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Disclaimer: Characters are not of my creation but belong to Square. It they were made by me then Nida would’ve had a bigger part and there would have been no Rinoa…and lots of smut. *grins* But that’s what fanfics are for! Technically the sequel to the car fics ‘Red is not Racy’ and ‘A Night at the Drive-in’. Also Seifer Almasy’s b’day fic. Enjoy!

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Cowboys And Cream
(a Seifer b’day carfic *grins*)
By Garden’s Gnome

Bright sunlight shone down upon the speeding vehicle as it raced along the road to Galbadia Garden. Windows down and stereo turned up, it’s occupants enjoying the chance to get away from their own Garden. Well, almost…

‘Happy birthday to you,
You live in a zoo,
You act like a Gezzard,
And you smell like one too!’

Seifer tried to turn up the music but found the volume was as loud as it would go. He turned to the man seated behind him, eyes narrowed in annoyance. “Leonhart, if you don’t control your boyfriend, he won’t survive much longer.”

Without looking away from the scenery outside the car, Squall lightly punched his blonde lover in the shoulder.



“But nothing,” Squall said, turning his smoky blue eyes to glare at the other man. “That’s the tenth version of that song you have sung. Enough already.”

“I don’t see why we had to come along on this trip,” the tattooed blonde grouched as he put his feet on the back of the driver’s seat carefully so not to disturb Irvine. “We weren’t the ones doing anything wrong.”

“Neither were we,” Seifer said, trying not to look guilty.

“Oh, really?” asked Zell with a knowing smirk. “So are you saying that you weren’t caught on the security cameras coming out of the Training Centre, after curfew, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts…Irvine’s red satin boxer shorts?”


“Will you lot give it a rest,” Irvine growled at them as he tried to concentrate on driving and not their bickering. “Yes, I jumped Seifer in the showers. He’s my man, I’m allowed. It’s not my fault if he forgets his clothes.”

“You hid them,” accused the green-eyed blond.

“Perhaps,” Irvine said with a sly grin. “They do hinder my view of your delicious bottom,” he added.

“So as punishment for general disturbance and indecent exposure…” Squall commented quietly as he pulled Zell across the seat and closer to him.

“I couldn’t help it if he tripped when I grabbed him by the only piece of clothing he was wearing,” Irvine said in defense of his actions. “How was I to know they would slip off so easily?”

“Quistis sends us to Galbadia Garden on a delivery run…and on Seifer’s birthday, no less,” Zell finished Squall’s earlier thought as he wrapped an arm around his boyfriend and nuzzled his neck.

“There is a plus side to this…” Irvine told his companions.

“Which I believe we three fail to see,” Zell said as he began to kiss his way to his lover’s ear.

“Selphie is running around preparing for the Christmas Gala. Who does she usually badger into slaving away for her?” Irvine asked. His question was met with silent agreement. “Exactly. I’ve done us all a favour.”

“I could think of better ways to spend my birthday though,” Seifer grumbled.

“Really? We’re cruising along without a care in the world. I have you beside me and my two best friends in the back,” Irvine said as he pulled his unhappy boyfriend to his side and looked in the mirror at Squall and Zell. “Who happen to be making out…don’t you pair ever stop?” he asked even as his eyes kept looking from the road to the pair in the back.

“Do you want us to, Kinneas? You did seem to be enjoying the show,” Squall asked, one hand holding Zell close while the other roamed around under the blonde’s shirt. Squall made a small noise that sounded like a growl as Zell lightly bit his ear.

“True but,” Irvine began to say but lost his line of thought as Seifer began to run his hand along the sniper’s torso. “Nnnnh, not you too?” Irvine asked, looking briefly at his now grinning lover.

“Well, I think I should show my appreciation for getting me out of slaving for Sefie,” Seifer practically purred into the cowboy’s ear.

Suddenly Irvine swore and the car began to slow and pulled off to the side of the road.

“What’s wrong? Why’d we stop?” Zell asked, not taking his lips very far from Squall’s ear.

“That,” Irvine said, disgusted as he waved a hand towards the front of the car. A cloud of steam was beginning to form.

“I’ll go,” Squall said, pulling away from Zell, who pouted. “Won’t take long,” he promised as he gave the blonde a quick kiss and got out of the car.

Irvine, Seifer and Zell watched as Squall popped the hood and then waited to see what exactly was wrong. There was a huge gout of steam and water followed by much cursing. Seifer’s brows rose at some of the words that came from the other gunblader’s mouth.

Then there was an ice spell.

No more steam came from the front of the car.

Irvine was about to climb out of the car when Squall came into view, his hair wet and stuck to his face, white shirt thoroughly soaked and baring a few smudges where Squall had tried to dry his hands. Irvine couldn’t help but laugh.

“First rule about an overheated car: check the hose pressure before removing the radiator cap or be prepared to get drenched,” the cowboy told his friend as Squall made his way to where Zell was sitting with his legs hanging out the open door.

“You look good all wet,” the tattooed blond told his lover as he admired the way the wet cloth showed the brunette’s nipples.

