Sept '04'

Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this fic belong to those talented people at Square. Written for the ksw lj challenge - condoms *snicker*

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Hitting Home
By Garden’s Gnome

Quistis surveyed the small group as she set the grocery bag she was carrying on the table. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all, she thought to herself, watching Irvine and Squall getting all cosy together against one of the windows. Clearing her throat, she gained everyone’s attention and beckoned them to the table.

“What’s up Quisty?” Selphie asked as she hopped off a desk and into a chair.

“Yeah, Quistis. What’s so important that you have to drag us away from more fun things?” Irvine asked, giving Squall a pinch on the butt before sprawling into another chair.

“I’ll tell you shortly,” the blond woman said, looking at her watch and then the door.

As if on cue, the door burst open, admitting Seifer and Zell. Zell bounded over to a seat while the other blond glared at Quistis and then stalked to the seat next to Zell.

“Nice of you to join us gentlemen,” Quistis said, earning another glare from Seifer before his green eyes fell on Irvine. A brief negative gesture passed between the two men before Irvine burst out laughing.

“Damn, I still can’t believe you haven’t got past second base!”

“We would have if Zell hadn’t remembered that Quistis had called a meeting,” Seifer growled, reaching out to pull his boyfriend into his lap and bury his face into Zell’s neck.

Quistis was about to start when the door opened again. Rinoa strolled into the room and sat down into the seat Zell had just been dragged out of.

“Rinoa? Why are you here?” Quistis asked.

“Oh,” Rinoa jumped a little, startled by the question. “Um…well…Xu couldn’t make it so she told me to come,” she said quietly, blushing a little.

Everyone at the table snickered and looked at Selphie. Selphie beamed as Irvine clapped her on the back.

“You didn’t leave her tied up?” Quistis asked, concerned for her friend.

“Nope, just kept her up very late last night,” Selphie replied with a pleased smile.

“Try not to do that too often. Now then, the reason for today’s meeting is this,” she said upturning the contents of the grocery bag to let them fall onto the table.

A pin could’ve been heard if it had dropped at that moment.

Irvine burst into laughter first as he reached into the pile and pulled out a box. “Chocolate flavoured condoms?” he asked, quirking a brow at Quistis. “Something you want to tell us, headmistress?”

Quistis blushed as the others reached out and grabbed various items from the pile on the table - lubes, other boxes of condoms, vibrators, dildos and the odd piece of food.

“This isn’t for me,” she managed to say once she found her voice again. “It’s for all of you.”

The condom Zell had been blowing up shot off across the room as it got away from his suddenly numb fingers. “Us?” he squeaked.

“Yes,” the blond woman said, reaching down to the floor to grab the pile of brochures. “You’re going to teach the Garden about safe sex.”

“No way,” Seifer said. “Why should I teach them about it when I’m not getting any myself?” he asked, shooting a glare at Squall’s small smirk.

“What’s wrong, Seifer?” the brunette asked as he stroked a hand over Irvine‘s shoulder and down his arm, the hand disappearing below the table. “Not getting it up or is Zell not putting out?”

Both blonds glared at Squall before moving their eyes to his lover.

“He was fine before you hooked up with him,” Zell complained about Squall‘s new attitude, pointing a finger at the cowboy. “You’re a bad influence.”

Irvine tipped his hat at the tattooed blond. “Thanks for the compliment. I must say I do like the new Squall; he is more fun now. Why, just this morning in the elevator…”

Zell was about to slide off Seifer’s lap and wipe the smug grin from Irvine’s face when Quistis started to toss the brochures at them. “Enough! You are going to learn this and then teach the Garden and that is final!”

Immediately the table quietened.

“Thank you. Now, I know exactly what goes on in this Garden after curfew…”

“And before,” Seifer added with a smile at Zell.

“Yes, and before,” Quistis agreed. “The families of our students have entrusted their children to us and we must ensure their educations cover everything. Including safe sex. I will not tolerate pregnant students having to leave in disgrace over something that could have been prevented.”

The men and women around the table nodded their agreement to Quistis’ statement. The blond was about to start reading from the brochure when Selphie raised a hand.


“Um…wouldn’t this be better coming from Dr K?” she asked.

“Yes and no. The students look up to you as the leaders of this Garden. There is a better chance that they’ll listen to what we say on the matter than the doctor. Dr K has agreed with this. She gave me the reading material.”

“Which Seifer and Zell will need seeing as they’re yet to get that far,” Irvine said, laughing at the two blonds.

“Keep that up and you’ll be at the sharp end of my gunblade, sniper,” Seifer growled.

“Will you two stop it?!” Quistis shouted, slamming her palm onto the table. “I have other things I must do today.”

“Fine, let’s get on with then,” Squall said grabbing a piece of fruit and a condom.

“Thank you, Squall. Everyone has to show they know how to use a condom or there will be no point in you teaching others.”

”Won’t it be strange having Selphie teaching about condoms and such considering she’s with Xu?” Rinoa asked, having sat quietly until now.

“You’ll be worse considering you’re putting a hole in the one you’re supposed to be practicing with,” Selphie shot back with a grin as Rinoa held up a condom full of pen holes.

“Oh yuck,” the sorceress said, picking up the ruined piece of latex with her fingertips and tossing it towards the bin.

Quistis silently handed her another condom.

On their side of the table, Irvine and Squall had various sized vegetables lined up, all perfectly covered with condoms. Opposite them, Seifer gritted his teeth as Zell squirmed in his lap, distractedly moving and bouncing as he put a condom on a dildo. The tattooed blond never sat still if his mind was concentrating on other things.

