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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 6
By Garden's Gnome

Irvine looked around the small balcony, admiring the fairy lights wrapped around the railings, the intimate table set for two and the soft sounds of piano music that flowed through the open doors. He hoped Squall would be happy with the set-up. It would be a pleasant way to finish off a long week.

On Monday Irvine had brought the book that the latest voucher - Love Voucher: A Candle Lit Dinner, had come from. On Tuesday he’d given the book to Squall and from then on had looked forward to each day’s voucher so that he might make his love smile. He’d been surprised when he had opened his door Friday evening to find a sleepy Squall supported by Laguna, the older man giving his son over to the care of the cowboy with a pleased smile. Irvine had watched Squall’s father walk away before helping the brunette to the bed, cuddling together on top of the blankets while Squall asked that Irvine explain how the president of Esthar had come to have coloured love vouchers in his room. Irvine admitted to knowing about the vouchers and that Selphie was the one to send them out.

“But I didn’t find out till after the fact. Honestly,” Irvine had said in his defence when blue eyes glared at him a little.

After that, Irvine had told Squall what he knew and promised to find out who else the petite brunette woman had sent the vouchers to.

She won’t tell me, Irvine thought as he walked through the ballroom to the elevator, remembering his chat with Selphie the other day. I’m just going to have to wait and see who comes asking questions.

Reaching the first floor, the sniper headed towards the cafeteria, intent of checking on how close his and Squall’s dinner was to being ready. He left the eating area a few minutes later, pleased with its progress. It was time to go see if Squall was finished for the day.

“Good evening, Irvine,” a smooth voice greeted the cowboy as he entered the dorms.

“Oh, hey Seifer.”

“You busy?” Seifer asked as he pushed off from the wall he was leaning on to follow the cowboy down the hallway.

“Will be as soon as I find Squall,” Irvine said, sparing a glance for the blonde.

“You’ve got a few minutes then. Squall passed me about five minutes ago, saying something about a shower and dinner,” Seifer said as he placed a restraining hand on Irvine’s arm, halting their passage.

“What…Oh,” Irvine said when he saw the folded piece of paper in Seifer’s hand.

“So you do know something about this and what it is.”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t me.”

“They all say that,” the blonde said as he leaned against the closest wall and crossed his arms over his chest, waiting.

Irvine sighed and leaned on the wall opposite. “It’s from a book I got for Squall for Valentine’s. It’s full of those vouchers. He has one to use per day until Valentine’s Day.”

“Then how did I come to get one?” Seifer asked.

“It’s not from the book. What you have there is a photocopy,” Irvine explained, taking the paper from Seifer’s hand. “Selphie…”

“Selphie! I should have known.”

“Honestly, I don’t know what she thinks she’s up to,” Irvine said as he looked at the page and it’s writing. “Zell?”

Irvine couldn’t believe his eyes when Seifer blushed a little and snatched the paper back from him. “How did she write this?” Seifer asked, obviously seeking to change the topic. “It’s not like her writing at all.”

“She can write with both hands. Totally different style of writing,” Irvine explained. “You and Zell?” he couldn’t help but ask.

“Don’t go there, Irvine,” Seifer growled as he shoved the page into a pocket and turned to walk back down the hall.

“Ah…Okay.” Irvine saw Seifer nod and then the other blonde was gone around a corner.

That was…interesting.

Arriving at Squall’s door, Irvine rapped his knuckles on its smooth surface and waited for his lover to answer.

“Hey,” he said softly as the door opened and Squall stood before him. “Ready to go?”

“Sure,” Squall said, closing the door and walking with Irvine down the hallway.

“A cadet uniform?” Irvine asked, taking in the sight of Squall wearing the less decorative clothing.

“It’s comfortable and I have Grat guts on my leather jacket. Not something I want to smell of while eating,” Squall said as the strolled through the Garden’s main area.

“Looks good on you. Lets me admire your tight ass, unlike your formal clothes,” Irvine said with a leering grin.

Squall frowned at him as they stepped into the elevator.

“As much as I want you looking at me, I have to blindfold you now,” Irvine said as he pulled a piece of cloth from his pocket.

“I already know I’m having a candlelit dinner with you, Irvine. There’s no need for this,” Squall protested as the cowboy stood behind him and placed the cloth over his eyes, the cuffs of the long sleeved blue shirt Irvine had traded his vest for on this night brushing against the brunette‘s cheeks.

