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This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

In The Cards - Part Eight
By Garden’s Gnome

The moment the latch on the door was released, Irvine pushed it open with his boot and then kicked it shut. Quickly setting his bundle on the bed, he turned to lock the door, wedging a chair under the handle as an added precaution. Turning slowly to the sounds of movement behind him, the cowboy leaned against the door and drank in the glorious sight of Squall on his bed. Well, not quite Squall, yet.

“Thank you,” he heard the other man say as he watched the once brunette remove the coat and place it next to him. He also saw the slim fingered hands grip each other tightly.

“What’s wrong, love? We can stop if you want,” Irvine said, coming across the room in long strides to stand in front of the bed. Pulling the other man to his feet, the sniper drew him into a warm hug. “I’m just glad you’re here.”

“Me too,” came the slightly muffled voice as Squall buried his face into the warmth emanating from the cowboy.

“Squall…” Irvine whispered into the tousled black and red hair, moving his hands from the other’s back to run his fingers over the base of his neck. Gently he unclasped the choker that altered the brunette’s voice, needing to hear his name said in the quiet tones of the man he was falling in love with. Pulling away from Squall, Irvine dropped the slip of fabric on the table next to the bed and looked into green eyes. “Can you remove those?”

Squall nodded his understanding and pulled a slim container out of the top of one of his boots. Tilting his head, he removed the contacts, putting the case next to the choker before looking up at the cowboy with his own eyes.

“Seifer was right…” Irvine said at the sight of the brunette’s eyes. He smiled softly at the sight of Squall’s raised brow, a silent question he understood. “He said your eyes went deep blue after you junctioned with Siren…what did she say?”

Squall blushed as he thought back to his time in Timber only a day or so previous before beginning his undercover mission. Siren had given him a title and he needed to see if it was true. “Beloved,” he said, still blushing as he looked up at Irvine, his eyes that deep, soul revealing blue again. “She called me ‘beloved of my master’.”

Irvine smiled at the sound of Squall’s own voice. He’d been wanting to hear it’s silken tones since he had arrived at the Den…hell, every moment apart from Squall he had wanted to hear that voice. Leaning down, he let his lips lightly touch Squall’s ear. “You are,” he whispered before gathering the other man into another hug, not wanting to let go.

Squall sighed happily at Irvine’s answer and burrowed into the man’s warmth as they stood next to the bed just holding each other. He listened to the sniper’s heartbeat, a steady and comforting sound. He heard breath drawn into lungs and looked up to see what Irvine wanted to say.

“I have Shiva,” Irvine said, drawing a line down Squall’s cheek with a finger. “If we are going to continue…I suggest we unjunction.”

Squall nodded his agreement. “But what about the cameras? Will they detect anything?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” Irvine admitted, frowning at the possibility of detection. “Guess we’ll have to trade, seeing as we block our more familiar GF‘s better,” he said, moving to hold Squall’s face between his hands, pressing their foreheads together. “Ready?” Squall nodded and closed his eyes.

Farewell, sniper. Take care, came the cool tones of Shiva as she left Irvine’s mind. He could feel Squall’s breath on his lips and tilted his head slightly to kiss the other man as he felt Siren’s presence briefly flit through his mind before she settled at the very edge of his thoughts. He opened his eyes to look at Squall and smiled at the dreamy look on the brunette’s face.

There was a knock on the door.

“Shit…What now!” Irvine exclaimed, annoyed by the disturbance. He tilted his head towards the bathroom door and watched as Squall gathered up the items on the table and disappeared into the other room. Running water could be heard.

“This had better be good,” he said loudly as he removed the chair and yanked open the door. Tobias stood just outside the door.

“Hey, Irvine,” the card player addressed the cowboy before walking past him into the room. Looking towards the sound of water, Tobias threw a lecherous smirk over his shoulder. “Had your fun already?”

“No,” Irvine said quietly as he fought the urge to throw the man out of the room. “What are you doing here Tobias?”

“Just came to say goodbye and let you know that Storm is yours until I return. I’ve gotta go to FH…why they didn’t get me to stop there on the way through, I don’t know.” the card player said half to himself before looking at Irvine again. “Never mind, you have fun and I’ll see you in a few days.”

“Hold up a second,” Irvine said, stopping Tobias at the door. “Ah, where’s the heat sensor thing in this room?” he asked in a whisper.

Tobias looked slightly stunned by the question. “Who told you about those?” he asked.

“One of the guys downstairs,” Irvine admitted as he ran a hand through his hair. “See, it’s been a while since I’ve been with anyone and I’m pretty sure Storm has never done this before. Just wanted to ensure some privacy for her first time.”

“Always the gentleman, Irvine. Squall was a fool to run away. I’ll tell you but you can only do this for one night or the security guys will get suspicious of you…it’s over there,” Tobias said, pointing at the clock sitting on the table near the bathroom door. “You won’t be able to move it so you’ll have to think of a way to fix it. Anyways, I have to go. See you in a few days.”

