Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 35
By Garden's Gnome

“Harder, Irvine,” Squall demanded.

“I am, love.”

“Not hard enough. Push harder. I’m not going to break from a little extra pressure.”

A soft grunt sounded followed by an appreciative sigh.

“There…how’s that?” Irvine asked, smiling down at the unseen commander.

“Oh…so…good. More.”


“Who asked your opinion? What would you know about this anyways? You’re just a cat.”

“Irvine…ignore the cat.”

“How can I when he’s sitting right there watching everything I do to you?”

“You can because I have only half an hour for lunch and I asked you for this right now.”

“Thinking of lunch, where is it?”

“It’s in the doorway behind Seifer and Zell.”

Seifer turned to look down at Selphie, wondering if he was blushing as much as Zell was with what they had just witnessed upon coming into the commander’s office unannounced. By his lover’s blush, Seifer was certain they both believed they had come upon some not so innocent happenings in the commander’s office. Seifer smirked as he remembered their not so innocent moment in the office.

“Huh? Oh…hey guys, come on in,“ Irvine said, waving a hand at them and almost knocking Squall’s new kitten off the back of the sofa before looking at their widened eyes and then down at his partially dressed body. “Um…this so is not what it looks like, I swear.”

Seifer just nodded in agreement and continued to watch Irvine’s movements as he went back to what he‘d been doing before Selphie had made their presence known. The cowboy’s shirtless chest and arms were all that was visible over the back of the sofa as he made what looked like rocking movements, Squall out of sight but obviously there, making the occasional sigh, gasp or soft moan.

“He doesn’t believe you,” Selphie laughed as she squeezed between the taller of the two blondes and the doorway to hold out a bag to the sniper, scents of cooked food wafting from it, Irvine taking it with a smile and placing on the low table on his other side.

“Hey Squall,” Selphie cooed down at the unseen brunette as she leaned over the back of the sofa. “You have a couple of freckles. Here…and here!”

“Selphie!” both Irvine and Squall shouted, Squall trying to squirm away from her hands tickling his sides and Irvine fighting to keep his balance on the back of the shirtless brunette’s thighs as Seifer and Zell rounded the sofa and took the one opposite.

“Argh! All my hard work is undone,” Irvine complained as Squall squirmed under him, Selphie finally stopping her torment to pick up the kitten and snuggle with it. “I’m going to have to start again,” Irvine declared, glaring at the green-eyed woman.

“Start what again?” Zell asked, finding his voice after the shock of the thought of being in the same room as the commander and his lover possibly having sex wore off.

“Squall’s back massage,” Irvine said, returning to slowly stroking his hands over the other’s back. “We got in kinda late and just fell into bed. Then that ball of fluff,” Irvine said, nodding at the kitten with Selphie on one of the single chairs, “starts meowing before the sun is even considering getting up. Squall pulled a couple of muscles in his back trying to avoid stepping on it. I didn’t think it was this bad until I came up for lunch after unpacking all the stuff Squall’s dad gave to us and he gave me this voucher,” Irvine said, leaning over to pick up a sheet of paper with his oily fingers and toss it at Seifer and Zell.

Seifer grabbed it from Zell’s lap and read the words on the page. Love Voucher: A Back Massage, smiling as he remembered a similar voucher that had allowed him to give Zell a neck massage a few weeks previous in Zell’s room.

“Hey Squall, you never mentioned what room Zell and I can have for double occupancy.”

“So you’re definitely moving in together?” the brunette asked, eyes opening only a little to observe the two blondes seated opposite him and Irvine. “About time,” he said with a quirk of his lips.

“Least we didn’t take as long as it took you and Irvine,” Seifer countered, wrapping an arm about Zell’s waist and pulling him close.

“True. Have you told Ma yet?” Squall asked Zell, words fading into a low moan as Irvine worked on his lower back.

“Ah…yeah…I phoned her last night,” the tattooed blonde said, blushing a little at the sounds coming from her commander. “We have to go see her next time we pass by Balamb.”

“You could go now,” Squall said, moving to lean up on his elbows so he could talk better only to be pushed back down by the cowboy. “Catch the train from Timber to Balamb. I’ll even let you use the Garden car although it’s not Garden business.”

“Oh no,” Seifer said a little too quickly. “We have to stay and help plan the Valentine’s thing.”

“You afraid of my Ma?” Zell asked, giving his lover a hurt look and pulling away a little.

“No…no, Zell,” Seifer assured the other blonde, holding him tight. “Her,” he admitted, pointing at Selphie.

“Hey!” the petite woman complained. “Did you hear that?” she said to the kitten. “The boys are afraid of me. So they should be,” she grinned, ruffling the kitten’s fir so much that it meowed loudly in complaint.

“All right then,” Squall said, looking Selphie’s way as he spoke to the blondes, “but the offer is there if you want it.”

“Thanks, Squall,” Seifer said. “Now what about a new room for us?”

