollercoaster.


I look up at Isan as he finishes his story to find him watching me, or rather my lips. I swear that he looks like he wants to kiss me. Before getting a chance to ask if there is a problem, he grabs my arm and starts to pull me towards the large and rather fast looking ride at the end of the corridor of amusements and stalls. The words ‘rollercoaster’ flash above the ticket booth as I watch Isan buy passes for the ride. I know that he wants me to go on with him but he has to convince me that it won’t be as scary as his aunt’s flying skills.

“I was never big enough to go on these types of rides before. Now that I am I’d like to go on it with you.”

I eye him warily, the ride in question looks really fast and I’m not yet convinced that it is safe.

“I know it looks scary but it’s nothing compared to being on the Rag with aunt Selphie at the helm” he says next. I’m slightly shocked at how easily he read my thoughts, and my face must reflect my thoughts the smug smirk that graces his lips.

“This will be the only fast ride I’ll ask you to come on with me, and I’m sure that after it‘s done you‘ll be wondering what were you so worried about. Say yes…please?” Isan looks ready to drop to his knees and beg for real but that please was enough so I nod and jump with a start as he begins to gather up my hair.

“We need to put this up so it doesn’t get caught up on anything,” Isan says quietly next to my ear as he braids my long locks. He’s enjoying this I’m sure as he lightly brushes my neck with his fingertips. Reaching for the hair tie I keep around my wrist, I feel those same fingers whisper across my palm leaving it all tingly. Braid completed we head for the end of the line.

A short while later Isan and I step off the ride. He’s grinning at me like and idiot, his short hair pushed back from his face, and I cannot help but return the look. Once again he was right; I did enjoy myself.

“What’s next” I ask the brunette as he scans the stalls along the walkway. I receive a lopsided grin.

“I’m gonna win you some prizes!”

“Then lead the way, oh conqueror of mine and let us see what bounty you find for me.” I intone dramatically. I guess the ride loosened me up a bit, and with a short laugh at the stunned look on Isan’s face I lead the way to the first stall.


Lunch has been and gone, so has a good portion of the afternoon when we stop at one of the many drink stands. I sit on a nearby bench, arranging the prizes won for me by Isan and the few show bags we have purchased. My legs are starting to ache a little and are glad for the short respite as I await the brunette’s return with some drinks. Looking up at approaching steps, I smile confusedly when Isan hands me a drink then wanders to a stall nearby. Upon hearing the brunette call ‘stay put’ over his shoulder, I stretch my legs out in front of me and watch the stall into which my companion disappeared.

A few minutes of sucking on my drink later, I spy Isan returning with a small bag in hand. Approaching the seat he gives me a captivating smile, then changes direction to come up and stand behind me.

“You look so delectable sucking your drink through that straw that I’d kiss you now but I don’t want to give everyone a show,” he whispers into my ear. My eyes shutter at the thought of his warm lips on mine and his fingers cradling my face when I feel coolness against my neck.

“I got you a little something special.”

Reaching down to the item now resting against my collarbone, I gently lift a small soft green pendant that’s hanging from a sliver chain. Approximately the size of my smallest fingernail, I see that the tiny orb is streaked with grey. Similar to Isan’s eyes. My breath catches in the throat.

“Thank you, it’s beautiful.”

“Anything for you.”

And in that moment with those softly spoken words I realize that he would do anything for me and anything to protect me.

It is also at this moment that a random burst of static emits form the communicator on Isan’s coat collar. Quickly looking at his watch and shaking his head, Isan indicates that we haven’t missed an hourly check-in. Turning to get a clearer voice reception, the brunette engages in a hurried conservation with what sounds like Tristan, Irvine’s eldest.

“Isan here, what’s up?” my companion asks.

“Dirk and I are at the shooting gallery. Want to get in a few shots before the fireworks start up. Join us?”

Isan looks at me and I mouth a yes before quickly gathering up our stuff.

“Sure, be there in five.”

“Okay, Tristan out.”

Passing over half of our stuff, I gather the rest close and hurriedly follow Isan.


“Seveyn, please stop moving or you’ll miss the target.”

“It’s not my fault, you’re distracting me.”

“Actually I’m just helping you hold the gun straight. It’s your wriggling that is distracting me.”


“That’s not just my belt digging into your back. Now stay still.” I almost beg between clenched teeth.