Irvine closed the door behind Tobias, setting the chair back in place and looked at the clock sitting so innocently on the table. There wasn’t much room on the table for another item to sit in front of it and it must be fairly powerful to by placed there and encompass the whole room. Walking to switch off the main light, Irvine moved to turn on a lamp for some light when a solution came to mind.

Squall, who had ended up having a shower instead of just letting the water run, stepped out into glowing candlelight. At least two-dozen candles lit up the room, two to three on every available space. Taking a few steps away from the bathroom door, the brunette pulled the dark robe around himself tighter, and looked around for Irvine. He found the sniper watching him from near the table next to him, a dead match held in his long fingers.

Irvine lit the last candle as the bathroom door opened and watched as Squall came out dressed in only a bathrobe, his hair slightly damp and his skin glowing in the soft light. Then the young man turned his eyes to him, their smoky grey colour quickly becoming deep blue as Irvine watched.

“Don’t move any of the candles. They‘re blocking the sensor,” Irvine instructed quietly as he moved to take one of Squall’s hands and pulled him towards the bed. Standing in front of Squall with his back facing the bed, Irvine brushed bits of the brunette’s dyed hair out of his face before leaning in to capture the full lips in a slow kiss.

Squall stood still as Irvine nibbled lightly on his lips while holding his hand. He could feel a calloused thumb stroking the back of his hand as the nibbles became firmer and Irvine opened his mouth to run his tongue over soft lips. Squall willingly opened his own lips to accept the cowboy’s advances, lifting his free hand to entwine his own fingers deeply in long auburn tresses.

Pulling back from the kiss, Irvine pressed his cheek against Squall’s and blew warm air gently across his ear. The fingers in his hair tightened and the other man’s head turned slightly before dropping backwards to expose a pale throat. Irvine smiled at the dark mark he’d made earlier before kissing the tender spot gently and continuing his kisses downwards, parting the robe to his seeking lips.

Feeling the light kiss on his neck, Squall remembered the sensation of having the sniper sucking on his skin when he gasped as Irvine found his nipples. Highly sensitive to each touch of fingers, tongue or warm air, sent jolts of electricity to his groin and his now throbbing erection. He buried both hands deep within Irvine’s hair and quietly moaned him name.

“Mmmm, Irvine…”

Hearing the husky tones in which his name was said, Irvine abruptly sat on the bed and looked up into pleasure hazed eyes, before looking at all of the gunblader. Squall stood there, his hands resting lightly on the cowboy’s shoulders, the robe parted to his navel where the sash still held it closed. A grin lit up Irvine’s face as he saw the bump Squall’s erection was making under the cloth as his gaze travelled to the floor where the brunette’s toes flexed lightly in the thick carpet.

“Is that for me?” Irvine asked with a cheeky grin as he ran his palm over the cloth-covered length before reaching for the sash. Squall gasped at the touch and caught his lower lip between his teeth as Irvine released the tie and watched at the robe slipped from pale shoulders to pool behind the gunblader. Reaching up, the Galbadian ran his fingers down from Squall’s shoulders, over his nipples and lightly muscled stomach, past his navel and drew one finger across the darkened head of the brunette’s cock. Squall gasped at the touch, his hot length twitching at the touch. Then he moaned quietly at Irvine brought the slightly damp finger to his lips.

“You taste good,” Irvine said before he hooked his ankles behind Squall’s legs and pulled him closer. “C’mere beautiful.”

Squall used his hands on Irvine’s shoulders to balance himself as the cowboy pulled him closer. Warm air moving across his erection was the only warning before his cock was engulfed by liquid heat. He trembled and would have sunk to the floor had Irvine not wrapped his arms around him, just under his butt, as he took the length further into his mouth.

Irvine could feel the small tremors moving through Squall’s frame as he sucked on the length in his mouth. So soft and yet so firm, Squall tasted sweet and salty all at once, and when Irvine took a deep breath after burying his nose in the crisp hair that surrounded the gunblader’s genitals, he could smell the musky scent of arousal. It was making him very horny as where the small whimpers and moans now coming from the man before him.

Looking down, Squall watched Irvine’s head move as he sucked on his cock. He could feel the pressure of the cowboy’s tongue tracing patterns over his length or just pressing against a particular spot to make him squirm more. Squall couldn’t hold back the moans of pleasure at the sniper’s actions, nor the loud gasp when Irvine took him whole length deep into his throat and hummed. His hips jerked forwards of their own accord.

After the gasp and movement of the brunette’s hips, Irvine moved his mouth faster over Squall’s cock, increasing the pressure on all sides. Gently he slipped a hand between smooth cheeks and whispered a finger over the hidden entrance, his other hand moving to massage heavy balls. The added stimulation was too much and Squall came, his hips snapping forward as he emptied himself into Irvine’s waiting mouth.