“You do too,” Squall said with a smirk as he crawled on top of Zell, forcing the martial artist to lie back down on the seat.

“Um…Squall?” Seifer asked, trying to get their commander’s attention as Zell began to suck moisture from the brunette’s neck as Squall sprawled across his smaller lover.


“How long ‘till the car cools down?”

“Don’t you mean defrosts?” Irvine asked, enjoying the way Zell pulled the wet shirt from Squall’s body. It was like having his very own private strip show. The sniper smiled at Seifer’s confused look. “Squall might have used a first level ice spell but the strength of that is about the same as my level three ice spell. He has Shiva,” Irvine explained.

Seifer slumped in his seat. “So at least half an hour, even in this heat?”

“Minimum,” Irvine agreed.

“So what to do until then…” Seifer mused while watching the pair in the back. Ever since the two men had started going out, both of them seemed to have trouble keeping their hands off each other. Not that he and Irvine were any better.

“Any food?” Zell asked as he finished lapping up the water from Squall’s neck. Seifer could swear that the commander was purring.

“You’d choose food over me and this?” the brunette asked as he moved his hips in a meaningful manner. Zell moaned and pulled Squall down for a heated kiss.

“Actually,” Irvine said, tearing his eyes from the pleasant view in the back as his pants became that bit tighter. “Selphie packed us lunch. I’ll grab it out of the back.”

Seifer got out as well and joined the cowboy at the back of the car. Being in the car with a horny Squall and Zell was making him a bit tight in the clothing department as well.

“What is it about those two and cars?” Seifer asked as Irvine opened the boot.

“Zell once told me it’s the leather.”

“I knew it. Leonhart does have a fetish,” Seifer said as Irvine opened the food container and leaned over to get a better look.

“And Zell has a thing for a wet Squall,” Irvine told Seifer as he looked through the items.

“So what did she send us?” Seifer asked, unable to help himself as he molded his body to his lover’s bent over form.

Irvine made an appreciative sound as the blonde’s erection rubbed against him. He wiggled his butt and grinned at the quiet moan Seifer made. The sniper continued to search through the large container of food and drinks until he found the specially marked box he was looking for. His hands shook a little and he almost dropped the item as Seifer pulled the zip down on his pants and slipped his hand under the fabric to fondle the cowboy’s hard cock.

“Mmmm, Seifer,” Irvine moaned as strong fingers stroked him. The Galbadian pushed backwards, grinding his butt against the hardness pressed to his body. Then the hand was gone, leaving the sniper wanting more. “What’d you stop for?”

“Because it’s hot out here in the sunlight and a car could easily drive past. I’m not letting the whole world see your assets.”

“Just Squall and Zell?” Irvine asked with a grin.

“Well, that’s different…somehow,” the blonde admitted with a frown before smacking Irvine lightly on his denim clad ass and heading back towards the front of the car. “Anyways, grab some food and let’s get out of this hot air.”

“Hey guys, I found some cake and whipped cream,” Irvine called out as he climbed back into the car, holding up the two items for his companions to see. Not that they seemed to be paying attention to anything else that each other.

Zell was now missing his shirt and his shorts were open, the fingers on one of Squall’s hands teasing the crisp hairs showing. The brunette was missing his belts in addition to his shirt as he straddled the blonde’s hips, Zell’s fingers in the belt loops, pulling his lover’s body closer with each movement. Their lips were locked and neither man looked to be coming up for air soon.

“Ah, guys…cake…cream?” Irvine asked again.

Squall looked up at Irvine with only his eyes as Seifer climbed back into the car. Breaking away from his lover’s lips with a small wet sound, the brunette grinned.

“Cream please,” he said even as he took the can from the sniper. Shaking the can, Squall smiled down at Zell and began to climb off the blonde.

“No hands,” he ordered. Zell just smiled and placed his hands, with fingers linked, behind his head. Squall then stood up and stripped the tattooed man of his shorts. Zell wore nothing underneath, his thick cock ready for attention.

Giving the can a final shake, Squall sprayed a zigzag pattern on the martial artist’s muscled torso. Zell flinched slightly at the coldness of the pressure whipped cream but relaxed as he grew accustomed to it. Breath hissed through clenched teeth as a final stripe was applied to his cock.

“That’s bloody cold, Squall,” Zell half complained to his lover.

“It won’t be for long,” the brunette promised even as he leaned down to lick the cream off the blonde’s erection.

“They’ve got the right idea, you know,” Irvine said to Seifer as they listened to Zell’s appreciative noises to what Squall was doing with his tongue.

“Do they now?” Seifer asked and watched as Irvine carefully put the container holding the cake on the floor.

“Yes,” the cowboy said with a grin as he pushed his own lover onto the seat. Thank Hyne for front bench seats in this car, Irvine thought as he stripped Seifer of his vest and grabbed the cream back from Squall.

“So Selphie made me cake?” Seifer asked Irvine as the sniper removed his own shirt and reached down to remove Seifer’s pants. Irvine nodded in a distracted manner as he finally freed both their erections from their cloth confines. The blonde sighed as his pants were pulled off his body. “Guess the cake can wait.”