“Oh…Ooh”. I watched my white haired companion still for a second, then looking over his shoulder at me and I swear I see a seductive smirk; he wiggles his backside - hard.

Closing my eyes to slits, I hiss out a startled breath between my still clenched teeth. I knew that I had been standing too close for too long. Using my right hand to relieve my tormenter of the gun and the left to spin him around, I looked down into reddish depths. “We’re going for a walk.”

I’d been resisting all day the urge to take Seveyn in my arms and kiss him breathless. The look in his eyes after he accepted the pendant from me was almost my undoing. Such openness and vulnerability all mixed up in the reddish-purple depths when I had promised him anything and everything I could give made me forget for a moment that we were not alone. Thank Hyne Tristan called at that time or we would have drawn lots more attention than the odd casual glance from the crowds passing by.

However, my ability to resist the temptation of a certain white haired beauty only lasts for so long, especially when said temptation practically asks for a particular reaction. With the sky outside darkening into a deep red-orange at the end of the sunset, I now fully intend to give in and deliver a little mutual relief. I look down at Seveyn showing him a heated look that promises pleasure. He quakes lightly in my arms in response, making no move to resist.

It is at this moment that the ten-minute warning for the fireworks display came over the public announcement system. I watched as Tristan and Dirk returned their weapons to the booth worker and motion for Seveyn and I to follow them before quickly turning to run down the partly crowded walkway. Releasing my hold on Seveyn I return our gun then reach down to grab our bags. Together we race off in the direction of the main arena.

Arriving at the bottom of the main stand, I hear a garbled ‘up here’ from the comm attached to my collar. Looking towards the back of the seating area we spy Casey on Irvine’s shoulders madly waving little arms at us. With Seveyn leading, we climb the stairway all the way to the top. Taking in the great pile of toys haphazardly thrown on the very rear seats along with an assortment of show bags, aunt Selphie shrugs at us then turns to help Irvine make some room amongst the mess for Seveyn and me to sit.

“We can only make a bit of room so you’ll have to sit close,” aunt Selphie tells us over her shoulder with a quick wink. Handing my bags to Seveyn, I get comfortable between a pair of stuffed chocobo and a large PuPu toy that could only belong to my aunt. Holding out my hand firstly for the bags, which I shove under the seat, I reach for Seveyn’s hand and pull him to sit between my legs. His body seems to remember this position and relaxes against me instantly, shivering slightly. Noticing that away from the semi enclosed area of the arcade section the breeze has become chillier with the sunset, I remove my coat and hand it to Seveyn to put on.

“It’ll help keep you warm” I tell him when he sits back down, and I help arrange the coat around him then slip a hand into one of the deep pockets to wrap around his upper thigh. He tenses.

“What are you doing?” comes the whispered question.

“Just sit back and enjoy the show. I’m not doing anything…yet.” Then I nip his ear gently with my lips, feeling a shiver pass through him, and then turn some of my attention to the announcer working up the crowd.

“Welcome one and all to the greatest fireworks show ever to be seen in Deling city. However, in order to start I need you all to convince our pyrotechnics specialists that we want some big explosions tonight. On the count of three, everyone give a great big cheer. One, two, three…”

During the first countdown I tightened my fingers around Seveyn’s thigh, indicating that he really didn’t need to join in the cheering. As it was Mason and Dirk tried to out do each other with ear-piercing whistles. On the second cheer, I reached up and removed the tie from the long white braid and positioned the loosened hair over my shoulder, while watching Irvine and Tristan help Casey yell a loud cheer. The third cheer, and the loudest yet, ended with a command of ‘lights out, let her rip boys’. Just as the lights went off I’m sure I caught a glimpse of aunt Selphie smirking at me. Then before our eyes could adjust to the darkness the first rocket was launched. Gripping Seveyn’s hips, I pulled him flush against me. As he tilted his head back to watch the sky, I counted the beat of the music to time the first explosion. Then I stuck my tongue in his ear.


Distantly I am aware of the many ahs and ohs of the crowd enjoying the fireworks. I’m watching them too or at least trying to but I cannot say the same for Isan. His breath tickles my ear as he bathes it with his tongue. Each time the wetness delves into my ear his fingers flex, gently massaging my thigh. I can’t help but squirm a little as my pants begin to tighten uncomfortably and I am unsure if I want to escape or be closer to their warmth. I manage to keep my eyes open when Isan trails moist lips down the side of my neck. As he lightly fastens onto a spot just below the collar of my shirt and begins to suck, the hand within the coat pocket on my thigh moves. Thankfully the gasp that escapes past my lips is drowned out by a rapid burst of explosions, lighting the sky with reds, greens and purples.

