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In The Cards - Part Seven
By Garden’s Gnome

Silence. Complete and utter stunned silence filled the room. Then the whispers began.

“Lucky bastard must’ve cheated.”

“Impossible! Even with that long coat, his hands were visible the whole time. And it’s a little hard to cheat with so many eyes watching.”

“Fine. Beginner’s luck, then.”

“Yeah, beginner’s luck. Or the lad is blessed by Hyne.”

“He’s still a lucky bastard though!”

Irvine sat and listened to the envious whispers around him, slightly shocked himself. He’d won against Marius…and with a Pupu card, of all things. But that wasn’t the most important thought as the cowboy’s mind began working again; that was reserved for a certain person. Looking up into wide green eyes, Irvine smirked. He’d managed to surprise someone else too.

“A win is still a win, beginner’s luck or not,” Marius told the surrounding crowd. Turning his head slightly, the card player addressed Storm. “From what I saw earlier, I doubt that you’ll be denying Mr. Kinneas the pleasure of your company. But I’m curious as to whether or not you could deny him?”

Pulling out a small deck of cards, Storm began looking through them only to be stopped by a warm hand over hers.

“I doubt it. I’m planning on using this,” Irvine told Marius, casually tossing a card on the table. Landing face up, those who saw it gasped.

“How did you come by one of these cards, Mr Kinneas?” Marius asked, handling the character card almost reverently.

“Kinda figured that I’d permanently borrow a few things from the commander. His rarer cards were one of them. Guess they came in handy after all,” Irvine said with a wink at Storm, who frowned and tried not to glare at the sniper.

“Very well,” said Marius as he stood and collected up his cards, giving the payment card to the bartender. “Storm is yours for the night. Please stay and enjoy the atmosphere while a room is prepared.”

“Can’t I just take her upstairs to my guest room?” Irvine asked, collecting his own cards.

“Certainly. However, the rooms below are more better…equipped for relaxing.”

“I’ll think about it. We’ll stay in here for now,” the cowboy said and offered his hand. “Good game.”

“Yes, good game,” Marius agreed, accepting the hand and shaking it gently. Then he called to Tobias and the pair left.

Irvine looked at his companion for the night and held up the hand that Marius had touched. “Um, Storm. Can we go wash my hands again?”

“Certainly, Mr Kinneas,” green eyes flashing with relief at the cowboy’s success.

“Just call me Irvine, darlin’.”

After thoroughly washing Irvine’s hands, the pair returned to the main room to see that an alcove had been set aside for their use while Irvine decided where they would spend the night. Walking towards the dimly lit area, he was intercepted by the bartender.

“I was told by Marius to give you these. He said you could use them if you chose,” the young man said, handing over a small packet similar to the one the sniper had received from Tobias. Irvine nodded his thanks and, ordering a few drinks, went to join Storm on the divan after closing the curtain.

Irvine noticed that even after closing the curtain, he could still see the goings on outside the alcove. At least he’d be able to see if they were about to be disturbed. Turning to his companion, the cowboy was greeted by the sight of Storm sitting primly on the edge of the divan, looking slightly worried. Approaching, he knelt on the floor and took a hand in his.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked quietly.

“I…It’s…” Squall began and then sighed. “This is not how I expected our next meeting to go…we need to talk.”

Irvine looked at the once brunette and knew that he was right but wasn’t real sure on how much could be seen or heard by those outside the small area. Reaching up he brushed the back of his hand over Squall’s cheek and waited for green eyes to look at him. “I’m going to get our drinks and get some info on the rooms here, okay?” he asked and waited for a nod before going through the curtain.

Once outside he smirked at all the jealous looks on the other patron’s faces as he walked to the bar. Seeing that the bartender had just poured their drinks, the cowboy leaned causally on the hardwood surface and pulled the glasses towards himself.

“I’ll take those.”

“Oh, okay. Was there something else you required Mr. Kinneas?” the young man asked politely.

“Yeah, actually there is,” Irvine said in a soft voice. “I was wondering about the security and stuff for the rooms. See, I plan to make the girl scream my name tonight and Tobias never got around to telling me about what the rooms are like.”

