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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 7
By Garden's Gnome

Humming along with the radio in the kitchenette, Laguna whisked eggs together in a small bowl, adding milk, curry and a couple of other seasonings before pouring the mixture into a well buttered pan. The sun was barely up and he was wide-awake cooking breakfast, something he’d enjoyed doing since his time in Winhill with Raine. Before he’d met the mother of his son, Laguna’s cooking skill had consisted of pushing the cook button on a rations packet. Such were the culinary skills of a Galbadian soldier. Raine had been one of the best things to happen to the aqua-eyed man.

The other lay slumbering in their bed in the next room.

Taking the scrambled eggs off the heat, Laguna flipped the pancake currently browning in another pan and tiptoed over to the nearly closed door, easing it open and peeking inside.

Sprawled across the white sheets, Kiros’ chocolate coloured skin glowed in the predawn light that found its way through the slitted blinds. Slim arms encircled the pillow under his head, long black hair spread across the pillow and his naked skin. The sheet they’d slept under the previous night was bunched around the dark man’s hips, Laguna able to see the shadowed curve of his lover’s firm butt. Laguna was tempted to shed his robe, crawl onto the bed and lick his way from the shadowed cleft up to the slim neck and nibble at the salty skin until his lover awoke enough to play, but he remembered he was cooking breakfast, for Kiros to have in bed, as per the voucher he’d found in the pantry. Love Voucher: Breakfast In Bed.

Returning to remove the pancake from the pan and add it to a plate full of other pancakes, Laguna was thankful that Squall had let him use the vouchers he had found. He decided that before he left to return to Esthar he would ask Irvine where he had purchased the book. He would buy one for Kiros.

Since the night that Laguna had heard of Raine’s death, he and Kiros had been lovers. What started as comfort from a friend ended with them tangled together on the huge presidential bed, clothes a memory as they held one another tight, Laguna mourning the loss of the woman who was his wife and Kiros an anchor for his friend and now lover during the worst night of his life. And now, years later they were still together.

Smiling as he placed their breakfast onto warmed plates and onto a large tray with warming pads, Laguna was pouring juice into two glasses when his phone rang. Glancing at the number, Laguna pressed accept.

“This is Laguna,” he spoke into the phone, continuing to pour the juice.

“Good morning, Laguna. Can I ask you something?” Irvine asked and Laguna could hear the sizzling sound of frying food through his end of the phone.


“What kind of syrup does Squall have on his pancakes when he stays in Esthar?” the sniper asked.

“Chocolate. I always make sure there’s extra when he visits seeing as Kiros and I like it too.”

“Thanks, Laguna. We‘ll see you at lunchtime,” Irvine said and hung up.

Laguna couldn’t help but smile as he turned off his phone and placed it on the counter. He had known that Irvine was making Squall breakfast this morning. Squall had told his father that he’d asked Irvine for a candle lit dinner and then breakfast in bed and therefore wouldn’t be available for anything relating to business until after lunch. It had been where he got the idea to use his second voucher.

Picking up the tray, Laguna walked across to the door and pushed it open with his foot. He cringed a little when it squeaked the tiniest bit, frowning when he saw Kiros tense and then roll over to blink sleepily at him.

“Thought I was dreaming up that wonderful smell,” Kiros said, voice still rough with sleep.

“Not a dream love. We’re having breakfast in bed,” Laguna announced as he knelt on the bed and waited till his lover struggled sleepily into a semi sitting position before placing the tray on the mattress, grinning a little at the sheet that was barely managing to conceal Kiros’ nudity.

Positioning his own pillows, Laguna reclined next to Kiros and smiled when he found the other man watching him. “Morning, love,” he whispered as he leaned across the tray between them to lightly brush their lips together.

Laguna smiled at his lover as he pulled back and handed over some cutlery before grabbing up his own plate of eggs and bacon and beginning to eat, leaving the plate of pancakes on the warming pads. Occasionally as they ate, Laguna looked over at Kiros, noting how his friend and partner seemed more awake with each bit of food he ate. Finishing up the fried part of their breakfast, Laguna removed the tray and their empty glasses of juice, placing it on a small table nearby and returned to the bed holding the plate of pancakes.

