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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 33
By Garden's Gnome

“You’re up to something,” Squall said quietly to the man strolling beside him.

“No I’m not,” Irvine denied, not even trying to keep the smile from his lips.

“Then why are you here with me instead of sleeping in or off harassing Quistis until we arrive at Winhill?”

“I never harass Quisty.”

“And yesterday was?” Squall queried, brows raised in askance.

“That was me asking Quistis for a favour,” Irvine said with a decisive nod.

“One she said no to until you wouldn’t stop asking her and so she said yes to finally get some peace and quiet.”

“It still wasn’t harassment,” Irvine argued, defending his actions of the previous day. “She didn’t complain about my keeping her company during lunch.”

“But she did, just not to you. Quistis also told me that if you do that again she would introduce you the snappy end of her whip.”

“Oooh, kinky. I’m not worried though. I got what I wanted.”

“So you are up to something.”

“Today, no. Yesterday…maybe. But it doesn’t matter at the moment, not if you want to get in a training run this morning. I heard Nida tell you we were only a couple of hours from Winhill and that the Ragnarok would be meeting us there.”

“Fine. I’ll find out later.”

“Actually, you’ll find out sooner than you think. And before we begin, let me just say that I will pay for the dry cleaning bill.”

Cleaning bill? Squall wondered as he watched Irvine disappear into the dense undergrowth of the training centre’s jungle like forest. Drawing his gunblade, the brunette set off in a slow run after his lover. By the time he caught up with the cowboy, Squall was curious as to what was going on as during his run he had not encountered any monsters, which was most strange considering Grats were plant like creatures and loved the rain and the puddles of water left behind after a good downpour. That and the fact that Irvine was getting undressed made Squall very curious. Stopping at the edge of the clearing that led to the secret area, Squall paused a moment and simply enjoyed watching the other man. Hat and duster already set aside on a semi-dry log, Irvine removed his vest and laid it atop his other clothing, muscles rippling lightly under tanned skin.

“You better read that first,” Irvine said, nodding his head towards a fallen tree and the white piece of paper that sat upon its mossy surface.

Cautiously, Squall approached the rotting log, wary of the growing smirk on the sniper’s lips. Picking up the piece of paper, the brunette waited for something to happen and when nothing did he focused his attention on the page in his hand. Love Voucher: A Mud Fight


“I know,” the sniper said as he placed Exeter down with the rest of his gear. “I know that it’s your book of vouchers but I thought we could have some fun before we left for Esthar. So I chose this one for us.”

Squall watched over the voucher as Irvine reached down to the nearest puddle and scooped up a handful of mud.

“What about monsters?” Squall asked as he quickly put aside his gunblade and leather jacket.

“Quistis took care of that when she set the climate controls for rain. The barrier for the monsters is set to encompass the main paths. As long as don’t stray from those we won’t get attacked.”

Squall nodded his understanding and mentally checked his junctions and spells, just in case. Shiva sat calmly in his mind, her coolness a welcome presence and with her Diablos, who was suggesting he be used to help keep any wayward monsters at bay. Agreeing with the demonic guardian force, Squall smiled as Irvine’s lavender eyes widened as Diablos’ magic flowed over them.

“You didn’t tell me you had Diablos junctioned.”

“You never asked. However you did promise to pay for dry cleaning,” Squall said as he crouched down and scooped up his own handful of mud.

“That I did,” Irvine agreed as he watched the brunette’s hand, belatedly realising his original handful of mud had slipped through hi fingers.

“Crap,” Squall heard his lover say as he smiled and threw his mud at him. Irvine’s chocked cry followed the brunette as he turned and began to run back along the path.

“That’s cold, Squall,” Irvine called as he gave chase, pausing long enough to get a fresh pile of mud.

“You started it!” Squall called back.

Laughter, surprised yelps and wet sploshes sounded throughout the training centre as Irvine and Squall had their mud fight. Eventually they returned to the clearing where it had all started, mud still flying as they hid behind any available cover.

Seifer was hit first as he and Zell stepped out of the secret area and into the middle of the muddy battle zone.