I fight for control of my body as those questing fingers begin to trace up and down the hardness straining in my pants. The touch is firm enough to tease but not relieve the tension gripping my body. As he presses harder, I know Isan can feel my trembling limbs. I arch slightly into his touch, wanting more and I feel him smile into my neck. Molding his hand as best he can, Isan squeezes me gently and I rock into the warmth that grips me. All too soon I feel a great pleasurable tension curl within my body, then Isan’s hand is gone and I am left hanging close to the edge of release, trembling with need.

Dragging open my eyes, I see that the pyrotechnics display has reached its grand finale. I’m not even sure how long the show was supposed to last. Over the noise I make out soothing apologies whispered into my ear as Isan gently strokes my face. Concentrating on the bursts of colourful light in the darkened sky, the trembling of my body slows to a quiver and stops after a few deep breaths as I work to keep my body still. Then with a large burst of golden light, the last firework cascades downwards on the delicate breeze and the lights come back on as the crowd roars in approval of a great show.


Blinking as the arena lights come back on I realize that I managed to miss most of the display, but the distraction was defiantly worth it. Seveyn’s body is still, almost rigid with need as he sits on my lap and I know that I’m going to have to find a place to relieve this tension before we go to dinner. I won’t leave him in his current uncomfortable condition, one that my body mirrors to a lesser degree. As Seveyn rises to his feet, I gain aunt Selphie’s attention.

“What’s the problem Isan?” she asks while reaching for the PuPu toy next to me.

“Just wondering if you could take our stuff with you back to the Ragnarok so Seveyn and I can grab a few rides before dinner…please?”

Aunt Selphie looks like she’s about to say no when uncle Irvine answers for her.

“Sure thing boys, but you’ve only got half an hour left. And don’t go making yourselves sick or you won’t be able to eat.” Uncle Irvine then winks at aunt Selphie and with a nod we are relieved of our bags and sent on our way.


I’m not sure where Isan is leading me but it is not in the direction of the rides. My curiosity wins out and I ask him where we are going. Suddenly I am pulled into the shadows between two stalls and kissed hard. Breaking the kiss, I see Isan’s eyes glitter in the dim light.

“I’m going to finish what I started during the fireworks show.”

At his words I shiver, my body immediately returning to the previous level of need. I press myself against Isan and watch as his green eyes scan the area beyond our hidey-hole. His eyes widen as he looks at something directly across from us. Before I can question his intentions, his hand grips mine and leads me across the corridor of stalls to a large man dressed in flowing robes leaning within a mirrored doorway.

“Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors, young masters,” he said in way of greeting.

“Can we go inside?” Isan asks.

“Sure. Just give the cleaning crew another minute. We had a group of young kids through a while ago and one of them must have had a toffee apple or something. Sticky fingerprints all over the mirrors.”

Looking away from the man, I notice an ice-cream truck parked across from where we are standing. Isan must’ve seen my lingering gaze because next thing I know I’m heading in that direction to get a chocolate-fudge sundae while he buys passes and chats to the vendor. Gathering up the sundae, two spoons and some napkins, I return to Isan as the cleaners exit from the doorway.

Grabbing my hand as I draw near, I let myself be pulled through the entrance by the green-eyed boy as he promises the cleaners not to spill the ice-cream. We pass through two hallways of mirrors that distort the image then turning another corner we enter a circular room of normal mirrors. Isan turns to me and pulls me further into the room as he closes his eyes and mouths a single word. Carbuncle. Taking the cold dessert from my grip, I feel his hands reach up to cup my face. His lips brush mine and I am lost.


I taste warmed chocolate as I deeply kiss the man in my arms. Knowing that we don’t have long I slowly walk forwards until Seveyn’s back comes into contact with the mirrors that surround us. Breaking the kiss I gaze into passion hazed eyes.

“Keep your eyes open.”

Seveyn nods his agreement and I turn quickly to the buttons of his shirt. Spreading a trail of hot wet kisses down his neck I come to the spot I sucked on during the fireworks. I had marked the pale skin. Placing a feathery kiss over the light bruise, I continue onto the chest now bared by my questing fingers, taking a small nub between my lips. Seveyn’s own hands do not remain idle as he arches into my mouth.