“No,” Laguna said to Kiros as the other man went to use his fork to stab a pancake on the plate. “Put the fork down,” he commanded as he knelt next to his lover.

Kiros gave Laguna a quizzical look but followed the order, placing his fork on the bedside table. “You’re going to feed me?” he asked, watching as the other man slid his fork under a syrup-covered morsel of pancake.

“Yes,” Laguna said with a nod as he placed the food against Kiros’ lips, smiling when the mouth opened and the food disappeared inside.

“Any particular reason for doing this?” Kiros asked as Laguna chewed on his own mouthful of chocolate covered pancake.

“Well, remember how I told you about that book that Irvine had got for Squall and how I found one of the vouchers that lead to you finding my son and I curled up on the sofa together?” Laguna said as he cut another piece of pancake. “There was more than one.”

“More than one?” Kiros asked before allowing the next morsel of food to enter his mouth.

“Yeah, and Squall said I could use them. One of them was breakfast in bed and seeing as the kitchen here is so well stocked, I decided to make us breakfast.”

Kiros chewed thoughtfully on his food, watching his lover cut more of the breakfast treat. “Will you tell me what the other vouchers are for?”

“And ruin the surprise? No, I don’t think so,” Laguna said, hand pausing above Kiros as he answered.

Kiros flinched a little as cooling syrup fell from the food that had been heading to his mouth onto his naked stomach.

“Now look what you made me do,” Laguna said and quickly bent down to lick up the dribble before it could slide over Kiros’ skin and onto the sheets.

The muscles under his tongue quivered at his touch, making Laguna pause and look up at his lover. Kiros’ breath hissed out slowly from between his teeth.

“Mmmm,” Laguna hummed, licking more of the skin under his tongue, biting at his lover’s navel before soothing it with his tongue.

“Laguna,” Kiros hissed in warning, watching the plate with food still on it tilt precariously in the other man’s hand at his distraction.

Sitting back up a little, Laguna slipped the forkful of food into his mouth before stirring it in a puddle of syrup on the plate. Aqua eyes locked with darkest brown as Laguna trailed the chocolate covered fork over Kiros’ saliva dampened skin before running a finger along it and putting the fork on the plate. Leaning across his lover, Laguna placed the plate on the bedside table next to the previously discarded fork and slipped his syrup-covered finger into Kiros’ mouth.

Unable to do anything but clutch at the long strands of brown hair, Kiros squirmed under the ticklish attentions of his lover as Laguna returned to his licking, enjoying the sight of the pink tongue licking at his skin as he sucked on the finger pressed against his tongue. Laguna’s other hand was not idle as he teased his lover. It roamed over Kiros’ body, smoothing along the curve of his hip as white sheets were pushed lower and aroused flesh exposed, stroking down muscled legs before moving back up to cup softly fuzzed sacs of flesh and the harder column of velvety flesh above them.

“Guna,” Kiros muttered wetly around the finger in his mouth as sure fingers enclosed his cock in a firm grip and stroked experimentally. He couldn’t help but push up a little into the hand around him as his own left the long hair to work on the tie of his lover’s robe.

Laguna felt the tug on his robe and looked up from where he’d been happily sucking on the skin of Kiros’ chest while he stroked other parts of his body. He sat up briefly and removed the robe for his lover, happy to get the clothing off and let the cooler air touch his skin.

“We’re going to need the lube,” he said half to himself and half to his lover as he crawled up the bed and slid his hand under one of the many pillows. “Where’s that gone?” he muttered when his search found nothing.

“I vaguely remember hearing a thump last night. Might have fallen on the floor,” Kiros said as he appreciatively ran a finger over the hardened flesh now within his reach, smiling not so innocently as Laguna‘s breath hitched and his cock twitched a little.

Twisting around to look over the side of the bed, Laguna spotted the tube and reached out for it, only to miss and gasp in surprise at the sudden wetness sliding along his skin. Laguna hung over the edge of the bed, pale buttocks in the air, his arms braced on the floor the only thing keeping him from falling.