“Sure there is. I want this to be a surprise,” Irvine said as he tightened the cloth and then moved to hold onto Squall’s elbow. “If it helps, we’re going to the ballroom on the second floor,” Irvine added as the elevator slowed to a stop. “But that’s all I will say about it.”

Exiting the lift, Irvine steered his lover towards the ballroom, occasionally waving his hand in front of the brunette’s face to make sure he couldn’t see.

“Will you stop whatever you’re doing? It’s upsetting my balance,” Squall grouched as he wrapped the arm that Irvine had been holding around Irvine’s own arm and laced their fingers together.

Irvine couldn’t help the silly grin at seeing their hands clasped so tightly. Stretching out, Irvine opened the door before them and stepped inside, Squall calmly keeping pace as he recognised the ballroom by the hollow echo of the footsteps across the vast floor, trusting the man at his side to keep him from harm.

“Not far now,” Irvine whispered into Squall’s ear as he nodded at the cafeteria staff that awaited them.

At Irvine’s nod, one of the staff stepped forward and opened the glass doors that lead out to the balcony. Stopping Squall in front of him, Irvine pressed against his back and removed the blindfold.

For a few moments Squall didn’t say anything, taking in the view of the moon rising as it reflected off the ocean far beneath them. He noted the lights and the candles and the small table set with pristine white linen and red roses.

“Very nice,” he murmured appreciatively as he stepped forward through the doors and waited for Irvine to pull a chair out for him.

Irvine smiled as he took his own seat, relief washing through him as he saw Squall gaze out at the ocean while their dinner was served. Piano music drifted out from behind the curtain that had been closed for their privacy while they ate each course. Neither of them spoke while they dined, simply sharing meaningful glances and small smiles.

After they finished their dessert, the cafeteria staff came and removed the table, clearing away everything until the balcony only contained the lights, candles and the couple who had enjoyed their meal. Irvine gave his thanks to the staff as once again the curtain was closed. Music that had stopped momentarily started again and Irvine pulled Squall into his arms, beginning a slow waltz around the intimately lit area.

“That was quite lovely. Thank you,” Squall said as they swayed slowly.

“Yes, it was nice,” Irvine agreed.

Slowly they continued to dance, hands occasionally straying, stroking a cheek, a bared neck and lower.

“Did Seifer talk to you?” Squall asked just when Irvine was going to swoop in for a kiss.

“Yes,” Irvine said. “Did he mention anything to you about it?” he asked in return.

“No. Care to share?”

“Well, remember how Selphie wouldn’t say who she sent vouchers to…” Irvine began and sighed internally as Squall stiffened in his arms.

“Seifer had some?” Squall asked.

“He had one,” Irvine clarified. “Supposedly signed by Zell.”

“Ah,” the brunette said before relaxing again in the cowboy’s arms.

“What do you know that I don’t?” Irvine asked as he leaned back to look at Squall better.

“I’ve been watching Seifer tiptoe around Zell since he came back to Garden. I never realised what Seifer’s teasing meant until he stopped being a pain but continued to watch Zell like he did before the war.”

“He’s got it that bad?” Irvine asked.

“Yeah, real bad,” Squall agreed. “As bad as we have,” he said, tilting his head up for a kiss.

“Mmmm,” Irvine hummed as he pressed their lips together, both mouths opening to questing tongues.

They continued to sway a little to the music coming from the ballroom as arms encircled bodies, hand threading through hair to pull mouths closer together, the kiss turning more demanding with each passing second. Squall broke away with a gasp as the cowboy’s hands dropped to his hips and pulled him close, the evidence of his effect on Irvine hot, hard and trapped in the sniper’s pants.

“What about the others?” Squall asked as Irvine moved to attack his exposed neck, Squall automatically tilting his head further back to allow more access.

“What others?” Irvine asked between bites and kisses.

“In the ballroom?”

“Oh, they left after the meal. The music is from a stereo.”

“There’s no one in there?” Squall asked, wanting to make sure.

“No, just us out here,” Irvine said.

“Good. Cause I don’t think we’re going anywhere until you finish what you started,” Squall said as he began to open the button down shirt Irvine wore.

“What I started?” Irvine asked with a growl. “I’ll show you starting,” he growled as his teeth and lips fastened on his lover’s neck, sucking hard enough to quickly leave a mark.