The barman smiled in understanding and began to wipe down the counter as he answered the question. “The security here is designed around safety and privacy. All the rooms are sound proof throughout the whole hotel. No listening devices are installed so they can’t be tapped into by an outside source and infrared heat sensing cameras are installed in the rooms downstairs - for the safety of the girls so they don’t get hurt or nothin’ by over excited patrons. Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Yup, that’s all.” Irvine told the man with a relaxed and anticipatory grin. “Might play some down here first to give everyone else a taste of what I got to first. Then, I’ll take the lass upstairs and see how loud she can scream my name.”

“We’ll definitely be able to hear as those curtains only stop others from seeing in. They do however have the heat cameras too. For everyone’s safety, of course. Have fun, Mr. Kinneas.”

“Will do,” Irvine promised as he wandered back to the small alcove. Upon entering the small area, he was about to hand Squall his drink when he saw that the brunette wasn’t actually looking at him but through him.

“Storm, what’s wrong?” he asked, concerned.

Hearing the alias name, Squall focused on the sniper again and saw that Irvine had put their drinks on the table and was again kneeling in front of him.

“It’s nothing. I’ll tell you later,” he said, hoping that he would be able to figure out the memory he was seeing before it came again to confuse him.

After Irvine had left, Squall had sat on the divan watching the forms beyond the curtain. Noticing that it was similar to the vision he’d had back at Timber had triggered the memory…or what it was allowing him to see. It happened the same as it was a few days ago.

The air around him began to throb with an unknown pressure that was steady like a heartbeat. He could feel his body begin to sway gently and could see mist like shadows with lights reflecting off them. One broke away from the others and headed towards him. As the form neared, Squall could make out a marking on one side of the face. A tattoo. Zell. Behind the blond, the other mist forms remained that - shadows. The blond smiled and said something that Squall could not hear before holding out a hand, palm up. He could feel the urge to take it but shook his head. Zell just smiled and shrugged before disappearing back into the shadows.

Then he heard the name called and found himself back with Irvine in the Den, undercover and still needing to chat with the cowboy. Taking the offered drink, he sipped at the cool, sweet liquid before handing the glass back and moving to make room for Irvine. “What did you find out?”

“Whole place is sound proof, infrared cameras in here and the rooms downstairs but no listening stuff. Once we get to my room we’ll talk,” said Irvine, removing his hat but leaving his coat on. He watched Squall stand up.

“Well, let’s go then,” the brunette said before he gasped as he was pulled back down to straddle the sniper’s lap. “What are you doing?”

“I thought we’d give them a bit of a show first,” whispered Irvine, his lips parting to nip softly at an earlobe with his teeth. He smiled as he felt the brunette shiver in his arms.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for this and what about the mess?” Squall asked while he still had his thoughts coherent, because he knew once Irvine turned the charm on, he’d be done for. His shiver at just the smallest touch of his lips proved that.

“Just a little fun,” Irvine said with a grin before turning serious. “You know I care deeply for you and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. Trust me, I came prepared for this,” Irvine assured Squall as he pulled the other to sit more firmly on his lap, the short skirt hiking up to reveal creamy thighs and the underclothes that helped Squall to hide his gender. “Those will have to go.”

Moving slowly off the cowboy’s lap, Squall tried to keep his breathing even as Irvine reached under the skirt and pulled down the black fabric. Stepping out of clothing, Squall watched as Irvine put it into his coat pocket before being pulled back onto the warm lap, his freed cock beginning to harden from the sexual tension he was feeling. Once again Irvine pulled him very close before reaching into a pocket and pulling out a condom packet.

“This will help with the mess for now,” Irvine said quietly as he opened it and placed it over Squall’s growing erection. “But later on I’m cleaning you off myself,” he promised as small shivering tremors began to skip along Squall’s body.

Beginning once again at Squall’s ear, Irvine nibbled the lobe, occasionally dipping his tongue into the warm, fleshy shell. Threading fingers through red-streaked black hair, the cowboy supported Squall’s head as it fell back, baring a pale neck for ravishment. Running a line of wet kisses across the supple surface, he stopped and sucked on one spot near the collarbone, progressively sucking harder until he was sure the brunette would wear the mark for the next few weeks. Continuing the trail upwards, Irvine brushed his lips gently across Squall’s and waited for green eyes to focus on him. “You’re mine now,” he said before moving to taste fully what was offered by the other man.