Irvine drank down all the brunette had to offer and then had to move his arms quickly as Squall’s legs finally gave way.

With his eyes closed, Squall felt himself being gently turned and placed on the bed. His body tingled all over and his mind felt fuzzy with sated pleasure. He vaguely wondered what was taking Irvine so long to join him when a warm and naked body joined him. Irvine had undressed and Squall could feel the Galbadian’s needy erection pushing against his side. He smiled and opened his eyes as Irvine drew gentle fingers through his hair.

“You alright?” the cowboy asked.

“Mmm ‘kay,” Squall told him, his voice thick with satisfaction. He gasped as Irvine began to nibble his way down his back towards his arse, long fingers trailing in their wake. He tensed slightly when the fingers dipped between the firm cheeks. He felt one of Irvine’s hands leave his body, only to return with lube slickened fingers that traced his entrance.

“Tell me you want this, Squall. I won’t force you and we’ll stop the moment you say,” Irvine said, his voice thick with lust as he continued his stroking.

Squall stayed still, trying not to squirm at the ticklish feeling Irvine’s fingers were invoking. He felt so comfortable in the cowboy’s presence, something he’d not felt with others who had expressed an interest in him physically. But thinking of others was the last thing the brunette wanted to be doing. So was the thought of Irvine stopping. Squall leaned up on his elbow and looked over his shoulder at the sniper stretched out near him.

“Don’t stop.”

Continuing the eye contact, Irvine reached up and motioned for Squall to roll over. Moving between the legs, he placed one over his shoulder and bent the other, exposing the brunette’s body to him. Sliding his hand down again, Irvine slowly inserted a finger into Squall’s body.

Squall tensed at the intrusion, immediately commanding his body to relax as he watched Irvine observing him. The brunette watched as the sniper brought his head down to nibble on the inside of his thigh as he began to move the first finger. Squall felt his cock twitch as its need reawakened.

Irvine smirked against the creamy thigh as Squall’s cock moved ever so slightly. Nibbling his way towards the growing length, the cowboy ran his tongue along it and smiled at the whimper of pleasure form Squall. Taking just the tip into his mouth, he tongued the slit and slowly added a second digit.

Squall felt the second finger enter him but was distracted by Irvine’s assault on his body. He felt his erection returning to full, straining hardness as he remembered the feel of the cowboy’s whole mouth around him. Then the seeking fingers brushed against something inside him and he gasped out loud.

Irvine smiled around the head of Squall’s cock as he pressed his fingers against the brunette’s prostrate. Sucking the length once again fully into his mouth, the Galbadian added a third finger and immediately aimed for the spot that had made Squall gasp so deliciously. He continued to stroke and press against it as Squall squirmed on his fingers, his hips beginning to follow the rhythm set by Irvine.

Squall gasped and moaned as the electric jolts caused by the sniper hitting his prostrate so accurately coursed through his body. He knew what was coming next but still whimpered at the loss of Irvine’s fingers as the cowboy withdrew them from his body, also letting the brunette’s erection fall from his mouth. Feeling Irvine run a hand along his cheek, Squall opened eyes he had closed to see Irvine positioning himself.

“Please,” Squall whimpered as Irvine teased his entrance with the slickened head of his length.

Slowly pressing his erection into the willing body beneath him, Irvine was assaulted by tight, slick heat. He continued his slow pace, gathering the brunette’s erection in his hand and slowly stroking it to distract Squall from the pain and discomfort he would be feeling. Fully seated, Irvine leaned down to press his cheek against Squall’s. Squall felt full and stretched and as the pain of penetration ebbed away he felt the need for Irvine to move.

“Move,” Squall commanded in a thick voice, the word whispering across the cowboy’s ear.

Irvine shivered at the need evident in the brunette’s voice and slowly pulled out and pressed back in, setting a languid pace. He didn’t want to hurt Squall but holding back the same urges he felt earlier was showing through his body as Irvine trembled with fierce desire.

Squall felt Irvine trembling above him and as the sniper thrust carefully into his body, the brunette wrapped his legs around him and pulled him in faster. “I won’t break Irvine. Fuck me!” he gasped out as his action caused the other’s erection to hit his prostrate. Irvine nodded and then pulled out, pushing back in just as quickly.

Feeling the welcoming heat around him as he thrust into Squall, Irvine leaned in to capture the parted lips in a hard kiss. He’d wanted to be with Squall for so long and really didn’t want to stuff up their first time together. But if Squall wanted it harder and faster, then that would be what he got. Tilting the slim hips under him, Irvine proceeded to thrust hard and deep into Squall’s body, enjoying the gasps and moans he forced from him. Burying his face into the slim neck, the sniper wrapped his hand around Squall’s firm cock and had to breath deeply to hold off his own release as the brunette’s body jolted at the beginning of the dual assault on his senses.