“What the hell?”

A shocked cry next to him told the green-eyed blonde that Zell had been hit too and Seifer grimaced as he looked at the large mess of cold watery mud sliding down over spiky blonde hair and tattooed skin.

“Sorry,” Irvine called out in their direction as he lobbed another handful of mud at Squall.

Green and blue eyes widened in surprise at the sight of their muddy and laughing commander as the brunette returned the attack. Zell cleared his throat loudly to claim attention as he wiped the worst of the mud from his face.

“Ah…Nida’s been trying to contact you, Squall. Says we only got an hour before we arrive at Winhill,” the tattooed youth told his commander.

“Damn,” Irvine said with a sigh, stepping out from his semi-concealed hiding place. “I was winning too.”

“Is that what you call it? You’re covered with much more mud than I,” Squall said as he wiped his hands on his previously white shirt as he moved towards the log he had left his gunblade on.

“You okay Squall?” Zell asked. “You’re all…dirty.”

“I’m fine…never better,” Squall told the blonde. “Irvine said he’d pay the laundry bill. We need to shower,” the brunette said, glancing at the sniper’s bare and very muddy chest.

“Us too,” Seifer said, shivering a little as mud trickled down his vest, leaving the skin underneath wet and gritty feeling.

“I just need to rinse my hair and face,” Zell said as he started to leave the area, only to be grabbed by Irvine as he walked past.

“Now you need a shower too,” Irvine laughed as he gave Zell a big wet hug, going so far as to lift the shorter man off his feet.

“Hey, unhand my boyfriend,” Seifer commanded as he watched them.

“But he’s so nice and dry,” Irvine grinned.

“I was,” Zell said when he was finally set back on his feet.

“Come on, lets hit the showers,” Squall said, leading the way to thee communal showers.

Irvine fell into step with Seifer as Zell jogged to catch up to Squall, the commander and his second in charge discussing the latest voucher which was now covered in muddy fingerprints.

“What were you and Zell doing in the secret area? And don’t say you were looking for naughty students.”

“We were just hanging out together,” Seifer said, eyes only for his boyfriend.

“Hanging out…right,” Irvine leered.

“Enough, Kinneas,” Seifer growled as they stepped into the locker room that led to the showers.

“Okay,” Irvine said, hands up in a small defensive gesture. “I’m only curious.”

“Curious about what?” Squall asked as he wandered past with a small white towel slung low on his slim hips.

“Nothing at all, love, “ Irvine said, watching his lover disappear into the showers with a wide grin.

“Hurry up, Irvine, or I’ll be going to Esthar without you,” Squall’s voice echoed out from the tiled room.

“And then we’ll never get any peace,” Zell said to Seifer with a smile as he wandered past in a similar fashion to his commander, the drying patches of mud from Irvine’s hug marring his tanned chest.

“Stop drooling, Seifer,” Irvine said to the other blonde as he strolled into the showers, towel hanging about his neck.

“I’m allowed,” Seifer retorted, snapping his towel over the cowboy’s bare bottom.

“Hey!” Irvine yelped as he jumped and placed his hands over his abused flesh. Seifer laughed.

“If you pair are quite done,” Squall said when he suddenly appeared and dragged Irvine towards the showers on the far side of the room.

“You are so whipped,” Seifer called to the cowboy with a dark chuckle as he took his place near Zell.

“And loving it,” Irvine called back, smiling widely at the two blondes as they started at Squall washing the sniper’s hair.

Seifer looked hopefully at Zell, who quickly finished his shower and left to dress. Squall just ignored them all, including Irvine’s grumbling about Squall’s rough scrubbing of his muddy hair.


Half an hour later, Seifer followed Zell out of the elevator, the commander’s set of master keys jingling in the tattooed blonde’s hand as they headed towards Squall’s office. The brunette had said to take the Garden to Timber and that he and Irvine would meet them there late the following day, warning that they could be very late depending on traffic as they were going to drive back from Esthar. It sounded quite nice and Seifer had been tempted to borrow the voucher that Squall had shown him to get Zell out of the Garden for a day, which was currently impossible now that his boyfriend was ‘acting commander’ until Squall returned.