“Yes, the cake can wait. How do you want to do this?” Irvine asked as he enjoyed the sight of his lover in all his naked glory.

“I’m the birthday boy. I shouldn’t have to do any work,” Seifer said, laying back and putting his hands behind his head similar to the other blonde.

“So I can do anything?”

“Whatever takes your fancy, lover,” Seifer said and then gasped at the cold cream being sprayed on his chest. When finished, Irvine read the single word.


“Yours,” Seifer agreed and then groaned at the hot tongue lapping up the cold cream off his body.

In the back of the car, Squall had finished eating the cream off Zell’s tanned body, leaving the smaller blonde panting and writhing underneath him, begging to be allowed to touch his lover. Reaching into a pocket, he removed the ever-present tube and then looked into passion hazed blue eyes.

“You can move,” he told the tattooed man and anything else he was going to say way lost as Zell swiftly sat up and captured his lips in a hot kiss.

Zell’s tongue plunged into the brunette’s mouth, tasting the cream and precome that had been leaking from his cock since Squall had first begun to lick the cream off. He loved tasting himself in Squall’s mouth, but not as much as he loved the taste of the man himself. Tugging on the loosened leather pants, Zell took the brunette’s length into his mouth the moment it sprang free from its tight confines. Squall sucked in a lungful of air and threaded his fingers through spiky blonde hair. Hot wet lips and warm breath bathed his needy erection, flicking, licking and sucking as Zell drove his lover almost mad with want. He could feel the brunette’s body tensing towards release from his skilled motions and pulled back abruptly.

Squall looked ready to kill. Then the heat in his eyes changed from frustration to powerful lust as Zell laid back on the seat and beckoned his lover with a hooked finger.


Irvine caught sight of leg movement out of the corner of his eye as he finished the last of the cream and looked to see what was happening in the back. Squall knelt on the seat with both Zell’s legs over his shoulders and three fingers thrusting into the martial artist. Zell was sucking on the fingers of the gunblader’s other hand, any noises he made muted by the digits in his mouth. Squall caught Irvine’s eye and sent the cowboy an air kiss as he positioned himself and thrust into the willing blonde. All three of them groaned.

Remembering how much they had enjoyed watching each other on their last outing, Irvine hit the release button on the seat and rolled as it folded down, bringing Seifer to straddle his hips. The blonde took in his new position and what his friends were currently up to. The sight of the pair so intimately joined caused the blonde to unconsciously grind his own hips against Irvine.

Sitting up, Irvine reached for the tube that Squall had discarded and wrapped an arm around Seifer. Coating his fingers, he slipped them teasingly between the blonde’s cheeks and stroked his entrance.

“Hurry it up, Kinneas. Or I’ll come just from watching them and you‘ll get nothing,” Seifer growled into the sniper’s ear.

Irvine wasted little time preparing his demanding lover and coated his length generously with the remainder of the lube. As soon as the cowboy’s hand was finished, Seifer lowered himself onto Irvine. Both men hissed at the quick movement as the blonde took the sniper into his body. A few moments passed and then Seifer began to move.

Squall and Zell watched Seifer take the cowboy’s cock into him. Zell whimpered as Squall matched his thrusts to that of the other gunblader, fingers twitching with the need to grab onto something. Squall took his lover’s hand and wrapped it with his around the tattooed blonde’s leaking cock.

As the car started to rock with their combined movements, Irvine pulled Seifer down and thrust his tongue into the blonde’s mouth, also thrusting up into the body above him. Seifer gasped into the kiss as the cowboy hit places deep within him, sending sharp tendrils of pleasure shooting along his spine. Beside them, Zell howled with release as Squall suddenly changed the angle and speed of his thrusts, bringing them both to completion.

Watching the milky fluid spurt from Zell’s cock, Irvine swore through his teeth as Seifer thrust down heavily, riding the sniper’s erect cock hard, his own hand pumping at his erection. The green-eyed blonde’s breath hitched in surprise and then his body was clenching around the hot length within him, dragging Irvine over into orgasm with him.

When the white spots cleared from Irvine’s eyes, he looked up to see Seifer cleaning come off fingers. Zell’s fingers. Irvine raised a brow and was about to ask when Seifer put those same fingers into his mouth. Zell tasted good. Looking over to Squall, Irvine smiled as the brunette released the blonde’s now clean hand and then pulled Zell into a deep kiss, letting his lover taste Seifer’s essence.

A few more moments of languid petting, the men got dressed again. After refilling the radiator of it’s lost water, Squall agreed to drive so Irvine and Seifer could deal with the cake made by Selphie.

“Is there any cream left?” Seifer asked. From the front, Zell handed over the can and shook his head.

“We can get more when we get to the Garden,” Irvine promised. Then he leaned towards his lover and whispered into his ear. “How does me covered in cream sound for a present?”

Seifer just smiled.


Notes from Gnome: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GOLDEN ONE, SEIFY! My Irvy muse is so very lucky at the moment. He’s going to get much action over the next few weeks. I’d have him covered in cream for my b’day present for sure! Hope you enjoyed the smut as much as the muses did. Laters! ^_^