Squall felt like he was falling through a heated haze. He could feel the mark on his neck throb as his blood pumped past it quickly but it was nothing compared to the feeling of Irvine’s lips on his. His last coherent thought was that if Irvine had kissed him like this back at the Garden, he would’ve never left. Hot wetness brushed over his lips and he gasped, then opened his mouth wider as Irvine’s tongue swept in, scattering thoughts to the wind. The cowboy still tasted like mints and Squall sucked on the wet muscle, revelling in the fresh taste. He heard Irvine groan and echoed it, his tone much lighter because of the voice-altering choker he still wore. His groan became an open mouthed moan as he tore his lips away when Irvine grabbed his erection.

Gently holding the hot length, Irvine slowly stroked his hand over it, enjoying the moans becoming whimpers of need. He was going to rip off that choker the moment they got to the room upstairs. It would be the brunette’s voice that screamed his name, not this false tone. Irvine watched the expressions flitting over his lover’s face - lust, need, want, desire. He could feel himself needing to be free of his pants that were growing tighter with every breathy sound from the brunette’s lips but that would have to wait. It was going to be much better later on. Stroking a bit faster now, Irvine moved back in to capture Squall’s lips when the brunette rocked his hips, silently demanding more. Green eyes met blue, both slitted in pleasure, before Squall moved to rest his head on Irvine’s shoulder, lightly flicking his tongue over the warm skin near the sniper’s vest where his coat had begun to slide off.

Tilting his head, Irvine allowed more access as he brought his own hand up to his mouth. Generously coating the fingers with saliva, he dropped his hand to slip it under the back of the short skirt and traced a digit around the puckered entrance.

Squall tensed slightly at the feel of Irvine’s hand against his skin, a seeking finger sending delightful tingles up his spine. Still rocking his hips for increased friction to his erection, Squall forced himself to relax as the wet digit slowly slid into him. I felt so good he couldn’t hold back the breathy moan that escaped.

Sliding the single finger into the tight heat, the sniper tightened his grip around the length in his hand. He so badly wanted to throw Squall down and fuck him into the divan but couldn’t because it may compromise the mission. If anyone were to look in when they got too noisy they would be caught for sure. Turning his head, Irvine caught Squall’s lips in a passionate kiss, sucking the brunette’s tongue deeply into his mouth as he thrust the finger into the heat.

Kissing Squall had forced him to change his relaxed position to again straddle the sniper properly. This movement in turn caused the finger to brush Squall’s prostrate and he gasped, loudly.

“More…” he demanded, even as the hand around his aching erection pumped a bit faster, turning gasps into full-throated moans. He could feel Irvine’s hot breath next to his ear and shivered as the tongue once again found it’s way there.

“Ride it,” Squall heard Irvine command, the finger within him being joined by a second and as both brushed places inside him that made him want to explode, the brunette had no choice but to move. Lifting slightly, he shoved his hips back down causing the fingers to hit his prostrate hard. He wanted to feel it again and again, over and over until he was allowed to burst into thousands of pleasure filled fragments.

Irvine watched, awed by the gorgeous man riding his fingers, muscles flexing in silken beauty. He could come just watching Squall pleasure himself but he wanted, no needed to be inside Squall’s heat. The same heat that was beginning to contract around his fingers even as he stroked the pulsing cock in his hand.

Squall was trembling as he reached orgasm, white heat caressing his whole body as hot lips fitted over his and swallowed most of the shriek that erupted from him as he fell over the edge, thrashing in Irvine’s arms and calling the cowboy’s name.

For a few minutes Squall floated along on the hazy pleasure that blanketed his body. He felt Irvine kiss his lips gently before he was helped to his feet, his lover taking care of the condom and wrapping the long duster around his body. It smelled of Irvine and was warm as the brunette snuggled into it before he was lifted into strong arms and carried from the small room.

Just beyond the curtain they stopped and Irvine motioned the barman over. “I don’t want to be disturbed for the rest of the night, for any reason. There’s some cards on the table. See that Marius gets them and tell him if he thinks he needs more to ask.”

“Why?” the young man asked even as he picked up the cards…paling when he noticed that they were all level 10.

“Storm’s mine for the duration of my stay. No one else will touch her,” Irvine told everyone in the room, giving them hard looks before leaving the room, a grateful sigh coming from the coat enshrouded form in his arms.


“Well, they’re not here,” said Zell as he flopped onto one of the beds in the motel room. Turning on his side, he smiled at Seifer and ran a hand through his short blond hair. “What do we do now?”