“I’m quite sure Headmaster Cid would be able to handle any small problems. You don’t need to spend all your time in this office,” Seifer said as Zell sat down behind Squall’s desk and began looking through things. “Although I must admit you look very nice in your uniform,” the taller blonde added with a smile.

“I’m just familiarizing myself with where everything is. Only reason I’m in this is because of Irvine,” Zell grumbled absently as he opened drawers and checked their contents.

“Remind me to thank him,” Seifer grinned as he sat carefully on the arm of the chair.

“You just like seeing my butt,” Zell said as he closed the top drawer and opened the one below it.

“I like the feel of your butt too,” Seifer murmured, running his hand over the other blonde’s uniform clad butt, remembering the feel of it and more from their time in the secret area before they had been disturbed.

“Seifer…I’m trying to work here,” Zell growled, squirming a little at the touch and fighting to slide a strangely shaped key into the lock on the bottom drawer, which went in when Seifer pinched Zell’s butt and the tattooed blonde jumped a little, glaring over his shoulder as he opened the drawer.

“Looks like Squall does more than just work in his office,” Seifer said as he reached past Zell’s head to grab a full tube out of the drawer. “Ooooh…chocolate flavour. And here’s strawberry…even a vanilla one too…”

“Put those back,” Zell hissed, trying to grab the tubes that were easily held out of his reach by the other blonde’s longer arms.

Their slight tussle unbalanced the chair, which then toppled over, spilling the two blondes onto the floor, Zell landing on top of Seifer, his grin of triumph fading as he was rolled onto his back and pressed into the carpet.

“I want to try them out,” Seifer whispered hotly against Zell’s ear, tongue flicking out to taste his skin.

“Seifer,” Zell breathed, a light shiver travelling his body. “Wait.”

“Wait? You didn’t want me to wait earlier.”

“That was us just messin’ around. This isn’t.”

“You’re right - it’s not. Tell me what you want, love,” Seifer requested as he stopped teasing Zell’s ear and moved to his neck, hands slipping under the uniform jacket.

“I never thought our first time together would be outside of one of our rooms, but I’m not overly surprised,” Zell said, baring his neck a little more and burying a hand in Seifer’s short hair.

“Thought you liked my impulsiveness.”

“I do…but this seems almost planned. All those tubes in that bottom drawer are full.”

“If it’s planned, I had nothing to do with it,” Seifer said as he began to work on the buttons of Zell’s shirt.

“I don’t think I like the implications of that statement, Seifer,” Zell admitted as he got his arms under him and leaned up from the floor, forcing the other blonde to sit up. “And what if someone comes in?”

“The only ones coming will be you and me,” Seifer leered. “We’re taking the Garden to Timber. Nida is piloting and I know he dragged Selphie up there with him. Quistis and Xu are also there because Sefie will want to begin making plans for the Valentine’s party. Fuu and Rai said they had some catching up to do but I bet if we opened that door over there we’d see them in front of the elevator playing Triad. We are not about to be disturbed.”


“Zell,” Seifer growled warningly and then looked away at the sky outside the window. “Look…I’ve wanted you for a very long time and I’m getting tired of pussy-footing around ‘us’. I want to know all of you - inside and out. I want to see you swept away by passion. I want to see you in the morning sunlight, asleep in my arms. I…Move in with me?”

Blue eyes widened and Zell sat there for a long moment, mind racing with thought of how all his and Seifer’s stuff would look jumbled together in one living space and from the mental images he was getting it wouldn’t look too bad at all with Seifer’s gunblade case propped next to his hover-board.

“We’re gonna need a bigger bed,” Zell said as he grabbed the collar of Seifer’s shirt and pulled him back to the floor, the sight of Seifer’s surprised green eyes making Zell laugh as he pressed their lips together.

Hands resuming their previous actions of removing Zell‘s shirt, Seifer couldn’t help but smile as they kissed. He said YES!