Upon the sofa the brunette frowned thoughtfully, thinking of the layout of the Garden and where any currently free rooms were located, especially ones that would be permanently moved into like his own.

“Only rooms available for double occupancy of a permanent nature are the guest rooms located on the same floor as Irvine and I,” he said. “There are six suites in total up there although it’s not on any of the Garden design plans…for security reasons. Cid and Edea, the Estharian Presidential rooms and the Galbadian rooms are down one corridor; my rooms…or really the Commander’s rooms are located in the corridor opposite along with two remaining suites. One was originally for the Shumi but Norg preferred being down in the basement level and the other has always been free although it was intended for anyone official visiting from Trabia Garden,” he said, glancing at Selphie. “If you really want to live together, you’ll be across the hall from us,” Squall finished, looking over his shoulder at Irvine.

“I guess I can live with that,” Seifer said, smirking at Squall. “Will make it easier to find you when I get the urge to kick you ass, Leonhart.”

“Perhaps,” Squall said, placing a hand on Irvine’s leg that had tensed at the scarred blonde’s words even though they all knew he was only teasing. “Is that all you needed?”

“Pretty much,” Seifer said as he stood and stretched. “Although we were wondering if we could get some help with moving as well.”

“You’re packed already?” Selphie asked, letting the kitten go and watching it head towards Seifer’s legs to rub against them.

“Seifer,” Squall growled warningly, remembering the blonde’s treatment of the dog on their first trip to Dollet for their SeeD exam.

Seifer smirked and bent down to pick the kitten up. “I don’t’ mind cat’s, Squally-boy. They’re much cleaner than dogs,” he said, waving a finger at the kitten’s paws. “Given it a name yet?”

“Not yet. We only just got it day before yesterday,” Irvine said, climbing off the sofa and taking the kitten from Seifer. “You gonna answer Sefie’s question?”

“We’re generally packed,” Zell said, standing up and reaching out to pet the kitten. Still got a few things of mine to go seeing as someone kept getting distracted,” he said, giving the other blonde a sideways look.

“We were packing your clothes…not my fault your bed was right there still invitingly messed up from last night,” he leered down at Zell, arm wrapping about him, hand sliding into a pocket in his shorts and making the shorter blonde jump as he tried to twist away from Seifer’s semi-innocent touch.

“Oi! We don’t need to be hearing about that,” Irvine said, stepping back from the two blondes as they half wrestled, Seifer laughing softly and Zell grinning.

“Yes we do!”

“No, Sefie,” Irvine said to her. “You certainly don’t. How’s the planning for the dance going?” he asked, trying to distract her.

“Good,” she said, green eyes bright as she watched the blondes for a moment longer before looking up at Irvine. “There’s so much to tell you and Squall about…all the things I have lined up to do…”

“Selphie…the dance is just one evening. What have you been up to while I was in Esthar?” Squall asked, ignoring Seifer and Zell as they half tripped on the low table and landed on the floor, still laughing.


“Right,” the brunette said, his tone of voice telling Selphie he wasn’t falling for that as the phone on his desk rang and Irvine moved to answer it, barely avoiding being tripped by Seifer.

“Hi Mr. Loire,” he said cheerfully as the President of Esthar appeared on the screen.

“Laguna, Irvine…you agreed to call me Laguna,” the other reminded the cowboy.

“Sure thing…dad.”

“Irvine!” Squall said, surprised by the words but not by his lover’s huge grin.

“What?” he asked, stepping back from the phone a little to make room for Squall.

“It’s okay, Squall,” the brunette heard his father say as he came to the desk. “It’s an honor…really.”

“What can we help you with, dad?” Squall asked, scratching the kitten’s ears and vaguely wondering what they would call it.

“Ah well…I’m actually looking for Selphie. I need to talk to her,” Laguna said distractedly, papers shuffling in his hands as an aide who was not Kiros handed him some more papers.

“You do? She’s right here,” Squall said, reaching out and dragging Selphie away from watching Seifer and Zell who were now kissing on his office floor. “Could you not do that?” he asked them and was promptly ignored.

“Hiya, Sir Laguna.”

“Hi, Selphie, I’m sorry but I can’t be in that Valentine’s Day thing. Sorry but Kiros said no.”

“That’s okay. Can you be a judge then?” she asked brightly, Squall only half paying attention to the conversation as he lifted a foot to push Seifer off of Zell, the green eyed blonde just pulling the other with him as they rolled away from their commander.

“Sure, I can judge the kissing contest for you. See you next week. Bye everyone!” Laguna said and disconnected the call.

Everyone stopped and looked at Selphie.

“Um..teehee?” she giggled, looking from Irvine and Squall to Seifer and Zell and then to the door.

“Practice makes perfect,” Seifer said, pulling Zell back down for another kiss, ignoring the beginning of a rather heated discussion on why there would be no kissing contest, silence coming to the office shortly after Irvine handed the unnamed kitten to Selphie and kissed his lover, the now cold lunch forgotten on the table.

To Be Continued…