“Can either you or Rinoa remember where we went for the Queen’s card quest?” asked Selphie, pulling off her boots to rub her tired feet. The perky brunette and Zell had just walked all over Balamb to get any information on the Card Club members.

“I remember going to Fisherman’s Horizon and seeing the Mayor’s wife and there was a guy in the Garden,” Rinoa told them as she brought cool drinks out for everyone. “Awww,” she cooed at Zell and Seifer, the two blonds’ lounging on the bed together.

“Well, I’m not going to see him for Hyne knows how long,” Zell said defensively, burying his face in Seifer’s shoulder.

“But do you remember anyone from the quest?”

“Selphie, you’re almost scary when you go into field command mode,” commented Seifer, holding the tattooed blond close before letting him go so he could answer the question.

“Um…there was some guy in Deling and I think maybe one of Laguna’s assistants might have been in there too.” Zell scratched his head. “But that’s only four.”

“The Timber Pub!” exclaimed Rinoa, almost spilling drink all over Seifer as she handed one to him. “I went to visit a friend while Squall went and played cards. Irvine was with us.”

“Okay, that’s all of them,” said Selphie, ticking the areas off on her fingers. “One in Deling City, the mayor’s wife at FH, the guy at Garden, the bartender in Timber and the President’s assistant.”

“Sounds right,” Rinoa agreed, taking a seat next to Selphie on the bed opposite the blond men. “Where do we start?”

“I think Quistis can take the card player at Garden. We’ll take the mayor’s wife and the Estharian,” Selphie said, writing some notes down. “You take Deling City and Timber, Rinoa and Seifer. That way if anything happens, you can get Squall and Irvy and come rescue us all.”

“Knight in shining armour thing?” Seifer asked, a smile playing at his lips. “Maybe we’ll be the ones that need help.”

“You? Need saving? Ha!” laughed Zell as he put his empty glass on the floor and collapsed once again against Seifer, gazing at the blond longingly. “So who’s calling Quisty?”

“I’ll do it,” said Selphie grabbing Rinoa and pulling her to her feet as she hastily put her boots back on. “Then we’ll go buy tickets and maybe do a quick bit of shopping. We’ll be back later.”

“Ah…bye,” called Rinoa as she was pulled out the door.

Zell just looked at the closed door for a few seconds before looking at his equally shocked boyfriend. “Did they just leave us alone?”

“I guess so,” Seifer replied putting his glass on the floor and moving to hold the martial artist in his arms. “Do you think Squall and Irvine are okay?”

“They better be. Do you reckon Irvine has told Squall about us?”

“Not sure,” Seifer said, running fingers gently over the tattooed cheek. “Squall knows I like you but I wouldn’t put it past the cowboy to wait for the expression on his face when he sees we got out act together.”

“Come back to me…” whispered Zell, once again burying his face into the other man’s shoulder.

“We survived time compression,” Seifer told Zell confidently. “This will be easy.”

“I don’t know…it feels like we’re missing something.”

Seifer pulled Zell’s concerned face away from his shoulder and peered down into unhappy blue eyes. “Hey, we’ll find it. Then we can spend some time alone together…”

“Like now?” Zell asked with a small inviting smile.

“Yes,” breathed Seifer, green eyes closing as he leaned in to kiss the blond in his arms. Lightly brushing his lips over Zell’s, he trailed butterfly kisses to the blond’s ear. “But better,” he promised as he hugged the tattooed man close and just breathed in the energetic force that was Zell Dincht. They’d agreed to wait until the current crisis was over before taking their relationship further, taking the time to see the men beneath the shields that they had created over the years of bickering and bullying. Both believed in their minds that it was a pleasant way to fall in love…neither realising they were already there.


Notes from Gnome: Sorry about this…Most of it was written after I posted Ch6 but I kinda didn’t want to go back to the Garden until next chapter and so had to find something…I might be convinced to try for a Seifer/Zell lemon but Irvine and Squall are the main pair so it’ll take a bit. Guess after the last chapter the plot bunny and the smut bunny hurt each other too much trying to get my attention and just passed out or something. Better give them liquid chocolate injections. More lemon next chapter…Irvy’s room…Squall’s voice…good thing those rooms are soundproof. ^_~ Hopefully more soon, and hope you didn’t need to be in the cold shower too long…*snickers* Laters.

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