Selphie looked down at her lone vibrator, perfectly fitted with its latex covering and then looked up at Quistis. “What’s next?” she asked.

“Um,” Quistis said, quickly flipping into the brochure. “Lubrication is next.”

“I am so not touching that!” Rinoa said, watching as Irvine grabbed a tube and squeezed the contents of his and Squall’s fingers. She gasped as one of Irvine’s fingers found it’s way into Squall’s mouth.

“Mmmm, flavoured lube,” Squall purred, lapping at Irvine’s hand. “You got the good stuff, Quistis.”

Quistis blushed along with Rinoa at the sight of the two men sucking at each other’s fingers. “Ah…I think that’s enough for today,” she said in a hurry as she fled the room, Rinoa right behind her.

“Well done guys,” Selphie congratulated the men. “I’m going to find Xu and share this with her. Catch you later.”

Irvine grinned as the petite brunette left, vibrator in hand.

“Looks like we’ll have to finish the training on our own,” Irvine whispered into Squall’s ear.

“Surely there are better ways to put a condom on!” Zell said as he tossed his latest effort onto the table. “Doing it with only your hand is so unsexy.”

All three men gaped at his outburst.

“Sure there is,” Irvine said with a big smile as he stood up fro the table and began to make his way to the other side. “I could show you…if Seifer will let me,” the cowboy purred into Zell’s ear as he pulled the blond off the ex-knight’s lap and handed him to Squall.

“What are you planning?” Seifer asked, a little worried by Irvine’s grin and Squall’s smirk that he could see over his boyfriend’s head. Zell was just standing there, wide eyed and watching.

“I’m planning on showing Zell that using condoms can be fun. But you have to cooperate,” Irvine said as he drew a hand over Seifer’s cheek. “I’d do it to Squall but he prefers me on top.”

Seifer’s green eyes looked into the blue of his long time rival and his breath caught as Squall nodded his agreement with what the sniper had said. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Seifer wondered what it’d be like to have the brunette under him, all hot and sweaty just because he’d made him that way.

The thought fled his mind as his eyes dropped to Zell’s, the lighter blue riveted to his face. Zell was sucking on one of Squall’s fingers. Seifer couldn’t hold back the moan that quietly rumbled through his chest. They looked good together.

Irvine heard the noise and smiled. Time to show Zell how it was done. Pulling the green-eyed blond to his feet, Irvine dropped to his knees and made short work of Seifer’s one belt and pants. Why can’t Squall’s pants be this easy to get into? Irvine asked himself while grinning as he helped the blond step out of the clothing. Holding a hand out, the sniper smile widened more as three condoms were placed in his hand.

“Eager?” he asked the three men watching his actions closely. He turned his head to look at Squall. “Lock the door.”

Turning his attention back to Seifer, Irvine admired the tenting of the fabric of the blond’s boxers. He’d seen Seifer gritting his teeth earlier and had guessed that Zell’s movements had been doing things to his body.

“Pick one,” Irvine commanded, holding up the three packets in his hand. “Preferably flavoured,” Irvine added with a wink.

The packet handed back to Irvine emitted a strawberry scent when he ripped it open. It reminded him of the strawberry lube he’d just been sucking of Squall’s fingers.

“Off,” he said, indicating Seifer’s boxers.

Seifer shimmied out of the fabric, his hard cock bouncing as it cleared the top of the shorts. Behind him, Irvine heard the murmurs of appreciation followed by a quiet moan. He was tempted to look but couldn’t afford to be distracted.

“Nice,” he whispered, leaning forward to breathe in the scent of Seifer, tongue flicking out to taste the skin.

Seifer’s hips jerked a little at the touch. He’d not expected it as he’s been watching Zell and Squall. The pair had moved from standing and watching to Zell being undressed and Squall’s fingers deep within the martial artists body as it was bent over the table, preparing him for Seifer.

Watching them had made him painfully hard. “Hurry,” he gasped out, feeling Irvine’s tongue touch him again.

Sparing a glance over his shoulder, Irvine quickly turned back to the task at and. He made a mental note to ask about swapping partners in the future. Squall and Zell looked hot together, both sets of blue eyes looking over at him and Seifer with undisguised need. Irvine was beginning to find it difficult to ignore his own body.

Grasping Seifer’s hips, Irvine turned them to make sure Zell and Squall could see exactly what he was doing. Making sure he put the condom between his lips the right way, Irvine placed the condom over the tip of Seifer’s cock and slowly exhaled, condom and mouth moving down to cover the hot flesh in his hand. Three groans accompanied the movement, Seifer trembling a little as he fought not to thrust into the heat surrounding his erection. Gripping the condom and making sure it stayed on Seifer’s cock, Irvine moved his mouth up and down a few times, enjoying the strawberry flavour.

“Lube,” he called as he released Seifer.

It landed on the floor beside his knees. Picking up the tube, Irvine stood and moved behind the tall blond before reaching around to enclose his cock in a lube covered hand. From his new vantage point, the cowboy could see what Seifer had been watching all along - Zell was now on his back on the table while Squall finger fucked him, three long fingers sliding easily into the whimpering blond. Irvine met Squall’s eyes and smiled as the brunette finished sucking on Zell’s nipple with one last bite of teeth.

“He’s all yours,” Squall said throatily, removing his fingers from Zell and taking a step towards the door.

Seifer didn’t watch the other men go, heated green eyes fixed only on Zell as the smaller blond reached out to him.

“I know a desk isn’t the most comfy place for a first time, but we had no problems,” Irvine called as the door slid open and they quickly stepped through it.

“Come to my room later,” was the last thing the two blonds heard as the door slid shut. “Bring whatever you don’t use.”

It was an invitation from Squall that would not be refused.