Squall moaned and held on as Irvine’s hands roamed over his body, cadet jacket hitting the floor when the sniper decided it was in the way, leaving the brunette clad in his tight white t-shirt. Irvine stretched a bared arm out, kissing from fingertips to palm and then up the arm as he twirled them around. Squall watched stars and lights flash past his eyes as the world spun, stopping suddenly when he was pressed against the wall next to the curtained doorway. Lips fastened on his neck again as deft fingers made quick work of his single belt, one hand staying low to grasp his hard cock as the other pushed his shirt up so Irvine could move lower and suck on his chest. But Squall wanted to be kissed and pulled his lover close; ripping unopened buttons with the force he used to pull his lover to him. Both men gasped quietly as their bare chests came into contact.

Squall peeled the shirt from Irvine’s body and then drew his own over his head while Irvine rocked their hips together, kicking one of Squall’s legs a bit wider so he could settle between them. A cold tube was pressed into the brunette’s hand, which Squall managed to open with just that hand while watching Irvine open and drop his own pants, stepping out of them to stand before his commander naked in the dim light.

Irvine gasped as a slick hand grasped him and began to stroke, his hips following the movements as he body took over and his mind began to become drenched in pleasure.

“Want you,” he heard Squall whisper in his ear and realised that he had dropped his head to his lover’s shoulder.

“Yes,” Irvine breathed against the bare shoulder beneath his cheek, tongue darting out to lick at the lightly damp surface of Squall’s neck.

Squall moved a little as he toed off his shoes, slowing his pumping of Irvine’s length to teasing strokes while Irvine’s hands moved to pull tight fabric from his lover’s body, until Irvine moved to kneel and the hot flesh was beyond his lover‘s touch. Handing over the tube, Squall moved his legs a little wider apart after stepping out of his pants, enjoying the slide of slick fingers along the cleft of his buttocks as Irvine teased him. Squall squirmed a little as fingertips brushed over his entrance and the sighed in relief as one finger slowly pressed into him, soon followed by a second. Reaching down, Squall clasped his own erection in his still lube-slicked hand, pumping in time with Irvine’s fingers moving within him. A third finger slid in with the others and Squall gasped, hips jerking a little as a hot tongue licked the slit of his cock, distracting him from the twinge of pain.

“Now,” he demanded, free hand curling into Irvine’s hair to pull the cowboy back up.

“Demanding, aren’t we?” Irvine said as he grasped Squall’s buttocks in his calloused hands and lifted his lover up and onto his erect flesh.

Squall felt the cool tile against his back as Irvine pressed him against the wall, the brunette’s legs curling around his lover as the sniper slid into him. Both men groaned, enjoying the delicious feel of the other becoming part of them. Irvine’s mouth sought Squall’s, tongue demanding entrance and when the brunette opened his lips, Irvine sucked Squall’s tongue into his mouth, body doing the opposite as Irvine pressed deep into his love before pulling out and repeating the movement. Squall’s body felt tight around him, squeezing each time he pulled away, inviting him deeper as he pressed back in. Arms came around him, holding him close as Squall muttered the sniper’s name against his lips. Irvine began to move faster, wanting to hear his lover scream as he changed his angle, striking Squall’s sweet spot and causing the heat he was pumping into to tighten around him, squeezing a hand between them to stroke Squall‘s hot and very wet cock.

Face buried into Irvine’s neck, Squall screamed into the damp flesh as shocks of white heat flowed through him each time Irvine thrust deep into him. He tightened his grip on his lover as he felt the tingling intensify, Irvine’s hand barely able to move between their bodies, but it was enough and when he pressed his thumb to the slit, Squall came hard into the area between them, streams of white fluid covering their stomachs as his body clenched around the length within him, pulling Irvine over. Squall whimpered as Irvine gripped his hips and thrust into his body, his now sensitive cock trapped between them, the sniper growling his pleasure deep in his throat as he filled his lover with his release. Together they slid to the floor, Squall in Irvine’s lap as the sniper held him bruisingly close.

It was a cramp in Irvine’s leg that had them gingerly pulling apart and looking for something to clean up with. Squall’s shirt was sacrificed for the task; Irvine zipping up his lover’s jacket so that no one else could see that the brunette was shirtless.

“We should do this more often,” Irvine remarked as he turned off the stereo while Squall locked the balcony doors.

“What? The romantic dinner thing or the outside sex thing?” Squall asked as they walked out of the ballroom.

“Either…both…whatever you want, love,” Irvine said as he wrapped an arm around Squall’s shoulders and looked down into his eyes. “I’m sure there’s a voucher for that,” Irvine said as he winked suggestively.

“I’m sure there is,” Squall agreed as they headed towards his room, ducking his head to hide the twinkle in his eyes from his lover. I’m very sure there is.

To be continued…

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