Emboldened by his view of us in the reflective glass, he grips the bottom of my shirt and pulls it out of my pants. My breath catches as he lightly runs fingertips over my exposed ribs, the soft pressure inflaming my need. I hum in pleasure at the welcome touch. Controlling my baser desires to just ravage the man standing so trustingly in front of me, I reach out with shaking fingers to the front of Seveyn’s pants. Slowly I loosen the belt and undo the clasp, giving the beauty in my arms the chance to stop me. However, I almost jump back when his hands reach to copy my movements. I look up at him with my lips still fastened to his chest. His eyes drag themselves from the view around us and he smiles shyly down at me. Straightening back up I pull him in for a deep kiss, our tongues sliding against each other as we continue to loosen increasingly constrictive clothing.

As Seveyn’s pants slide to the ground in a whisper of fabric, I kneel down and trace the pale, quivering length with a fingertip. A whimper comes from the man standing above and I look into deep red eyes as I take him into my mouth. His eyes flare wider as they tear away from mine back to the mirrors, his lips gasping an moaning my name while he watches my head bob up and down in front of him.

Knowing that this needs to be fast yet feel so very good, I reach back for the melting tub of ice-cream. Dipping a single finger into the still warm fudge topping, I smile around Seveyn’s length. Gently levering his pale legs apart, I run the chocolate-coated finger between his cheeks. Circling the tiny entrance, I take him deeper into my throat and push the tip inside his body, then I look up at his face, searching for possible discomfort.

His eyes are only slits of burning red colour on the flushed face. The attention of those eyes of glued to the view of us from across the room. I know he is close to fulfilment, my name mixed within the moans and gasps that leave his lips, his fingers moving to rhythm in my hair. I cannot bring myself to deny him any longer. I push the finger in his body deeper, aiming straight for his prostrate and hum gently around the length deep within my mouth.

Instantly he stiffens, my name a keening wail from his throat. I drink down all his body offers me, and grasp his lean hips in both hands as his legs can no longer support the weight and he slides to kneel with me on the floor, his delicate fingers trailing down the mirrors cool surface. White hair trails over my shoulder as his head tilts forward to rest there.

“Isan, you… need…” comes his gasping breath. He lifts his head to look at me, red eyes hazed over with sated lust.

“Help me…” I ask, entwining his fingers within mine and guiding them to the hard length that is between us.

Slowly wrapping our fingers around my own aching need, I set a steady speed then let Seveyn take over. I lean against his shoulder as he quickens the pace in reply to my increased breaths and quiet moans. I want this to last but we don’t have the time. Feeling the curl of an approaching orgasm, I squeeze my fingers tighter and am totally lost when my white haired lover mirrors the move. He holds me as my body jerks against our combined grip and his name leaves my lips in a whisper of released breath.

As we quickly redress and clean up any mess with the ice-cream napkins, I watch Seveyn run his fingers over a lower corner of the mirror he was leaning against. Curious, I lean in for a closer look. Inscribed underneath the pale fingertips are three letters. SxS. I frown for a second in thought then my eyes widen in shock. They wouldn’t…

“I wonder who’s idea this one was?” I muse out loud. Seveyn gives me a puzzled look.

I trace over the letters with my thumb.

“Seifer and Squall.”

He pales, then blushes a deep red. I laugh. Reaching into my boot I remove one of my daggers and motion Seveyn out of the way. Running a thumb over my own handy work, I stand and wrap an arm around his waist while looking at the letters that sparkle in in the light of the room.



A minute later we leave the circular room, heading down more mirrored hallways towards the exit. I thank Carby for his protection, feeling a warm fuzzy reply within my mind. Looking at my watch, we manage to avoid the vendor still standing within the entrance doorway. Smiling broadly as I grab Seveyn’s hand and dump the melted dessert in the bin, we run towards the festival exit and our waiting friends.


Notes from the Gnome - My first completed fic. Yay. (pats self on back) Hope it was okay. Big, HUGE, thank you to Sukunami for letting me play with the boys. (waves star-shaped sparklers in gratitude) This is what happens when you send a generally snowed under author suggestions for some fun situations. I enjoyed the challenge and hope anyone that has finished reading the fic liked it too. Now to dig up my original list of suggestions and talk Sukunami into letting my write more. Bye. ^_^