“It was presented so nicely…how could I resist?” Kiros said as he swept his tongue over the exposed pucker and grinned when his lover moaned softly and wriggled his hips for more.

Laguna reached out and grabbed the tube as he was pulled back onto the bed, Kiros not releasing his hold on the pale hips as he buried his face into the cleft of Laguna’s bottom, scooting back a little so they both fit on the bed safely. His tongue licked over the ring of muscle once, twice and then pushed past the tiny barrier. Laguna groaned as he tossed the tube back to his lover and then reached under his body to stroke his own leaking cock, pressing his shoulders to the mattress and shaking a little as pleasure washed over him.

Hands that had been holding Laguna open released him and found the tube, squirting clear gel out to coat long fingers. Kiros continued to lick at the warm flesh around the pucker as he slid a finger into his lover, occasionally moving down to tease the twin globes between Laguna‘s legs. He heard Laguna moan as he pressed the digit deep, felt the body before him jump as a second finger joined the first and both ghosted over tiny, sensitive nerve endings. Kiros could smell the first of Laguna’s essences as the aqua-eyed man pumped into his own fisted hand. Three fingers stretched and teased and stroked until Kiros heard the little hitching gasps from his lover and pulled his fingers free.

“No,” Laguna groaned, clenching around the withdrawing fingers in an effort to keep them within him.

Kiros added more lube to his hand and applied it to his own cock, hissing at the coolness and how his fingers felt as they moved up to position the blunted head near his lover’s opening. He could feel the tremble in Laguna’s thighs as he pushed just past the tight ring, dark-skinned arms reaching out to pull the other man up from the mattress and down onto his blood engorged length.

A whimpering sigh escaped Laguna’s lips as he leaned back against Kiros, using his weight to help push him down onto the hard flesh now filling him. He could feel Kiros’ arms surround him and hold him still and let his head loll on a warm shoulder, simply enjoying the feel of his lover deep within him. Kiros spread his knees a little further apart, causing Laguna’s to spread also, stiff flesh hanging between his legs, needing a touch, any touch. Flexing his legs, Kiros settled Laguna onto his lap just the way he wanted, moving in a slow undulation upon the bed as he pressed forward and retreated from the tightness around him. Reaching out, Kiros wrapped a hand around Laguna’s leaking cock, giving his lover something to thrust into as they moved.

Laguna tightened around the length in him as the hand gripped him, hips moving so that he was filled and stroked. He felt his lover’s other hand hold him back against the firm chest that he so loved, teeth nibbling on his shoulder and neck, causing him to shiver as the teeth and lips moved up to lick over his ear, Kiros breath coming in warm puffs as they fucked slowly in the morning sunlight.

It was a slow build up towards release, each touch expertly made with the right pressure that came with years of lovemaking. Both could feel the other moving towards orgasm; Kiros in the way Laguna tightened around him and his long fingers gripped the back of his head and arm; Laguna in the way Kiros pressed that little bit deeper with each slow thrust, lingering a little longer within his slick heat.

Kiros came first, burying his face against lightly sweaty skin as he pushed his cock firmly into Laguna, hand moving from chest to hip and leaving red fingerprints as he held Laguna still while he pulsed deep and hot inside him. Laguna cried out Kiros’ name quietly as the liquid heat filling him pushed him over as well, the dark hand continuing its slow stroking, milking his body for all it could give.

They collapsed on their sides onto the sheets, Kiros’ hand trapped under Laguna’s hip as he slowly slid from his lover’s still fluttering heat to lay on his back and lick his fingers. Laguna rolled over very slowly, limbs sluggish and almost unresponsive as he curled up against his lover, pressing his flushed face against the hard chest that moved slowly as Kiros regained his breath.

Neither said anything as Kiros pulled the rumpled sheet over them, briefly dipping his head to give his sleepy lover an impassioned kiss, Laguna smiling faintly as he tasted himself on those dark lips. Reaching out to the bedside table, Kiros grabbed the remote that would close the blinds and shut out the bright sunlight, allowing them a little longer to enjoy the aftermath of breakfast in bed.

To be continued…

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