Aug '03'

Disclaimer: Bois, Angelo and the Heartilly belong to Square. So do the monsters, machinery and the FF8 world in general.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

The things the mind comes up with when you're about to fall asleep. This is more of an idea or a thought on how Squall's shirt could get dirty...*snickers* My mind is so wicked at times...hehe

A Dirty Shirt Moment
By Garden’s Gnome

~Squall POV~

We'd been running around the Island Closest to Heaven for hours. Rinoa wanted to get a 'feel' for her new sorceress powers. The battles had been going quite well until we got ambushed by a Malboro. Hyne, it's breath stinks.

With GF's junctioned, Zell and I had managed to avoid most of the ailments caused by the monster breathing on us. I'd been hit by slow, Zell with berserk. He's so beautiful, the way he moves with fluid grace through the air when he fights normally. Berserk...let's just say that the uncontrolled fury and the fire in his eyes makes me want to jump him and rip his clothes off. And Rinoa...she got hit with a bit of everything, which would have been fine if she'd stayed asleep. But she didn't. And she was very confused. Like that's any different from normal.

Before I knew what was happening, Angelo was flying at me at full speed. Poor dog. He's so loyal and she tosses him at enemies for an attack. I thought I'd managed to avoid it until I looked down. A paw print and a streak of fur near the hemline of my white shirt. She got my shirt dirty...That's not okay.

Next thing I knew, I'd wound up for a counter attack...couldn't stop it even if I wanted to, and I guess I really didn't. The strike brought her out of her confusion...It also killed her. Well damn, guess the sorceress powers don't bestow immortality...Whatever.

I looked over at Zell who had just finished off the Malboro, his eyes still glinting hotly with fury.

Wonder if we could make it back to the Rag and not get attacked by something else.


Notes from Gnome: *evil grin* Yes, I did leave Rinoa out for the monsters to eat...Squall and Zell locked themselves in a room on the Rag and got it on...and Angelo...went back to wherever he stays when not summoned. Written on the spur of the moment (took all of 5 minutes) for a challenge.