Clothing was quickly discarded and soon surrounded the naked men, their bodies hot and needy as they teased each other with the stroke of hardened flesh or a tweak of a nipple, bite marks and the odd scratch showing on tanned skin.

“Zell…what flavour?” Seifer asked as he moved a little away from his boyfriend’s body to retrieve a tube.

“Does it really matter?” the blonde asked in return, bare foot stroking up the inside of Seifer’s thigh and making him groan as it teased over his aroused flesh.

“No,” Seifer growled, grabbing the closest tube and falling back on his lover, mouth moving to capture that teasing smile, tongue diving in as he coated his fingers in gel and prepared Zell for what was about to happen, the scent of strawberries wafting about them.

Sticky fingers grasped Zell’s muscled thighs and pulled him closer to Seifer as the green eyed blonde slowly slid his cock into tight, slick heat, their panting breaths loud in the quiet office. Unable to wait, Seifer gave Zell the barest minimum of time to adjust before he started moving, thrusting slowly and deeply into the body under him, Zell’s fingers biting into his shoulder and back telling him not to stop, holding onto him as the tattooed blonde curled up towards him, pulling him deeper. It was over all too quickly for the taller blonde, his shout not heard by the outside world thanks for soundproofing as he emptied his release deep into Zell‘s heat.

“You bastard,” Zell grumbled, his voiced strained and needy as he panted and squirmed under the heavy blonde who had collapsed on him.

“Huh?” Seifer asked incoherently, a little dazed as he licked Zell’s sweaty skin.


Seifer’s eyes widened as he felt Zell’s still hard erection trapped between their bodies. “Oh shit, Zell, I’m sorry,” Seifer said softly as he slowly drew out of the wet heat he’d been enjoying and placed kissed on the tattooed blonde’s chest.

Zell’s breath hitched as Seifer moved down his chest, tongue teasing his navel as it left a wet trail on his skin leading towards his aching cock. His hips lifted off the floor as smirking lips enclosed his length in wetness, Seifer’s nose burying itself in his musky scented curls. Three fingers thrust into the lube and semen slicked opening, moving as deeply as the blonde’s cock had moments before. Zell cried out as they hit his prostate, Seifer moving to concentrate on that spot as he felt the inner muscles tighten about his fingers and the first spurt of his lover’s release against the back of his throat.

Smirking as he moved back up his lover’s sated body, Seifer removed the fist Zell had bitten to muffle his cries and kissed the other blonde, tongues sliding together as he shared the blonde‘s release.


“You okay, love?” Seifer asked after breaking the kiss, looking down into Zell’s heavily lidded blue eyes.

“Bastard!” Zell said, hitting Seifer in the shoulder. “You came before me!”

“Hey, watch where you swing those things,” Seifer said, capturing Zell’s hands and pinning them to the floor. “I did make it up to you, ya know.”

“Yes, you did,” Zell agreed before sighing and lying limply against the carpet. “Guess we better get cleaned up.”

“Why? We can lock the door and have a quick nap. I’m sure everything will be fine.”

“Oh, so you don’t wan to start moving in today?” Zell asked, brow arching in mock surprise.

Zell laughed as he watched Seifer jump up and begin to dress.

“Well come on then,” Seifer said, giving Zell a hand up from the floor once he was dressed, holding the naked body of his lover close to him for a moment.

“Wait, we have to fill out the request forms first,” Zell said, pulling his pants on and dragging a shirt sleeve up one arm as he ambled over to the desk an turned on Squall’s computer to print out the forms.

“Ah…Zell…look at this,” Seifer said from over at the printer, holding out a couple of pages to the tattooed blonde.

Leafing through the stapled paperwork, Zell pouted a little.

“Looks like he beat you to it, love,” Seifer said, curling an arm about Zell’s waist, kissing the corner of those pouting lips as he showed the blonde the note that had been attached to the already approved change of residency forms.

To Seifer and Zell,

It’s about bloody time!

Squall Leonhart, Commander, Balamb Garden.

To be continued…

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