Squall’s body jerked as Irvine wrapped his hand around his cock and Squall knew he wouldn’t last much longer. The memory of blinding pleasure from his earlier release came back to his mind as the jolts of electricity increased with each thrust of Irvine’s length inside of him. Squall could feel the tension curl within him again and then it was upon him in a mind-numbing flash of white heat. “Irv…ine!”

Irvine felt Squall’s body tighten around him as the gunblader tensed beneath him, caught up in his release. Irvine heard his name gasped out as the liquid heat of the brunette’s release covered his hand and he succumbed to his own release, emptying his essences into the welcoming heat of his lover, the brunette’s name a breathy sigh upon his lips as he carefully collapsed onto him.

After lying still for a few moments to recover, Irvine looked at Squall’s peaceful face to realise the other man had either passed out or just fallen asleep. He’d worn the commander out. The Galbadian smiled and carefully pulled his lanky form off of the warm body to reach for a robe to clean off himself and his sleeping love. He frowned as he heard a delicate laugh within his mind. What? he asked the GF, tossing the soiled robe aside and curling up next to Squall.

Nothing, master. Just that you should have expected him to need rest after your…playing. Sleep well, I will watch for anyone heading this way.

Irvine smiled as he realised that he’d made his lover come three times within about two hours. No wonder Squall was drained of energy. Pulling the blankets closer around them, Irvine moulded himself to the sleeping man next to him. Thanks Siren…’Nite.


Quistis sipped her coffee and sighed. With the others gone on this crucial mission, the blond woman decided to forego her usual breakfast in the cafeteria these past two mornings in favour of starting extra early. There had been no word from any of the group and Doctor Kadowaki said she was waiting on test results for drug samples given to the Estharian scientists. Turning her attention back to the security monitors, the headmistress noted that everything within the Garden seemed to be normal, with the exception of the absent Card Club members that had left with Joker.

Nothing had happened yet. The majority of the club members had left the Garden, apparently leaving only two members behind, Card Club King and Heart, whose identities were still unknown. Xu had been trying to find out who they were by playing cards with many of the students but kept returning with no results. Quistis sincerely hoped the others were having better luck.

About to leave her office to look around the Garden herself, she felt the subtle movement that preceded the flying mechanism powering up. There had been no orders given to move from Esthar. The Card Club was making its move.

The announcement system crackled.

“Headmistress Trepe, report to the bridge immediately. Headmistress…”

Quickly putting down the almost empty cup, Quistis ran out the door and down the corridor that lead to the bridge. Nida’s voice had sounded urgent as she tried to recall who would be there with him. Not to long ago, Nida had started to teach the navigation classes and also instruct a few students in the operation of the Garden in flight. It was too early for one of his classes to start.

As she reached the elevator to the bridge, Quistis briefly looked into her mind and felt the few GF’s she had junctioned that morning brush against her thoughts in greeting and support. As a precaution, the headmistress had junctioned the GF’s both mornings and kept the summon orbs near in case something happened. Reaching the bridge, Quistis looked around in surprise.

The students who usually took the navigation class were all present even thought there was no class until later. “What’s going on?”

Nida looked up from the control panels and glanced nervously at the quiet students. “They all arrived about ten minutes ago and haven’t spoken a word since. They’ve just stood there like statues.”

Quistis moved closer to the nearest student and looked into dull, unseeing eyes. She waved her hand in front of the boy and when she got no reaction, turned back to see that Nida had come closer to observe what she was doing.

“I’ve never encountered this before,” she told him in a puzzled voice, turning back to the male student. “Students passing out is one thing but this…”

“This is something else entirely, isn’t it headmistress?” Nida’s voice purred in her ear.

Quistis turned around sharply to look at the pilot’s face. He was smiling - a cruel but smug smile. Quistis gasped as she felt hands restrain her. “Nida, what is going on?” she asked, vainly trying to struggle against the hold of many hands, unwilling to call on the guardian forces as she refused to hurt her own.

The dark haired man lifted a finger and held it under the blond’s chin, forcing her to only look into his eyes.

“Your precious Garden is now mine!” he told her before she felt magic course over her and she began to fall asleep, her last thoughts on Nida’s now revealed identity.

Card Club King.


Notes from Gnome: Sorry about the wait but the smut bunny stopped mid shag and scampered off and the plot bunny was unwilling to venture out of his hiding place until the other bunny was done. Bloody bunnies…mind of their own. So, Nida is King, but who is Heart? Yay for Lipstickcat for getting Nida as King, but no one has guessed Heart yet…Oh well, the only hint given so far is that Heart is female. Hopefully the next chapter will be out much sooner than this one was. ^_^

continued - part nine